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Post by HBox » Mon Jul 11, 2005 4:01 pm

Fair enough I havn't seen the US versions of CNN or CNBC, but I am not exclusive to watching Sky either, on thursday, I watched CNN and even Fox, even Al Jazeera, though I couldn't understand it it.

With regards to the fact that Martin Stanford pointed out the time and what you were watching, you have to remember that not everyone watches the channel from dawn until dusk, and seeing as it was the top of the hour and new viewers may just be tuning in, I would imagine them to want to 'refresh' what is going on. Better than having no vocal imput at all.

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Post by DDP » Mon Jul 11, 2005 5:49 pm

I don't watch from dawn till dusk either! I turned over as he started yabbering, and others didn't interrupt. It was doubly annoying as it was just as a good question was starting to be replied to. There was no reason to talk until the press conference was over. :angry:

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Post by rob237 » Tue Jul 12, 2005 8:32 am

Well, that's raised a few issues.

Yes, I have watched the single-presenters on BBC/ITV - their style, and the item content seems to be fresh, the stiries are NEW, relevant and NOT relying on aP/press copy to set the lead - and no, I do not think I have seen a re-hashed subject each month.

My point about the CBS "laughter makes you better" - not just the story - which is tired - and wheree the TV seem to have taken their lead from the PRess/wire story that would have released this- but it's the content-free element and the style of Outside Broadcast or special report - less fact , more "folksy reportage".

The UK Tonight with Trevor MacDonal show has changed considerably on ITV - it was much more like "60 minutes" originally - as it was based on that - but recently they've turned it onto magazine format- unless it's a "special report" episode. And Tongiht has been severely criticised from Day 1 - just like I am cirticising the similar, but far worse CBS/Abc news presentations.

I will agree that CBC/Abc programmes to which I refer are more like BBC1 or ITV1 "nightly news programmes" - but it is the stultifying, parochial, formulaic and low-boredom-threshold style that just makes me think it is "factoids" I'm being presented - not news!

And no, I'm not a "sky only" or "all-day" viewer - only tend to watch news in the evening with my Freeview box which gives me BBCN24, Sky and ITN - plus the usual BBC1/ITV usual news programmes, etc.

Channel 4 news anyone? Newsnight ?

MSNBC - Finally - when I used to be able to stream it from their unofficial website channels - - I used to enjoy their news/programmes - preferred them to CNN.

But agree with DDP re. the Europe/US/etc. editions of CNN - cable and web -were more widely suited to their audiences.

Cheers, P.

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