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Sky News in HD

sky-election-2008-sting-0001Sky News is set to broadcast its coverage of Barrack Obama’s Inauguration as U.S. president on 20th January 2009 in High Definition.

The broadcast will playout on Sky Arts HD (EPG 258) from 5pm. The SD version can be seen on Sky News, Sky Arts 1 and Sky Arts 2.

The coverage will be presented by Jeremy Thompson and Adam Boulton.

Updated: Friday 5 December 2008

Sky News scraped its standard definition graphics this morning. The SD version of the channel is now using the HD designed graphics, which includes a single line text graphic rather than a two-lined block graphic. Also, the on-screen graphics are now being broadcast in a…

With the Papal conclave meeting in a bid to elect the new Pope, Sky News will feature special HD side panels with a live shot of the Sistine chapel chimney. The colour of the smoke coming from the chimney indicates whether a new Pope has…

Sky has entered into a multi-year agreement with Modern Times Group (MTG), parent company of European pay TV operator Viasat, that will see Sky Sports News HD distributed exclusively to sports fans in the Nordic and Baltic regions. From the end of February 2013, MTG…

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Sky News Promo – HD Side Panels

  • Um, can anyone tell me how an inauguration is related to arts & why is it simulcasted on both Sky Arts 1 & 2? I understand the HD reason, but it shouldn’t need to be simulcasted on four channels at the same time?