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  • News Mad
    News Mad

    Bring back the ITV News channel (Mr:M. Grade)

    Please sign this page if you want the ITV News channel back. (thanks)

    A idea for their schedule:

    Starting with GMTV and the team 6am – 9am (weekdays)

    John Stapleton & Penny Smith

    ITV News hour 9am – 1:30pm

    Nina Hossain & Bill Neeley

    ITV Lunchtime news – 1:30 pm -2:00pm

    Alistar Stewart & Katie Derham

    ITV Bussiness/ Sports News 2:00 pm – 2:30 pm

    Salma Siraj

    ITV News 2:30 pm – 6:30 pm[img]

    James Mates & Lucy Owen

    ITV Evening News 6:30 pm – 7:00pm

    Mark Austin & Mary Knightingale[/b][/u][/u]

    ITV News Live Covrage 7:00pm – 10:00pm
    Sian Jones & Jonathan Wills

    ITV Sports / Bussiness 10:00 pm – 10:30 pm
    Geriant Vincent / Salma Siraj[img]

    ITV News Nightgly covrage 11:00 pm 05:30am

    Joyce Ohajah / Rachel McTavish

    ITV News Weekend Cover

    Romily Weeks/ Ronke Phillips/Steve Scott


    I’d like to see it return, though I can’t help but feel it will struggle as before with ratings.

    Would love to see Layla Daybalge (sp!) back on the screen.


    YES MICHAL GRADE FOR SOMETHING RIGHT AND GET IT BACK AS LONG as you get good presenters and not just every1 from regional news programmes im sure it will do well


    If sky news winds down its operations in a few years time, with this news every 15 mins crap, I think we will see it return.

    I believe that there would be more opinion based programming in the evening, and weekends.

    I do think its downfall though was it’s schedule, despite being my favourite channel i just could not get my head round it with some presenters dissappearing and then coming back 2hrs later just to do one hour. It just didn’t make sense. Look at sky news and they have very clearly defined slots 9-12 12-2 2-5 etc, this is what ITV need to have.

    Does anybody know of any sites with toths from the channel?


    BSkyB have a significant share in ITV (if I’m not mistaken), so I’d doubt they’d allow ITV to bring the channel back.


    Weren’t they selling, ‘cos OFCOM said ‘NO’.


    Here’s my ‘detailed’ plans;

    Please feel free to rip them to shreds etc.

    Lets start with the basics, presentation.

    Compared to sky’s current look the ITVNC pres. was quite good, it just lacked some consistency here and there.

    The newswall grpahic was rubbish really, you need to have a feel of the newsroom around you, which is why the current one is so good IMO.

    The studio, obviously they are not going to be able to compete with sky or bbc in terms of studio space, and after what happened the first time round you could hardly expect a huge investment in studios etc and new equipment so they old stuff would do fine.

    All I would do is have a presentation point built in the newsroom, like sky’s so you can present programming form there when necessary. This will also help out later on, as you will see.


    06.00 – Connect with Andrew Harvey and Lucy Alexnder.

    Breakfast for commuters, fast and informative live from the newsroom.

    – Only two ‘locked-on’ cameras in the newsroom means low production values but high impact.

    10.00 – Live with Alastair Stewart

    Presented from the studio with Al’ based at newswall and three reporters around the desk monitoring their appointed story, providing updates every 20 minutes. Al’ then interviews guests etc.

    12.30 – The Lunchtime News with Katie Durham.

    As is now.

    13.00 – The Afternoon Edition with Garient Vincent and Nina Hossien

    – Only two ‘locked-on’ cameras in the newsroom means low production values but high impact.

    Three assigned reporters give updates on their stories every 20 minutes.

    17.00 – 360 with James Mates.

    Don’t know if he is a world affairs bloke but he looks the part.

    Fast paced news prog. up to 70 stories in an hour, resources provided in part by NBC and international affiliates.

    18.30 – Evening News with Mark Austin and Mary Nightingale.

    19.00 – Penny Smith Live.

    She deserves better than GMTV so she gets her own two hour block.

    Looking at some of the lighter stories of the day with regular updates on the big stories from in studio reporters Penny mixes news, views (from audience e-mails) and humour in a fun and exciting way.

    21.00 – 90 minutes with Kirsty Young.

    Hard hitting and insightful viewing. A panel of three experts give up 90 minutes to discuss the days news, responding to audience views and the latest breaking stories.

    10.30 – The ITV Evening News.

    11.00 – 06.00 – The ITV Report with Rachel McTavish.

    Presented from the studio, includes replays of interviews with colleagues from throughout the day.


    With this schedule I tried to break the day up so you have one shift from the studio, one from the newsroom during the day and then in the evening just simply from the studio, because the advantege of a green screen is that it is quite versatile so each prime-time show can have a different backdrop.

    Reporter’s In-Studio

    I’m desperately trying to keep this brief, but can I just talk about reporters in studio. This would be unique, and so, the hope is that if any breaking stories come through the response can be quick and analysis can be given really effectively giving the opinion of a much sounder news operation.

    And now the media student comes into play, If the same three reporters are regularly used then people will feel a greater sense of respect for the reporters because they know them (with the large amount of on air exposure they have), and so will feel more enclined to watch because feel that they can trust ITV News. Remember we’re trying to emulate the kind of relationship that Sky viewers have with Adam Boulton, Tim Marshall and Martin Brunt etc.

    It would take less production effort in the sense that edit suites and other facilities could be kept for main network bulletins because the reporter can be left to do his/her own research.

    Prime-Time: Production

    Looking back at the evening schedule there could be a lot of production effort needed to put the prog. on the air. Not so IMO, each presenter would have editorial control over their program and would work with an overall Prime-Time EP, responsible for 17.00-10.30 to help provide guidance and run errands or requests where necessary.

    If anybody wants clarification then just ask.

    Lone, I know as well as you do that in reality this just ain’t happening. But I am entitled to dream, and we all know that if there was the will power ITN and ITV are both capable of putting this together, but for ITV it just isn’t profitable.


    that could change if news channels are allowed more opinion etc, then this could be seen as a possibility.

    EDIT: Ok, there’s alot of new talent, but the hope is that by drawing Penny and Kirsty in then you will draw others in to have a look to a certain extent. If if that doesn’t work to any great extent the money paid out to get them there would be paid back in the credibility the channel would receive.


    i luv it i think it would be great to have ferlicity bar back

    and more katie derham


    thegraphic wrote:Weren’t they selling, ‘cos OFCOM said ‘NO’.

    As far as I can tell it’s a possibility, but nothing’s been decided yet.

    This is Drew
    This is Drew

    For my schedule if the News channel returned it would be as follows:

    06:00 GMTV Newshour

    Live from the GMTV studios with John Stapleton & Penny Smith.

    07:00 Morning Report

    Live with Andrew Harvey from the desk and Sasha Herriman. Andrew would be based at the desk, interviewing guests and introducing lifestyle reports, for the early birds. Sasha would provide news summaries and breaking news stories.

    09:30 ITV News Latest

    Nina Houssain presents the latest national, international & regional news.

    10:00 Live with Alastair Stewart

    Same as the show was before, but with seperate graphics & music from the News channel. Nina would present news summaries every half hour.

    11:30 ITV News Latest

    Nina Houssain presents the latest national, international & regional news.

    12:30 ITV Lunchtime News

    Katie Derham presents, with the bulletin simulcasting on ITV1.

    13:00 Afternoon Report

    Presented by Martin Stanford and Felicity Barr. The programme would have the same format as the ‘Morning Report’.

    16:00 ITV News Latest

    One of the ‘ITV Evening News’ anchors would present the latest news.

    17:00 Live with Trevor McDonald

    Similar format to ‘Live with Alastair Stewart’, but their would be no seperate newsreader for news summaries.

    18:30 ITV Evening News

    Mark Austin and Mary Nightingale present, with the bulletin simulcasting on ITV1.

    19:00 ITV News Latest

    One of the ‘ITV London Tonight’ anchors would present the latest news.

    20:00 Evening Report

    Jon Nicholson and Shulie Ghosh present. The programme would have the same format as the ‘Morning Report’.

    23:00 ITV News Latest

    One of the ‘ITV London Tonight’ anchors would present the latest news.

    00:30 Tonight with Trevor McDonald

    Repeat of the current affairs programme.

    01:00 Off Air – We’re back at 6am

    The news channel would be off air for the ‘graveslot’ hours.

    The News channel would have a seperate studio to the ‘News on ITV1’ studio. Do feel free to share your thoughts on my schedule!


    OK, reworked by schedule which I posted above…

    07.00 – NewsDesk

    All the news with sport, business, traffic and weather.

    Owen Thomas.

    Presented from the newsroom.

    10.00 – The Live Wall

    The running order is set around what’s ‘happening now’. Emphasis on live pictures.

    Nina Hossain.

    headlines with Owen Thomas.

    Presented from the studio.

    12.00 – Your Call

    Viewers decide the stories, the running order, interviews and the questions.

    Owen Thomas

    Presented from the newsroom.

    13.30 – Lunchtime News

    14.00 – The Live Wall

    Nina Hossain

    Headlines with James Mates

    Presented = studio.

    17.00 – NewsDesk

    James Mates

    Presented = newsroom

    18.30 – Evening News

    19.00 – 90 minutes

    90 minutes with an institution in tv news, opinion and humour meet as the days events are discussed with a panel of three guests and the audience.

    Alastair Stewart

    Presented from the studio.

    20.30 – News Network

    A selection of reports from the ITV regions.

    James Mates

    Presented from the studio.

    21.00 – NewsDesk

    James Mates

    Presenteed from the newsroom.

    22.30 – Late Night News

    23.00 – 11pm with Rachel McTavish

    Late night discussion and news with Rachel and guests. A review of the papers, latest showbiz news amongst the topics covered.

    Presented from the studio.


    skynewsfan18 wrote:i luv it i think it would be great to have ferlicity bar back

    Unless ITV can offer her a generous paypacket to match what she gets from AJI, I doubt she’ll want to come back.


    I had some time on my hands, so I’ve done a mock, will post shortly.

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