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Very sad to see – Live 8 tickets on Ebay

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  • Davidtaggart

    I was one of the lucky recipients of the text to tell me I was a lucky winner of two tickets for the Live 8 concert in Hyde Park on 2nd July. How sad then that several people are trying to sell their tickets for profit when they got them for free and their texts raised money for charity. It is a crying shame that companies seem unable to prevent this exploitation which pervades so many of our rock/pop concert ticket allocations. The whole purpose of this event is help raise awareness of poverty in Africa and that we must do something – what, make money from tickets?! We seem to have some rather corrupt people in our own midst, never mind having to deal with some of the more dictatorial African regimes! The stars will have to live with the fact that when they give up their time and perform for free, so many of the audience will have paid exorbitant and extortionate prices for free tickets from greedy touts. This will have gone nowhere towards making poverty history, but perhaps to reinforce the belief that all that matters is to make as much money as possible!
    It is also regrettable that corporate ticketing arrangements will impact on the atmosphere the artists perform under – the closeness of an enthusiastic audience close to the stage for Bono (remember the original Live Aid?) and others to interact with, will be lost. I know I will enjoy the concert despite all this – so many great artists in one place performing at the same time – its a dream come true! This concert is a one -off – a one-off to stamp out poverty in Africa once and for all! Come on you touts, keep your tickets, turn up at Hyde Park and support Sir Bob – Make Poverty History!!

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    How did you find out that these tickets were being sold on Ebay?

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    If I offered u half a million for ur tickets are u seriously saying u wouldnt sell them?

    People are well within their rights to sell the tickets, the fact of the matter is – whether people sell them or not, Live8/Bob Geldof/Africa whoever is still going to make the same amount of money.

    Most of the money raised through the text messaging thing (half of it) is going to the cost of staging the events, rather than actually going to charities.

    I think that selling the tickets on eBay is a great idea – they should done that in the first place, and would of made many thousands of times more money than they are with this SMS thing.

    Ive been a user of ebay for many years and im very dissapointed at the fact that they have decided to remove all Live 8 ticket sale auctions from the site – their original decision was to donate the listing fees that the sellers pay to the charity – this would of generated many thousands of pounds for the cause.


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    I reckon you’ve missed the point; Live 8 was never meant to be a money raiser – that was Live Aid 20 years ago- Live 8 is all about raising awareness. I do not live on greed, making money from something I got free. I like to think if I have something it might be worth something; but I don’t sell – there’s the difference, I’m not bothered in making loads of money – thats why i go to work! If I could not go, why text in the first place, or instead I could have donated the texting money to charity – about ?12 for 8 texts in my case I guess. You may be an avid Ebayer but if the western world populace, not just the governments, are going to be greedy and exploit a genuine honest attempt to raise awareness by holding a free concert, what is the world coming to? I use Ebay but to buy things at a sensible cost – I have never bought tickets from touts or sold them at inflated prices – the money should go where it was meant to go – not into someone’s greedy pockets – tickets are vastly inflated on Ebay (I’m not ignoring all the corporate and ticket agencies either – they’re just as guilty). “I’m alright Jack, I’m making my stash any way I can” (aopologies to Pink Floyd for the lyric change!)is a greedy selfish attitude to the future, and does not bode well for our children’s future on planet Earth – is this what we are teaching children – make as much money as you can – that’s the way to go? Not! It’s a western world attitude that is the thin end of the wedge – if all issues and problems are tackled in a similar vein, then its over and out for the human race. I happen to believe in the planet’s future, to try to irradicate poverty, slavery, hunger, starvation, war, discrimination and inequality. We may never achieve John Lennon’s Imagine on earth but we can at least attempt to aspire towards it.

    I intend to have a great day in London on the 2nd July and I urge all would be Live 8 ticket touts (ebay or not) to rethink their stance and come along and find out what it’s all about – its about raising awareness and persuading governments to listen and make decisions not just to be a short term money raising venture! Make Poverty History

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    I can see both sides here, but I have to say that I do find it a bit sick that this is being done on ebay. It just defeats the purpose and spirit of this event. It just depends on how you look at this issue. In practice – yes it can be done – but – should it be done?

    Anyway have a great time in London – David.

    I will not be able to make it to Hyde Park myself- but I will be following it throughout the day.

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