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The BBC is to move its morning news programme ‘Breakfast‘ to the BBC’s new production hub in Salford Quays, Greater Manchester.

Presenters and staff on the programme were informed of the decision earlier today.

The move is part of the measures aimed at building a new relationship with audiences across the UK from the base in north England which opens next year.

Helen Boaden, Director, BBC News, said: “BBC Breakfast is the most watched breakfast programme in the UK and loved by millions. It has a fantastic connection with audiences across the UK and we want to build on that. Clearly this involves personal and professional decisions for the talented team who make Breakfast but we will be supporting them to reach an informed judgement about the move.”

Teams from BBC Sport, Children’s, Learning, Radio 5 Live, FM&T and all staff in BBC Manchester are due to relocate. About 2,500 jobs from the five departments are moving to Salford from London in 2011.

Peter Salmon, Director, BBC North, said: “The move of Breakfast is especially symbolic as it is the first time a BBC Network News programme will come from outside London ? a real vote of confidence in our new enterprise. Today’s announcement shows just how serious we are about creating a world-class media hub in the north of England by better reflecting and serving all our viewers and listeners ? wherever they live.”

Last updated: Wednesday 14 July 2010

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  • Ken Diaz

    I wonder if the presenting team will move too?

  • Liam Fitzsimmons

    This is a terrible decision! Iv never watched BBC Breakfast and I will never watch it now that its moving to salford. I never watch local news, due to it being broadcast in manchester and hardly having any stories on Liverpool.!

  • Mr T

    Have you not realised that your programme IS the talented team you speak of. You already have a programme that is already superior to any other of its kind, why do you seek to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory; Is Tim Henman involved in this in anyway, that was very much his style.

    Helen says “Clearly this involves personal and professional decisions for the talented team who make Breakfast but we will be supporting them to reach an informed judgement about the move.?

    Why not throw in a few more corporate catch phrases. Try ‘lessons learned’, ‘going forward’ ( why the heck would anyone want to go in reverse?) and ‘ethnocentric’. A good sprinkling of these should do the job. What a shoddy way to treat your staff who have given you success. If Bill , Sian Carol and Susanna leave , you will have your iconic Salford backdrop (????) and an empty sofa with few listeners. Good luck, I am morbidly interested to see how much more of a pigs ear you can make of it !

  • An ITV West Viewer

    So what happens when stars are asked to go on the show?

    …not all of them will go to Manchester!!

    Daybreak will clearly be getting everyone in now!

  • An ITV West Viewer


  • Roger

    The reason I am studying journalism it to become a journalist in London.

    Doesn’t GMTV have more viewers? – the article says breakfast does.

    Finally, with the launch of daybreak, breakfast will no longer be average, it will be poor.

  • andrew james wellings

    will be interseting to watch a 3 hour news programme from the north of england why not im a northener i think it will be a winner well done BBC

  • Vic

    Might be better off as most of the “stars” will not travel to Manchester unless they are on a UK tour to promote their book, film, album rather then just passing through London. We wont have to suffer endless promotion of West End shows either.

    The BBC may have to produce some more news features : )

  • Liz

    I always watch BBC Breakfast as it’s far superior to Daybreak, I tried watching
    the latter and found it nowhere near as good and I’ve stayed with BBC Breakfast

    The viewers should’ve been consulted about the move to Salford,
    Greater Manchester, but as usual many changes, in the UK, never have any
    public consultation at all, so we’re being dictated to yet again.

    Sian, Bill, Carol and other presenters have made the programme what it is and
    this move should be stopped now. Have they been told. “Move to Greater
    Manchester or lose youir job.?” As was said to T-Mobile staff. “Move to the Phillipines
    or lose your job,” which has happened as every time I call 150 I speak to Oriental

    BBC Breakfast rethink this move as many viewers, including me, won’t watch it again.