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Anglia Sacks Staff

Clare Weller, who fronts ITV Anglia East’s evening news programme, is to be dropped from the programme in the New Year, according to reports.

Weller, a former presenter on the ITV News Channel, was told the news on Monday morning. She’ll be replaced by Becky Jago, who will present the evening bulletin alongside current co-presenter, Jonathan Wills.

ITV Anglia correspondents, Rebecca Atherstone, Dianne Stradling and Timothy Evans are taking voluntary redundancy.

Anglia West presenters, Caroline Oldrey and Tim Curtis have also been sacked.

ITV is cutting the number of regional news programmes in England and the Scottish borders from 17 to 9.

Updated: Sunday 30 November 2008

  • Marco Green

    What a truly dreadful year for Anglia.At the end of the last football season Gerry Harrison announced the end of over 40 years of local football.Then Wendy Hurrell the face of the station left for BBC London and now this.
    The new look Angia Tonight will be in good hands but I deplore Anglia and the way they have brought in new faces and wiped out all its main presenters including on GMTV pushing the likes of Sally Rourke and Emma Baker out of the studio.The Angia Knight would hold his head in shame.

  • Jack

    QUOTE: “ITV is cutting the number of regional news outputs in England and the Scottish borders from 17 to 9”. Does the current figure of 17 not INCLUDE Wales? (i.e. there are only SIXteen programmes in England and southern Scotland at the moment).

    Unless your counting the short sub-opt in Lookaround to bring the England/S Scotland total to 17? But, if that sub-opt counts in your view, then surely so should the forthcoming sub-opts? In which case, although ostensibly there’ll be only 9 programmes, the sub-opts mean still partially be 15 variants across England/S Scotland.

  • Howard

    I am disgusted that Tim Curtis and Caroline Oldrey have been removed from our screens. They were a delight to watch. No more ITV local news for this family!

  • Carol

    Both Tim and Caroline + the rest of the Anglia team are brilliant at what they do. They’ll be sadly missed. Good luck to them and the rest of the team. Thank you for being part of the family.

  • Michael

    So when do Tim and Caroline go? It seems that they have not been on screen as much over the last few weeks Is this itv chiefs way of phasing them out or is it the presenters choice?
    I would like to wish Tim and Caroline the very best for the future, and I am sure that they will succeed in whatever they go on to do next

  • Jane Morton

    We will really miss Caroline Oldrey and Tim Curtis they were both very natural presenters. I think someone has made a very big mistake sacking them and not thought about the people that matter, the viewers. Please bring them back.

  • William Page

    Has Tim Curtis been reprieved?

  • Michael

    There is no mention of Tim being kept on. All internet searches say Jonathan Wills is taking over. Anglia is still running the split broadcasts so I guess all changes will come in to play at the same time. This is going to be a big mistake, ITV Anglia news out put is more and more mirroring that of BBC Look East with the opt out, except the ITV one will be a pre record, its not cost cutting more like dumbing down and trying to ensure that the public don’t notice!

  • Julia

    I love Tim and Caroline – such a top team. A real lose. Does anyone know if they will be on our screens anywhere else as it’s a shame to completley be out of touch with such amazing people

  • Jack Ball

    It is such a shame that Clare Weller has been sacked from
    Anglia News as she was the face that we all got to expect
    every night at 18.00pm. Why was Jonathon Wills employed
    when you were cutting back? May I wish her well and I hope
    she finds something soon in these hard times and I thank
    her for the last 11years.

  • Sue Morley

    10th February, 2009. I’m so sorry Clare Weller has been sacked from Anglia News. After a rather hesitant start she had become an excellent presenter and I stopped watching BBC local news in favour of her. Was it really necessary? It seems very harsh. I’d like to wish her well and hopes she finds something else very soon.

  • Liz

    Well now Tim Curtis has left we will not be watching ITV in our house. It is not the same without Tim Curtis and Caroline Oldrey. shame on you ITV.

  • Jo Brown

    I just can’t believe you would get rid of people like Caroline Oldrey and Tim Curtis. They were friendly, efficient and made the programme. It was like coming home when they were on the box.
    Shame on you. Did you bother to ask your public what they wanted?
    All the best to all the presenters who are leaving who have done a marvellous job. It’s Look East on the Beeb for me now.

  • L. Hilton

    I wondered why Tim Curtis just casually announced he wont be presenting any more after 18 years. No mention of a new job or a send off. I just logged on to the Anglia site to find out some info, and learn that Caroline Oldrey has also gone. These two were great presenters. Bad move Anglia, what a way to treat good people.

  • I suffered inexperienced newsreaders on Anglia News when Tim or Caroline were off but I’m sorry I cannot suffer them permanently.

  • eric medcraft

    Eating our evening meal will not be the same now that Tim & Caroline have gone. Shame on you Anglia TV.

    Carole & Eric Medcraft.

  • Brian

    Disgraceful behaviour from ITV, cutting decent programmes substituting them with moronic rubbish. ITV are fast becoming the Woolworths of the TV industry and I hope they go the same way. Replacing presenters like Tim and Caroline with less competent people will not give them better viewing figures that the advertisers demand. Viewers are the programme’s customers and the customers for the advertisers. No more adverts in our house

  • Eating our evening meal will not be the same without Tim & Caroline. Shame on you Anglia T.V.

    Best wishes to Tim & Caroline

    Eric & Carole Medcraft.. Bugbrooke Northants.

  • Phil & Jenny Witherington

    We loved watching Anglia News when Caroline and Tim were presenting it-their on-screen partnership was brilliant.We will miss eating our evening meal with Tim & caroline on screen-it won’t be the same without them!Shame on you Anglia TV

  • sue bown

    how sad that caroline and tim are no longer on our screens while many of us were having our evening meal. they were part of anglia t.v. and it certainly will not be the same again. what a rubbish send of, or lack of one. tim said he had been there man and boy, along with many of us viewers. those that made the decition to sack them have made a big big big mistake. good luck to tim and caroline in whatever you carry on to do.

  • tony stratford

    its the management that want sacking . ishall be watching bbc look east from now on and i hope emma baker joins them as she is the only i shall miss [ other than amanda our weather girl ] best wishes to tim and caroline [ our lovely northamptonshire girl ] tony stratford @ ab-_jm

  • L Jennings

    We could not believe it when we logged onto this site and read that Tim and Caroline had been sacked. Just like the previous comment, we watched Tim announce that it was his last evening presenting the programme and we wondered why it was such a low key announcement.
    We have really enjoyed his and Caroline’s presenting and we always chose this news rather than the BBC.
    You really have made a big mistake with these sacking’s.

  • ames

    We haven’t watched countdown since Carol was removed, and now Clare and Caroline. A reduction in quality on your prime product is a very dangerous line. If cost reduction is the main issue, why not commence with a review of senior management salaries, and link it to viewer ratings, let me guess, you need to retain quality!!!.

  • S. Bayford

    Very sad to hear of the sacking of Tim and Caroline, they were very professional at their jobs and so natural with it. We always preferred them to the BBC. What a huge mistake you have made. Like everything else the good ones always go.

  • Alan Warner

    I would like to know exactly who is responsible for the sacking of Tim & Caroline! It is obvious that they are totally unaware of their viewers wishes. It takes a certain skill to become ‘Friends’ with the viewers and not just a news link person. Tim & Caroline had this skill. If I am able to see either or both on another channel, it will be preferable to Anglia!

  • ward

    I am absolutely appalled that Caroline and Tim have been sacked as they were excellent presenters and always had some humour when the occasion arose and the organisation might have warned everyone that it was going to happen rather then them having to say they were leaving. I will be watching BBC news in future as will a lot of people. Why bring in other people in their places if things are so tight at Anglia??? I think Caroline and Tim will be sadly missed as the other presenters are not a patch on them.

  • patricia

    i am very sorry to see tim and caroline go we wont be watching anglia news again

  • John E Caley

    The sacking of Clare Weller, is a shame, she has been in our living room for so long, that she had become part of our family, I shall now be switching over to BBC Look East from now on. I would encourage all of Anglia viewers to do the same.

  • Sharon Endersby

    I was completely shocked when Tim Curtis announced his departure and had noticed Caroline had not been around as much. Shame on you for sacking two of the lovliest people on tv. Tim always so happy and personable made a wonderful team with Caroline. It can never be the same. I am familiar with Becky, she is fine but lacks Caroline’s sparkle. What a made world this has become. I shall switch to BBC Stuart’s and Susie in future,

  • Anne

    We always enjoyed watching Tim and Caroline while we were having our evening meal. ~What a big mistake you have made, we will not be watching in future as so many other people have said.

  • Sheila

    I am very sorry to see that Tim and Caroline have gone, we will now switch to another channel like many other families No reflection on Becky she’s ok but they were popular presenters and were so natural. Does anyone know if they have been snapped up by another channel? I do hope so.

  • Nick

    I am disgusted! Not only at the awful decision to sack Tim and Caroline, but at the way that it has been handled!
    Where is the point of getting rid of our pair of comfy slippers, and replacing them with clogs!
    I will be barefooting it to the BBC from now on, not because i particularly want to, but as a matter of principle!
    Reinstate them now! Surely someone can find a way.

  • Sarah

    Like so many other people I was shocked when Tim announced he was leaving then I realised that Caroline had also gone, the Anglia News will not be the same it is a disgrace I will be watching the BBC from now on. Good Luck to Tim and Caroline for the future

  • lisa

    I won’t be watching now they have got rid of clare weller, disgusting treatment.

  • Sue Butler

    What is ITV Anglia thinking of? How do they expect longstanding loyal viewers to stay with Anglia Tonight when the station obviously places so little value on loyalty – that of Caroline and Tim. I hope they have found satisfactory alternative employment and wish them both well.

    I have no wish to watch a bunch of largely inexperienced presenters in a programme, only half of which will reflect the activities and news applicable to the west of the region. I think the BBC has just increased its viewers by 2.

  • Michael Kyprianou

    Shame on you Anglia.Tim and Caroline are the best presenters you ever had.I will not be watching again.

  • Rob

    What a sorry state of affairs at ITV Anglia, getting rid of the more experienced reporters and also the presenters as well. Clare Weller has been such a brilliant presenter for the last 11 years and getting the sack is a such a mean way of treating someone after her loyal service. Especially the final farewell on the programme which was so abrupt and left us wondering what an earth had gone on. Disgraceful! I would imagine the morale of the staff who are left must be at rock bottom and I am sad to say the action of ITV management will speed up the demise of the regional TV news and sports programmes.

  • Brian

    It is sad that Tim Curtis has been sacked, he was a good anchor man, giving continuity. I must admit that my family enjoy the news when Rhiana Mills presents it, she is pleasant to look at and her voice has many levels of inflection and is nice to listen to.

  • Adrian Finbow

    Sacking all the best staff and keeping all the Managers and the likes of jonathon ross (small letters as he and the BBC managers are people with small Brains).It does not make sense or moneytry sense.Why not clear out the rubbish and let us the general public and Licence payers have some good program’s for a change
    your’s A Finbow

  • JR

    Well done Anglia you morons. You manage your station with all the acumen Gordon (saved the world) Brown managed the economy for 10 years. Good luck to Caroline, Tim and all the other presenters who have been sacrificed.

  • Patricia Sweet

    I was so very sorry to hear about Caroline and Tim being sacked. They had such a lovely balance of friendliness and professonalism. I will be watching BBC East from now on.

    Good luck to Caroline and Tim for the future.

  • Chris & Sue Reinartz

    What a lousey decision to sack Caroline and Tim. Their on screen partnership was brilliant – witty, informative and above all ENTERTAINING. They were total professionals. They will be very sadly missed. We will now cease watching Anglia News at 6 o’clock and will start watching B.B.C. Anglia will rue the day they made this terrible decision.

  • tricia

    Why on earth have they sacked Caroline and Tim, these two wonderful people was the reason we watched anglia news, for heavens sake bring them back.

  • Norman

    I waited until the first programme went out. What a miserable, disappointing programme it was today, not a smile
    or any of the witty humour to which we have become accustomed. The two presenters looked decidedly embarrassed to be there. Jonathan Wills !! A London cast off! Tim Curtis and Caroline Oldrey were like friends coming into our
    homes each night. Its a tragedy- well, there is always BBC Look East!
    Wish Caroline and Tim well in the future – maybe we shall see them on our screens again sometime, somewhere very soon.

  • Colin

    What a sad day for regional news with the departue of Tim&Caroline I will be watching Look East from now on

  • terry searle

    I bet TIM and CAROLINE were far more popular than the people that sacked them.

  • Jim McGee

    I think this is a big mistake, Tim and Caroline were a fantastic double act complimenting each other perfectly. I though we would watch tonight to see how things had changed, and things had canged for the worse…2 lost viewers, how many more before you realise you have made a grave error, or will you be as pig headed as the financial community.

  • pauline and steve

    we are absalutley disgusted with itv anglia sacking tim and caroline. We have watched them for 18 years and have had our tea with them for 18 years. they are part of households throughout the county.It just goes to show that someone like Tim can give 18 years to a company and it means absalutly nothing because itv anglia have just tossed them aside as if they were litter. for a company that was supposed to be for the heart of the Anglia region they realy dont know what their viewers want. We would like to wish Tim And Caroline all the best for the future and hope thie bosses of itv anglia can sleep at night

  • Philip H Morris

    How very, very dare you get rid of that nice young man Tim!
    he and that terribly sweet Caroline lady always made an impact on our household. We could not help but shed a few tears as Tim made his fond farewells to his doting public.
    We have now sworn a solemn oath that ITV and its satellite Channels will be forever be deleted from our remote.

  • Brian Gibbons

    Why sack Anglia’s best two presenters, regarded by everyone as dear friends, only to bring in someeone from outside totally lacking in personality? Becky Jago’s OK but Anglia Tonight has lost its soul.

  • emma and phil smith

    we really liked clare weller…and were shocked that no warning was given. just a few seconds given for her to say goodbye. no flowers or anything like they did for the weathregirls when they left. She gave the programe gravitas and also a lightness of touch…somthing the new programme seriously lacked.

  • John Wakefield

    Like everyone else who has posted their feelings on this message board, I am appalled that Tim & Caroline have been axed with no prior announcement by ITV. Looks like the management are replacing them with cheaper younger staff. Its ironic that Tim & Caroline have been reporting redundancies & closures of other companies whilst knowing that them themselves are being sacked. Whilst it it is inevitable that ITV management needed to make cuts in these ‘credit crunch days’ but why remove such lively experienced presenters as Tim & Caroline. What a load of wankers.
    I do hope the pair find new jobs, but I would think its going to be hard with not many vacancies for TV presenters. Anglia TV has certainly gone down hill since its formation years when they had other quality presenters with local knowledge like Dick Joice, Paul Barnes, and Eddie Anderson.

  • Barbara Dawson

    We were also shocked to hear Tim announce his departure the other night and realised Caroline had also been missing. These two were the best team and worked so well together, Tim used to make us really laugh at times and had a great rapport with Caroline.
    We would like to wish them all the luck, and like other viewers we will now be turning over to BBC. Why try and fix something when it is not broken???

  • Stevie Turner

    I see that ITV is trying to appeal to ‘yoof’ again by getting rid of anyone over 40 and employing robotic ‘autocue readers’? Sorry, Anglia, but I’m off to BBC Look East to see some ‘adult’ presenters who know what they’re doing.

    Good Luck to Tim, Caroline et al, you’ll be sorely missed.

  • M Bruce

    I Looked forward to Tim and Caroline every evening, they were natural and genuine presenters who cared about the people and the area they reported on. They will be sadly missed. I wish them both every success in whatever they choose to do. I am not Old and I do believe in giving youth a chance, but Tim and Caroline were able to talk to the broad spectrum of viewers because they were so good at what they did.

  • Norman

    So David Hughes appears to have gone as well now! so much for local weather forecasting. Amanda Houston ? Where did they find her? Thank goodness we now have Becky Mantin frequently on ITV1.

  • John


  • Tony Jakeman

    ITV Anglia wont be the same without Caroline and Tim,If you wanted to save money why not get rid of those who sit on their backsides,do nothing but get large paypackets?.We should all go over to the B.B.C.

  • Mike Chandler

    Shocked and dismayed about Tim and Caroline being sacked. It’s just another example of the bosses not having a clue about what the public (or customers) want – just like the banks. Is there any way back for them – is it worthwhile starting a petition?

    On the other hand, if I were Tim (or Caroline) I wouldn’t want to work for such a crap outfit ever again – so maybe they are better off. Good luck to them for the future.

  • Helen and Robin Barrett

    We too looked forward to seeing Caroline Oldry and Tim Curtis every evening. They were so natural and in tune with their viewers. They are head and shoulders above the new arrivals who are humorless and insignificant by comparison. Bring back Tim and Caroline and fire those who made such a stupid decision.

  • John Wakefield

    I would suggest that everyone email Anglia TV at: &
    let them know your feelings.

  • Linda and Dean Haylett

    After finding out that Tim and Caroline have been sacked and replaced we will not be watching Anglia News on principle. They had both been very warm and friendly presenters who we had always looked forward to seeing in the evenings. Did anybody ever ask the public!

  • peter brown

    so very sorry to see that Tim and Caroline have been sacked
    it just go,s to show what a load of dipsticks we have
    running our local televison services these days
    bring them back be for it,s to late
    good luck to them both in what ever they do in the future

  • Sammy & Al

    So, no Tim or Caroline?

    What is wrong with you ‘media’ chiefs. Wake up and realise that your success is measured by your viewing public, NOT by your boardroom decisions!
    Sort it out quickly, or you’ll have nothing left to meddle with.
    Best of luck Caroline & Tim. We’ll miss you.

  • Pete Reilly

    At times I may have questioned Tim’s dress sense but I could never question either his or Caroline’s professionalism, warmth and good humour. The manner in which they disappeared from our screens was nothing short of scandalous! Becky Jago has undoubted potential but, like many fellow viewers, I have decided to switch to Look East where, I believe the presenters have a similar approach to Tim and Caroline.

  • Mrs Anita White

    I am totally disgusted with the removal of tim and caroline . My family and i will now be watching look east. so a familiar friendly face enters our living room.tim and caroline had presence warmth and a personalities to boot and often wandered from the autocue to give a more real performance.Anglia oh how you have got it wrong your failing figures are probably due to reporters not your presenters.

  • Sue

    Like all the people above I too wondered what had happened to Tim as we missed the programme when he said he was going. My husband and I are really sad to see Caroline and Tim gone and the new partnership is nowhere near the same and I feel Anglia will loose a lot of viewers especially the way this has happened. Lets hope Tim and Caroline turn up again perhaps on the BBC which will serve Anglia right. Good luck to both of them.

  • Sue

    Bring back our Timmy . Apart from his professionalism we love his wit and humour and often comment on his unique style of dress.

  • Johan

    I feel sorry for those who have been sacked but I dont feel sorry for Clare Weller as one of the insiders of ITV Anglia have told us that she is not nice to lowly paid people .. like cleaners and kitchen staff . I cannot confirm this myself as I have not worked at ITV in Norwich but maybe anybody who works there can confirm this pleaase .

  • Gilly

    Oh Anglia news “big-boys”— you have made the most awful mistake sacking Caroline and Tim—true professionals and friends we invited into our home every weekday at 6pm —PLEASE reconsider and re-instate them—we are off to BBC local news—unless Caroline and Tim return—they were such a lovely team— now oh dear ! — what a let down—

  • Melanie & David barton

    Anglia news is no longer the same without Caroline and Tim, I will no longer be watching the anglia news until the are reinstated. Big BIG BIG mistake…. sort it out !!!!

  • Thomas William

    Tim and Caroline gone who is the brain dead that gave them the sack ? Why don,t they come out and tell us why they sacked the best news presenters ? ANGLIA news will loose a lot of viewers due to this sacking. We the viewers demand there return.

  • pamela colk

    i think it is a disgrace that clare weller has been sacked from anglia television.and what has happened to steven lee,he was replaced by jonathan wills,its like new year out with the old,in with the new.i like so many others will be watching look east from now on

  • Paul

    OK so some staff had to go but it seems they were mostly from the West edition, why? And sacking Tim Curtis was a crazy decision – we always watched Anglia Tonight because of him, and Caroline was an asset too. Even though we are not keen on Stewart White – too smarmy – we will watch Look East on BBC in future. Shame on you ITV!

  • Alan and Marion Brown

    We will no longer be watching Anglia local news, the way they have handled and treated these long serving presenters who have given excellent service is disgraceful.Hope others will stop watching as well then they might realise there error and bring them back.

  • Roger

    During several holidays around the country I have always compared the local Anglia news presenters with Tim and Caroline’s performance. The others were not a patch on these two. I would like to know what yardstick Anglia used in deciding that these two must go. What a sad mistake!

  • Ann Saxton

    I also missed the programme of Tim’s departure and wondered why he was not there on Thursday. Logged on to find to my horror he had been sacked. I saw Caroline’s departure but didn’t know the reason. Where is the logic in sacking your two most popular,friendly and sympathetic presenters with inexperienced and dull ones. I like many others will be migrating to BBC East(even tho I don’t particularly like the BBC) until Tim and Caroline have been reinstated.

  • Caroline

    I cannot believe the Anglia presenters have been sacked,Clare Weller has been a loyal employee of Anglia tv for 11 years and to let her leave in such a disgusting manner YOU SHOULD ALL BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELVES,Leving it until the last few seconds at the end of the programme with no send off.We have watched her as a family and have grown up with her.SHAME ON YOU.We will miss her and now switch to BBC.Reinstate her.

  • Angela

    We are disgusted that Tim and Caroline have been sacked. We invited them into our homes each evening and they were a delight to watch. Such a professional pair. You should be ashamed of yourselves. Did you not think that the viewers would be up in arms over this. We had to go on the internet to find out what happened to them. We will not be watching from now on. Over to the BBC.


    Well I have just witnessed the final nail in the coffin of Anglia Tonight!!!

    It`s outrageous to have sacked Tim and Caroline, what were those bosses at ITV thinking of….out of touch or what!!!

    I despise ITV and really hope the channel suffers as a consequence, it`s Look East from now on.

    Good luck and best wishes to all who lost their jobs.

  • don evetts

    Good bye ITV news. Hello BBC at 6. Not only have you ditched the best drama ie Heartbeat & the Royal but the best presenters at 6 pm Anglia news. The only ITV programe now watched in this house is Corrie. Think on!


    Tim Curtis and Caroline Oldrey – probably the BEST pair of natural presenters on television. These two were HUGELY popular as this page shows (and its only the tip of an iceberg).
    This is a monumental error by some buffoons in the back office. It takes years to establish this sort of relationship with the public. They were almost the brand image of Anglia News.
    Once a company loses its brand image it never really recovers.
    I’m sure Anglia News will plod on, but PLOD will be the operative word. Elder viewers (me included) will depart in droves and believe me there’s no loyalty among younger viewers – here today and gone tomorrow.
    OK – younger (and cheaper) presenters need to be given a chance, but not in the way this was done.

    David Hawkins (ex Anglia News viewer)

  • alf and carol bennettmills

    clare weller should never be sacked ,as she is the best, most natural presenter anglia had.they are completely wrong.we wish you well clare,you are the best,by far.

  • mike h

    Seeing Clare Weller on Anglia news was the perfect end to any day! I feel a petition coming on!

  • Val Walker

    I simply cannot believe the logic of Anglia News in sacking two of their very best presenters – Caroline and Tim. Over the years they have almost become part of the family, always there at the evening meal – so warm and friendly but at the same time entirely professional in their presentation. We will miss them very much indeed and hope they both go on to greater and better things where they will more appreciated. BAD MOVE ANGLIA NEWS!!!!

  • Geraldine & Alan Platt

    I have only just found out why Claire said goodbye on Tuesday of last week. What a shambles. SACKED not even a redundancy package for such loyalty?? We will miss her lovely personality. Perhaps BBC should replace one of their presenters for her – far superior. Good Luck Claire.

  • sandra steele

    tim and caroline were the best news team on any news programme in the country. why have they been replaced by such wooden and lifeless ones? BIG MISTAKE! i wish tim and caroline all the best in the future.

  • mark h

    we wondered what was going on when tim curtis suddenly announced that he will be stupid are anglia tv?
    no offence to people like alpa patel, but if her stumbling, self-conscious and hesitant delivery is the shape of things to come for itv/anglia news then….oops!! bad mistake..
    tim was/is affable, confident and amiable….itv/anglia are losing money and audiences…getting rid of popular presenters will only harm their viewing figures and their advertising revenue….somebody didn’t do their demographic research very well, did they?

  • mark h

    ps becky jago is ok..young, female and attractive!..but i remember that she left her job presenting the anglia weather a few years back to pursue other ‘more exciting’ ventures….when these didnt work out for her anglia took her back..that was your mistake tim and were too loyal..and i used to think that only the bbc attacted in such an aloof and arrogant way..
    good luck to all of those who have been treated so poorly by itv/anglia and good luck to those that were ‘kept’ are going to need it too!!

  • mark h

    did i say ‘attacted’? good grief..i meant acted..!!

  • Chris

    It gradually dawned on me what has happened here, but no official announcement given… as is typical these days, you just have to pay, then put up & shut up with what you get, no disrepect to the present presenters but please bring back Tim & Caroline…

  • Brian Machin

    Just found out that Tim & Caroline have been sacked. This is just plain crazy and ITV deserve to lose all their viewers. Reinstate them immediately or suffer the conseqencies.

  • george BSE

    What a shabby trick to pull on three top loyal presenters ( TIM, CAROLINE & CLARE). It seems whoever made this decision MUST have been sitting on their brains, surely somebody with an ounce of savvy knows quality when they have it.
    Thankyou to ALL three of you for the warm evenings you gave us,& remember “CREAM ALWAYS RISES TO THE TOP”- GOOD LUCK!!!

  • Ryan

    Terrible. I say start a petition!
    If only ITV Anglia could see this page. They don’t know what they’ve done, do they? I think a boycott is in order. Over to the BBC for me.

    Good Luck to Tim and Caroline, and all those who have lost their job because of this lunacy. I hope they both get a job on another station somewhere else soon. Wasn’t a problem for Wendy Hurrell!

    It’ll never be the same without Stuart, Wendy, Tim and Caroline. If I have to say goodbye to ITV’s quality presenters, then I say good riddance to ITV altogether.

  • Sharon & Russel

    We too have just found out why Tim & Caroline left so abruptly and without any fanfare. What on earth do you think you are doing, getting rid of such well loved, professional presenters. They were part of the TV family. They worked together so well, and with snippets of their personal lives you really felt they were like friends. Have these idiots ever heard of the expression ‘if it aint broke don’t fix it’

    We have tried to get used to the new presenters but will change chanels so well done ITV management, an own goal I think!!!!

  • mick

    I think its an absolute disgrace that Anglia has sacked Claire. In my opinion she was the best, most professional presenter on the show and I hope that we will see her on our screens on a more deserving show in the near future. I wish her good luck.

  • G White

    It is a shame the presenters have gone but unfortunately it is because of the ITV news cutbacks and eventually we are going to be left with Norwich Tonight!

  • Colin Doman

    Terrible News.

    It’s coming to crunch day for all these commercial stations with regard to cost-saving. They are just going to have to find another way of financing themselves properly. Putting on rubbish programmes instead of decent stuff and then filling everything up with adverts is no longer good enough. Suggest you all follow my way of getting back at them. Record everything commercial to hard disc and watch later, then fast-forward through the trite adverts during playback. Haven’t watched an advert in over two years here, and it’s great!

  • Bob Gore

    The abrupt departure of Clare Weller left us in shock. Surely after 11 years she deserved a nice send off with a bouquet or something. The viewers also could have been given an explanation. She was lovely to watch, had a nice personality and presented the news in a professional way at all times. We shall miss her and wish her every success in whatever she does. We will watch her personal website to find out her news – it is under review at present.

  • Ken Wootton

    I have tried to ‘connect with the new news presenters on Anglia but it’s not working for me.
    Tim Curtis had a natural way with whoever he worked with, he and Caroline were a great team.
    I find Jonathan Wills aloof and characterless, Becky seems to be the one with a personality.
    Has anyone noticed the so called ‘LIVE’ view of Bedford Town bridge used as a back drop, I am getting fed up with the rowing boat going under the arch at the same time as the red truck goes from right to left over the bridge.

  • Julie and Paul Shelley

    We were both shocked when Tim announced he was going and had noticed that Caroline had been absent, but could not have guessed that they could have been sacked. Disgusting treatment of two ‘family friends’. We echo all of the above comments. Good luck wherever you go.

  • D.Cropper

    Are ITV Anglia surprised at their falling veiwing figures?
    The sacking of Tim and Caroline is disgraceful and their replacements abysmal.
    Obviously the ‘managers’ couldn’t manage to get themselves out of a paper bag!

  • Dave Johnson

    Well, it looks like ITV Anglia has really cocked up this time. Lets watch their viewing figures drop now they have had their ‘Reshuffle’.
    Congratulations to the BBC, you have just recieved thousands of extra FREE viewers courtesy of the pillocks at Anglia.To the rest of the ITV staff, keep looking over your shoulder, it might well be you next !!!!!
    Good luck to Tim & Caroline in whatever you do, lets hope you are part of our lives again very soon………

  • K. Bean

    My family are also disgusted in the treatment of Claire, Caroline, Tim and Stephen, it seems. They were, as far as we are concerned, THE Anglia team.
    We, like many others will be watching look east from now on.

  • bob edlin

    I think the sacking of Caroline Oldrey and Tim Curtis was disgusting. Why sack them in order to be replaced by two presenters who are not half as competent.
    I am afraid I will no longer watch ITV news and transfer to BBC.

    Bob Edlin

  • Margaret

    Why did Becky Jago keep her job when she was quick to jump ship a few years ago for the BBC. And what about that awful Louise Beal she has the face and voice of a undertaker dreay is not the word to decribe her.

  • John

    If it weren’t broke why fix it? Years ago, we on the east coast campaigned for local news – local to us – the same I would imagine for people living in MK or Peterborough having no interest in Clacton or Harwich (and why would they?). A real backward step that the things that matter to local people are no concern to ITV management – who should be asking themselves why people would want to watch programmes of no interest, why subject ourselves to advertising when we can get what we want on the Beeb, and why would advertsiers want to invest if no body wants to watch? Trashing your best assets (Clare, Tim and Caroline) and local stories means one thing – if you don’t care for the viewers opinion, we’ll not care for you – so good riddens ITV. Becky and Jonathan act like strangers, are strangers and seem strange, like muggers breaking into our houses – it’ll be a hell of a long time before they’ll be accepted, time I’m not prepared to give them. ITV – give us what we want. Otherwise ITV you’re one business I won’t miss.

  • Elizabeth

    I do so agree with all of the above comments – I feel as if I have just lost 2 really good friends in Tim and Caroline. I wonder if anyone out there can shed any light on where or when we will be able to see them again. Perhaps they themselves could let us know, if they log into these comments. If anyone at Anglia TV has any sense, we will see them back on our screens very soon. I am now watching BBC Local News each evening!

  • Caroline W

    BYE BYE Anglia news…. given you a chance since you sacked Caroline & Tim…no longer!! I sincerely hope that we see Tim and Caroline on our screens again… Hey Look East, there are two great presenters available now! I HOPE THOSE THAT SIT ON HIGH AND MAKE THESE DECISIONS HAVE A GREAT FALL!!

  • mike h

    Any news on Clare Weller (next venture)? definitely thinking man`s crum… er type of woman. A lady of a thousand faces; happy, sad, thoughtful, concerned, angry etc. etc..

  • Clive Smith

    What’s going on at Anglia? Both Tim and Caroline given the boot. Why? The two of them were brilliant and used to crack us up all the time, great presenters. They will be sorely missed. While we’re at it, where has Stuart (the trout) Jarrold got to? Are they phasing him out as well? Bad news!!


    Well, here we go again. Our comfort zone has been removed without any feed-back from the Public. To remove Clare Weller, in my opinion, has lost Anglia hundreds of viewers. Clare bounced off Jonathan Wills – and vice versa and they made the perfect partnership. As with the rest of the Country we are never consulted for our opinions with sometimes dastardly effects. I am now happy to join my husband watching Look East. I hope that Clare will soon be on our screens again – you never know – Anglia’s loss, BBC gain. ?



  • Lee Hill

    I was shocked about the sackings. Surely the logic would of been to have Clare and Tim as the main presenters?

    I have grown up watching Clare Weller and it’ll be a real shame not seeing her on our screens every evening. 11 years loyal service she gave them when the likes of her male co-presenters came and went.

    The best times for me was when Clare, Helen McDermott and Kevin Piper used to be the presenting team. Just not the same any more and have never liked that Jonathan Wills, both him and Becky Jago are ex national rejects.

    This really is the end of Anglia News and Anglia TV as we know it. ITV have been killing the regions off for years!

    Good luck Clare and wish you all the very best.

  • Malcolm & Maria

    We have just come back from overseas and that when looking at the 6pm news on Anglia there are new presenters.
    On checking and to our disgust we find that Caroline & Tim our favourit presenters have been disposed of. Whilst we have nothing against the new staff. Why employ 2 new persons when you had trusted and liked peaople like Caroline & Tim.
    We miss them and the easy relaxed way they presented.
    Oh well BBC now have our vote. Thank you Anglia for ruining a good local news set up.

  • Jack

    Shame on you Anglia. Even if this is finacially driven, you could have had the good grace to celebrate the contribution of Tim and Caroline over many years. Like many others we will miss the natural delivery of these two likeable presenters. Just hope the faceless management behind this decision get their come upance at an early date when the result of their poor decisions reflect on the bottom line. here’s another two viewers who won’t be watching ITV local news or for that matter the main ITN news that follows. it was only the fact that we were already tuned to ITV whilst watching Tim and Caroline that we bothered to stay for the national news. That has also become a dumbed down travesty when compared to the serious programme of earlier years. All I can say is “Thank you very much Indeed ” – and Goodbye

  • G White

    The early morning bulletin for Anglia on GMTV was not shown this morning (Feb 25). Instead we had a blank ‘GMTV’ screen and an apology. No one left to read after all the cutbacks? I am certain Clare Weller, Tim Curtis or Caroline Oldrey would have read the ‘missing news’……………….

  • Edevaldo

    Well thanks very much ITVANGLIA! Two very popular and natural presenters given the sack wihout explanation.Let`s see how many viewers you have left after this debacle

  • Helen

    I am so sad that Tim & Caroline have gone, without their friendly banter Anglia news has lost it’s great appeal, I tuned in just to see them. I feel like viewers have been betrayed. The new format is rubbish and the new presenters look very uncomfortable. Bring back our favourites!!!

  • Carl


  • Lyn

    I wonder how early on in this new merged Anglia, have they realised that sacking Clare was such a BIG mistake? The programme just hasn’t got the same feel as it used to. Some loyalty to such a professional and talented broadcaster.

    LOOK out EAST! BBC1 here I come!

  • John

    Clare sorely missed as Jonathan Wills is lacking personality
    and Becky Jago rather lightweight for a news programme .
    Still better than Look East with its smug presenters and
    “wooden” reporters which i cant abide .

  • Erica

    Fancy getting rid of Caroline and Tim Curtis – such a bad decision. I watched the other Tim with Becky Jago once and that was enough – Tim is old enough to be Becky’s dad (and looks half asleep) and I don’t think she’s comfortable with him. However it’s obvious Tim is there because he is/was news editor and Becky is there as a young attractive blonde.

    Why hot have the older Tim with Caroline, or Tim Curtis with Becky? (Or better still as they were?)

    Sorry, Anglia – you’ve lost yet another viewer :-(

  • Erica

    Sorry folks,that shows how impressed I am with Jonathan – I could’ve sworn his name was Tim, too! :-)

  • John

    I watched Anglia news solely because of Tim Curtis and Caroline Oldrey were the presenters

    They were GREAT

    I am gutted they were “SACKED”

    Shame on you Anglia!!!!!!!

  • julieharding

    Just learnt that Claire Weller was sacked . WHY !!

    Becky Jago shouts .

    Will switch to BBC Look East now .

  • Lisa – Northants

    I’ve tried watching the new Anglia News and can’t get on with the new line up. I’ve nothing against them but they aren’t Tim and Caroline. Tim used to twinkle, the new bloke just doesn’t have his charisma. Now watching the BBC, like many others.

  • Bob Venstone

    I have only just found out that Tim Curtis and Caroline Oldrey have been sacked by Anglia. I do not like the replacements and will no longer watch Anglia news.

  • Tony Holland

    How sad can Anglia TV get.
    Caroline and Tim were just the best,they worked well
    together and were a joy to watch.
    Anglia news is not the same anymore, so we watch
    Look east on BBC one from now on.
    Your loss Anglia.

  • Alan & Ethne Chater

    My wife and I have only recently been made aware of the absence of two of Anglia’s top presenters, Tim Curtis and Caroline Oldrey. We are extremely angry that they have been sacked. Both of them offered professional yet relaxed personas – providing just that little bit of informality needed for a news programme. We can only wait for those responsible for their dismissal to receive the same cavalier treatment. It will be well deserved.

    The changes made have done nothing to add to the existing and successful format. We, as regular watchers over many years, will find it hard to continue – but then we are only viewers- what rights have we to complain!

  • niora

    Bring back Tim and Caroline. They were great together. They were professional but at the same time could inject humour when appropriate.They are missed. Bring them back PLEASE!

  • Ross

    How short sighted can Anglia be, Tim Curtis and Caroline Oldrey were the best news presenters on Anglia TV, Becky Jago is OK, but Caroline was much better and the new bloke is as interesting as watching paint dry (on second thoughts, he’s not, I’d rather watch paint dry).

    Whoever made the decision to sack Caroline and Tim should be ashamed of themselves, hope the same thing happens to them one day, this is no way to treat loyal staff members, what a disgrace!


    Very sorry to hear Tim and Caroline have been sacked Anglia vannot be worried about viewing numbers as I like many others will either not watch it in future or will switch to BBC instead.

  • Tim Curtis

    My name is Tim Curtis. Until mid-February I presented Anglia News (West) with Caroline. I have read all of these posts and am utterly overwhelmed by your comments. This will be my only post on the subject but suffice to say, having had supper with Caroline and Clare last night, we are all mightily humbled by your kindness. Thank you, it truly means a lot. That’s it, goodnight – as I used to say!!

  • Nick

    Great to hear from you Tim! Really glad that all our support has got through to you and Caroline. Please let us know the minute that we can view you both again.
    I think that i can speak for everyone on this site, by wishing you all the very best in the future, and remember cream always rises to the top!!

  • Jonny

    Well I say good on you ITV Anglia for getting shot of Claire Weller and replacing her with Becky Jago, who brightens up my evenings immeasurably. Claire had an annoying shaped gob and had obviously been ordered to smile more during the broadcasts ‘cos she kept giving insincere little grimaces during the show. Can you please also a) bring back Helen McDermott, b) reinstate the “yesteryear” old footage slot and c) poach the woman who does the weather on Look East. Then I’ll be truly happy….

  • Valerie Moscrop

    I live in Portugal and was very very disappointed to come back from a few weeks away to see that Caroline, Tim and Karl have disappeared from Anglia News, it just isn’t the same without them. I feel I have lost a close friend now Caroline has gone as I have grown up with her on the news, I no longer have any interest in Anglia News.

  • nick

    i could not beleave that anglia have sacked two good presenters shame on you i miss them and hope your viewing figures go down

  • Gay Wiggins

    I did email to ask why no proper farewell to Clare – having been on holiday when the announcements had been made.

    Now I know why there was no big “goodbye” announcement – how dreadful that she was pushed out – and presenters to who joined after her were kept on.

    What a world we live in…. dreadful treatment of a supberb presenter. Sadly missed.

  • Rob Preece

    IDIOTS Anglia – Whatever did you hope to achieve by getting rid of Tim and Caroline? Could you not see that the reason they had been there so long was because they were both thouroughly professional and entertaining. Did no one think to ask the viewers what they thought? Let’s hope that the numskulls that made the decision also get thrown out in the near future.

  • Andy

    Bring back Claire and get rid of that slimey bloke Wills

  • shirley fowler


  • The Doctor

    Yet another example is being shown of the ‘BIG BOSSES” glutony and greed. The removal of Tim Curtis and Caroline Oldrey from Anglia news is a big mistake that Michael Grade will have to live with. Why is he such a BIG HEADED KNOW-IT ALL??????

    Surely, the viewers are more important than his pay cheque????!!!!!

  • Christine

    Tim & Caroline replaced by “swawking, immature females” – beyond belief

  • Barbara Dawson

    After the departure of Tim and Caroline, does anyone know where they went? Also curious to know if everyone that said they would not tune into Anglia News since they were sacked have stuck to this, I for one have never gone back to watching Anglian News and have switched to BBC at 6pm.

  • Clive Smith

    Can’t get used to the shower who have replaced Tim and Caroline. Also Stuart Jarrold. Just not the same. Becky Jago sounds like she’s still working on the children’s programme, irritating. Trouble is, the BBC ain’t much better. I’m giving the hour between 6 and 7 a miss from now on.

  • Graham & Beryl Russell

    what is happening at Anglia Tonight sacking experienced presenters Tim Curtis and Caroline Oldrey and bringing in Jonathan Wills who doesn’t seem interested in what he is talking about and has no presonality together with young inexperience girls who need more training at reading an autocue, the looks they give each other show their apparent dislike. Anglia Tonight has really gone down in our estimateion Look East has gained two new viewers.

  • Christopher Norfolk

    Does anyone know what tim and caroline are doing now? i cant belive they have gone such a good team together, jonathan wills just dosent live up to the mark of tim i wish tim and caroline all the best for the future and hope to see them again on the tv at some point itv bosses should be ashamed.

  • mike

    Shame about clare being axed, mind you she did look a bit of a `frump` in the `Lavenham flowery dress`. and some of the photographs on her website don`t do her justice (makes her look old).

  • Brian Evans

    Since Tim & Caroline departure from Anglia Local News, the presenters have come across as rank amateur’s. Watch BBC it is much better now there is no competition from Tim & Caroline.
    Anglia TV wake up & bring back Tim & Caroline before you loose all your viewers.

  • Georgie Jones

    I have decided to stop watching Anglia News, I just do not like that slimy Wills, he has no people charm, and Becky Jago, say no more. Bring back Clare Weller and Stephen Lee, then I will watch again, until then I now watch BBC Look East, watch out Anglia TV you will have no viewers if you keep that awful pair on the news. I expect you will take no notice of what we are saying, as usual.

  • tom coppolo

    I have just returned home after two weeks holiday,and can,t get anglia news,everything was fine before I left and in two short weeks anglia news has vanished,being replaced by central news,but I don,t want to watch central news as it does,nt include essex suffolk and norfolk,the regions i am interested in,so its got to be bbc look east from now on.

  • Pauline Touati

    Tim Curtis and Caroline Oldrey were fantastic presenters. Now we have a load of rubbish. Is this the way for Anglia to knock the regional news eventually on the head, because they will say it is losing viewers. Yes of course it is losing viewers – it is now impersonal and uninteresting. Again not considering your viewers.

  • Brenda

    who ever the boss was that sacked Caroline and Tim needs to be removed, You need to take into account the viewers opinions, Caroline and Tim made the programme, it is completly boring now so over to the BBC until they are reinstated,
    Good luck to all the newsreaders who lost their jobs

  • Sue Binstead

    Aw, bring back Caroline Oldrey and Tim Curtis. I miss them!

  • Lilian Colborn

    It’s now August 2009 and I still miss Clare Weller from my screen at 6pm every night. She was professional, but easy- going and cheerful. A bad mistake, I think!

  • Name

    Why on earth do London get to have their own news programme? Can’t they just merge with the news service in the South East?!

    Why can’t the West Country and ITV West regions return?

  • Charles Whatley

    Since the departure of Tim Curtis and Caroline Oldrey from our screens, we have continued to watch Anglia News in the forlorn hope that the two new presenters would improve, however, it seems to me that there is a lack of camaraderie between Johnathon Wills and Becky Jago. This household is therefore switching to BBC Look East for our evening news, of course this also means that we will be watching the main news on BBC. This could change if Tim and Caroline were to return to Anglia News, but I wont be holding my breath in anticipation.

  • Ron Jack

    What have you done to Anglia local news, it was one of the best local news programmes, and you get rid of the presenters, Tim and Caroline and replaced them with two of the most awlful people going, not professional, always seen as uneasy, truely terrible watching Anglia now. so we dont.

  • Ruth Robinson

    Anglia News is truly dreadful these days, mostly because of Jonathan Wills. The man is simply awful to watch with his cringing adlibs and clealry loves himself. He’s not local to the area – he came from London – which shouldn’t be an issue but he shows no empathy or understanding of East Anglia. All the comments I read online are complaints about him – nobody at ITV seems to care though. The standard of news reporting isn’t great either anymore – probably because with ITV bailing out of regional news, everyone knows the clock is ticking and can’t be bothered. Such a shame.

  • doreen .c

    Have always wondered what happened to caroline and tim,just like all the other reviews about them i feel the same,they were a great pair together and i do still miss them both,i enjoyed listening to them rather than the present ones.
    please fetch them back,although by now i expect they have settled into new jobs and good luck to them both

  • gerald mccullagh

    its always sad when popular people are replaced and it wasnt really pleasant the way it was done but there is always a silver lining in every situation. claire has been replaced by the very talented becky jago who in my opinion is the best newsreader/presenter in the country and somebody who is the ultimate professional at her job. in football terms its like replacing theo walcott with lionel messi. becky could have achieved great things if she hadnt moved to capital radio which ruined her career. please dont ditch anglia just appreciate becky and think how lucky we have her.

  • Elizabeth

    Every night I watched the AngliaNews, but since the removal of Carolyn and Tim I have not watched it once. They made an excellent team and did not deserve to be dropped, Never mind Anglia News, you are now on my scrapheap and I have turned over to BBC.

  • Michael

    What is the deal with Anglia News. They seem to put temp replacements in when Becky is off and then they head off out into the real world of journalism. Sacha Williams, Rhiannon Mills, who is next to go?

  • John Newell

    My family were avid Anglia news followers when Tim and Caroline were the readers but have not watched it since the first with this Jonathon Wills and Becky Jago. Wills is a complete disaster and how Anglia can justify him in place of Tim Curtis is beyond me. The way these two presenters were dealt with was a disgrace and I have vowed never to watch again. Look East’s gain. Anglia’s loss.

  • Tom Johnson

    Having deserted Anglia television following the sacking of Tim and Caroline, I have on occasions returned to see if things had improved with the new presenters and I`m sorry to say that things have`nt.I`m sure the new presenters are trying, but they are still very much second class compared to Tim and Caroline, so I`m sorry it`s back to the better channel ; B.B.C.

  • Dawn Clarke

    It has been a while since Amanda Houston presented the weather has she left.