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Post by Nell » Tue Aug 28, 2007 9:19 am

guvnorgaz wrote:Wasnt Holmes going to do some show in America?

I think he already did it and it was cancelled.

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Post by me » Tue Aug 28, 2007 12:21 pm

Maybe during the school holidays, they decided to call Sunrise as just Sunrise and in September they will go back to Sunrise With Eammon Holmes.

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Post by Nell » Wed Aug 29, 2007 3:45 am

Jason1970 wrote:Maybe during the school holidays, they decided to call Sunrise as just Sunrise and in September they will go back to Sunrise With Eammon Holmes.

Yeah maybe,i hope not though.I really cant stand Eamonn.

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Post by Johnnie » Sat Sep 01, 2007 1:37 am

Sky News are showing a large amount of their Coverage of August 31st 1997 on Sky News Active.

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Post by Watsuchiru » Sat Sep 01, 2007 6:00 am

Johnnie wrote:Sky News are showing a large amount of their Coverage of August 31st 1997 on Sky News Active.

LOVING this today! Very interesting for a couple of reasons...

Firstly from an historical point of view it's really not how that coverage is remembered (very scathing of the press and absoutely no expectation on the royal family to do or say anything or even for there to be a public funeral) but anyway...

Also, nice to see Sky News how it used to be! I didn't have Sky back in the 90s but their presentation was much nicer - let's have it how it used to be

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Post by Nell » Thu Sep 06, 2007 1:31 pm

I was under the impression Andrew Wilson would be joining the presenting team today.

Anyone know more?

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Post by Nell » Thu Sep 06, 2007 8:48 pm

Wislon presenting with Julie this afternoon.

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Post by lakewood » Tue Sep 11, 2007 5:07 pm

Seems to be a few pages missing in this thread - used to be at least 15

I note that Kay Burley was sent to Portugal to add herself to the McCann story - at the same time the Mcanns decided to come back to UK - Coincidence?

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Post by guvnorgaz » Wed Sep 12, 2007 3:47 am

Thats enough to send anyone packing! Why dont Sky just report the facts for once? 'There is nothing new in the McCann story' and leave it at that, they are going to town on nothing

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Post by lakewood » Wed Sep 12, 2007 8:10 am

Well they had enough people over there - there was Martin Blunt - grubby reporter in charge of slur and snide remarks - given his work on trying to stitch the other suspect up - Robert Murat - see my post where I quoted Matthew Parrish --which seems to have mysteriously dissappeared from this thread

so here it is again

"The forgotten victim in the McCann case Our columnist on the disgraceful hounding of Robert Murat by Matthew Parris

Do you have a mother? Have you ever shared a house with her? Might you have dealt with anyone a couple of years past his teens who (for all you know) could have boasted to someone else about seducing an underage girl? Might you be separated from a spouse and conduct another affair? Might you love your daughter? Might you have a cellar in your house? Might you assist local efforts to trace a missing child?

Well watch out, because if any toddler should go missing anywhere near you, and you were to be (not unreasonably) questioned by police, the British press could have had you hanged, drawn and quartered by Monday.

A life has been destroyed after the abduction of Madeleine McCann. Perhaps two, for we do not yet know Madeleine?s fate, and perhaps we never will. But for Robert Murat, the one-time suspect whom much of the British newspaper industry and parts of the Portuguese media casually decided to convict, a life lies in ruins. There is no redemption for Mr Murat now, not if the Angel Gabriel should appear on television to exonerate him. The name alone brings a shudder.

But nobody closely involved with this case believes any longer that Mr Murat is anything but an innocent man. For the rest of the world, however, glancing in passing at headlines and skimming news reports over its coffee, the name Murat is now synonymous with ?creepy oddball and obvious suspect?.

His reputation will not now be rescued even by the arrest and conviction of anyone else. Imagine today giving your name at a hotel reception as Robert Murat ? or Colin Stagg, or Sally Clark. Linkages between a crime and a name are set up in the public imagination and persist even after the story has changed direction. ?Robert Murat ? wasn?t he the one suspected of taking Maddie? Or cleared of it? Whatever. Mixed up in it anyway.?

For the record, Robert Murat is an Anglo-Portuguese man in his early thirties who has separated from his English wife, has a girlfriend estranged from her own husband, and is sharing a house with his mother, not far from where Madeleine McCann disappeared. After her disappearance he volunteered to help. He hired a car for a few days. His house has a cellar. He has a friendly business connection with a 22-year-old

Russian IT operative, Sergey Malinka, who was (it was reported) claimed by a workmate once to have boasted about underage sex. Mr Murat and Mr Malinka have spoken to each other on mobile phones. And Mr Murat has a four-year-old daughter who (somebody says) looks like Madeleine. Oh ? and he?s blind in one eye.

Allegations have swirled around about computers on which pornographic websites have been accessed; but as a large proportion of computers worldwide would answer to that description and the claims have been neither confirmed nor elucidated, I shall not pursue these.

Now watch the British media at work. Exercising a courtesy not extended to Mr Murat, I shall name neither papers nor reporters. Let the headlines (in italics) and reports that follow provide a handy journalists? guide to assassination-by-innuendo.

? MADDIE SUSPECT BEHAVED JUST LIKE HUNTLEY: Kidnapping has weird echoes of Soham case. The prime suspect in the kidnap of Madeleine McCann interfered in the investigation as soon as the search for her began, it emerged yesterday. Briton Robert Murat, 33, even tried to comfort Madeleine?s distraught parents, Kate and Gerry, in the hours after she was snatched . . . One holidaymaker said: ?There was a feeling that his behaviour was similar to that displayed by Huntley.? Murat was said to have volunteered to act as a translator . . .?

? Maddie: Russian ?pervert? quizzed by cops. A Russian computer ace linked to suspect Robert Murat was being quizzed last night . . . Sergey Malinka, 22 . . . who helped Murat, 33, set up a website ? was picked up in a police swoop . . .

? HUNT FOR MADDIE: POLICE IN NEW VILLA SWOOP COMPUTER RAID. . . Malinka, 22, said he . . . worked on a computer owned by the one-eyed Briton . . . Meanwhile it emerged there is an underfloor chamber at [Murat?s] home, 100 yards from where Maddie, four, was snatched as she slept in a holiday apartment in Praia da Luz a fortnight ago . . .?

? Revealed: The cellar in suspect?s villa. . .?There is a hole in the floor that we used as access when we were putting all the pipes in, so it?s big enough for a man to get down inside.?? ? His girl is the spitting image of Madeleine. Robert Murat has been pining for his four-year-old daughter Sofia, a ?spitting image? of missing Madeleine, friends revealed yesterday . . .?

? Sex secret of Madeleine suspect: Briton ?shared? the wife of pool cleaner at villa. While friends and relatives portrayed suspect Robert Murat as a devoted family man, a darker picture emerged of an irritating oddball who loves to be the centre of attention. A one-eyed estate agent, former car salesman and turkey farm worker . . . it also emerged that Murat was caught up in a bizarre love triangle . . .?

? One minute the Murats were happy with their new life in Portugal, the next their marriage was in tatters . . . his wife never said why it ended FAMILY FRIEND: Friends of Robert Murat?s ex-wife told last night how she suddenly walked out on him ? but she would not say why.?

? A PHONEY ALIBI? 11.40pm call on the night she went missing. Murat told police he was at home in bed? . . . Detectives are said to be concerned that though Murat and Malinka claim to be only business acquaintances they were captured on CCTV speaking animatedly . . . Murat also rented a hire car for three days after the abduction, possibly after he realised he was under police surveillance.?

? The police haven?t told the family what is on Murat?s computer. They want to shield them. . .? . . . And so it went on for about a week: a week in which Mr Murat saw his good name torn apart. The damage done, a cautionary note then crept in . . .

?Despite the discoveries, nothing was found to connect Briton Murat to Madeleine . . .?

And, months later, nothing has been. There is speculation that the Portuguese police will formally exonerate Mr Murat soon. I don?t even know he is innocent. But I do know that, though ?innocent until proved guilty? is a counsel of perfection, and though it is sometimes impossible to write useful reports without fingering guilty and innocent alike, there are still limits ? cloudy though they must necessarily be. Reporting in this case has smashed right through them.

The whole disgusting business, the whole media-driven infatuation with this little girl and her parents, the whole sick, morbid, sentimental campaign of news generation and news manipulation, has been a disgrace to the British media."

Martin Blunt had a significant part to play in this witch hunt

and Jeremy Thompson - "look at me - I found the Soham Murderer and won an award."

Seems to me that the BBC executive was right at the Edinburgh Media festival calling Sky News to be renamed Madeleine TV. - Why do I always get that feeling in my stomach that Sky News trades at the basest of levels.

I watched Adam Bolton this morning and there was a fascinating interview with former Chief of Staff General Sir Michael Jackson BUT there was a split screen the whole time showing a "live" shot of the unoccupied house of the McCanns in Rothley, Leicestershire. They were still in the aircraft flying from Portugal so what was the point of the split screen - there was nothing happening in Rothley, Leicestershire.

The obsession of Sky News with the McCann affair is becoming as tasteless as the Daily Express covereage - Seems to be of the same base level as that of the coverage Princess Diana - Sky News "Our Princess"

It was a Sky new producer who said he wold continue to film a hostage situation even though he knew that the filming and broadcasting of such an event would lead to the possibility of the hostages being killed - There lies the underlying morality that governs Sky News

"Sky News would broadcast live footage of a hostage situation, even if it knew it was likely to endanger the hostage?s life, according to its news editor, John Ryley.

?We?re in the business of going live,? said Ryley, who added: ?the key word is transparency ? we?re in the business of giving people information.?

"In a session at the Edinburgh TV festival, a group of five news editors were presented with a real time scenario in which a fictional hostage crisis was played out.

The experiment, Terror Tapes: Broadcast or be Damned, revolved around a rapidly changing set of circumstances which concluded with the editors having to decide whether to broadcast a live rescue attempt of the hostage, while being aware the hostage takers were watching their broadcast.

In the scenario, Sky chose to go live with the footage, which resulted in the hostage?s death because it alerted the hostage takers to the rescue attempt. The BBC?s News at Ten editor Craig Oliver stuck to BBC editorial guidelines by putting a delay on the footage.

Ryley said the fact the hostage crisis was directly linked to British foreign policy because of the hostage being a high profile army officer made the story one to be told ?in a democracy?.

BBC News head Peter Horrocks has launched a stinging attack on Sky News after its editor John Ryley told an audience at Edinburgh that he would be prepared to broadcast live footage of a hostage situation, even if it resulted in the hostage's death.

His comments come following the session Terror Tapes: Broadcast or be Damned, in which news editors including Sky's John Ryley and the BBC's 10 O'Clock News editor Craig Oliver, faced a real-time scenario featuring a fictional hostage crisis and the dilemma of whether or not to broadcast the videos which emerged.

Sky chose to go live with the footage, which resulted in the hostage's death, while the BBC's Oliver stuck to BBC editorial guidelines by choosing to put a delay on the footage.

Ryley said he did not regret his actions, despite the man's death, saying "I am not in the business of trying to rescue hostages. The fact that they [the kidnappers] are watching the TV is a fact of life".

However, speaking to Broadcast, Horrocks accused Sky News of taking a "marketing driven approach to news" where Sky was solely interested in being the first with the news, often at the cost of adhering to good journalistic standards.

Horrocks added that Ryley had been "grotesquely irresponsible" in his actions and accused him of "playing to the gallery".

According to Horrocks, in Sky News' attempt to win ratings it had become "the McCann channel" due to its current extensive coverage of the missing four-year-old Madeleine McCann."

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