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02ITV Yorkshire presented its last sub-regional evening bulletins tonight.

The new service, which covers the whole of the Yorkshire region will start tomorrow and will be presented by Calendar North presenters, Duncan Wood and Christine Talbot.

Calendar South Presenters, John Shires and Gaynor Barnes will be apart of the newly formed region with John returning to sports, and Gaynor will do the morning bulletins during GMTV.

Updated: Wednesday 18 February 2009

Former news presenter Marylyn Webb has died at the age of 66 at her home in Lincolnshire. Marylyn was one of the most popular presenters on Yorkshire Television for nearly 20 years. As a reporter she covered some of the biggest national stories including the…

Nation and Regions News Programme BBC East Midlands Today has been won the award for Nations and Regions News Programme, seeing off BBC Newsline and ITV Calendar. Congratulations Royal Television Society Nations and Regions News Programme award: BBC East Midlands Today — Michael Crick (@MichaelLCrick)…

Following the ITV National news joining the Facebook era, majority of the ITV Regional stations have begun to roll out their Facebook pages. These new pages will include up to date information about the regional newsrooms, as well as weather updates, personal biographies, exclusive images…

ITV Calendar news have launched their facebook page which will allow viewers to interact in a new way. It allows users to react to news stories as well as provide their views on the programme. Behind the scenes content and exclusive videos will only be…

ITV Calendar opened with a special ident tonight. Anglia did the same thing last month after the conviction of serial rapist, Steve Wright. As for Calendar’s counterpart – Harry Gration and Christa Ackroyd are presenting Look North from outside the home of Shannon Matthews.

  • Rajan Chavda

    HI, I’ve got a few questions to ask, if anyone could please answer them:
    1. If Gaynor Barnes presents the morning bulletin(s), what will happen to Carolyn Hodgson?
    2. Will cover presenters such as John Hill, and Kate Webster be still involved in there current roles? or will John and Gaynor be the main cover presenters?

  • This is Drew

    Reply to Rajan Chavda.

    1.Carolyn Hodgson will become a correspondent in Leeds.
    2.I would think various reporters such as Jon Hill, Kate Webster and Tina Gelder would continue doubling up as relief presenters. Most likely Gaynor will just stick to GMTV bulletins and reporting occasionally. John would be busy with the sport too.

  • Rajan Chavda

    Will Carolyn Hodgson still be the entertainment correspondent?

  • susan cook

    A big mistake moving Caroline Hodgson from the morning bulletins on GMTV. She cheered everyone up and will be sadly missed.

  • This is Drew

    You wont miss her much as she still reports.

  • Steve Hammond

    What has happened to the other newsreaders, Vicki Locklin, Michelle Gee?

  • Gail Hyland

    Carolyn cheered us both up in the morning with her “now then” or her ad libs. Cup of tea in bed before work just isn’t the same. My husband went away for a week and when he came back she was gone…. he has asked where she is every day… Wait till I tell him… mornings just won’t be the same…

  • Vette84

    Gaynor Barnes is brilliant first thing in the morning, she is calm and more professional. Just what you want at 6.30am before you start work!! Well Done Gaynor. :-)
    Carolyn Hodgson was just too much !!
    Her “Now then” and ad libs, just wanted to make us scream.

  • Craig 9

    Gaynor Barnes is like a strict schoolteacher! She’s all stiff and starchy, hardly ever smiles and I don’t think she knows what it’s like to have a laugh.

    Nah, bring back the gorgeous Carolyn. She’s beautiful, fun and she cheered me up no end when I watched her entertaining morning bulletins before setting off to work in the miserable winter weather. She always put a smile on my face!


  • brooky

    Must say big mistake no Carolyn in the morning, she is a ray of sunshine, helping to put a smile on peoples faces with her ad lib sense of humour, if people want the straight faced approach then change channel as every other channel has the same attitude.

  • Lisa

    im devastated ! carolyn was a legend ! I feel like i’ve lost a good friend :-(

  • Amanda

    I think Carolyn was far too chipper for that time of a morn, and Gaynor? well she’s too montone. The search must continue, for the perfect morning bulletin presenter.
    “I’m free”

  • Cath

    We do miss Carolyn`s cheerful morning slot. Please bring her back.

  • chris


  • chris


  • Clare

    Im Glad that Carolyn has gone. She has driven Me (and my friend) mad all these years….. and as for her ad lib sense of humour….. I better not comment.

  • phil

    i have not seen vicky locklin on the late bulitin for a while what has happend to her, she was always very chearfull

  • Mark

    Carolyn was the reason for getting out of bed on the first alarm instead of hitting the snooze button…

  • Karen

    Really surprised Carolyn moved off morning bulletins. Her bright & cheery persona really cheered you up in the mornings. Bad, bad mistake! If it wasn’t her choice to move, please bring her back asap.

  • joyce

    Please bring back Carolyn, she has such happy out look on life ,nothing seems to irritate her. Such a joy to start the day.

  • Jane

    My husband and i kept expecting carolyn to return, SHE’S GREAT! please bring her back, we miss her!

  • Li

    I think Christine is fantastic, she is gorgeous and has a great personality, I don’t mind who actually presents the morning bulletins, I Am usually too tired to notice who is on!!! Vicky is great too, she gets away with winking EVERY time!! BRING VICKY BACK TO LATES!!!

  • Michelle

    Carolyn was the best dressed presenter we have ever seen on tv. We always used to comment on how well turned out she was and how her clothes fitted perfectly, unlike some others, for example Claire the weathergirl on GMTV! We want her back NOW!!!

  • Martin

    Carolyn must come back to the morning news. It was great to wake up to her cheerful face ever morning. She was the only reason I watched GMTV. Please bring her back.

  • lindsay

    i hate getting ready for work with out watching carolyn, bring her back !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Beverley

    Carolyn was a complete joy first thing in the morning with her off the cuff remarks and her sense of humour. She came across as a good solid ‘ Yorkhsire Lass’who enjoyed her job. Gaynor is far too sombre and she always looks so tired and as though she is ready for home. Bring Back Carolyn before someone else nabs her!!!

  • Ian

    With miserable John Stapleton and equally bad Penny Smith on GMTV and now none of Carolyn’s wonderful cheer in the morning I may just go back to local radio. Bring back Carolyn soon!!!!!!

  • Jenny

    With respect to Gaynor who is very nice, except strange haircut, she is no Carolyn. She was a breath of fresh air in the morning. Always cheered me and my husband up. Carolyn if you are reading this please come back to the mornings.

  • Wendy Pickering

    I keep saying to my husband where is Carolyn she was always so cheerful first thing in a morning Gaynor just isn’t the same miss you Carolyn

  • Yvonne

    Here. Here. Come back Carolyn and fast. Yes who is responsible for Gaynors hair? She needs to change hairdresser. Come on YTV we all want her back in the mornings

  • Margaret

    Where has my favourite tv presenter gone, she is a breath of fresh air, she sets me up for the day with her witty comments and wonderfull personality, miss you loads.

  • wayne ferguson

    I have organised a charity ball ( black tie) for this saturday 9th may at the tong village holiday inn ( leeds)
    The local people of pudsey, based at the fox & grapes pub are trying to raise has much money has we can for the alzheimers society branch in armley leeds. Various celebrities have donated signed merchandise along with local business people donating gifts to help this good cause. Would the calendar news team be interested in publising the event,the alzheimers society and myself would be very greatful. you can contact myself via this email or telephone 07802798105. thank you and kind regards wayne ferguson

  • Alan

    Let’s not knock the other presenters over this terrible decision to take Carolyn off, they would have no choice in this move. Remember it’s a team that has been broken up, wrongly in my view, as the opposition on the BBC cannot hold a candle to the quality and fun presenters that are on ITV channels. Carolyn, I echo the sentiments of the others, you are sadly missed for your bright and bubbly style. My wife used to say no one has a right to be that cheerful at that time every morning!!


    Very sorry Carolyn has left our morning show, please bring her back, or let me know where we can see her

  • Sue G

    Bring back Carolyn! I agree with many other viewers and miss her happy personality. Bring her back CALENDAR.

  • mike

    bring back carolyn! she always put a smile on my face with her comments before going to work . A big mistake calender

  • pearl

    for some strange reason i can not get calendar news on this past week it’s showing me birmingham central and bbc showing me london central is there a problem.would be grateful for a reply

  • Matt

    What ever happened tp Carolyn Hodgeson, i miss her in the mornings they really havent been the same since she was taken off. Bring her back

  • Ian


    She was just what we needed in the morning ! The others make me think of the BBC presenters of old times. We’re talking local news here, with Carolyn, it’s as if your next-door neighbour told you the latest.

  • kate

    Here here. Please bring her back. I have seen her on the main programme but she does not look as comfortable as she was sat in the studio. Carolyn if you read this please ask to be brought back. We miss you.

  • dave

    I googled ‘calendar news’ to report a news story to you, but cant find a way to do this.
    Even the ITV “contact us” page gives no way to contact ITV or Calendar!
    Bizarre !!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    (BTW – the story is 30 pupils at Meadowhead school (sheffield) being threatened with expulsion for getting wet during lunch break on Monday.
    School is 0114 237 2723 / HeadT is Cath James).

  • Jeff Heenan

    What a big mistake taking Carolyn off the screen, no one has matched up to her cheerful banter in the mornings, who made that decision? name him/her and remove them.

    Bring back Carolyn.

  • julie

    Miss Carolyne terribly, get rid of Gaynor pleeeeeez, she is so depressing

  • Jamie

    Bring back Caroline!!!!!! It’s just not the same in a morning now ! PLEASE BRING HER BACK

  • Jack

    Carolyn please plesae please please please please come back to the mornings. I used to go to work with a smile on my face but not watching the competant but boring Gaynor. Is anyone seeing these messages at Calendar? Surely these reflect the general mood in the region.

  • lph101

    Missing carolyn’s human touch at the start of my week days.I think itv needs to think about this mistake they have made.BBC looks like more fun now,Ps hope your keeping well carolyn.

  • Jeff Heenan

    Where is Carolyn, you say she is a correspondent in Leeds, where???, I have tried to contact her at your office to discuss representing us as a charity, excuses, she is out of the office, next day excuse, she works from home, who is telling the truth??

    You made a big mistake getting rid of her, who made that decision? give us a name and explain why!!

  • Richard Marsden

    With respect to the other presenters they are not as cheerful as Carolyn , her cheerful dispostion and stunning good looks make the morning news compulsive veiwing. It would be a welcome decision to bring her back.

  • Alison

    I am sorry to all Carolyn fans but I found her incredibly irritating, her ad libs were only found funny by herself and in my opinion she talked to the audience like they were all 5 year olds. I am relieved she is no longer on the morning news.

  • Vic

    Have been wondering where Carolyn has been for the last few months and just got around to googling.
    Even though she could sometimes be too happy and irritating when you were in a bad mood, I do miss her cheeriness and outlook on life. Bring her back!

  • Pete

    Is there a contact number for calendar news?

  • Jack

    Missing Carolyn so much on a morning. BRING HER BACK

  • Kerry

    Hull viewers.
    There is a blue budgie on the loose in Hull. Escaped from the County Road area in West Hull. Could be anywhere in Hull. Escaped this morning, have been looking ever since. She is called fluff, aka psycho. She has a blue belly, white head, balck and grey wings with a brown nose.
    If found, could you keep her safe indoors were i can pick her up in her cage. I will treat anyone who finds her and keeps her safe. If found please contact kerry on 07709848065.
    Please pass this message onto friends in Hull, so everyone can keep an eye out for her. Thanks for your help everyone

  • Paddy

    I have constantly looked out for my favourite newsreader Carolyn Hodgson on GMTV. We must have missed her last day and the fact she was leaving for a new venture. She was certainly a breath of fresh air each morning before you set off for work and my partner and I miss her, life is just not the same. When she smiled or laughed it put you on the path for work feeling more cheered. You cannot buy this type of natural warmth so why spoil the excellent rappor she had with early morning viewers. When I found the above responses today, yet again wandering where she was I was not surprised she is being missed. Can we vote to bring her back?

  • Jayeskaycee

    You’re all lucky that you get Yorkshire news. When we had Sky installed about a year ago, they told us we couldn’t have the dish pointed to get the Yorkshire programmes and so In York, we have to be content with news from Tyne Tees, none of which is of use or interest to us. We can get the Yorkshire BBC and on the smaller TV we can get Calendar Yorkshire because that comes through on Freeview. Why do we have to have something that doesn’t apply to us???? We loved Yorkshire Calendar and all the presenters. Why can’t Sky give us our own channel?

  • Helen

    I must echo the sentiments of most of the other posters on here. Bring back Carolyn!!!
    The morning news was made much more cheery and positive when it was being read by Carolyn. There is enough misery and unhappiness in the world and anyone who can bring joy to others as Carolyn did should be allowed to do so and not just shunted off to other broadcasting slots where she doesn’t get the chance to shine as much.
    I had hoped that maybe she had been snapped up by national news – GMTV maybe, but it seems she is still local.
    Lets have Carolyn back reading our morning news bulletins, please!!

  • sam

    i have not been able to get yorkshire calendar since moving
    6 month ago now for some reason i am recieving it and totaly deverstated that carolyn isnt on its not the same on a morning without her where is she she was a pleasure to watch unlike the two knew ones on gmtv no personalty please bring carolyn BACK

  • lynda brown

    on this mornings calender news on gmtv i am sure i saw,in the article about a sausage maker,a food hygene issue. The person preparing the sausages had a flesh coloured plaster on a finger. Am i correct? Surely this is not correct i thought blue plaster had to be worn when preping food.

  • Jeannie Sutton

    Hi There,


    At the moment every national and regional television station has a feature on thecurrent issues about global warming, and the conference taking place in Copenhagen with world leaders. But we in Scunthorpe are also very concerned about the future, especially the younger generation.

    I run a children’s drama club called ‘Stage-Right’ and we are currently rehearsing an original play I have just written called ‘Saving The Planet’ which is all about the environment. The play is full of colourful characters including ‘The Squirts’ and ‘The Grotties’ and is to be staged next week on Wed 16th and Fri 18th Dec. There will be approx 40 local children from several different schools taking part in the show. The play has a good moral message and has been written to educate children about the importance of re-cycling and looking after our planet by not polluting it.

    Would you be interested in doing a piece for the television which would be topical and also a fantastic boost for the children. You would also be promoting local children’s theatre and it would make an interesting feature for your viewers.

    Please look at my web site

    If you want to know more I would be delighted to speak with you or one of your researchers and give you an interview – I would also be happy to organise a photo call with a reporter if required with the full cast of over 40 children in costume. This is not a professional drama school, they are just a great bunch of children of all ages and levels of ability but I know they would really play to the balcony for you!

    Please come and have a look at us, we’d love to see you. We care about our wonderful world and wish to save it for future generations, just like the world leaders.


    Kind regards – Jeannie Sutton.

    Please phone me on 01724 783877 or 01724 784449 or 07960 830815

  • Tony Grimsby

    Why do you insist on saying Grimsby and cleethorpes is in Yorkshire?.

    Today you are quoting on your regional bulitins that cleethorpes light railway is in East Yorkshire….IT IS NOT…..Look on a map IT IS NORTH EAST LINCOLNSHIRE.

    Please ammend your bulitins and buy a map!!!

  • Emma

    Please can you tell me how to make a donation for the little boy who featured in tonights news 28/12/09 who had a rare form of cancer

  • Mike M

    Bring back Caroline she was funny

  • Britt29

    So pleased Carolyn was taken off the morning slot, she was pleasing to the eyes, but the ears suffered badly with her almost hysterical screechy voice, the end of the news bulletins were almost shouted out!! Gaynor is so much more professional.

  • sue thack

    BRING BACK CAROLYN HODGSON!!!! Why do they remove the birght happy people, even Penny Smith has been removed from GMTV. Its a TRAVESTY. I dont look forward to it anymore now without carolyn. Bad move Calendar!!!!!!

  • sue thack

    love happy smiley Kate Webster, a very natural local beauty with lovely nature. Lets see more of her. She is very good.


    Carolyn was the best thing about mornings, me and my partner called her “happy chappy” and used to make the effort to watch the news! I feel miserable watching the news now….Carolyn is a legend and is missed in my household!!

  • Lisa

    Bring back Carolyn in the morning………………….she brightened up our day !!! What a ray of sunshine !!

  • Rajen Chavda

    I miss carolyn loads, Bring her back innit bruv!

  • Jason from Sheffield

    It should be pointed out that as the newscaster just said Dr Rowan Williams is the head of the church of England. This statement is erroneous, I think you’ll find the head of the church of England is Ger Majesty The Queen.