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BBC News
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Presented by Huw Edwards
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With Jon Sopel in Westminster
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Naga Munchetty in the City
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Giles Dilnot in Dudley
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Nick Robinson and Robert Peston on the Panel
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Budget Graphics
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Other Graphics
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ITV News
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Presented by Alastair Stewart
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With Katie Derham in Westminster
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Daisy Mcandrew in the City
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Tom Bradby in the House of Commons
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Lucy Manning in Burton Upon Trent
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Juliet Bremner in Gerrards Cross
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Sky News
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Presented by Dermot Murnaghan
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With Adam Boulton in Westminster
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Kay Burley in Calder Valley
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Jeff Randall in the Gherkin
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Dharshini David and Mark Kleinman in the City
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Joey Jones in Millbank
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Anna Jones at the Newswall
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Anna Botting in Westminster for Live at Five
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Just after 11am on Tuesday 16th November 2010, Clarence house announced the engagement of Prince William and Caterine Middleton and are set to marry in 2011.

On Wednesday 10th November 2010 around 50,000 student protesters took to the streets of Central London to protest about the planned rise in tuition fees by the coalition government. After a few hours of peaceful protest a minority of students… Read more

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