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Sweden-Forsmark- Anything still unkown and contradory– susp

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    but if you like more of the actual available information, go to: Reaktorunfall in Schweden- the topic is in German but the posting in English,1872,1300004,00/sendungen/aw/F312/“>

    or read here my satiric version of the ongoings:( Please dont mind- I am from Germany- Greet you all!


    ..Hello, welcome at Euronews to our daily report:


    also today again with our daily QUIZZ with over 5 Billion prices! You only have to answer one simple question!!

    But first the news:

    New York-Tel Aviv: How practical it is to live in the cave of the Lion:

    With the total fraud with the events on 9th of September 2001 , the Illuminati had started to make their final moves toward world dictatorship… asm nay conspiracy theoretics meanwhile believe. Could that be true. Meanwhile ven Mad Mel Gibson believes it… But all about the Middle East is- a matter of believe…

    Now they present us after Saddam Hussein another terrorist leader who just came back from his latest trainnig lessons ( how to build rockets out of wrackage..”as pipes of destroyed houses

    Rasnallah,the dedicated Hezbollah leader declares daily war and revanche on Israel with weapon he does not have nor that they even exist.

    Israel responded to that friendly fire by setting up their deadly Patriot missile system, in order to destroy “old Lebanon” and to build up new ware houses such as… on the new middle East.

    During these “fights”, Israeli Hezbollah fighters fired again their rockets made out of pipes, wings of the new Ramallah flight program and China crackers on Israel from South Lebanes Israeli occupated terretory on where they killed one Arabs in an Arab Israeli village near to the border to Lebanon..ALAHU ACBUA !…

    Forsmark-Sweden/Berlin-Germany: While that happens, ” terrorist” have commited more than three sabotage acts on overland lines or transformators near to a German driven nuclear power plants in Forsmark/ Sweden just by bridging two lines of three phase current system. The ruin of the German -part state owned mighty but expensive energy industry by that simple use of one of its conceptional failures, not to secure its electrical installation against OVERVOLTAGE is exspected until the end of this year!!

    The first has ended up with an unexspected nuclear meltdown, that is capable to thin out Europe within all its fashist so… CONGRATULATION!!

    But now to our DAILY QUIZZ:

    Win over a Billion Prices with our todays quizz on “WHATS NEXT?”!!

    You just have to answer the following question!!!

    It is said that thousand years ago, a famous man has written these words… Who has been that person?

    …here we go…ITS VERY EASY!

    “”The first beast will be before the second one: It will hit to the West, than to the East. Then it will arise against the king of the North. Finally it will collect a big army and go against the King of the South”…

    Who has written that?

    a) Johannes, Jesus thirteenth Apostel

    b)a secret brotherhood founded in the dark middleages?

    c)A Greece philospher of the third millenium B.C, disguised as Arch Angel Gabriel?

    First price: shares of the “one world” future energy market thatis going to be accomplished soon and which shares are going to be brought about the end of that year! Guaranteed radioactive!

    Second price: three booked flights with Osama Bin Laden Airways from any destination as required either ot Berlin- where you will visit the original Nazi REICHSTAG , London or Paris..for you, your wife and one of your children!

    Further prices: Over 4 billion first class luxury graves everywhere on the world, with most exclusive ones in Lebanon with sight seeing to the Ocean and the mountain Zion on Sinai!

    Please mail or send your first- not final solution to:

    Meir Dagan


    >Tel Aviv



    or just go to your next Mossad office in your neighbourhood. Its not far!


    Your brotherhood

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