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dumbing down

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  • UKNorth

    New member, been reading the Sky News threads, then came on here, but only one thing to say about ITN/ITV National News, its krap. It’s news for morons. For example, they seem to think that the only way to interest its moronic viewers in the Tory leadership contest is by comparing it to ‘Big Brother’. They didn’t just do this in the captions, Mary Nightingale was stood there tonight looking almost embarrassed to read the line ‘The Conservative Party’s equivalent to Big Brother’. The new ‘political editor’ Tom Whassisname has no gravitas whatsoever, for example his puerile observation that one Tory MP looked like Sven Goran Eriksson. Daisy Whatever was good with Andrew Neill on BBC, but the attempt to create some sort of double act with Tom Whassisname is just embarrassing. And Mark Austin always comes across as an out-of-touch dad trying to look cool and trendy in front of his teenage kids (he once introduced an item saying ‘And get this!’, clearly having listened to too many late 1980s hip-hop records).

    Why doesn’t ITV just go the whole hog, become like Sky 1 and say ‘no news on this channel at all’? The only thing I’d miss is the regional prog for the NorthWest, Lucy Meacock and the posh black guy from the south are good, but then if youre in Manchester, Channel M News with Andy Crane is even better, yes it’s a bit like student TV in its presentation, but it cuts out all the boring stuff about Merseyside that we don’t care about anyway. And I’m sure scousers feel the same about their local channel news, cutting out all the Manchester stuff. And for national and international news, the BBC and Sky are miles ahead.

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