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Post by SkyFanIreland » Sun Feb 13, 2005 6:45 pm

Greg Milam - 8 - I think he's working well on Sunrise

Lorna Dunkley - 7 - Liked her since her arrival and she works well with Greg

Martin Stanford - 8 - class act and he know's it

Julie Etchingham - 10 - amazing presenter

Mark Longhurst - 7 - reliable presenter, doesn't make me sit up and watch the news and i'm probably giving him a bit more of a score out of ten because he often puts Kay in her box!

Kay Burley - 4 - Would rather not have to watch this woman if i'm honest

Jeremy Thompson - 10 - Amazing Presenter!

Anna Botting - 6 - annoys me sometimes, something of a bridget jones about her.

Juliette Foster - 8 - very good presenter

Vivien Creegor - 7 - very likeable and reliable

Chris Roberts - 2 - get this man off the telly and i don't want to hear his opinions on everything - what about a bit of balance in the news Mr Roberts!

Emma Crosby - 2 - for all her emmaisms and crosbyisms and because i simply can't understand what she is saying

David Foster - 5 - ok presenter but the whole i'll do the bob thing with the glasses just doesn't work

Sheila Jansen - 7 - good authorative presenter who knows her stuff

Allan King - 7 - again a good reliable presenter who knows his stuff

Paula Middlehurst - 6 - nice presenter, i didn't like Paula Fenech, but since she came back from maternity leave she's like a whole new woman

Steve Dixon - 7 - good young talent, who has risen through the ranks and he's a bit of totty on TV (lol)

Lisa Aziz - 10 - the queen of my telly news presenters - loved her from the day she joined Sky News. Pity I only get to see her weekends and the odd SNT on Fridays

Martin Popplewell - 6 - good presenter, but is probably better suited to reporting

Ainjali Rao - 8 - great presenter and love her on Five - it really suits her

Steve Gaisford - 7 - good, friendly presenter

Most of the rest that were listed in other responses have departed - was never a great Karin fan, not since the jeans and combats episode at the newswall on Christmas Eve. Of the rest on overnights, well Kevin Owen is good (5ish), Gordon Radley (1), Michael Watkins (2)

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Post by Newsroom » Sun Feb 13, 2005 7:50 pm

She wore combat trousers presenting on the newswall?????

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Post by SkyFanIreland » Mon Feb 14, 2005 3:16 pm

Newsroom+Feb 13 2005, 11:40 AM(Newsroom @ Feb 13 2005, 11:40 AM)

She wore combat trousers presenting on the newswall?????

Actually not quite and it may have been New Years Eve and not Christmas Eve 2003.

Anyway Karin and Bob were reading and half hour reviews were on, with headlines at 9.30 and link to review. So ad break finishes and there is Karin at the Newswall talking across the newscentre somewhere. Can't quote the conversation verbatim, but she was saying like, oh I can't get over having to wear suits and suit trousers to work here. In my last job I was behind a desk all the time and could wear jeans and combats......blah blah........

Now the gallery should have been in long before now so not sure if they didn't or she couldn't hear them cos next thing she does is launch into rehearsing the headlines....."The headlines on Sky News this hour .......(whatever top story was)" - at least twice

Then she obviously finally gets the word from the gallery that she's live and launches into the headlines once more, only to be cut off half way through the second story cos the review was obviously timed to meet the next top of the hour.

Anyway to clear it up that was the jeans and combats episode at the newswall.

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Post by dodrade » Mon Feb 14, 2005 6:07 pm

Interesting story. Makes me wonder what presenters on other channels could be wearing beneath the desk. I remember a Children in need rocky horror show sketch where Michael Buerk was revealed to be wearing fishnet stockings. And there was once a BBC Weather man who regularly wore shorts. Can't remember his name but he was one of those who claimed he was bullied by Bill Giles. I think his first name was richard. Could this kind of thing be common in newsrooms?

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Post by RoxyM » Tue Feb 15, 2005 8:45 am

I'd like to say how impressed I was with the way Anjali Rao and Steve Gaisford handled themselves throughout the Tsunami coverage and that's it such a shame they haven't appeared to work together since. Admittedly after a few days the story was best told at the scene but they were there when the story unfolded - am I the only person who think they did a brilliant job?

I really rate them both as the fresh new faces of Sky News and hope we see more of them when the channel re-launches (whenever that may be!).

I just hope some of the presenters who are being graded less than 5 don't take offence! That's why I've decided to just mention my favourites!

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Post by NEWSBOY2 » Tue Feb 15, 2005 8:48 am

I find it hard to focus on Steve with his cross - eye.

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Post by RoxyM » Tue Feb 15, 2005 1:50 pm

are you getting him confused with Martin?

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