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GMTV Theme Music ?

16:17PM 08-01-2009 EDIT: It seems the videos are for private viewing only now.

Was this supposed to be the new GMTV theme music?

(Thanks to Henry, who found this video GMTV Relaunches Monday)

..With Lorraine Kelly:

Updated: Wednesday 7 January 2009

  • MDT

    I like this. I really don’t know why this was ditched. Even if they’d kept the main ident music for local news etc whats the problem with this? I think it would be great if they did use it.

  • ian

    love the new music theme tune they should use it

  • James

    im new to the forum how do you access this music?

  • The music/videos have been made private by the video makers.

    tellywatcher over at TV Forums has converted them to mp3’s

  • Search ‘gmtv 2009’ on youtube for clips

  • max

    hi im i actuarly on thing its max on gmtv hehehehe

  • max

    i love gmtv and its so great