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What about a bit of culture

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  • Hullo

    Masses and masses of showbiz is fair enough (although when serious bad news stories are on it bothers me that anchors are suddenly required to show inordinate interest in the Sugababes or Tom Cruise or something, and then switch back to the main story).

    A few years ago there used to be regular cinema reviews (I think they stopped them at the time of 9/11). I saw one on News 24 yesterday and felt nostalgic for the Sky version (regular guest reviewers, and not just a showbiz angle).

    But what about occasional theatre reviews? Neil Sean talked about Jerry Hall in High Society this mornng, for instance, but, again, its all celeb/showbiz/glitz. Couldn’t they have a once-a-week theatre slot with reviews (and a bit of footage perhaps) of a West End play or two and the National and RSC, and occasionally something from the provinces (e.g. Manchester Royal Exchange)?

    It doesn’t have to be as deathly dull as Newsnight Review!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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