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Letter from Michael Jermey to ITV staff

The Guardian has published an email from The ITV director of news, current affairs and sport, Michael Jermey to staff about the future of ITV regional news.

Here’s a quote from the email, to read more, click the link below.

I’d like to thank everyone for all the hard work people are putting into our programmes in regional newsrooms right across the country. We lost a large number of valued colleagues at the turn of the year and I know people are going the extra mile to keep our services looking excellent.

We are expecting Ofcom to give their views on our proposed restructure of regional news in the week commencing 19 January. If they give the go ahead for our changes ? and I am making no assumptions on that ? then we would roll out the new services in a measured way during February. Regional directors will give more details in each region. The launches will obviously be very important for ITV. I know everyone will be concentrating on making them a great success and that’s where our focus should be. I want today, however, to also share some news on the longer-term future of regional news.

MediaGuardian – Michael Jermey’s email to ITV staff

Updated: Wednesday 14 January 2009

  • Marco

    I do not approve of the way ITV have held a gun to Ofcom’s head and I deplore the job losses and the way ITV has treated its staff.However this sharing of resources with BBC could keep ITV Local news in the medium to long term.
    What are the alternatives? An ITV with no news or home produced dramas etc.Ofcom could franchise new local tv channels but this idea with the exception of Channel M in Manchester has failed all over the country already.Channel 4 is in no position to do local news.Sky could do it but they would want favours in return so best avoiding that.A tie up between ITV and BBC has to be the best option.