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Kaplinsky to join Wright ?

tv-newsroom606180.jpgNatasha Kaplinsky is to co-present a new evening programme on Five, according to reports.

The TV Newsroom broke the news last month, that Matthew Wright will be one of the presenters for the new programme entitled ‘Five & Friends’

A Five insider told the Mail on Sunday: ?Natasha is the highest paid and most high-profile presenter on the station and would be the perfect choice for a chat show.

?In principal, Natasha has said that she?s happy to make the pilot. There will be the money issue to sort out if the programme gets the green light. Five will be worried that Natasha may want too much money, and they will be reluctant to pay her much more because she is already paid a fortune.

?But there is a sense that Five want to get their money?s worth from her, and they are hoping that because they have been so accommodating with her maternity leave, a deal that is mutually acceptable can be reached.’

Updated: Sunday 29 March 2009

Natasha Margaret Kaplinsky (born 9 September 1972 in Brighton) is a British newsreader, formerly employed by Five and the BBC. She is also famous for winning the 1st season of Strictly Come Dancing. Biography Kaplinsky’s parents are Raphael Kaplinsky, an exiled Jewish South African economics…

  • Richard

    noooo – I want it to be Isla!!! ;o)

  • Anon

    Hope this doesn’t mean the end of Isla :(

  • S

    It should be Matt Barbet and Isla Traquair presenting “Five and Friends”. To be honest, If I was Natasha’s boss, I’d give Natasha the same wage as any other newsreader. “Five will be worried that Natasha may want too much money” – well they shouldn’t be?! – She gets enough already!

  • Richard

    Read that Matthew Wright doesn’t want to do the evening gig…& Natasha Kaplinsky may be wanting to return to 5 News at 7 – in addition to the 5pm bulletin? Looks like the “young turks” as they were referred to (Matt ‘n’ Isla) may well have to return to reporting…or do something else.

    (ps. Isla you’re DROP DEAD GORGEOUS) :o)