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  • Kaylover

    On the back of this months poll about bringing the ITV News Channel back, i thought i would do a mock of how a schedule could look. Using ITN presenters form Four & ITV news. I did however call the channel V-News as i think the only way it could make a come back is by a virgin takeover.

    06:00 – Morning Edition

    with Penny Smith & John Stapleton

    Penny Smith & John Satpleton bring you News, Weather, Sport, Money & Travel updates from our team of Journalists every 3O minutes. As well as interviews with people setting the News agenda. The first hour broadcast on ITV1’s GMTV

    09:00 – V-Newsroom

    with Ginny Buckley & James Mates &

    Live from the V-Newsroom. You see the news as we get it. V-Newsroom also assembles top correspondents, analysts, contributors and guests for complete, up-to-the minute coverage of the day’s events.

    12:00 – Online

    with Mary Nightingale

    The program combines traditional reporting methods with the newest innovative online resources, making the entire process of news-gathering more transparent and placing the latest news and information at the viewers. The program also features phone calls and web-cam chats from viewers around the globe in our feature “Your Report”

    13:00 – V-Newsroom

    with Nina Hossain & Geraint Vincent

    Live from the V-Newsroom. You see the news as we get it. Newsroom also assembles top correspondents, analysts, contributors and guests for complete, up-to-the minute coverage of the day’s events.

    16:00 – The Power Block: City Now

    with Mark Eddo

    V-News monitors the momentum of the final hour of trading. Reviews the market suprises of the day. And has interviews with Key guests live from the London Stock Exchange in The City

    17:00 – The Power Block: World News

    with Mark Austin

    World news is a fast-moving, surprising and provocative alternative to the typical evening news programs. Covering not only the day’s top stories, but the fascinating, the unexpected and the underreported

    18:00 – The Power Block: Westminster Today

    with Alistair Stewart

    Alistair stewart takes an indepth look at the world of politics. With special guests and contributers.

    PRIMETIME: with headlines every 30min read by Sheila Jansen

    19:00 -PRIMETIME: Lime Light

    with Katie Derham

    Limelight is an unconventional look at the news of the day featuring Katie’s unique and often amusing perspective on top stories from world events and politics to pop culture and everyday hassles. The show will be centered on current events and the opinions of Kate, Audience members and Guests.

    20:00 – PRIMETIME: Your Word

    with Richard Littlejohn

    Your Word is a debate show on the pressing Political and Moral issues of the day. Viewers are asked to call in and voice their opinion either in support of opposition of the host and guests.

    21:00 -PRIMETIME: On Scene

    with Samira Ahmed

    On Scene brings you the stories that matter the most to you. Every night, we bring you the most dramatic stories: We’ll take you inside the news and behind the headlines, from across the country and around the globe. Designed for those interested in the legal stories of the day. Samira challenges guests on the most controversial and high-profile legal issues of the day”

    22:00 -PRIMETIME: In Review

    with Alex Thomson

    Alex takes on engaging, opinionated and often heated in-depth segments on the days issues. The one-hour show also features regular guests debating the Days events and Reviewing the mornings papers.

    23:00 – PRIMETIME: Entertainment Tonight

    with Nina Nannar

    Entertainment Tonight is a fun alternative to the hard hitting late night news shows. It akes on the most talked about stories in the entertainment industry. The show also features revealing interviews with the world’s top celebrities and newsmakers. “Entertainment Tonight” covers topics like no other entertainment news show

    00:00 – V-Overnight.


    i have to say that would u have thought about would be realy good i wish they owould bring back itv news channel we should try our best to get it back


    Yeah i think the channel could work. It would be deliberately tabloid. As BBC trys to be upper-class and Sky is in the middle.

    I would pit Mary Nightingale against Kay Burley on lunchtime live and then Mark Austin against Hugh & JT during the 5pm hour.

    I have also made Primetime schedule as there is no real competition in the Evening. Yeah Sky did try it with World News and Sky Report, but they werent real programs, more just Sky News with a name change.

    And Hiring Littlejohn, Buckley & Janson would be to add salt to Sky News wound.


    bring itv news channel back!!!!!!!!!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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