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Why can’t we see the adverts on 19deg E?

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    New member and Sky News viewer, but I don’t watch as part of the Sky Package with the mini dish, I watch on the old 19 degrees East Astra satellite, home of the Spanish and Dutch Canal Plus stations. So…

    Why can’t we see the adverts on this channel? EVERY commercial break we have first of all still captions, with irritating ‘newsy’ music running behind, repeatedly showing us the same headlines.

    Then, they show a 60-second promo claiming that Sky News is the home of ‘Breaking News’ and ‘Real Time reporting’, accompanied by film of Saddam Hussein’s statue being pulled down NEARLY THREE YEARS AGO! (Wow, breaking news).

    And why is the ticker at the bottom of the screen blanked out? This was particularly irritating during the election when I know for mini dish and Freeview viewers it contained the latest polling and party announcements.

    BTW, this is an excellent site, with interesting background on the news and its presenters. I was amused to read that Chris Roberts and Georgie Arnold are actually married, I remember him taking the p**s out of her when she did a report on English vineyards and I thought it was a case of Sky News ‘overfamiliarity’! Always expect Chris Roberts to break out into song in German. (Exclusive joke for any Teutonic readers out there).


    Thats a break filler. For international viewers, it is shown during advert breaks. I think some local re-distributers replace them with their own local adverts.

    The UK broadcast has full UK Adverts, and the Eire broadcast has Irish Adverts.


    The same goes with if u want to watch the Fox News Channel which i sometimes watch especially if there is a hurricane on the way.

    We have to watch the weather for the worldwide and the irritating music which goes with it. Sometimes u have to watch that every 10 miuntes or less


    I thought you might know the answer being a technical sort of person!

    I remember having to put up with that music when I went on holiday with my mates. Irritating at the time, but it reminds me of good times when I hear it now

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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