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Post by DRL » Mon Nov 05, 2007 5:25 pm

I've waited a while before reacting to the new schedule, but it really has become unwatchable for much of the time. The unbearable 2 hours of Kay Burley has extended into the afternoon and I really cannot watch while she is on. On top of that, Andrew Wilson is as bad: a dreadfully distracting drone, with a mid-Atlantic hectoring tone, far more suited to a pop radio station. I try to tell myself that I should not be influenced by personalities, but those two, and others, are just too unbearable to watch.

Is there any word from Sky about why these changes were made? There seems to be no logic and I think it's interesting that there are so few postings here about Sky News now. We all seem to have become completely disillusioned and resigned to our opinions being ignored. There are so many under-used presenters; do any insiders have word about how they feel. (Too many names to mention, but they're obvious!)

I did try watching the BBC version for the first time for years. It's no better!!! With ITN's reversal over News at Ten, perhaps they will consider reviving the ITV News Channel. That's about the only competition Sky News has ever had!

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Post by skynewsfan18 » Mon Nov 05, 2007 6:45 pm

i totally agree they need to DO ANOTHER scheldure coz the one they have is stupid i cant stand andrew wilson why is doin the news his voice is unberable i realy hope michal grade consideres getiing the itv news channel bk we need it

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Post by kaylover » Tue Nov 06, 2007 7:02 pm

Im not sure about the new look Newswall. Its almost as if its not ment to be there, and its a bit of glass thats in the middle of the studio, you can see the Newswall in the background ON the newswall, ODD? It patronises viwers, like ITV do on their newswall, with the image of the building. HOWEVER i do like the colours used on it, i think they go alot better with the set current graphics.

I agree they need ANOTHER new schedule. Here is ANOTHER idea from me:


06:00 - Sunrise with Eamonn Holmes

09:00 - Sky Newsroom with Dermot Murnaghan & Anna Jones

12:00 - Afternoon Live with Kay Burley

15:00 - The Live Wall with Martin Stanford

18:00 - Sky Evening News with Jeremy Thompson

20:00 - Sky Online with Colin Brazier

21:30 -


TUE: MANHUNT with Martin Brunt

WED: PMQ's with Adam Bolton

THU: YOUR WORLD with Tim Marshall


22:00 - Sky News Tonight with Anna Botting

Headlines Every 30 minutes from

06:00/09:00 - Charlotte Hawkins

09:00/15:00 - Emma Crosby

15:00/21:30 - Gillian Joesph


06:00 - Sunrise with Mark Longhurst

09:00 - Sky Newsroom with Chris Roberts

12:00 - Afternoon Live with Andrew Wilson

15:00 - The Live Wall with Steve Dixon

18:00 - Sky Evening News with Andrew Wilson

20:00 - Sky Online with Martin Popplewell

22:00 - Sky News Tonight with Paula Middlehurst

Headlines Every 30 minutes from

06:00/09:00 - Helen Fospero

09:00/15:00 - Samantha Simmons

15:00/22:00 - Paula Middlehurst

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Post by imagedude » Wed Nov 07, 2007 7:53 pm

How about's a bit radical.


06.00 Sunrise Live with Eamonn and Lorna

09.00 Sky News Today with Martin and Anna Jones

11.00 The Sky Report with Kay Burley and Mark Longhurst

14.00 The Live Wall with JT and Anna Botting

17.00 Live at 5 with Dermot Murnaghan

18.30 SportsLine with Jon Desborough

19.00 Sky News at Seven with Steve Dixon

19.30 Rotating feature program/general documentary slot.

20.00 Out There at 8 with Steve Dixon and Emma Crosby

21.00 Out There at 9 with Steve Dixon and Emma Crosby

22.00 Sky News at Ten Emma Crosby

22.30 SportsLine with Jon Desborough

23.00 Sky News Live with Lukwesa Burak

23.30 Press Preview

So what have I tried to do?

Well, I started off by going backwards, sky was watchable both for it's innovotive use of the studio AND for their they are back. I'm NOT saying that both presenters will have an equal lead in the programme as I feel it is important to have a more dominant presenter...but there is no reason why this could'nt be rotated between the two of them.

Probably one of the more controversial moves i've made is to kick JT out of Live at 5. I'm just not that keen on the tone or manner he's developed since he's been solo, i hope that him being with Anna AND being a bit more active around sky centre will 'mellow him out' LOL.

The evenings have a major shake up too. There's a new program - 'Out There' which I'll come on to shortly but more importantly the overnight shift will now start at 2300 and will be branded as Sky News Live. I'll tell you why i wanted to do this - it is to give the overnight more exposure and to make it more of a domestic brand. Forget stuffy overnight sky news of old this would be bigger and bolder making more use of the studio than before. One problem I've noticed is that by about 2300 the sunrise bit for the elbow is set up - why don't they use it? Sportsline has a camera set up for the newswall pod - zoom it out a bit and you have a half decent view of one of sky's most iconic pieces of furniture - why don't they use it? During this time I think they should be using packages from sky news australia etc. It would ass a fresh focus on some of the days stories I think.

And now 'Out There'. This would be a lighter, chattier sky news today and possibly one of the best pairings at sky news - Steve and Emma would present this.

Each show would have its own individual titles and v/o's - naturally. Each show would have it's own webpage on the sky website, and whilst i wouldn't go the whole hog and have a daily e-mail a la Afternoon Live I would do something to get the presenters appear more personable. may be behind the scenes videos, bonus footage of celebrity guests such as Kerry Katona, Shilpa, Macca etc who have been on.

I would give each show a focus as well. Martin does Technofile and I'd bring this in may be making it something like the old Technofile on Saturday Live. Kay just loves her celebs so thats her done. JT and Anna have the obvious breaking news thing as well. Sunrise IMO needs a general sprinkling of everything.

Live at 5. There is something inherently wrong with this prog. NO channel has a one hour news show presented entirely from a desk and with no 'feature' interviews. GET UP AND MOVE ABOUT A BIT. When I say features, I mean so in the most liberal of senses but at the same time I'd expect a change of mood in the program e.g. a move to the shoebox - just something like that.


06.00 Weekend Live with Charlotte Hawkins and Colin Brazier

11.00 Sky News Today with Paula Middlehurst

14.00 The Live Wall with Chris Roberts

17.00 Live at 5 with Allan King

17.30 SportsLine

18.00 Sky News Tonight with Allan King

18.30 SportsLine with Allan King

19.00 Sky News Tonight with Allan King

19.30 Documentary slot

20.00 News Sport and Weather with Gillian Joseph

22.00 Sky News Tonight with Gillian Joseph

22.30 SportsLine

23.00 Sky News Live

23.30 Press Preview

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Post by Daisy Steiner » Fri Nov 09, 2007 9:18 am

Absolutely agree about the evenings and overnights. These along with sunrise, must be most watched slots. Nice to see Luky with a proper slot - where is Dimples these days?

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Post by Jason » Fri Nov 09, 2007 4:23 pm

Missing dimples; would be good to see her again.

I expect she must have bigger priorities at the moment- congratulations on the news of your pregnancy from all your fans.

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Post by dirkyt » Mon Nov 12, 2007 4:20 pm

Monday to Thursday

6 ? 9 Sunrise

Eamonn Holmes with Charlotte Hawkins

9 ? 1 Morning Live

Martin Stanford and Anna Jones

1 - 2 Sky News Lunchtime

Martin Stanford

1 ? 5 Afternoon Live

Kay Burley with Emma Crosby

5 ? 6 Live at Five

Jeremy Thompson

6 - 7 The Sky Report

Various indepth recorded reports from Sky journalists across UK and beyond.

7 - 10 Evening Live

Anna Botting with Steve Dixon

10 - 11 Sky News at Ten

Dermot Murnaghan

11 - 12 Politics Live

Adam Boulton

12 - 6 Sky News Live

Various - with CBS Evening News 0.30 and Sky World Report 5.00

Friday to Sunday

6 ? 9 Sunrise

Mark Longhurst with Gillian Joseph

9 ? 1 Morning Live

Colin Brazier with Luwesa Burak (Sun 9 -10 Sunday Live)

1 ? 2 Sky News Lunchtime

Colin Brazier

2 - 5 Afternoon Live

Helen Fospero with Martin Popplewell

5 - 6 Live at Five

Andrew Wilson

6 - 7 Sportline


7 - 10 Evening Live

Chris Roberts with Samantha Simmonds

10 - 11 Sky News at Ten

Chris Roberts

11 - 6 Sky News Live

Various - with CBS Evening News 0.30 and Sky World Report 5.00

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Post by dirkyt » Mon Nov 12, 2007 5:18 pm

Sorry folks - mucked some of that up - it has been a long day !!!

Monday to Thursday

9 - 12 Morning Live

Martin Stanford with Anna Jones

12 - 1 Sky News Lunchtime

Martin Stanford

1 - 5 Afternoon Live

Kay Burley with Emma Crosby

Friday to Sunday

9 - 12 Morning Live

Colin Brazier with Lorna Dunkley (9 - 10 Sunday Live)

12 - 1 Sky News Lunchtime

Colin Brazier

1 - 5 Afternoon Live

Helen Fospero with Martin Popplewell

I realise that Afternoon Live is the most popular slot in the current schedule and think that this could be adapted for a morning and evening audience. Perhaps Morning Live can go back to the good old Sky News with Martin and Julie days before they moved location. Evening Live could be more pacey and have more interviews and features with the very capable Anna Botting who has proven her worth on location and in the studio over the past few years.

I am in two minds about the 11 - 12 Politics Live slot I have put down, but I could see Adam Boulton pull off some sort of Newsnight like programme on Sky. However, I am also drawn to some sort of World News Tonight programme with Tim Marshall who is a great journalist.

Sky News also lacks a reporter's package slot - only on occasion do we see an in depth report such as news specials. The Sky Report could be remodeled to have the likes of Martin Brunt, Alex Crawford, Emma Hurd, Jayne Secker and Mark White doing investigative reports. These reports could range from the Jill Dando Murder Appeal to the First Time House Buying Crisis. Perhaps have someone like JT doing a top and tail of such a programme ala Tonight with Trevor McDonald...or Witness ala Al Jazeera English? I think such a programme could take Sky to a new level. JT is also reknowned as a field journalist - so perhaps he would have the gravitas to carry this slot more than fellow anchors?

I also think that Luwesa and Samantha are due a regular slot as they seem to be doing very well at Sky News at the moment.

Just a thought though and I doubt any schedule changes would resemble this...although if there are changes perhaps Jan 2008 would be the most likely time this could happen.

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Post by Johnnie » Sat Nov 17, 2007 11:59 am

Sky News has launched a iphone mini-site:

Chris Roberts will be presenting this weeks Sunday Live - Adam is away.

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Post by vicky23 » Sat Nov 17, 2007 1:29 pm

Where is colin these days? I havent seen him for ages!

And where has the 'Hats off to Brazier' thread gone. I spent many an hour adding posts

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