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  • Report: Further Evidence Of Mass Graves Of US Soldiers In Iraq Authors Name Withheld By Request Published by Jihad Unspun. All Rights Are Reserved. November 29, 2004

    Since August 2004, JUS has been receiving reports of the discovery of mass graves containing the bodies of US soldiers that have been uncovered inside Iraq. Since that time, we have several different reports with information from a variety of our sources on this discovery. Now, for the first time, a comprehensive report has been released. Its author must remain anonymous for obvious reasons but this is the most comprehensive accounting of eyewitness testimonies yet, including statements from some members of the US military. Published in Arabic, this report has been translated by JUS and describes in detail how the bodies of US soldiers are being disposed of inside the country, validating the grim discovery of the lengths the US will go to prevent the population from knowing the truth about this conflict. This is a crime of great magnititude. We know from reports that surface each and every day from inside Iraq that the casualty numbers being reported by the US military have no correlation to those that are actually occurring. Yes, this is wartime and that can be expected to some degree but to dump bodies into rivers and remote desert locations where they pollute the environment shows that not only is there no respect for these soldiers but no respect for the country of Iraq either. During the initial occupation of Afghanistan, JUS published two eyewitness reports on the discovery of the bodies of American soldiers in freezers stores in two separate medical facilities.

    Do not think that the dumping of bodies is a new phenomena ? it is not. While we were unable to garner enough public interest due to the lack of visual evidence, the footage that accompanies this report shows clearly that these bodies, with well maintained teeth, do exist. Further, the testimony of US soldiers contained in this report with respect to the casualty numbers being covered over is clear evidence that can not be ignored. It is our hope that this shocking report will expose the truth of the ?war on terror?. The location of the mass graves has been well documented. Both the fishermen and the Bedouins are prepared to turn the bodies over to a humanitarian organization. We encourage Red Crescent, Human
    Rights Watch, Amnesty International or the Red Cross to contact us and we will act as intermediaries to facilitate the return of these bodies. JUS Editors What America Does With Its Dead Soldiers In Iraq This comprehensive report documents incidents and confessions on how American occupying forces disposes of many of its dead soldiers, that is, by dumping them from aircraft into rivers and desolate desert locations in the hope that the corps will be eaten by wild animals or will be decomposed in rivers and canals.

    This is a crime against humanity and will undoubtedly be a sore spot in the history of America, a country that prides itself as the most civilized society in modern history. If the Americans back home and the rest of the world come to know the details of this crime, the consequences will be of great proportions. American officers were shocked when bodies (of dead soldiers) that were supposed to have been ?taken care of? were returned to them by Iraqi farmers and fishermen. It is obvious that Allah has decided to expose this crime. Modest and down to earth Iraqis, who found the American corpses, collected them from rivers and desert locations and buried them in mass in graves. The Iraqis have honored dead Americans, more than the American army has honored its own members. Iraqis have buried dead Americans in various areas such as Diali river shore, Tharthar area, near Sammara, and Hiran valleys in Ratibah area, depending on where the bodies were uncovered.

    The commanders responsible for making the decision to get rid of the bodies in such a savage, and inhumane way, may have thought that such crime will go unnoticed, especially in light of fast moving and ever-changing daily events in Iraq. But Allah was watching and, He knew their malicious intent, and, He decided to expose their crime. Those who collected the corps from rivers and valleys and buried them in their original black plastic bags did so in the name of mercy and humanity. They also know that they gathered evidence of a horrific crime. Such a body of evidence will remain to point a finger at the savage nature of the leadership of the American occupying force in Iraq for generations to come. I decided to go to Diali area, 60 kilometers east of Baghdad, to get a first hand look at what really did happen. When I got there, the most senior fisherman, F.S. (only initials of his name for fear of reprisal from Americans), insisted that I do not take photographs of them (fishermen) and I do not refer to them by their full names for fear of severe punishment at the hands of American soldiers. The reason for their fear was not groundless. It was based on their (the fishermen) own experience with American occupying force back in August. Back then, some fishermen caught black plastic bags in their nets.

    The bags contained three bodies of dead Americans. The fishermen notified the American authority in the area and handed the plastic bags with their content over to Americans. Around that time, fishermen learned that Americans have also received additional bodies from fellow fishermen in other remote areas near the banks of the Digla River.

    The bodies were badly burned, disfigured, and were mostly beyond recognition, and there were bodies of females among them. The fishermen were astonished when the Americans told them that the bodies were of American soldiers who committed suicide by placing themselves in black plastic bags before throwing themselves into the river. Fishermen then realized that Americans are hiding something that they do not want anyone to know about. Some fishermen, out of naivety, thought that Americans would give them a reward for handing over the bodies of their (Americans) comrades but they were surprised to see that Americans have (in some cases) accused them of killing those American soldiers. Only then, fishermen decided not to hand over any bodies they catch in their nets but rather burry them in mass graves, especially after noticing an increased number of plastic bags being dumped in the river by American helicopters, which they did during the pre-dawn hours .

    The fishermen were concerned about river pollution as a result of decomposition of dead bodies. Diali River is a small river originates in Iran and pours into Digla River. Old fashion fishing areas are remote and away from any major inhabited area. These remote areas are only known to fishermen and farmers and the fishermen in those isolated areas have a simple and uncorrupted life style away from modern civilization.

    The fishermen could not believe those Americans, who claimed to have come to free Iraqis from a tyrant ruler would throw away the bodies of their comrades in that remote river. They told me that the incidents started in early August. Dawn is the best fishing time, according to fishermen, so they gather at dawn, every day, to start fishing. In early August, fishermen noticed a number of helicopters coming and dumping large bags into the river during these dark hours. Apparently, pilots have not thought of anyone living in those remote areas, let alone, watching them dumping those large bags in the middle of the darkness. What ultimately resulted was that the fishermen started to catch these bags instead of fish in their net. When they opened the bags at the river shore, they saw completely burned and disfigured bodies of dead males and females.

    All bodies were naked and had signs suggesting they were non-Iraqis- they were foreigners with different complexions and teeth. As peaceful and simple people, fishermen knew that dead bodies must be treated with respect and must be buried in land instead of being thrown in rivers. Therefore, they dug large mass graves in a number of locations on the river bank and buried their catch in them. When I suggested to visit and dig up one of those graves to see for myself what is there, they almost killed me for such a stupid suggestion. They informed me that I should know about the sacred nature of dead bodies and I should know about Arab and Islamic traditions that prohibit looking at the private parts of females.

    They insisted that they have more than 65 dead bodies and they will reveal all details about the mass grave locations only to neutral organization committed to send the remains to their loved ones back home. Wolves Led Bedouins To Other Remote Desert Dumping Locations A man we will call AY is from Tikrit, and lives in Sammara. He told me that his brother works with a civil defense unit with the American occupying force. His brother and others in that unit have the duties of evacuating dead and wounded American soldiers left after resistance operations. His bother told him that the number of casualties disclosed by Americans is always far less than the real number. The last incident he described was the shooting down of an American copter in Fallujah at the beginning of Ramadan. The American central command in Iraq reported 13 being killed in that operation however, his brother and his co-workers removed more than 30 dead American bodies that were badly burned and their faces lost all recognizable signs and the bodies completely charred. AY informed me that mobile Bedouin (nomads) living in the isolated areas of Tharthar in the desert of Sammar and Hiran desert valley discovered many American bodies in their signature black plastic bags by accident.

    They noticed a sudden increase in the number of wolves roaming those areas. They soon discovered remains of dead bodies that caused a large number of wolves to establish residency in those areas. Nomads in those areas collected the remains and buried them in mass graves out of respect for the dead and also to rid the areas of unwanted large population of wolves. Did American commanders want wolves to eat the bodies of their dead comrades in order to destroy the evidence of their savage crime? People living in those remote areas are still asking why would Americans treat their soldiers like this? Why do they dump their dead in rivers and desert locations instead of sending them back to their relatives for proper burial? Is this the kind of civilization they want to introduce into Iraq? Is this the kind of values their candidates running for office talk about?

    These questions have attacked me like a wild beast. I was determined to find answers. On The Road To Find Out I went to Baghdad looking for answers. American soldiers in Baghdad streets are overloaded with arms, they take cover in their armored vehicles and tanks, and their shaky hands are on the triggers ready to fire at any innocent soul under the name of protecting themselves from resistance operations. They do not allow us to approach them or talk to them.

    They live in constant state of fear. There, behind the Palestine Hotel, which is surrounded by barbed wire and sophisticated security systems, there were two off duty, armored vehicles. Exhausted American soldiers inside, were sound asleep. As I attempted to take a photograph of the driver of one of the vehicles as he was resting next to his open door with his rifle besides him, he sensed my presence and immediately grabbed his rifle and was about to shoot me. I put my arms with the camera up in the air in a
    clear sign of surrender until his commanding officer came to my rescue.

    The officer took away the film from my camera, cursed me, and let me go. I asked the officer the nagging questions, but instead of giving me an answer, he scolded me, and shoved me out the hotel lobby all together. A few days later I got the chance to carry a conversation with an American soldier on Saadoun Street. I started my conversation with a woman we will call Bird, a female soldier from Texas. She told me that her job as well as the job of all soldiers in her military police battalion all over Iraq is to oversee the conduct and discipline of American soldiers during their duties on the streets of Baghdad. I asked her about those soldiers who are said to desert their units and slip through the borders. She said (with reluctance) that those soldiers do not belong to the American army but rather are mercenaries who were recruited from different parts of the world after they answered a number of want ads placed by the U.S. government before the beginning of the war.

    They were promised high pay and other incentives and in some cases they were also promised US citizenship when the war is over and upon their return to the States. Unfortunately, when Bush announced the end to combat operations, those soldiers had the right to end their services and leave without being accused of running away from the battle field, Bird said. The incidents of desertion increased as the resistance operations against Americans increased. Some of them were caught, but they cited the end of combat operations as the reason for their departure, they further said that they did not run away from the battle field because there were none, according to Bush. ?We put some in jails and some were sent to headquarter in Qatar for further action? she said. Bird said that the military police units concentrate their work on Baghdad streets because soldiers there work under enormous pressure.

    Many of them are not convinced of the necessity of this war. I then gathered my courage to ask Bird the nagging question. What about those bodies dumped from helicopters into remote and uninhabited areas of Iraq? And why are those bodies not returned to America? Bird replied with an unmistakable degree of hesitation and reluctance. She said that such stories have made their way to military camps and caused a good deal of disappointment and low morale among soldiers ?but let me assure you, the stories are nothing but rumors; that?s what our Commanding officers tell us.? As Bird was finishing her sentence, a loud scream came from another female soldier by the name of Martha: ?You are a liar, you know that those soldiers who were burned beyond recognition are being disposed of in the jungles of Iraq? said Martha. ?Our commanders are afraid of a public outcry when families get bodies of their loved ones but they could not say a goodbye because the bodies are not recognizable? added Martha. Bird quickly interrupted and said that Martha was emotionally disturbed because she lost a dear friend of hers. Martha?s friend was killed in a resistance operation and his body was completely charred.

    The body was not returned to his family in the States, and to this date, no one knows what happened to the body of Martha?s friend. Bird went on to say that Martha is only 20 years old and ?all of us here feel sorry for her. ?We (American soldiers) are confused, especially female soldiers. We love life, and as fighters, we belong to the most powerful army in the world, we obey and carry out orders in the most disciplined manner, and we can defeat any military power in this world. But out here in Iraq, we do not know what exactly we are supposed to do. We have completed the liberation of Iraq and we have rid the world from the cruelty of Saddam, and to that end, we should be rewarded for what we have accomplished and go home to enjoy life again. Here we are among civilians, we fight ghosts that we do not see, we do not know who they are, and they do not make themselves known, and we kill many innocent people including children. We are constantly trying to stay alive, and that is basically what we do here.? Martha jumped in hysterically and said ?We do not know what Bush and Rumsfeld want us to do here in Iraq.

    We do nothing but lose friends every single day. Our friends who fought and were burned and disfigured beyond recognition in the line of duty are rewarded by having their dead bodies dumped in rivers at night? Martha continued her conversation with me by saying,

    ?Do you know what I wish most will happen to me? I wish I can go back to my country as soon as possible to live a normal life with my family. But I also wish that in case I get killed, I would be killed by bullets and not by burning to death. This way, my mother can get my dead body, recognize me, and say good bye to me for the last time. All of us here desperately want to go home alive and if that?s not possible, at least as recognizable bodies instead of facing the horrible fate of getting dumped in some river in the middle of night?. More US Soldiers Speak I then went to Baghdad University. At the entrance to Baghdad University there is an American tank positioned there for security. One of the tank crew is a female soldier who developed a friendship with the sister of my driver. I let my driver?s sister ask her friend, the American soldier, this question on my behalf: How could America, the land of civilization and human rights allow for disposing of dead bodies of their comrades in rivers and remote desert locations? The American soldier replied in an arrogant and angry manner.

    ?Those are not our comrades. They are mercenaries who were hired to perform a job. They joined in under a specific contract with a special incentive to become American citizens. When the war is over, they waved the right of their families, who are living illegally in the States, to their bodies if they are killed in action. But in this case, their families will be eligible for citizenship status, the thing that their sons and daughters have died for? The American soldier went on to tell my driver?s sister that in her opinion those soldiers do not deserve to be sent back to the states, after all, they were mercenaries, they are not fighting for a cause, they are basically second class citizens who have no rights at all and they deserve to have their bodies dumped in rivers and deserts. She sees them as a weak point in the American army that caused significant degrading of American armies? morale in Iraq. I then went to the American Communication and media center, located in the Conventions Palace, in Baghdad. I met a communication officer there and I kept pressing the question.

    The officer insisted on not revealing his name, answered my question as follows: ?The decision to get rid of the disfigured bodies of dead American and mercenary soldiers in this manner is an internal decision made by the Allied forces general Command Center in Qatar, with the backing of the entire American administration. The decision makers did not want Bush?s popularity to take a nose dive in this crucial time of election campaign. Should the American public find out the casualties of this war, this could undoubtedly affect Bush?s chances for reelection.? The American officer went on to say that dumping bodies in rivers and desert locations to get rid of them is a horrific crime. He further said that ?American commanders are trying to convince the rest of us that sending disfigured bodies to their families is useless for burial is useless if they (the families) can not recognize their loved ones.? The communication officer finally and firmly said, much to my amazement: ?If they think they can hide facts by dumping dead bodies into rivers and deserts, the daily transfer of more than 50 wounded soldiers expose their lies. We send more than 50 wounded every day to various hospitals in Germany and U.S.

    Many of those who were wounded have lost limps and have become living corpses? ?It is the first time since the Vietnam war that the American army has suffered such a huge number of wounded soldiers on a daily basis? added the officer. ?We are frustrated, especially that the war is supposed to have ended after removing Saddam. There is no justification for this continued hostility that results in daily loss of lives to the point that forces our commanders to resort to a savage and
    most inhumane way to destroy dead bodies in order to hide the real cost of this war. The American medical services branch of the U.S. Army, housed in the Allied Forces command center in Baghdad has become the most secretive center in order to prevent the real numbers of dead and wounded Americans from reaching the rest of the soldiers and officers in Iraq?.

    Please direct any inquiries about this report to Bruce Kennedy, Editor-in-Chief, Jihad Unspun bkennedy@jihadunspun.com

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    Mr Byrne
    Mr Byrne

    Jihad Unspun. All Rights Are Reserved

    No wonder I didn’t see it on Sky News. – And feel free to copy it, I’d like to see anyway get sued by “Jihad Unspun”

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    Please direct any inquiries about this report to Bruce Kennedy, Editor-in-Chief, Jihad Unspun bkennedy@jihadunspun.com

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    Mr Byrne
    Mr Byrne

    I confused. I didn’t read what you wrote because it was too big (thats part of the reason I watch the news, so I don’t have to read the papers- well i only really read them on Sunday, mon-fri is to check on my shares). Perhaps you could give us a concise version on this discovery or yours?

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    Mr Byrne+Dec 1 2004, 02:41 PM–>(Mr Byrne @ Dec 1 2004, 02:41 PM)
    I confused. I didn’t read what you wrote because it was too big (thats part of the reason I watch the news, so I don’t have to read the papers- well i only really read them on Sunday, mon-fri is to check on my shares). Perhaps you could give us a concise version on this discovery or yours?

    Predictably the Forum’s Resident Moron (every group has one – hereafter ‘FRM’) gets entangled with the visiting fruitcake.

    216 posts in his first month!

    God help us, come April……….

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    Mr Byrne
    Mr Byrne

    Predictably the Forum’s Resident Moron (every group has one – hereafter ‘FRM’) gets entangled with the visiting fruitcake.

    Charming, sophisticated individual. I think you’re just jealous that I can afford the time and money for the internet. And just so you know, this is the only forum that I am a member of at present.

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    Not another wasted thread, what’s happening to this forum. It’s been getting very “punchy” recently.

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