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Inquest to be held into death of ITN’s Terry Lloyd

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  • Johnnie

    After years of campaigning by the NUJ, an inquiry into the death of ITN correspondent Terry Lloyd is set to begin on Tuesday, 3 October.

    The inquiry comes more than three years after Lloyd was shot dead in Iraq in the early days of the current conflict and follows numerous demands from the NUJ for the Ministry of Defence to launch a thorough investigation.

    An ITN spokeswoman told Press Gazette: “ITN welcomes the inquest and hopes it will help shed some light on what exactly happened the day Terry Lloyd died.”…h_of_itns_lloyd>


    ITN reporter Terry Lloyd was unlawfully killed by US forces while working in southern Iraq.

    Oxfordshire Assistant Deputy Coroner Andrew Walker said he would write to the Director of Public Prosecutions to call for the US perpetrators to be brought to justice.


    Very much doubt the Lloyd family and those unlawfully killed with Terry will get anything out of the Pentagon. My sincere sympathies and utter respect and admiration to the Lloyd family, especially Chelsey Lloyd for her remarkably composed speech after the inquest.

    I hope unilateral reporting by brave reporters like Terry Lloyd manages to continue by major news orgs but I doubt it with most of them. Embedded is the easier option.

    The footage makes you wonder just how many ordinary people in Iraq have been taken out by Rumsfeld’s testosterone-charged, badly trained troops.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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