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head of the army: presence of british troops making things w

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  • Kev667

    The presence of British troops in Iraq is making the situation there worse, the

    head of the British Army has said.

    General Sir Richard Dannatt’s sensational attack comes only shortly after he took over

    as Chief of The General Staff.

    He told tomorrow’s Daily Mail that British troops should start to move out of Iraq because

    they are starting to endanger security there.

    boulton: this undermines tony blair’s position

    boulton: may be designed to force blair to leave before summer

    boulton: interview is a serious and devastating blow.,,30000-1237114,00.html,,30000-1237114,00.html>

    ?is this the New Labour way of executing a military coup?

    The General has just used the media to put a tank on Tony?s lawn.. ..even if you put a real tank in downing st, they will spin it as a terror alert. Through the media is the only way to tell them something and make them listen.


    This is a brilliant story, one thats had a lot of coverage tonight and will have plenty more tomorrow..

    I wouldn’t be surprised if this as been set up by Tony. Tony wants to leave office a hero, he has done brilliant things for this country in terms of home policies, and is biggest foreign policy his is worst.. Tony will want the troops out before he’s out of office, so it looks like he righted his wrong. Tony’s line will be something like “well, the leader of the British army says its better that we get out soon rather than later, so thats what we’ll do.”

    Or maybe this is just wishful thinking by me..

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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