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Post by NEWSBOY2 » Wed Jan 12, 2005 11:47 am

Everyone finds it difficult to view footage of the waves engulfing people, but it certaintly wasn't the first time we've seen humans being killed. I can think of countless moments throughout history from wars, 9/11 and the assignation of JFK, where we saw shocking footage of people dying. I think its right we see the reality even if its painful, although we are all in agreement that to continue to show such footage serves no purpose.

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Post by hamishnewhouse » Wed Jan 12, 2005 2:46 pm

I semi-agree with Seamus, however, as I have said before on skynewsforums the reporting of the tsunami, I feel has booseted the donations to the DEC Appeal. I dont believe that over ?100m would have been donated, as has been done, without these type of sensational reporting.

I dont believe that any awards should be given for the reporting on any desaster, such as this. Why? Because it's just a way of gaining financially from an utter horrid event. The people who give these awards out should think twice about rewarding the reporting of desasters, such as this. If anyone should be to blame for genarating sensationalism, it should be the reward givers. Otherwise there would be no point on news corporations, such as Sky News, BBC News 24, ITN News or CNN making there reports sensationalistic.

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