Foggy Britain 2006

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1800 (Thursday December 21) BBC Six O’clock News
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1830 (Thursday December 21) ITV Evening News
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1900 (Thursday December 21) BBC News 24 Tonight
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1400 (Friday December 22) BBC News 24
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On Saturday December 30 2006, the former Iraqi president Saddam Hussein was executed by hanging. News networks across the world covered the story in-depth 1000 (Saturday December 30) BBC News 24 Clive Myrie anchors BBC News 24 live from Baghdad… Read more

In December 2006, several prostitues were murdered in Suffolk. Later that month, police made two arrests. British news networks covered the story in-depth with coverage from the scene. 1800 (Monday December 11) BBC Six O’clock News George Alagiah presents the… Read more

Queen’s Speech – News Events ’06 On Wednesday November 15 2006, The Queen unveiled her Governments programme for the coming year. British networks produced special coverage. 1600 (Wednesday November 15) BBC News 24 Matthew Amroliwala in Westminster with Maxine Mawhinney… Read more

Saddam Hussein Sentenced On Sunday November 05 2006, former Iraqi president Saddam Hussein was sentenced. News channels across the world covered the story in detail. 1200 (Sunday November 05) BBC News 24 Tim Willcox and Jonathan Charles kept viewers up-to-date… Read more

U.S. Midterm Elections – News Events ’06 On Tuesday November 07 2006, America went to the polls in crucial mid-term elections. The result of which was victory for the Democrats in both the House of Representatives and the Senate. 0000… Read more

Terror Threat On Thursday August 10 2006, British police foiled a plot to blow up several passenger planes over the Atlantic. News networks covered the story in-depth. 1400 (Thursday August 10) BBC News 24 Louise Minchin and Tony Campion presented… Read more