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6:30am Alarm Call by Sky News Chopper

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  • MASH 4077
    MASH 4077

    6:30am this morning, most of the East End was woken up by the SkyNews helicopter hovering over the E1 area so that viewers could get pointless aerial shots of Aldgate Underground station.

    Given that this is a largely residential inner city community, that was traumatised by the incidents in early July, the last thing families needed was this noisy intrusion into our lives. My kids were all up at that unearthly hour, so was my wife and all my neighbours.

    I presume that the pilots are too stupid to have realised the consequences of their actions and the people at Sky News centre didn’t give a toss.

    What the hell were London Air Traffic Control doing allowing this to take place. The helicopter was hovering for over one hour.

    I will be referring the incident to the Civil Aviation Authority today. The people of this part of London are owed a big apology by Sky News.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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