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    ??Another triumph for the relaunched Sky News service and its trendy focus on viewer interactivity.

    When wild fires broke out on Dorset?s Canford Heath last month, the channel was under pressure to beat its rolling news rivals to broadcast the first footage. With no camera on the ground, Sky screened a photo, apparently taken by a member of the public, of wild animals cowering in the face of the raging blaze. The on-air anchor boasted ?We have actually got some pretty dramatic pictures our viewers have sent in.?

    Whoops! Sky had been hoaxed. The photo in question was of a fire in Montana nearly 6 years ago. A reader of the Guardian, which published the picture after seeing it on Sky, pointed out that the discerning eye could have been expected to spot that this was not a scene from the British countryside ? one of the animals was an elk??

    TV Eye, 13/04/06

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