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Five News has the Wright Stuff

Dawn Airey, Channel Five’s chief executive, said that changes are coming to Five, and Five News.

The daytime and weekend updates will go. Five News at 7 will move to 6:30pm and extend to an hour.

Set to launch this Summer, It’ll have a mixture of news, talk and entertainment. Dawn Airey dubbed the programme “Five & Friends” comparing it to Fox News’ breakfast show, Fox & Friends.

The TV Newsroom can now reveal who will present the programme – Matthew Wright from Five’s morning programme, The Wright Stuff. We understand the programme will be double headed, but no word at the moment who Matthew’s partner will be.

Kate Gerbeau and Lara Lewington have left Five News. Reporters, Alex Thomas and Victoria Gatenby have also left. Victoria was originally with Sky News, not sure if she’ll be making a return to Sky.

The lunchtime Bulletin will end in a couple of weeks time.

Polly Whitehouse and Phil Lavelle are the new weeknight and weekend presenters.

Matt Barbet has returned to reporting but will cover Natasha Kaplinsky when needed.

– I wonder what will happen to the Wright Stuff ? New presenter maybe? –

Updated: Monday 2 March 2009

Natasha Kaplinsky is to co-present a new evening programme on Five, according to reports. The TV Newsroom broke the news last month, that Matthew Wright will be one of the presenters for the new programme entitled ‘Five & Friends’ A Five insider told the Mail…

Martin Steven Lewis (born 9 May 1972 in Withington, Manchester, United Kingdom) is journalist, television presenter, website entrepreneur and author in the United Kingdom, who specialises in ways to save money. He is often referred to in the media as a “consumer campaigner” or “consumer…

  • Richard

    Thought the smart money was on Natasha & Wright?

    Any word on Isla?

  • Paul

    I heard a rumour six months ago now that Five were looking at axing the Wright Stuff as it was too expensive – when Trisha went I presumed that was the savings being made there – but it must be more financially viable to have Wright on at tea-time..

  • This is Drew

    No mention of Isla, could she be Matthew’s co-host?

  • james johnson

    The weekends aren’t as good as they used to be. Asha Tanna was a great presenter with plenty of authority and a great manner. Phil Lavelle (?) is no replacement.

  • Alan F

    dear people,what ever you do dont put another woman on the box,there are a large number of men who watch the Wright stuff,we dont want another female opinion,mathew is down to earth,intelligent male with some very open veiws on male subjects,he even managed to shock doc stoppard,only a man could say and understand where mathew was coming from,ie paying for sex for the disabled,etc.subjects that would cross a womans mind then be chucked out with garbage.
    Keep the man on the box,no more women ,you want women,go loose
    regds Alan

  • Victoria was on Sky News Today.

  • Johnny5

    I see the new weekend news’s have started on Channel 5 news this afternoon. The unbelievably bad NICK WALLIS was on duty. God he’s bad. Are there not any Sky readers in the building who could do it?

  • Richard

    I think Isla would make a great co-host. She seems to like having fun when she presents, with a nice line in humour. Just looked at some photos of her dancing, she also skis, iceskates, been trekking in the Thai jungle, skydived & swum with dolphins in NZ. AND she’s a beautiful young lady to boot! ;o)

  • Richard

    the new lunch presenter (Phillippa??) is very glam. Good choice Five. Who’s this Nick Wallis doing it at weekends though? Wot a plank. Not impressed. Another lunge in quality for Five News.

  • Richard

    So Fern is leaving This Morning. Isla would be quite good at that. Doubt it will be her though – I’ve seen one report which suggests she is indeed to be Matthew Wright’s co-host on the Five & Friends. Of course one report doesn’t mean it’s gospel.

  • David

    I wish Isla would go back to doing some harder news. I remember her on ITN and she was good. Five News has become so trivial now- with its constant animal and sick kid stories- it ceases to be relevant.

  • Richard

    Two reports yesterday that Five “want their money out of Kaplinsky” & are lining her up for this new evening show. They are hoping they can persuade her to accept as they have been more than accomodating during her maternity leave. Giving her a ?1m contract, too right they do!

  • john turland

    1st compliment–ever–to any programme

    That Kay lady is Scotlands answer to our uncivilised northern hordes——–a glittering performance!!! from a twinkling brain———-Mathew could become the shadow man.

    from a cynical septagenarian

  • Richard

    Excuse my ignorance, sir – Kay who?

  • Beth Turtle

    Completely disagree with comments about Asha vs Phil Lavelle. From what I remember, she wasn’t that great – could read an autocue but not much depth. I think he is quite good actually and from some of the things I’ve seen him do on other outlets, I wonder if she would be as good. Can’t help thinking that your opinion was formed by either the fact that he is not female OR is on a completely different set which looks cheaper

  • Rich

    Phil seems to have gone back to the regional news in London now anyway. Asha is on Sky and BBC Breakfast at the moment.

  • Mike Angelo

    I heard he has been appointed as Sky News Entertainment Correspondent

  • Richard

    Yes I’ve seen Asha back on BBC Breeakfast. Great news for her- she’s done really well.

  • johnny_mac

    Yes great to see Asha back. She’s great

  • yvonne heyes

    Hello will the wright stuff ever return, i miss it so much,it was everythig in one,topical funny, and informtive, i do miss it. will Mathew wrght come back, or has he moved on,he was the programe held it together brillantly, kind regard yvonne heyes ,manchester.

  • Andy

    Why have we heard nothing about this elsewhere? It appears that the Wright Stuff, presented by Matthew Wright is making a come back in a couple of weeks. Is this story just completely made up or something??