News 24 claims July victory

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Is fun a quality you look for in newscasting?

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daved2424+Aug 3 2005, 01:19 PM(daved2424 @ Aug 3 2005, 01:19 PM)

Is fun a quality you look for in newscasting?

They could put a fun fair in either chanel's studio to provide more entertainment and I still wouldnt watch for more than a couple of minutes .

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daved2424+Aug 3 2005, 01:19 PM(daved2424 @ Aug 3 2005, 01:19 PM)

Is fun a quality you look for in newscasting?

I knew someone would ask that. I suppose by fun i mean energy, interest and motivation.

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I've been a keen viewer of Sky News since about 1992, I still prefer them to BBC News 24 (and the others, including the American news channels) but, personally speaking, I'm repeatedly annoyed by all the bright on-screen graphics. They make Sky appear like a TV version of The Sun, which perhaps does nothing for their image. And I hate the ticker as it's way too distracting (but maybe that's just me?!). But do others perhaps think Sky News is also losing viewers to BBC News 24 because they're not broadcasting in widescreen; I hate to say it but I often turn over for live events to the Beeb because they broadcast in widescreen (although...BBC News 24's banners are becoming increasingly intrusive too)? Does anyone have any idea if Sky will soon be widescreen?

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Yes, from relaunch. And in true 16:9 and not 14:9 like the beeb. ITV refuses to do anything other than 4:3, but who watches that rubbish anyway?

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lakewood+Aug 2 2005, 10:03 AM(lakewood @ Aug 2 2005, 10:03 AM)

Monday, August 1 2005, 23:34 BST -- by Neil Wilkes

BBC News 24 has claimed to be the channel of choice for viewers last month.

The month was populated with several major news events, including Live 8, the Olympic Bid result, the IRA announcing an end to its armed campaign and the terror attacks on London.

News 24 reported a reach of 15 million viewers through July - 39% of multichannel homes - compared to 13 million (34%) for Sky News and 8.8 million (23%) for the ITV News Channel.

The station is also ahead on weekly reach, currently averaging 5 million to Sky's 4.6 million.

Well, in Malaysia, Buletin Utama is the leading news station. "proud to be Malaysian"....honestly, our News tv stations are too horrible! I will rather choose BBC World than Buletin Utama !

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Post by sky_news_nut » Wed Jan 11, 2006 8:38 pm

I find I am increasingly tuning into BBC News 24 as my channel of choice now when previously it was Sky News. This has all come about since the Sky relaunch.

Stuff I don't like about Sky since the relaunch which makes me tune to N24:

1. The headlines at the top of the hour now take about 2mins - all this "welcome, we want your views, text us 84501, email">" - WE KNOW THE EMAIL AND TEXT BY NOW! Also when they have the 3 presenter line-up, they only ever seem to say about 4words each, which makes it take too long. N24 have already started their first report when Sky are finishing their headlines; N24 just tell you what you want to know and then get on with it!

2. Sport - and too much of it - it would be better if the full sports bulletin was in the 2nd half of the hour rather than at 22mins past. when you take away the break, weather etc, your only getting about 15mins of news in that first 30mins. N24 gives you a full 27mins of news up to the weather forcast.

3. The weather being BEFORE the titles! This means they only have about 60-90secs to do it - N24 gives you a full 3mins forecast.

4. As per above, the 4th break now comes really soon after the third one - break three is usually around 47mins past - back at 50mins past - 4mins of business and sport - and then another break! I appreciate unlike N24, Sky is a commercial channel and has to show adds but could they not be a bit more spaced out!

5. Having 2 appointment to view programmes together (Sky Report followed by World News Tonight) means you cannot get a news bulletin between 7 and 9pm.

So overall, I'm finding BBC News 24 is becoming my news channel of choice for news. Now they have stopped trying to copy Sky and have developed their own unique presentation, it is easier to know what to expect from each channel.

Well done BBC News 24!

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