Election Night ’05

Vote ’05
Opening Shot of Presenters
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[singlepic=15030] [singlepic=15033]
[singlepic=15034] [singlepic=15035]
[singlepic=15037] [singlepic=15042]
David Bowden in Sunderland South. Lorna Dunkley in Barnsley Central
[singlepic=15045] [singlepic=15047]
Rachel Younger in Birmingham. Lisa Aziz in Torbay
[singlepic=15052] [singlepic=15056]
Robert Nisbet in Rossendale. Andrew Wilson in Sedgefield
[singlepic=15065] [singlepic=15068]
Emma Hurd in Folkestone. Greg Milam in Fort William
[singlepic=15070] [singlepic=15071]
Jon Craig at Conservative HQ. Anna Botting in Putney
[singlepic=15114] [singlepic=15119]
Matt Smith in Maidenhead. Glen O’Glaza at Labour HQ
[singlepic=15133] [singlepic=15134]
Joey Jones in Bethnal Green. James Matthews in Edinburgh
[singlepic=15135] [singlepic=15138]
Dominic Waghorn in Folkestone. Martin Popplewell in Milton Keynes
[singlepic=15149] [singlepic=15155]
Geoff Meade in Hornchurch. Colin Brazier in Dorest West
[singlepic=15168] [singlepic=15208]
Kay Burley flying in the SkyCopter and stopping off at key counts.
[singlepic=15086] [singlepic=15171]
Martin ‘VR’ Stanford
Martin Stanford in the House of Commons
[singlepic=15062] [singlepic=15074]
[singlepic=15078] [singlepic=15080]
Martin Stanford in the Lobby
[singlepic=15063] [singlepic=15109]
[singlepic=15112] [singlepic=15130]
Declaration Graphics
[singlepic=15141] [singlepic=15142]
Hold, Gain Graphics
[singlepic=15122] [singlepic=15189]
[singlepic=15173] [singlepic=15206]
Sky News Forecast
[singlepic=15196] [singlepic=15199]
Other Graphics
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[singlepic=15123] [singlepic=15126]
[singlepic=15163] [singlepic=15216]
May 6th
Jeremy Thompson and Kay Burley take over from Adam Boulton and Julie Etchingham
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[singlepic=15235] [singlepic=15236]

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