Goodbye Britain.

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Post by dawnzky05 » Mon Aug 27, 2007 3:41 pm

The country I grew up in [im 25] is no more, we are run by a nanny pc brigade state where criminals are treated better than the victims, people are afraid to comment incase it ofends another, we cant do this n that becuase of health and safety and the pc brigade.

Everyday I see the news and think to myself, I cant wait to leave this sh*t hole. Im not actually going anywhere at the minute but as soon as I can afford it I will be gone.

Its "Great" Britain a place where criminals are realeased early or not even given a jail sentence to begin with.

Its a place where criminals are given better treatment than the victims.

Its is a place where we have the worst health in western Europe.

Its a place where people from all over the world know, they can come here and have a free ride on us, the tax payer.

Its a place where we need to build on flood planes to keep up with the ever gorwing population.

Its a place where any bum in Europe can come and scrounge of us while having benefits paid to their families in their home country.

Its a place where the elderly and others are kicked out of their homes where they lived for many years, to make room for immigrant families.

Its a place where heavy traffic jams are the norm.

Its a place where it is actually cheaper for me to use my car than travelling by public transport [It actually costs me around ?15 extra a week if I wanted to use public transport].

Its a place where the working class who work locally and keep this country going cant afford homes where they live, work and grew up.

Its a place where global warming is an issue but the government allows extra runways to be built so more planes can pollute our skies.

Its a place where we are ripped of at every opportunity.

Anyway, my little rant is over.

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