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Any sexual, abuse or offensive Language

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  • Johnnie

    1) All members are allowed to start a new topic or poll, upload images and reply to current topics. Please make sure topic subjects are detailed.

    2) Do not write all or part of you Topic and Post in Capitals.

    3) PLEASE keep the topic on topic – Any topic that go’s off topic will be closed.

    4) No threatening, crude, rude, racist, violent or sexually explicit posts will be tolerated.

    5) No insults, put downs or threats directed at other posters or forum assistants will be tolerated.

    6) Don’t get caught-up in abuse or fights, etc. Inform the admin if a situation is arising, or if you feel someone is purposely trying to irritate you.

    7) If any abusive or offensive material is found, you should utilize the “Report This Post” link, which can be found at the bottom of every post, so that the material in question can be dealt with as quickly as possible.

    The News Forums believes in freedom of expression, but cannot be held responsible for any content or remarks made by forum members that may be considered libelous, and will do everything within it’s power (by use of the admin) to ensure that such remarks are filtered at their discretion.

    9) All of your personal information on this forum is private (unless chosen otherwise). Anything you input has the option to remain concealed (such as e-mail addresses) to comply with the internet laws. We do our best to prevent this information from getting to other companies, it is up to you whether or not you show your email and any messenger (MSN, AIM) links. PLEASE, if someone is annoying you with website links through AIM or e-mail, inform the admin and the appropriate action can be taken.

    10) Members are allowed one user-name only.

    11)If any member keeps breaking these rules, they will be banned from the forums

    Any news coverage or news event must be placed in the News Coverage forum.


    News Forums.

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