Live: Election 2010

Updated on Thursday 6 May 2010 by @TVNewsroom

It’s May 6th and after 4 weeks of Election campaigning Gordon Brown, David Cameron and Nick Clegg will soon find out if they are the next Prime Minister of the United Kingdom…. Or maybe not..

Throughout the next few hours the TV Newsroom will bring you play-by-play of The BBC’s ITV’s and Sky News’ Election Coverage. We will detail where every presenter and reporter is, and we’ll bring you images and videos of the openers, graphics and other presentation goodies..

Sky News kicks the night off at 9pm with their Decision Time election programme and the launch of Sky News HD.. The BBC and ITV will follow at 9:55pm.

11pm Exit Poll updated Conservative 305, Labour 255, Liberal Democrat 61, Other 29 = Hung Parliament.

10pm Exit Poll Conservative 307, Labour 255, Liberal Democrat 59, Other 29 = Hung Parliament.

BBC News:

  • Sophie Raworth in Sunderland
  • John Simpson in Kirkcaldy
  • Martha Kearney in Wandsworth
  • Zeinab Badawi in Torbay
  • Mark Simpson in Belfast
  • Sian Lloyd in Cardiff
  • Allan Little in Edinburgh
  • Rajini Vaidyanathan in Luton
  • David Shukman in Oxford
  • Kirsty Wark in Sheffield
  • Patrick Burns in Birmingham

ITV News:

  • Bill Neely in Witney
  • Lucy Manning in Kirkcaldy
  • Angus Walker in Sheffield
  • Robert Moore at Labour HQ
  • Chris Ship at Tory HQ
  • Libby Wiener at Lib Dem HQ
  • Martin Geissler in Edinburgh
  • Romilly Weeks in Sunderland
  • Katie Derham in the City

Sky News:

  • Jeremy Thompson in Witney with David Cameron
  • Kay Burley in Kirkcaldy with Gordon Brown
  • Anna Botting in Sheffield with Nick Clegg
  • Niall Paterson at Gordon Brown?s Home
  • Joey Jones at David Cameron?s Home
  • Rachel Younger at Nick Clegg?s Home
  • Nick Powell in Battersea
  • Anna Jones in Birmingham
  • Stephen Dixon in Brighton
  • Geoff Meade in Dorset West
  • James Matthews in Edinburgh
  • Lorna Dunkley in Exeter
  • Colin Brazier in Leeds
  • Samantha Simmonds in Redditch
  • Gillian Joseph in Richmond Park/Twickenham
  • Jayne Secker in Salford & Eccles
  • Matt Smith in Torbay
  • Andrew Wilson in Sunderland
  • Charlotte Hawkins in Luton
  • Michelle May in Ashfield
  • Tessa Chapman in Rochdale

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