Saddam Hussein Sentenced

Saddam Hussein Sentenced
1200 (Sunday November 05) BBC News 24

Tim Willcox and Jonathan Charles kept viewers up-to-date throughout the morning on BBC News 24 and BBC World.

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1600 (Sunday November 05) BBC News 24

Maxine Mawhinney and Peter Sissons joined forces at 1600 on BBC News 24 to bring viewers up-to-date with the days big story.

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1800 (Sunday November 05) Sky News

Steve Dixon and Lucy Alexander present Sky News’ 6pm bulletin.

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1840 (Sunday November 05) ITV Weekend News

Steve Scott presents an ITV News special bulletin on the sentencing of Saddam Hussein.

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1935 (Sunday November 05) BBC Weekend News

Fiona Bruce rounds up the days events for viewers on BBC One.

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