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Post by eagleeye » Mon Jan 17, 2005 2:07 pm

No-one answered. surprise!

Really fascinating report from DC on the wildlife of Sri Lanka's low frequency 'early warning system' cries, which appear to have happened jointly among many different species (!), thereby saving all their lives - and how we should learn from our fellow creatures. It looks exceptionally beautiful there in Sri Lanka. Really good story, not reported in "cuddly animal story" style. I'm so pleased that Snuk ran it.

However did anyone else think ohhh, the military are going to turn their attention to wildlife now, if they can do this (as they have with dolphins).

For every human discovery that has a benefit for good, people manage somehow to turn it into the reverse.

Watch out elephants. Rummy's on his way.

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Post by Steven » Mon Jan 17, 2005 6:19 pm

eagleeye+Jan 13 2005, 07:46 PM(eagleeye @ Jan 13 2005, 07:46 PM)

So who is or isn't Sky's (Five's!) Africa correspondent? Or is it a case of DC taking over at some stage soon - ish - with a clause in his contract that he can cover other stories too?

Don't know why I ask as no-one ever answers!

Sorry eagleeye, I wasn't aware that you had posed a question. I'll do my best to answer although I have no insight or informed knowledge on the matter.

Sky have pulled Andrew Wilson and Dominic Waghorn from bureaux to cover this story. So there is no reason why DC wont be returning to Africa.

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Post by eagleeye » Tue Jan 18, 2005 1:47 pm

Thanks Steven. Pity. I'd like to see him stay in that region ie India and surrounds as he just looks 'right' there.

I think they should swop him with Richard Bestic and send the latter to Joburg.

I can see what will be reported from Africa will be stuff like Mark Thatcher and maybe Gordon Brown's PR number.

India's so much more interesting too from every point of view, as a foreign correspondent. And even if snuk aren't running your stories, you can at least be fascinated!

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Post by eagleeye » Thu Jan 27, 2005 10:14 pm

It seems that I owe John 'Shrek' Simpson an apology; the chagrin, the chagrin. Unbearable.

When DC was appointed Snuk's Middle East correspondent after Keith Graves, the Jerusalem Post ran an article (which is actually an interesting interview....) anyhow, it says that Mr C was indeed once in the British Army in Germany. No details. When?! This has been left off his biog details. Maybe it wasn't for too long but it's interesting all the same.

Always thought he shared an empathy with ordinary soldiers and the contempt for politicians who send them off to war with such facility.

But - if he did this in the 70s - did someone tell him to "get yer hair cut" and he took them a bit literally?!

Guess it helped make him an excellent war correspondent and an eloquent hater of war.

And btw, IS he now in Africa? As a man who loves a challenge, this challenge is going to be to make the news, let alone his accustomed top stories. How many top stories can you remember from Africa in the last ?? yrs...Mandela's release, the US embassy bombs in Kenya and Tanzania and....what? Darfur not carried; contrast that with a Euro war story with hundreds of thousands dead.

Hmm. Good luck to DC and let's hope the news eds run the stories.

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Post by edofis » Sun Jan 30, 2005 5:19 pm

Thanks for that EE, that has been bothering for me ages. I've done a fair few google searches to fnd out if D.C ever served in the British army. It would be nice to find out more.

Id like to read that interview.

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Post by eagleeye » Fri Feb 11, 2005 11:42 am

Africa Correspondent Appears At Last!

David is in Somalia, dodging the warlords and the armed gangs and reporting on the tsunami's forgotten victims. As usual, superb reporting and it's a loooong time, if ever, that I saw anything this good from Africa - so well done to DC and also to Snuk for running it.

May it not all be 'Parker Bowelled' over please! B)

It's very scary out there; the BBC's South African producer in Mogadishu was tragically shot dead a day or so ago. Awful.

"The Kevstar" is keeping me posted as far as possible, but if anyone sees DC's reports - the ones I saw were eloquent, excellent and really interesting - please post here. Thanks!

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Post by eagleeye » Sun Feb 20, 2005 3:30 pm

If I may be allowed a public "blonde" moment - he's looking really good. And great hair, nice and long. However, Daaavid...not quite up to speed with SA realities yet: re today's report

1. the car that nearly 'done for' Thatcher (or vice versa, as MT is biiiig). That is "normal CT driving".

2. Wynberg Magistrate's Court has never seen a suit as smart as your's. Watch out....

3. misspelled dockets and grammatical howlers?! Ask the prosecutors in the self same court (ok this one was 'translated' from Equitorial Guinea/french, but the local ones aren't much better!)

It's great to see DC looking so happy. Beats London eh?

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Post by eagleeye » Sun Mar 27, 2005 4:24 pm

Where's everyone? I'm talking to myself again.

It is nice to see the Zimbabwe coverage (thanks to friend Kevster as to my eternal frustration Sky still block their website vids to anyone outside the UK or Eire...WHY?). I really would like to see the interview with Archbishop Pius Ncube who is a brave man. I've only been to Zimbabwe once, but it was a wonderful experience and it's dreadful to see what is happening; and to think they are going to go from Pres Mugabe to Pres Moyo by the looks of it....

Please post any info on the Africa coverage, particularly of Zimbabwe. I have heard that DC's reports are going down well with sat viewers in South Africa, where the terrestrial channels are state controlled and uncritical of Bro' Bob...but sadly I think the MDC's chance was last time and they will be wiped out.

Evidence of this is David's apparent facility in reporting stories critical of the regime. I hope I am not speaking too soon and the old B****** doesn't get him expelled from Zimbabwe like some other journalists. Bob ain't fond of "the British" at the best of times.

Please folks, keep me posted. Btw I see the Live at Five coverage on Africa has now been bounced to the wee hours eg 6 or 8am. I do hope that London isn't going to make them disappear from a screen near you anytime soon. That's always the worry with the Africa coverage.

What would be a great story (not sure if it's Sky material tho') would be to chase up the anti Mugabe/ZANU PF musicians like "Tuku" (Oliver Mutukudzi) and Thomas Mapfumo to speak to them. Now that I'd love to watch - and hear.

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Post by Johnnie » Mon Apr 04, 2005 7:48 am

Zimbabwe elections | DC Week-long diary


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Post by eagleeye » Mon Apr 11, 2005 6:25 pm

Didn't take him long to discover the "Joys" of reporting from Africa! You work hard to cover the run up to an election and when the results come in, you are gazumped by el Papa. What would happen at Sky if two really big or even worse, two really big "foreign" stories coincided I wonder?!!

Did they not ever even run a package on the foregone conclusion, sorry election result, in Zim either?

all reports "poped" out of existence?!

Can anyone enlighten me as to how many people there are working the foreign desk in London?

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