Simon McCoy and a puntastic dog story

BBC NEWS HD Afternoon Live 04-29 14-57-52

Simon McCoy with a puntastic dog story… Happy days!

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BBC News HD Afternoon Live 02-13 16-38-56
Radzi Chinyanganya presents the weather on BBC News Channel
Maryam Moshiri throws shade at Sky News – Not wrong for long
BBC’s Maryam Moshiri throws shade at Sky News – “Never wrong for long”
David Davies MP exits Sky News debate early
David Davies MP exits Sky News debate early
Chris Bryant v Kay Burley – Happy Birthday
Chris Bryant MP wishes Kay Burley a Happy Birthday
BBC News Blooper – background fail 11-29 17-59-47
Background Fail on Beyond 100 Days
Peston un-mics 09-21 15-37-16
Peston loses microphone during live report
Sky News Sky News At 10 09-20 22-10-40
Mark Stone’s News at Ten Live Interrupted
Waistcoat Wednesday: Images of news and sports presenters in waistcoats
Gary Neville, Ian Wright and Lee Dixon celebrate England’s win over Columbia (14)
WATCH: Gary Neville, Ian Wright and Lee Dixon celebrate England’s win over Columbia
Joe Tidy – Sky News – POWER
The Sky News ‘Power Stance’
  • Faisal! .. Where’s Faisal?
  • President Trump calls NBC’s Chuck Todd a sleeping “son of a bitch!”
  • Darren McCaffrey accepts snowman building challenge
  • Video: Sky News Presenter Gillian Joseph playing in the snow
  • The BBC Olympics Trolley is back!
  • Recently passed Louise Lear has weather bulletin cut short
  • Another Simon McCoy gem: I know what she looks like Sarah!
  • Kay Burley & Chris Bryant MP wager on President Trump visiting the UK
  • Simon McCoy suffers a ‘Theresa May Moment’
  • BBC Weather graphics fail (w/Simon King)
  • Sky News Blooper: Jon Craig “God, god, god”
  • Simon McCoy shows enthusiasm over surfing dogs
  • BBC News at Ten breakdown (20 June 2017)
  • Isabel Webster drops DBE medal live on Sky News Sunrise
  • The Last Leg – Bunch of Anchors
  • Sky Papers: Andrew Pierce – It’s the Cat (Compilation)
  • Matthew Goodwin eats his book on Sky News
  • Kay Burley: What to do when you’re about to fall off air…?
  • When you fart BT Sport graphics
  • Charlene White caught unawares as ITV Evening News tease messes up
  • Sky’s Martin Brunt interrupted during live report
  • Tory Chairman lashes out; grabs phone of Sky Correspondent
  • Fiona Hill Texts Adam Boulton regarding PM’s health
  • BBC News Titles played out on ITV News (News Blooper)
  • Sky News – Niall Paterson’s cheesy into-break tease – Adele/Hello/Box
  • Sky News: Tom Watson Dab “It’s not cool any more”
  • Gamal Fahnbulleh busts a move to the Sky News theme tune
  • Fight nearly breaks out during Juliet Bremner’s live report on ITV News
  • Sky’s Beth Rigby: Oops! Sh*t I’ve lost my phone
  • Jack Jones Invades Sky News at Buckingham Palace
  • Commentator Gudmundur Benediktsson screams with joy after Iceland’s win
  • ITV’s Euro 2016 pundit Slaven Bilic drops F-Bomb on Live TV (“F**k Me”)
  • The ‘Supers’ go Super Crazy
  • Kay Burley on Back to the Future Day
  • Sunderland fan David Jones is happy with tonight’s result
  • BBC’s Norman Smith: UKIP turning into a ‘personality c*nt’
  • “Why do I get heckled and not Ed Miliband?” BBC’s Peter Hunt heckled during Daily Politics
  • And now the weather.. with Eamonn Holmes
  • The Election Dashboard Dulcets – Sky News staffers mime to classic tracks
  • Did Kay Burley knock Vicki Young off air.. for a split second ?
  • Watch Jonathan Pearce get soaked by a sprinkler at the Emirates
  • Adam Boulton bored of Immigration News?
  • The Best of Twitter Hashtag ‘Brian Williams Misremembers’
  • Steve McManaman dressed as Inspector Gadget today…
  • Video: Soccer Saturday evacuated due to fire alarm, but Fireman Jeff Stelling saves the day!
  • Steve Davis introduces Dennis Taylor as John Parrott’s mate
  • Jeff Stelling loses microphone while celebrating Hartlepool goal on Soccer Saturday
  • Sky News begins interview with wrong guest (Erika Guevara/Saara Idelbi)
  • Sky’s James Matthews gets hit by a wave #WeatherBomb
  • Another BBC News Camera fail featuring Martine Croxall
  • A Sweary Bob Geldof on Sky News: “They’re all talking b*llocks”
  • Helen Willetts presents Helen Willetts presenting the weather
  • “The cameras are stuck again” – another failed opener on BBC
  • F*ck It, I Quit! – Reporter quits live on air over marijuana legalisation
  • Watch Kay Burley refer to a ‘Yes’ campaigner as a ‘bit of a knob’
  • Kay Burley camping outside Lindo Wing awaiting Royal Baby II
  • ITV Football Pundits SOAK up the atmosphere in Switzerland
  • Sky Sports director heard during Everton v Chelsea clash
  • Eamonn Holmes Dad Dancing on Sky News Sunrise
  • MUST SEE: Clare Balding ‘Bopping’ to Kylie Minogue
  • Dan Walker’s lighting problem!
  • Sky’s Adam Boulton swallows a fly live on air!
  • Video: Norman Smith – “I’m in name gridlock”
  • Glenn Hoddle: “The problem for Al Jazeera… Algeria..”
  • Sophy Ridge’s ‘Hard day at work…’
  • Jon Snow ‘freestylin’ in the BBC foyer following Paxman interview
  • “Oh F*cking Hell” – Sky’s Jon Craig as he blunders a pre-record
  • BT Sport’s Ray Stubbs gets soaked during FA Cup celebration
  • Sky Sports’ Nick Collins takes a tumble live on air
  • BBC News Channel cameras go for a wander
  • Why weather presenting can be a fashion nightmare!
  • BBC News’ Senior Horse Correspondent
  • BBC Cameraman takes a tumble..
  • BBC News Channel suffers a minor breakdown..
  • Mark Austin: “Scouts. Just what I don’t need”
  • Kay Burley and The Mall sing Congratulations
  • Lenny Henry fools around behind Lizo Mzimba
  • BBC Weather fail with John Hammond
  • Sky F1’s Martin Brundle dumped into Red Bull’s swimming pool
  • Niall Paterson interviews a goat outside the Leveson Inquiry
  • Sky News captions the Prime Minister
  • BBC Spelling Fail “Tha National Lottery”
  • First Question for Brian Johnson – Sky London Debate
  • Sky News Press Preview Relocates
  • The BBC make further cuts to the sports budget!
  • You couldn’t make it up
  • Jon Craig drops the ‘F’ word
  • Sky News in Black & White
  • Iain Dale and Jacqui Smith share a Christmas kiss
  • Anna Botting: We know what Jacqui Smith watches on television
  • “When I’m Cleaning Windows” – Sky News
  • Autocue Failure on BBC London
  • BBC News Floor Manager in Hot Water?
  • Emily Maitlis Suffers Coughing Fit
  • Sky News: Lost in Translation
  • Press Preview Breaks Down.. (w/ Anna Botting, Andrew Pierce, Kevin Maguire)
  • Timecode left on Football Highlights
  • Sky News Balls-up Sam’s Report..
  • Tennis Presenter Serves a Blooper
  • Smashing Times at Sky News
  • Jon Craig has a ‘Naughtie’ moment..
  • Jon Craig has a ‘Naughtie’ moment..
  • Martin’s New Hairstyle
  • Sky News at Five’s Opening Problem
  • Swansea beat Cardiff in Play-off Final?!
  • Barco screen failure #1
  • Cheryl Cole takes out Super-Injunction
  • The Royal Kiss
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