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Bishop Of Hulm

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  • Ray

    The Bishops comments on Sky News today demonstraight just how out of touch the church is. It’s good to feel British and I feel proud that I am British. Some do feel superior to be British in just the same way as the French and Germans think they are superior! No doubt the Bishop feels superior to me! If I felt I didn’t wish to sing a hymn or even a verse of a hymn, then I just wouldn’t sing it. If the Bishop can’t find a better reason for getting himself a news headline than this, I wonder how he spends his days? Perhaps he should take to his bed with a hotwater bottle and contemplate early retirement!


    If I understand the bishops comments he is complaining that the hymn in question has a verse that declares we will support our country no matter what it does.

    I certainly will not unconditionally do that – so I think he is right.

    This is what he said,

    “My country right or wrong is not an appropriate sentiment for Christians to uphold.

    “Any notion of national superiority or fierce independence while pouring scorn on our neighbours is profoundly un-Christian and wrong.”

    Blind patriotism mixed with religious biggotry is a combination best left in the past.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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