What Has Not Been Reported

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Post by CeeJay » Thu Jan 13, 2005 7:11 pm

Zed, i think backload is right about you being ignorant. Why cant you see it? you have an israeli army which is falsely going into a land which aint even theirs.

You have say 5 IDF soldiers dead or civillians and the western media is in uproar that they have been killed by 'terrorists' and some groups call the killings 'barbaric and in humane'.

How about the systematic demolshing of palestinian homes, in which doctrine does it say you bring to rubble a house because it is 'somehow' related to a terrorists.

After the aftermath of 9-11 i didnt exactly see the US and coalition go knock down the bin laden family houses, or the US authorities knock down Timothy McVey's house. Did you?

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