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Jonathan Healy Promoted

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  • Tippguy

    It’s been a while since he got promoted but I said I?d wait a while just to make sure it wasn’t a mistake but over the last number of weeks he has been called correspondent. I think it?s a well deserved promotion. He has worked alot harder than any of the three other correspondents. Well done Jonathan!!

    p.s. has anyone seen eibhlin ni conaighile lately. Maybe she?s just not on when I tune in but I haven?t seen her in ages.


    I’ve read in some Sunday paper a few weeks ago that Eibhl?n N? Chonghaile has left SNI. Sky’s loss!! The minister’s planning story was their high point….


    really i didn’t quite like her reporting. i taought it was a bit boaring and drawn out. i’d more say her loss. any idea what shes gonna do now? RT? or TV3 I suppose don’t reckon she’d make it in the U.K. for a starters the presenters wouldn’t be able to pronounce her name.


    it seems to me that only Irish tv presenters have any problem with Irish name pronounciation. The British are a lot more multi-cultural and learned on such matters. Paper didn’t say what Eibhl?n was doing next, but let’s hope it’s

    more than the SNI colour stories. When with RT?, she was well suited

    to real news. Never properly utilized at SNI.


    Hello benny.

    I respect your opinion but I must disagree.

    While British presenters might have been able to get their tongues around Eibhl?n?s name, she was very bad at getting to grips with the English language!

    Sky News usually employs reporters who are clever with words and write scripts with the pictures in mind. Eibhl?n?s scripts sounded like badly read press releases!

    Her grammar was appalling!

    On a regular basis, she would jump from singular to plural mid-sentence; she also ended sentences with a preposition. She repeated the same words over and over again, unable to come up with alternatives.

    Despite having a fit looking figure she dressed like a Goth, not really the Sky News style.

    Did Eibhl?n ever do ?real news? for RT?, in English?

    Where is she now?

    In my opinion TG4 is the only place where she might thrive.

    NOT Sky?s loss at all!!

    I think the story in Ireland on Sunday was very harsh on Sky News Ireland and she used it to complain.

    As for Jonathan Healy. He?s good, isn?t he?

    I loved his report about the Transatlantic rowers last night, good words and dynamic pictures!

    benny, do you think Jonathan will be able to fill Eibhl?n?s shoes?




    Bad english is standard for SNI. Scripts for SNI are not written

    to pictures, or if they are, they are not written to the standard

    we have come to expect from network. In any case, I didn’t

    see that Eibhl?n was the worst offender.

    I was not aware of a ‘sky news style’, nor of the ‘goth’

    look you mentioned. A personal preference perhaps?

    Is ‘real news’ only available in English? A ridiculous notion…

    Jonathan will do very well as correspondent. I wish him well.

    Ray is by far the star of the show.

    I didn’t see any evidence in the paper’s

    story on Eibhl?n that she herself had anything to do with it.

    Dynamic pictures are not something which I would associate with SNI.

    Still, I do watch and will continue to watch.

    Good luck SNI.



    I think I heard Eibhlin on RTE radio one morning this week. Did anyone else hear it? Has she gone back to her old employer, just as Gerome did? I can’t imagine her pay would be more than at Sky News Ireland, especially if she’s only doing radio.

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