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  • Geordieboi

    Sorry to be a bit negative here guys’n’girls, but is it just me who is getting sicker and sicker of more and more advertising across the sky news website?

    I remember the times when you could go to the website, see the headlines, click the links and read the news… nowadays you go to w“>> w and its like pop-up and banner ad city!

    Banners across the top of the pages, advert teases all down the right of the page, and more recently google ads etc tagged onto the right side of the page in addition to the rest, and not forgetting the annoying flash pop-ups and animated adverts that keep flying up every time you’re trying to read the news!

    Next time you’re loading a page, check out the statusbar at the bottom of the window and watch how many advert files/images etc it’s pulling up. Sky News has always been the best in breaking news in my opinion, and that’s why i constantly look at their site, but i’m finding myself turning off more and more these days because every time i view, there’s more adverts than news…

    Anyone agree with me or am i gunna get shouted down ?!!!!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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