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Middle East Crisis

Throughout July and August 2006, conflict raged in the Middle East between Lebanon and Israel. British news networks covered the story in-depth and teams were deployed to the region.

2200 (Monday July 17) BBC Ten O’clock News

Ben Brown in Beirut and Fiona Bruce in London bring viewers up-to-date.

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2300 (Monday July 17) Sky News Tonight
Martin Stanford presents Sky News Tonight live from Haifa. Paula Middlehurst is the studio-based presenter.

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1830 (Friday July 21) ITV Evening News
Alastair Stewart presented ITV’s Evening News from Beirut. Nina Hossain was in London.

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1700 (Wednesday July 26) BBC News 24

Huw Edwards presents the Five O’clock News live from Jerusalem. Jane Hill provides the rest of the days news from London.

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1100 (Friday July 28) BBC News 24

Chris Eakin presents live from Beirut for BBC News whilst Matthew Amroliwala and Jane Hill bring viewers up to date in London for News 24.

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1000 (Sunday July 30) BBC News 24
Lyse Doucet presents BBC News coverage from Beirut. Kate Silverton anchors from London for BBC News 24.

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0900 (Monday July 31) Sky News
Colin Brazier in Jerusalem and Anna Jones in London present Sky News Today.

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0700 (Monday August 07) Sky News Sunrise

Anna Botting in Jerusalem with Steve Dixon and Lorna Dunkley in London present Sky News Sunrise.

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