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Blasts in Egypt

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  • Johnnie

    1:22: I’ve Just put Sky News on, theres Breaking News: 36 killed in blasts at Egypt’s red sea resort. Gordon Radley is presenting on Sky News.

    Ticker, Map graphics and red newswall graphic all in use.

    Sky currently have eye witnesses on-air.

    N24 and NC are also covering the news. NC are on playback at the moment, but have strapped the news.


    Out of the three channels, Sky were first breaking the news. The BBC followed. Both channels were getting the initial reports from Reuters.

    By the way, at least 88 dead (including 2 Brits) and hundreds injured in several blast in the Egyption tourist resorts.


    Emma Hurd was live from the scene this afternoon.


    The comments from the medical professional that Emma interviewed were great.

    He gave a vivid description of what happened when it happened.

    Emma Hurd is a great journalist, and her talents shone through again tonight.

    SKY first for breaking news YET AGAIN!!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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