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Editorial Traineeships

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  • Wildmanfischer

    I’ve got an interview at Sky News for one of the grad traineeships- any advice, tips, or gossip?

    Anything appreciated!



    My advice, where a nice suit and smile, it helped me at my uni interview, also make sure you know EVERYTHING about BSkyB, not just Sky News. Try not to kiss to much ass, but don’t slag off anyone or anything either. Makes sense to tell the truth but don’t be too honest, Journalists are always “sexing it up” a little. Also make sure you have an opinion on whatever the main stories are at the time, as your bound to get a snap question.


    I’ve got an interview at Sky News for one of the grad traineeships- any advice, tips, or gossip?

    You’ll probably be asked to name a few people from their pictures ie Condoleezza Rice and Patricia Hewitt MP.

    You’ll probably be given a general knowledge test of which one of the questions is always “what is the current rate of interest?” They might also give you a spelling test and I wouldn’t be surprised if the word ‘millennium’ appears.

    They’ll also probably give you a legal test, ie. what can you report when a 16 year old is arrested over an alleged stabbing.

    You might also be asked to describe in terms of breaking news what you would do if, say, a helicopter crashed in central London. How would you break it, what would you do in terms of pictures, would you take live feeds if you suspect the pictures may be gruesome etc.

    At the end they will probably say that someone like the leader of the Opposition was killed in the crash – how would you report it, which guests would you get on etc.

    Then they will probably ask you what you like about Sky News and what you would change.

    Make sure you re-read your MacNae’s and the best advice is just to watch hours of Sky News’ output to see how it’s done.

    But then again, what do I know?!


    Thanks for your advice.

    BTW, I’ve just seen the funniest thing ever on Sky News; Michelle Clifford is in Tonbridge reporting on Kelly Holmes’ open-top bus parade around her home town and she interviewed a girl who was so in awe of Kelly Holmes that she has had a tattoo of her down on her back.

    It looks ok, but the stupid girl had ‘Kelly Homes’ tattooed, rather than ‘Holmes’!! Completely deadpan, Michelle offers to write in the missing ‘l’ in biro.


    Let us know how you got on – or get on and what they asked altho’ Tim1 sounds like he’s eerily familiar with this particular gameshow..!

    Hmm. Thought the millennium was 4 years ago (old news!) unless you are one of those purists who insist that it was actually 2001 not 2000 – in which case it’s still old news – 3 yrs ago.

    So you still have to know how to spell it at Sky?

    A really tough call would be to be shown Sky’s photos of Ann Widdicombe with her various hair styles and eye-popping hair colours and ask the grad trainees to identify the relevant year…ooh,

    and it’s MurdocH not Murdock. He was in the A team.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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