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Jonathan Morrell and Philippa Tomson Axed

Tyne Tees TV presenters, Jonathan Morrell and Philippa Tomson are the latest ITV Regional Presenters to be axed from their positions.

Morrell and Tomson, North East Tonight presenters, will present their last bulletin in February.

Pam Royle and Ian Payne will present the main evening bulletin, which will cover the whole of the current North East, and Scottish border region.

Morell has fronted North East Tonight since taking over from Mike Neville who left due to ill health in 2005. Philippa joined Jonathan in the Autumn of 2006.

All presenters were asked to re-apply for their jobs and were subsequently interviewed.

Tomson will take up the role of Weather Presenter.

Current Border Staff

Helen Pearson will be doing the GMTV Bulletins. Tim Backshall and reporter John Bevir will become correspondents and Fiona Armstrong will present features for the merged region.

The new reporting team includes Hannah Lomas, Stuart Pollitt, Victoria Hoe, Olivia Richwald, Lee Madan and Kathryn Samson.

ITV is cutting the number of regional news outputs in England and the Scottish borders from 17 to 9.

Taking Shape….


1. North – replacing the North East (North and South) and Border. (Presenters: Pam Royale and Ian Payne)

2. Granada – No change.

3. Yorkshire – replacing Yorkshire (North and South) and part of the current Central East region.

4. Wales – No change.

5. Central – Central West, and the remaining part of the Central East region merging.

6. Anglia – both East and West merging. (Presenters: Becky Jago and Jonathan Wills)

7. South West – Merging the West and Westcountry.

8. Meridian – Merging Meridian East, Meridian South and Thames Valley regions.

9. London – No change.

planned ITV Regional News map

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  • Rajan Chavda

    I think that the ITV region cut down is ridiculous.
    The ITV regional news on average gains 17% more views than the BBC regional news, which will reflect on itv’s and ofcoms descision.

  • Sam Holmes

    I think Ian Payne and Pam Royal have the credentials and experience that makes them the best for the new ,more demanding region size.

  • zia namooya

    does this mean that news presenting is not the most desired route as a career?

  • Rajan Chavda


  • andrew james wellings

    well they were great viewing here in the tyne tees north region they were husband and wife screen partners and they always had a giggle and a laugh tyne tees seem to be changing their formats too much its a shame that they are doing away with their North/South region outputs thats why tyne tees was unique from BBC Look North

  • Jack

    QUOTE: “…will cover the whole of the current North East, and Scottish border region”. Erm, does Cumbria not exist then?!

    It won’t *quite* be NO change for Granada – they’ll be gaining the Isle of Man!

    I think you mean it’s Central WEST (not South) and Central East that are merging! (Apart from anything else, there is no Central South amymore!)


  • Claire Steed

    That’s it for me then, I won’t be watching any more, this is just plain ludicrous. Jonathan & Pip are very capable, professional and dedicated presenters (regardless of the size of the region for goodness sake!!). Their style is unparallelled in broadcasting and I should know, I live in an area where we have what can only be described as cardboard cutouts for regional news presenters, their so called ‘humour’ is forced and stiff and it’s dreadful to watch – so I don’t anymore. I was delighted then to find North East Tonight with Jon & Pip, it was a huge breath of fresh air to see them presenting, their style cannot be learned or taught, it is natural and warm.

    I think the management have severly damaged this station’s reputation by losing the best presenting team they ever had! To have two people whose onscreen chemistry works so well is just plain stupid and as far as I can tell, the managaement must want to lose viewers and have set about doing so … I’m not the only one to defect to the BBC and Look North (at least they KNOW the value of their presenters and keep them).

    Sorry to those who may disagree, but North East Tonight for me is finished!

  • Euan

    After 42 years of being a Loyal IBA/ITV Viewer who constantly criticised BBC and the TV License fee I am afraid I have to agree that National ITV no longer has any Regional Identity and has killed itself well and truly. No more TTTV, Yorkshire, STV, Grampian, never mind all the ones that disappeared before. I am now a Radio man where I can get local humour and news from Smooth Radio. A Sad farewell to Mr Morrell?????ITV?s loss.

  • Christine

    Have been wondering since Christmas what had happened to North East Tonight…….what a mess it is…..the two best presenters are gone – admittedly Phillipa is now doing the weather and how uncomfortable she looks, she is worth better. And as for Jonathan….they don’t know what they had until it was gone…..good luck

  • KATE

    Jonathan Morrell and Philippa Tomson were very charismatic and worked very well together. They were the king and queen of our regional television and will never be forgotten and will be sadly missed. They provided much need happiness and joy when all around us there is so much doom, gloom and misery. Because of cooperate greed, decadence, high bonus culture and cost cutting they are no longer part of our lives anymore.SHAME ON YOU ALL!

  • Euan

    DOes anyone know what happened to Mark Wark? Presenter on GMTV for TTTV Breakfast news and morning bulletins?

  • This is Drew

    Jonathan Morrell can still be heard on Century FM, 10:00-14:00 weekdays.

    Mark Warr, GMTV bulletins presenter will be replaced by ITV Border’s Helen Pearson when the new service starts. I don’t know whether he has been made redundant, taking voluntary redundancy to go freelance, or is continuing as a reporter?

  • This is Drew

    Jonathan can be heard on Century FM from 9am-12pm now.

    Mark Warr presented his last bulletin on 24 Feb 2009 and said goodbye.

  • James

    According to Mark’s facebook, he was made redundant. There is now an e-mail campaign in the local press and radio to have him reinstated.

  • Isabel Panting

    Things are not the same without Jonathan Morrell&Philippa Tomson. I miss their witty banter and sense of humour. Bring back the dynamic duo or I shall be switching over!!

  • Ben

    Jonathan Morrell was a national quality news presenter with superb vocal delivery. I’ve seen him on Sky News before.

    I remember Ian Payne as a sports reporter on TTTV news in the late 90s, and that he had some very real problems when speaking live on camera, in that his mouth used to dry up leading to a very noticable prolonged pause at the end of every sentence as he swallowed. Pam’s a Tyne Tees stalwart going back to “Northern Life” (& beyond?), but I’m not a fan of Ian.

    It’s very odd watching reports from towns in north of Cumbria, when I remember the Teesside opt-outs broadcast from Billingham! Now THAT was a local news service.

  • Barbara

    I thoroughly enjoyed the programme with Pip and Jonathan they had such a good working chemistry and cheered me up no end, its not the same now and we don’t watch as often. Pam and Ian are ok but Pams constant wearing of purple annoys me every time I switch on.

  • James

    It shows the idiots that run ITV Local News in the North East, when they drop their best asset. I am talking about the axing of Philippa Tomson from the Local News Bulletin.

    If you only knew the North East Population you are supposed to be serving, you would realise that Philippa is cherished by the Viewers! She is the typical Girl Next Door, up here in the North East. She is clever, knowledgeable about local issues and areas, witty, has a smile to die for, and is the prettiest presenter on the ITV network!

    Perhaps you would be best advised to offer your resignations!