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More Trouble for Frank Partridge

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  • Kerry

    FORMER TV newsreader Frank Partridge was branded a violent bully by his ex-lover yesterday as she told a court he once tried to suffocate her with a pillow.  

    Trembling Pam Downs, 43, said of the attack by the ex-Sky News man: ?I was fighting for my life.?  

    Petite Pam, a former TV continuity announcer, claimed that during their 17 months together the raging star left her with black eyes and a cut face.  

    She added: ?I was very afraid of him. I was abused for 17 months verbally, psychologically and physically.?  

    But she confessed: ?I did not want to leave him because I was deeply in love with him. I thought we were going to spend the rest of our life together.?  

    The final straw was when Partridge, 50, belted her last July after the couple returned home from a weekend in Scotland, JPs heard.  

    Pam had made up her mind to leave him and the pair rowed at his house in Denham Green, Bucks.  

    Dad-of-three Partridge was said to have tried to make amends by hugging her and nibbling her bottom.  

    She claimed she fled to the patio. Pam said: ?He chased after me.  

    ?He knew if he hit me again I would leave him. I was backing away and said, ?Frank, please don?t hit me.? He was following me with his raised left fist. He brought the fist down.  

    ?He turned to run away, as he always did, like a little boy who had done something wrong.?  

    Pam described it as ?a fist too far?.  

    She reported it to police next day. But she said she waited four months before pressing charges because she was trying to recover ?150,000 Partridge had borrowed from her.  

    Smartly-dressed Pam, of Fulmer, Bucks, avoided looking at her ex as he sat in the glass-fronted dock of High Wycombe Magistrates Court.  

    She denied sparking the final row by swearing at him. Pam said: ?I was silent on this occasion. There was no torrent of abuse.  

    ?There was on a previous occasion when he tried to suffocate me with a pillow. I was fighting for my life then.?  

    Ex-BBC Newsbeat presenter Partridge admitted in court that he threw a glass of water at her during the row, saying it was to ?wash her mouth out.?  

    He said he only lashed out with the back of his hand when SHE threw a cup of tea at him.  

    Partridge said: ?I did not mean to wound and was acting in self-defence. I?ve never intended to hurt anyone in my life.?  

    Partridge said as he walked away Downs threw the teacup at him which smashed into the wall.  

    He said the incident was a ?domestic? and should never have been allowed to leave the house.  

    He said: ?It is not in the public interest and should have been solved within the confines of the relationship.?  

    Earlier police inspector Timothy Cox, who interviewed Partridge about the alleged assault, told the court the journalist had admitted he had a problem with anger.  

    Insp Cox said Partridge had been prescribed a course by his doctor for his anger.  

    The officer said he pointed out to Partridge that he was 6ft tall and Miss Downs was only 5ft 2in.  

    Partridge denies common assault. The case was adjourned for a week.


    Never liked the guy after the Kay Burley “incident”!

    It is sad though, as he was a good anchor on Sky News. But everybody is human behind their TV image. I do hope he gets some sort of anger management therapy or something; it’s already cost him his high profile job on Sky News, now The Sun article is further bad publicity for him. He’s not setting a good example to his three children.

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