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Buletin Utama
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Post by Buletin Utama » Sun Apr 02, 2006 5:02 am

I was just wondering if anyone knows what's happened to Geeta Guru Murphy, Anya Siturum, Keshinna Narratnum, and Mishal Hussain? I haven't scene them on the news for months, and I was wondering if their still with the channel.

BBC World is going to have competition with Al Jazzera coming. It's coming to Canada, and I'm not too sure when it will air.

Glad to see Peter Dobbie aboard the channel. He, Alastair, and Mike are the best on world. I just hope that the Mike rumors aren't true about him leaving. Peter has got a contract with World now, since 24 dumped him. He doesn't deserve to be treated the way he did, so I'm glad that he made the jump. He is by far one of the best journalist that the BBC has.

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Post by James » Sun Apr 02, 2006 6:43 am

Mishal has been on Breakfast and is shortly going on maternity leave, Anya was on a couple of weeks ago so maybe (shock horror!) she's on holiday. I think Geeta's on maternity leave again and Keshini left a good year or two ago.

Who said News 24 dumped Peter Dobbie - that's just someone's story - he was doing more World shifts anyway and there are probably more opportunities for him there!

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