Budget 2010

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BBC News
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Presented by Huw Edwards
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With Jon Sopel in Westminster
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Naga Munchetty in the City
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Giles Dilnot in Dudley
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Nick Robinson and Robert Peston on the Panel
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Budget Graphics
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Other Graphics
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ITV News
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Presented by Alastair Stewart
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With Katie Derham in Westminster
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Daisy Mcandrew in the City
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Tom Bradby in the House of Commons
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Lucy Manning in Burton Upon Trent
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Juliet Bremner in Gerrards Cross
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Sky News
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Presented by Dermot Murnaghan
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With Adam Boulton in Westminster
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Kay Burley in Calder Valley
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Jeff Randall in the Gherkin
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Dharshini David and Mark Kleinman in the City
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Joey Jones in Millbank
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Anna Jones at the Newswall
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Anna Botting in Westminster for Live at Five
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