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London Olympics 2012

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  • Rob237

    Saw an interesting programme on last night?s TV which considered various implications of this recently begun soap opera entitled ?London Olympics’.

    Clearly, fortunate folks outside the M25 Stockade don?t have to be Oxbridge graduates to forecast that this stunt already has the potential to become the biggest ?balls up? of all time, even by London standards. For recent precedent, look no further than the Dome and Wembley Stadium farces.

    Gist of the problem seems to be that the organisers are likely to blunder onward assuming that the transport and accommodation infrastructures will be in place, whereas objective experts insist that 6 years is now insufficient time to resolve that situation.

    Then there will be the stadium constructions which are likely to be contracted out to similar incapable overseas (?International Spirit?, and all that rubbish) builders to the firm which has the Wembley deal!

    Gutter press and TV investigative journalists certain to have a long-running field day.

    The two key ingredients of a smarmy project supremo and a barmy Mayor are already in position.

    Coe likely to eventually return his numerous titles and Livingstone to be strung up from the nearest lamp post?.all good stuff, looking forward to the saga unfolding.


    Robt P

    “London provides but 23% of the national population, but never less than 84% of the national bull….” – Anon.


    Worried about the council tax going even more stratospheric; it’s already crippling. London will organise it ok, provided they avoid the lot the Wembley contract went to – get in some decent foreign builders I reckon – and SE London may actually get public transport links that make it possible to reach the centre in less than 1 1/2 hours :-S . I hope they clean up all the grot too, but I doubt it. Mind you, sorry folks if you live there, but Stratford is a dump (not exactly Barca) and making a huge green park space there could well see the unlovelies create a huge no-go area after the hullaballoo is over.

    It would be nice if it helped people to actually talk to each other and make eye contact, but doubt that too.


    As London is the only place that will benefit from it with new sports facilities,transport and jobs then I think its only fair that Londoners pay for it and not the Nation as a whole,how about introducing a ‘u wanted it,u got it’ tax for Londoners only so they can pay for their new sports venues,transport links and jobs building it all


    I think its wrong that the whole country should have to pay for the olympics after all its “London 2012” not “England 2012” or “United Kingdom 2012”, although im sure many people from outside of London wanted the olympics, it was mainly londoners that so craved it!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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