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The West Country Tonight


ITV’s Regional news replacement for The West Tonight and WestCountry Live, will broadcast at 6pm every weeknight from Monday 16th February 2009.

The West Country Tonight will be presented by current West Tonight presenters Lisa Aziz and Steve Scott.

The bulletin will cover seven counties in the West of England and will include at least 15 minutes of dedicated news in each of the ITV West and ITV Westcountry regions.

An Ofcom statement said: “West and Westcountry areas will be served by a single regional main weekday news bulletin, containing variations of 15 minutes for each of the West and Westcountry areas, and by a separate nine minute bulletin after News at Ten.”

23Lisa Aziz said: “I’m thrilled to bits. I love my job and I’m really excited to be giving the important news to our viewers and getting out and about in the Westcountry.”

Westcountry Live Presenters Richard Bath and Alexis Bowater are being made redundant. Jemma Woodman and Julie Fisher will also be departing from the news.

The ITV Westcountry headquarters in Plymouth will close shortly and merge with ITV West in Bristol.

Updated: Wednesday 11 February 2009

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  • David curtis

    The program is awful. We are not interested in Plymouth Argyle and we only get 7 seconds of Bristol Rovers news. The program is poor and I am not interested in Devon,Exeter and especially Yeovil Town. Bristol news only please.

  • Mark

    Likewise, living in Penzance I’m not interested in Bristol Rovers (or Yeovil Town either :-) ) Agree the program is awful, I think it concentrated more on Cornwall and Devon on it’s initial program to try to show it’s not going to change now they’ve shut the Plymouth Studios and moved all Cornwall operations to Bristol, but it has, No offence to the presenters but the show was really bland and sterile. They are serving too big an area and, as a result, serving nobody.

    Bad idea and bad move that, I think, will eventually drive people from the two ITV regions to watch their own BBC regional programs and lose ITV local advertising revenue. ITV has never been the same since all the merging they did in the 1990’s.

  • Richard Deacon

    What have you done, this program tries to cover too much of the country and fails miseribly. How anyone can think that someone in st Ives wouls be remotly interested in a story from Bristol is beyond me. It’s about time that you owned up to the blunder and give us back our own presenters and reporters with a program about the West Country, which is from Dorset/Summerset down.

  • Anonymous

    Rubbish I have switched to BBC

  • David from Newquay

    What have ITV done?I do not want to know what is happening in Bristol, and to only have 15 mins of our area per show.
    Well its tragic.For me its time to support fully the BBC news,so Im afraid its goodby from me and I would expect a majority of people in this area feel the same.

  • m wiggin





  • John Stephens

    We are watching The West Country Tonight for the first time and wonder why the presenters tonight, 18th Feb, look so miserable and that there is no apparent rapport between them. The previous presenters for our area, Bideford, from Plymouth were so much more relaxed and watchable. If this continues we will be moving to BBC.
    Not a smile in sight,boring.

  • Scott

    Ignore all the comments. I think “The West Country Tonight” is a a great news programme. The presenters are always great. John Stephens – The presenters DO smile and have a laugh. You probably haven’t noticed. People saying “we don’t want to hear news from Bristol” – well tough, we have to hear news which happens in Cornwall and I’m sure some Bristolians won’t want to.

  • Scott

    Also, on the picture saying “The West Tonight”, underneath, it says “Best regional news programme” which is true.

    If any of the ITV West presenters are looking at this, Well Done for a great news programme and feel proud of yourselves – you are funny, and read the news incredibly well.

    ITV West team – 10 out of 10 ;)

  • Dani Hamilton

    I’m writing to say how very disappointment and dissatisfied with the new The West Country Tonight programme. I live in St. Austell, I really don’t want to hear about what’s happening in West Sommerset, Paignton or even Wiltshire!!!!! There is very little news that’s near to me.
    Frankly, I feel the change over is a waste of time viewing and I hate to say I’m considering switching to BBC1 Spotlight News, at least that still local and relevant to me
    What have you done to our local service?????? well I’ll tell you you’ve butchered it to death!

  • alex

    This is obviously a cost cutting excersise. Living in Wilts I dont care whats happening in Devon or Cornwall, and suspect they dont want to hear about Wilts. Whats happening with the sport? I hope I dont have to hear about Argyle/Torquay or Exeter, no offence, just not interested!!

  • Anne

    West Country Tonight is awful, you got rid of the best reporter in the west, Richard, he knew what he was doing. I am not interested in what is happening in Bristol etc. From now on I will be watching BBC news and Spotlight, at least they keep us informed. The area is too big to be covered by one station, and ITV will lose a lot of viewers.

  • Dave

    West Country Tonight not interested any more. I am now switching to BBC News

  • Pauline Johns

    Hi I think the new show is excellant But tell Lisa Aziz to smile as though she means it when she does!!!!!!!!

  • kevin dusting

    Bland,amateur, dreary, disinterested presenters purveying news from too disparate an area. The whole point of local news is to be local. I’ve watched ITV local news since moving to Devon many years ago…… longer i’m afraid. Disastrous…what a shame for the previous excellent team.

  • Phil

    I can’t believe this, didn’t quite click what was going on straight away as it’s the same presenting team as The West tonight. They could of at least got rid of the smug cow that presents it! Somewhere like Plymouth is about 150 miles away from where I live in Gloucestershire, how can they be covered by the same “regional” news? All will happen people in towns in both regions will suffer from lack of coverage as there’s only so much you can cover.

  • Barry

    I have to agree with most of the negative comments about West Country Tonight, the programme is a real let down after watching Westcountry Live. The programme does not seem to cover much around the Exeter, East Devon, Mid Devon or West Devon areas. The presenters were always cheerful on the old show, not any more.

  • Jacqui

    Bring back Richard and the team, the presenters who resemble a couple of stuffed shirts look so miserable, especially Lisa Aziz who looks as though a smile would kill her and, why does she have to shout when she talks? Where’s the local news gone for Cornwall then? We will be moving to BBC without a doubt. Whoever thought of this set up hasn’t got a clue. Bring back the proffessional team at least they were human!

  • George Hardie

    Can we please have two live presenters instead of the present two wooden images?
    I was under the misaprehension that this was going to be a live programme.

  • Thelma

    I think its depressing watching this programme, we dont get anywhere near the amount of local news that we used to. Used to love it when we went to our 4 different news rooms for the news that was relevant to us. I really miss Richard and the team and not even sure if the Lisa Aziz knows how to smile, no personality comes over at all. I for one am now going over to Spotlight on the BBC along with friends and family, so your cost cutting is probably going to cost you money with reduced viewing numbers.

  • Kernow-Loz

    I am watching this for the first time today… what a disappointment…. The presenters look and sound bored, (which is not surprising as I am bored by it too….) Have they been instructed not to smile?? What a dramatic change from the Westcountry Live presenters, who always seemed to be enjoying themselves.

    I have no interest whatsoever in other counties news , sport or weather and it’s just very, very bland.

    I will make the most of my TV licence fee and change over to the BBC from now on.

  • Mick

    Disappointed with the new news format. There is no ‘local’ news (we used to have local news from Truro which was relevant to us) and the text service is rubbish… It was never great with most news being from Devon, but now it’s not worth looking at.

    Like others here, I won’t be tuning in again.

  • Terry Bell

    We are really disappointed with this new programme. 70% of the news is on Devon & Cornwall. I think somewhere along the line they must have forgotten where Swindon and its surrounding villages are. They didn’t even show the weather for that area this morning which is something i have always watched, (Oh! but they did for Devon & Cornwall). I wonder if they will remember where WOOTTON BASSETT is the next time we have one of our brave boys returned or will that evening be about Cornwall to. Never mind there’s always the BBC.

    Get it right the west country tonight or you will be losing your viewers!!!!!

  • Alison

    I agree with most of the comments above obviously cost cutting that will only have an even more negative impact i.e. the less people watch the less likely there will even be a regional news programme, if you can call that big an area regional. There is also very little news coverage as most of the programme consists of random features that have little interest to the majority of viewers as it has no relevance to their locality. There is also an obsession on the part of the reporters to get their face in at every possible opportunity which loses the true meaning of the story. The start of the programme goes straight into a feature, what about the news that’s why people watch a ‘news programme’



  • Lionel

    What is ITV playing at i will tune to BBC1 West at lest i get 25 mins of LOCIAL NEWS!. I live in the west 15miles from ITV West Studio.And 121miles from ITV West Country in Plymouth We want more time on our locial news not Devon Cornwall Dorset,Bring back the old style of ITV regions.

  • Mark

    “Westcontry Live” and “The West tonight” were both snappy titles…. “The West Country Tonight” just sounds like one word too many, probably “The” could go, if I’m perfectly honest.

    They could have maintained two separate programs and just merged the studios to Bristol, that would have been a better solution, even if the Westcountry part was recorded half an hour before transmission, it would be better than what we have at the moment. Rename them ‘The West Tonight’ and ‘Westcountry Half an hour ago’ :-)

    I think this show is only funded for a further year, eventually ITV local news will be phased out altogether and there will just be Spotlight (which to be honest I’ve switched to), I guess that’s why the presenters look a little unenthusiastic and robotic. Just going through the motions, is it time to go home yet ?

  • mike

    News from Bristol: “Some bint with huge bazongas was so upset at being told she was tone deaf moved abroad for 6 months but now she’s back with her first single……” *Cue groans and another even more tone-deaf (thankfully 6 second performance) tune.

    News from Devon: “Ahrrr bess has had a Calf….” *Cue Village Fete and bells.

    You just cant win! Yeah condense it all, quickly…

  • harold doonan

    once agin weymouth & portland lose out, since the new show we haven’t been mentioned, I don’t want to here about bristol or swindon lets have local news, everybody I’ve spoken to agrees, if it carries on I will be going over to bbc south and so will a lot more the area is far to big.
    I wonder what person dreamt this up what he wants is the sack.

  • jo allnutt

    I have watched the new west country news. It is rubbish and the presenters are wooden and not at all interesting.
    Please bring back Richard Bath who is the most natural and happy presenter on t.v.
    Having always watched West Country I now find myself watching Spotlight

  • Graham Andrews

    As a recently retired newspaper journalist, with 47 years in the reporting/subbing game, I believe I can offer an objective opinion of The West Country Tonight.
    If I were living in Bristol, Gloucestershire or Wiltshire, I’d be utterly peeved at the lack of “local” news. The opening seven episodes have clearly given Devon and Cornwall, and to a lesser extent Somerset and Dorset, the major bites of the news cherries. I enjoyed the warmth of Richard Bath and Jemma Woodman (not to be found with Lisa and Steve) and the fact that the former presenters talked TO you not AT you. There is little of the humour of Westcountry Live and it would appear impossible to cover such a monster region in a mere 30 minutes. The so-called Close Up seems a total waste of time. To lump Penzance with Pewsey and Salcombe with Stroud seems barmy in the extreme. I have never warmed to BBC Spotlight’s snooty and stuffy format but at least it now “appears” far more local than ITV’s revamped offering. If enough viewers protest perhaps the ITV hatchet men will restore WestCountry Live to its rightful place. To kill it off was a disgrace.


    i don’t like the new look to our reginal news.I would rather
    have westcountry live in Plymouth.we miss Richard Bath and Gemma Woodman those two were a joy to watch they knew about the westcountry.Also Kate Reeves was a laugh.the rest of the former westcountry news veiwers will switch to BBC Spotlight.So place take off westcountry tonight replace it westcountry live with our old faces.otherwise people will off itv

  • George

    Devon and Cornwall have lost in a major way. Richard and Alexis, Jemma and Julie, Kate and the rest showed on screen that they lived in and loved our region and reflected our views. It’s a shame and a loss

  • Danny

    I have to agree with most of the comments expressed about the “new” Westcountry Live programme, in that there is very little going for it. I am from Plymouth and it totally lacks any warmth that was there in the old programme also people from the Bristol area are simply not interested in what goes on here in Devon and vice versa. This programme is trying to do too much and failing miserably. We have been sold a pup!

  • Graham Andrews

    One more comment from me – has TWCT forgotten there is a senior near-Football League club in the South West. It is called Torquay United – T-O-R-Q-U-A-Y – which, apparently, no longer exists in the station’s eyes. No mention on Saturday, no mention tonight, more an overly long filming of Yeovil Town.
    I really didn’t think the programme’s sports coverage could deteriorate further. But with so many League clubs competing in a disproportionately “local” area the Torquays of this world stand little chance of making the screen. Swindon and the Bristols? Sorry, it just ain’t cricket for the “real” West Country that is Devon, Cornwall and West Somerset and Dorset. Our minds are made up – Spotlight’s gain is TWCT’s loss from now on in our house.

  • Scott

    I’ve changed my mind actually. Too much news about Devon and Cornwall which I don’t want to know – On “The West Country Today” during GMTV – where’s the news on Bristol? Also half way through the main programme and during The West Country Today, the Clifton Suspension Bridge goes and some horrible green/blue background appears. Why not have something which symbolises the West and the West Country?

    Even though Lisa Aziz and Steve Scott are great funny presenters who deliver the news well, I think I may start to watch BBC Points West a lot more than usual – with again funny presenters who deliver the news well – Alex Lovell and David Garmston! (It’s just great that the TV Licence fee goes to the BBC so that won’t mean any cut-down on BBC Regional News programmes!

    BBC = Brilliant Broadcasting Company
    ITV = Idiotic (news on) TV

  • Jason

    Bring back Westcountry Live – it was local and just what we needed. Get rid of West Country Tonight, the area it trys to cover is too lrage and the programme fails. Stop cost cutting from the west and give us Westcountry Live back again!

  • Barbara

    What a disappointment the new show is – that Lisa Aziz always looks as if she has a bad smell under her nose. Bring back the cheerful and funny presenters from before. BBC here I come.

  • harry clarke

    what has happened to jed pitman? he does not appear to be part of your new team, mores the pity.

  • Dave

    Will be interesting to find out the viewing figures for BBC Points West and BBC Spotlight, after the changes to ITV West and Westcountry.

  • Ann

    Westcountry Tonight is terrible.The presenters need to relax and perhaps look as they enjoy their job.The programme is trying to cover too bigger an area. It has lost it friendly touch.The best programme last week was on Friday With Clare Manning and Bob Cruwys they are very good presenters.

  • John hoare

    Im sorry but after two weeks of “The west country tonight” I can watch no more. A loyal supporter of West Country Live for many y ears giving excellent coverage of news around our region(Devon & Cornwall) I now have to wait for 15 minutes of news covering our area by reporters who appear to have little or no knowledge of the area. Bring back Richard & Alexis and the rest of the brilliant Westcountry team

  • Sue Taylor

    Absolutely awful, why did ITV have to change a successful format. The new female presenter is just awful, no communication skills whatsoever.

    I am moving over to BBC.

  • Helen Jenkin

    Surely they haven’t lost so much money that they don’t have a single person in Devon or Cornwall that they can check their locations with. To advise us of roadworks causing delays on the A30 between Penzance and Honiton, as they did last week, is completely laughable and pointless!
    And i’m sorry, but i really don’t care what is going on in Bristol as i’m sure people there don’t worry about events in Truro, that’s 200 miles away. Local – not any more!

  • Mike

    I have to agree with the majority of the previous posters, The Westcountry Tonight is abysmal compared with Westcountry Live which had a great format covering local news with presenters who seemed more like friends and who had an obvious interest in the stories they covered. Richard Bath was a great anchor, warm and always appearing to be interested in the various elements of the programme. I never watched the Bristol evening programme but I suspect their viewers are just as dissatisfied by this appalling cost cutting measure which has only served to alienate viewers from all counties.

    I remember when this plan was first announced and we saw Westcountry TV’s Jane McClosky assuring us that it was a great idea and would benefit everyone – then some time later I saw who the new boss of the newly merged Bristol based creation was – what a surprise – it was her!!!!! (Not that she would have been at all biased of course!)

    The final straw for me is the intensly annoying programme logo that now appears throughout the progreamme bottom left of screen.

    Considering these logos are cited as one of the most complained about aspects of television it’s just adding insult to injury to have another one. I KNOW what I am watching and don’t need a ********* logo to tell me.

    Like many others I will be watching BBC South West in future – at least it’s local and the presenters and reporters are friendly AND interested in the stories they report!!!!

  • Brizzle

    She won’t think it was such a great idea when all the viewers have turned over to BBC Local news and Michael Grade pulls out of regional news completely next year leaving her with a “thanks for all your hard work” here’s your P45.

  • Daryn

    This whole debate is quite interesting.

    I note that many of you miss the warmth that was ITV Westcountry Live. Having been brought up near Tavistock with Westward TV, TSW then Westcountry I have to agree.

    I now live on the eastern edge of the new TV region in Gloucestershire. No one has commented in the former HTV region about this in regards to the former ITV West Tonight show format. Prior to this change this too lacked the warmth that was displayed in Westcountry Live and it predecessors by its presenters.

    This is the single most important fact – it?s a cultural thing, a perception. People south west of the Mendips have a different collective sense of identity, attitude and way of being. I look at what you?re saying in the south west but there?s no conception east of the Mendips as to what this means what so ever!

  • harold doonan

    What a load of rubbish Weymouth & Portland not even mentoined I couldn’t care less about Bristol area, go back to Dorset Devon Cornwall Somerset which is the West Country
    your trying to cover to big an area and in so doing your losing the plot, if things don’t change I shall go to BBC
    but then Im not interested in Southampton area either, because were on the boarder we in Weymouth are the least
    covered, so come on West Country buck up and give us back what we’ve lost

  • paul


  • Quirky

    This is cost cutting at its worst . What a terrible programme .

    You can not even be bothered to send a team to cover the funeral of a soldier who lost his life in Afghanistan . The coverage you showed was of Wotton Basset not Looe his home town .

    Its called respect , and it appears that you have none .

    Shame on you

  • Graham Andrews

    I HAVE now heard it all. Presenter Bob Cruyws reported tonight that Truro was in Cornwall. Yes, folks, in case viewers weren’t too sure, we now know beyond doubt that county town Truro really is in Cornwall. That one word – Cornwall – reinforces everyone’s belief that the reporting area is simply too vast and, because of that, it is necessary to remind viewers in Swindon and Tewkesbury exactly where Truro is. And then we who live in the far west – the real West Country – had to endure 15 minutes of the Cheltenham Festival in GLOUCESTERSHIRE. Holy horses! Not only totally disproportionate to the level of interest but oh so local! Thank heavens I was able to switch over to Spotlight a few minutes later for genuinely local happenings.

  • chris taylor

    As i am from Plymouth I do not give two hoots for Bristol City or Bristol Rovers football clubs. I want my local news to be that …local. I dont want to have segments of news from other regions its pointless, we are not even aware of some of the places you mention in your reports. Who cares about what happens in Wiltshire? or Somerset? . i will tell you…..the people who live there because it is of relevance to them. I am afraid i will also be switching to spotlight. This program is utter rubbish with presenters who know nothing about the areas they are reporting on…… waste of time!!!!!!
    Bring back local news for local people………..simples!!!

  • Marc

    Its a shame that the West Tonight has had to merge with Westcountry, we have lost some good reporters and presenters. Westcountry staff are the most boring people i have ever seen, those from the West keep up the good work, Bob Crampton Lisa Aziz and Steve Scott are the best.
    I admit it is not the same but i am glad we dont have to watch Richard Bath and whoever, its bad enough we still get Kate Reeves and Peter Griffin doing the weather from time to time.

  • S Bailey

    What have you done ? From early morning bulletins to evening news we used to watch knowing what was going on in and around our own area – now we wake up to stories from Cornwall and football coverage that is not our local teams anymore – it looks like you are trying to be everything to everyone and getting it terribly wrong. I’m afraid we will be switching to BBC from now on. Your news seems tokenism with one story to cover each of the old regions rather than anything being meaningful. Gone are the days of local news, travel and sport. Awful.

  • Paul Plymouth

    Sadly after years of watching the ITV local news I have switched to the BBC.

    I just cant stand watching the new program anymore.

    Its boring, and the anchors look like they wish they were somewhere else.

    Richard Bath Jemma Woodman and the other Westcountry team made the news interesting and a pleasure to watch and looked as though they really enjoyed working together.

    Bring back the old news

    What a waste,

  • Pinky

    This gets worse, who was that dopey girl presenter on with blonde hair on this week .I thought the other one was awful but she is just as bad. Have they got rid of grumpy knickers Liza for good?
    Please get this off and lets have a decent programme on in its place. Its obvious you cant do a decent job anymore, so just give up.

    Whoever is in charge of the news in Bristol should be ashamed of what is being made now, I was thinking of writing to them but don’t think they would care less what I thought. – have a look at some old tapes and see what we had before, lively nice presenters, good mix of stories and it had a quality feel about it.

    Can anyone explain why I would be in the slightest bit interested in a post office closing in a village outside Bristol when I live in Devon?

  • Nick Paige

    If Bristol viewers think Bob LIsa and Steve are good presenters they obviously havent watched Westcountry Live.

    We have now had to come a long way down to your levels and standards in local news programmes. You lot must be easily pleased! Down here in Devon (i take it Bristol folk know where that is!!) we had a much livlier news.

    Now they are dull and lifeless, theres no ad libs, no jokes, no interaction a genuine smile would crack their faces and they certainly look like they hate each other ( I heard from an insider in Bristol ITV that they really do despise each other ).

    I can’t see it being on for too much longer anyway as there cant be many people watching it anymore, i bet ITV will cut it again or completely next time theres cutbacks,

  • Marc

    Well you are very much wrong, the presenters do have a laugh (unlike westcountry) i should know i have watched the programme long enough and yes i have watched westcountry live in the past and what a load of rubbish it was.
    I am so glad they kept Lisa and Steve who were obviously thought of as the most suitable presenters

  • Nick Paige

    Or the only ones who were prepared to stay !!!

  • Paul

    I have to agree, locol news should mean that, i think ITV have made a mistake by merging all the stations, the old format was much better i catered for the local area, i live in wiltshire and in the afternoon get the news and weather for devon and corwall, we have to guess ours, PUT IT BACK TO HOW IT WAS, i think they’ll loose a lot of viewers though this ………

  • IAN


  • IAN


  • claire davies

    The Cornwall Hospital piece on infection control. Was it for real? The nurse used her dirty hand to turn on the elbow tap, washed her hands and then must have re-infected her hands in turning the tap off. Clever eh? Am I missing something? What about the next unsuspecting person approaching that hand basin?

  • des radwell

    Your West Country news is a joke now, you have chopped off Cornwall, guess you need a good compass to show the direction of Cornwall and Devon.
    You get rid of Richard Bath and Alexis and Jemma, and they were a pleasure to see every evening, and at least they were human.
    Your news broadcasters now look so stiff and starchy, you have certainly driven me to switch over to BBC. Who was the bright spark who came up with this labour saving idea?

  • bill glen

    just watched west country today, what a joke, who decided Peter Rowell was first choice? he clearly hasnt got a clue about presenting, and we lost good news readers to make way for him. And with the regard to the item featured today about the proposed incinerator the reporter based in Truro stood there with his hands in his pockets swaying around whilst he spoke!! get a grip west country and give us back our decent reporters.

  • michelle

    They wont bring back anything or anyone as they have closed the studios in Plymouth and made the vast majority of the staff redundant. Theres only a few left down here now as ITV West at Bristol is where all the jobs were kept,thats why we have the presenters from up there, even though they are really poor.

    Spotlight was never my choice but its where I go now to catch up with “local” news. I dont want to know about Bristol in my local news as its too far away to be of interest. If anything happened up there of any importance it would be on the national news.

  • Sylvia

    I’m afraid that more and more people are turning to BBC, we want local news, not a 5 minute slot if we are lucky. We have national news and if anything is newsworthy it will appear there. If the studios in Plymouth were closed then Bristol will follow if the viewing figures fall – and they will! At least on the BBC they are local, friendly presenters who care about the region and know how to pronounce the place names.

  • charlie

    They probably think we are all yokels who didn’t notice that 1/2 the news is now recorded earlier in the day hence the clumsy close up and change of background after 15 mins.

    BBC is not great but all we have got now

  • david

    i have never seen so much rubbish as west country tonight . how ever tonight are okd friends clair manning and bob crews great just like old times. I wont be tuning in again stick to spotlight fronm now on. you got rid of some of the best presenters on tv. what idiot thought of changing it?

  • Sandra E Andrews, Devon

    Sport sport sport – and still more sport. It seems to be taking over West Country Tonight, especially on Mondays. I don’t want to know how Bristol City or Swindon Town got on. I want local news read by top quality presenters like Richard and Jemma. Lisa Aziz simply doesn’t look well groomed and needs to learn the basics of how to communicate with viewers. Surely it’s time the Big Bosses sat up and took note of all these critical – but accurate – reactions.

  • Marc

    If they did’nt think Lisa was capable they would’nt have chosen her to present the programme

  • andy thompson

    I have to admit that(Having a caravan in west dorset)i new this would be the reaction from westcountry live viewers,i’m in the west area and hardly ever watch Azis and Scott and prefered to watch BBC points west.Although i have to admit to being a fan of Jed Pitman and i wonder what has happened to this funny sports presenter/fan

  • Jan Cross

    What a joy it was last Friday to have Claire and Bob present the local news programme. Great to see enthusiasm, interest and knowledge so well portrayed. Normally it is very flat. Where have all the South West presenters gone? The only thing missing is more North Devon news, particularly of the positive type.

  • michael mclean

    what a load of rubbish west country is,nothing for us that live in the penwith area. bring back the old program.who wants to know about bristol

  • Meggzie Wallis

    Really nice to see Jemma Woodman on Spotlight for the BBC tonight…shame its not on West Country live..sad to see the old show go.

  • Eileen Hale

    I was prompted to write after seeing Gemma Woodman on BBC Spotlight.

    I was an avid fan of Westcountry live until the changes were made. It’s lost all it’s warmth. Gemma and the others made it their own.

    I think a lot of folk have switched to BBC Spotlight. Although, not the same, I find I’m unable to watch Westcountry Live anymore; Spotlight at least has remained unchanged with the same familiar faces. They laugh and joke at the same time as presenting the days news. Something the ITV is sadly lacking with their new presenters.

    Liza especially comes across as very patronising and generally bored stiff.

    I guess it’s all down to money and the recession but a lot of people are switching to Spotlight so I don’t really know what is being achieved.

  • Eileen Hale

    Also, I forgot to mention Richard. Oh so many nice presenters who made even the worse news easier to handle.

    It’s such a shame.

    Bad move ITV.

  • nick paige

    Marc you really aren’t aware of the true facts as to why Azziz is still at West.

    Have a chat with some staff and they’ll put you right.

  • Paul Looe

    I worked away but now i come back and see news has changed.

    Dont like what i see its all stuff from 200 miles away where the local news. Also i dont like presenters either.

    Now i watch bbc from today

  • PiterKokoniz

    Hello !!!! ^_^
    I am Piter Kokoniz. Just want to tell, that I like your blog very much!
    And want to ask you: is this blog your hobby?
    Sorry for my bad english:)
    Thank you:)
    Piter Kokoniz, from Latvia

  • Graham

    So now it’s lizards from Longleat – and these critters don’t even live in the West Country but in Wiltshire (check the atlas!). Lord help the poor TV viewer unless he switches to Spotlightt in exasperation.
    In the shaky world of ITV, was the axing of Westcountry Live the biggest blunder of all? If the TV Masters from On High don’t have the nous or knowledge as to what constitutes an acceptable LOCAL bulletin then they simply don’t deserve to succeed. Too much more of what TWCT is serving up will surely hasten this demise.

  • Richard

    HELP !!!! I have no objection at all to hearing all of the West Country news – I just wish I could get it ! I get The West Country tonight on analogue but not on digital and analogue is going soon. We are Cheltenham, this is the Northermost outpost of the West country but we are Gloucestershire and all I get is the news from Brighton and Southampton on Meridan – it’s driving us around the bend !!
    What’s so difficult about pressing some buttons and restoring us to our area please ??? The BBC can do it, why not ITV ?? a reply would be nice… thanks

  • Sandra Cooper


  • bill

    If no ones told her off for that by now they probably never will.

    Someone tell them to stop overexposing shots on reports and burning everything out and explain to them how to focus and frame shots.

    My 12 year old can film better quality pictures than I saw on many reports last week !!

  • Sue Simmons

    We have tried several times to watch the news. We would like to see local information not Cornwall etc. I expect they get fed up listening to the little bits of Bristol news.

  • jackie ruscoe


  • the metman

    Why not just look at the met office web site or bbc weather rather than wait on the offchance ITV might start providing a decent news and weather – it just aint gonna happen! They record the news programme earlier in the afternoon so can’t be up to date – and you know what the weathers like down here, changes in an instant.

  • Jeff Hick

    I see that tonight even “SENNEN” was spelt incorrectly, evidence of someone not knowing the area?

  • john sleep

    I am sorry that the West Country TV news now comes from Bristol instead of locally in Plymouth. At least care should be taken to spell local place names correctly eg
    Sennen rather than Sennon

  • dick shunry

    No excuse, its sloppy and lazy. If you are not sure of a spelling, either someones name or a place you should check it – basic journalism skills, if they get something so simple wrong how do we know the proper facts of the story have been checked either. Its not a good programme anyway and I don’t watch ITV local news any more but saw it on at someone elses house and thought the same as you.

    Letz hope The West C*ntree Twonite getz itz speling write in the footure.

    The WC tonight has gone down the pan.

  • Marc

    sometimes errors are made everyone has done it even yourself

  • dick shunry

    Correct grammar is particularly important Marc.

    You may want to check the grammar in your statement as its not correct. I just thought I would mention that :-)

    You don’t work for them as a reporter do you?

    Mee – eye nver mak eny mistaykes I orlways cheque mi speling wiv ann ITV dikshunry.

  • Matthew Wallace

    I live In Gloucester, and sometimes we don’t know which ITV programme is doing the news to what area one minute its ITV west and the next ITV Central, i prefer to whats the local BBC Midlands today they cover some of Gloucestershire but mainly the midlands bbc Points west do Parts of South Gloucestershire and Bath and NE Somerset so in all its confusing,, so instead i just watch sky new a multi news channel covering the world and uk for my regional new i just look at the local news paper (the citizen)

  • s norman

    bloody awful now. we see far too much of steve scott. he seems like a carol vorderman or carol smiley, always on telly. You need vibrant fresh young presenters with personalities.

  • Daryn

    I’ve been keeping a fine eye on this thread since February,
    I believe ITV have also been doing the same! In recent weeks I’ve caught broadcasts of the new West Country Tonight program and the other news slots whilst in Cornwall, Devon and Gloucestershire. There appears to be a regional split occurring with more focused news slots featuring the two previous broadcasting areas. It is more distinct than in March (I’m curious to see where the geographic cut off is & were you might be able to view both?). Personally I’d love to see more news from Devon & Cornwall despite living in Gloucestershire. I believe the broadcaster is taking heed of concerns expressed on this forum. Watch what happens, time to get a 12 volt free-view box for the van!

  • simon brackett

    sorry i think it is disgusting that you had nick burrington on your program tonight as he got done by rspca about crualty to animals

  • malcolm wilkes

    I agree with all that don’t like the new local news coverage. It’s clinical with no warmth like we had with the old crew. A major disaster. If only we could bring them all back !!!

  • Cynthia Rose

    I have just watched the news regarding Devon County show and the Dog Section was not even mentioned – we have a large three day dog show and a lot of work goes into its organisation – a mention would be good.

    As Lisa Azis is reporting from the show it would be super to see her at the Dog section as I think she is super

    Cynthia Rose



  • Gill Luckings

    I just had to write and tell how dreadful my husband and I think your programme now is. The presenters look terrible, even sour and bored at times, they cannot deliver lines and stumble over pronounciation. The news has been dumbed down to record levels for ITV and since when was Chepstow the West Country??? For God’s sake wake up and give up back our local programme. We now watch Spotlight which has professional presenters, real news and understand that the West Country does not include Bristol, Gloucestershire or Wiltshire!

  • Angela Mowbray

    How long do we have to put up with Lisa Azis? She looks and sounds bored. The ‘old team’ had such a friendly rapport.
    We too have moved to Spotlight.

  • Scott

    Why are all you West Country people moaning?

    You lot are saying that ITV West don’t give enough news for you – well you do know now that it has been split into 2 regions! We do need news here in Bristol!

    You got some of your West Country presenters back so why moan? – Lisa and Steve do a tremendous job of trying to make a West & East version for the first 15 minutes, and a West Country region news programme with a bit of humor, and professionalism.

    It’s just because it wasn’t broadcast from Plymouth – if it was, you lot wouldn’t keep going on!

    Switch to the BBC – Do you see the presenters having a little chat? – Or at halloween time, do you see them with spiders hanging from the ceiling or cobwebs everywhere? No!

    “ITV 1 – The Brighter Side”

  • westdock

    there its no email for me at this time?

  • jazzie

    Erm maybe we don’t like it because its a far worse service than we had before.

    It now has loads of mistakes in it I even saw Newquay in Cornwall being described as being in Devon and place names are mis pronounced and mis spelt !! Thats not professionalism. What would you think if Bristol was described as being in Berkshire?

    The reports are now too long and repeat a lot of information and seem to be filling time rather than telling the facts and moving on. Some reports have awful pictures and sound now which I think is because they use reporters to film with amateur quality cameras.

    Lisa and Steve – its so obvious that they plainly do not get on with each other, just look at the difference when Claire Manning and Bob Cruwys present. Its not because they are from the old Westcountry Live, its because they are just miles better presenters. Lisa looks bored and miserable and does still look all over the place rather than at the camera like others have mentioned, when she does manage a smile it looks false.

    Spotlight presenters do have the odd chat but they were never big on that anyway. Westcountry Live was always far fresher and livlier than Spotlight and seemed to cater for the younger audience. It doesn’t matter where it comes from just as long as its watchable and accurate which the new service clearly is not.

    Lets hope ITV do what they really want to do and close it down completely soon rather than leaving this underfunded shambles of a regional news programme on air.

    Till then its over to Spotlight for my local news.

    “BBC 1 – The Better Side”

  • Scott

    Whether its Steve Scott, Lisa, Bob or Claire presenting, they do a great job. I hope it is not shut down because you won’t get your fun presenters! You’ll just get the boring dull BBC stuffy regional news! Its not shambles because you get 15 minutes of your news and “Up Close” – you even get the bridge as usual in the background!

    “ITV West – The brighter side”
    “BBC One – The misery side”

  • Scott

    Anyway, I’m sure this applies…

    “The best is in the West (Country)”

  • Marc

    Those at Devon and Cornwall need to stop slagging off our newsteam

  • non emmett

    Why’s that Marc?

    Those “at” Devon and Cornwall are clearly more discerning viewers and are used to a higher standard of production than you Bristol bumpkins can deliver!

  • Terry Enright

    Tonight you reported that SW Water is going to increase prices over the next three years. One of the reasons they give is not authorising a hose-pipe ban for some years. Where have they been on another planet? We have had two of the wettest winters in living memory. The reservoirs must over flowing with water. These monopolies are just taking us all for a ride, like the banks, the petrol companies and all M.P’s. How can we return the whole economy back to a modicum of sense?

  • brian

    They think we are stupid, thats why we get robbed.

    The bad thing is we know its happening but do nothing.

    Reminds me of George Orwells “Animal Farm” MPS are the pigs (how true) and we are the sheep.

    1 house good – 2 homes better (as you can get taxpayers to pay for it)

    Maybe all the rain we had during the winter wasn’t wet enough or wasn’t the right type !

    Didnt SW Water have huge profits? How do they justify any increase, they need to have more competition like they did with Gas etc, at least you can try and shop around.

  • Melanie

    Regarding your article on seagulls they are not a nuisance, me and my boyfriend have never been attacked by them, and the tourists like them. I don’t like to see countless dogs allowed in pubs, cafes, beaches and museums,like it’s the owners god given right to go where they want with the dog, and to let their dog excrete everywhere. I’ve even seen dog excrement on beaches, they are a nuisance, maybe the falcons could be used to chase the dog owners away from the area, and let the rest of us enjoy a clean place to walk around.

  • Steve Averill

    I live in South Somerset and always enjoyed the old West Tonight programme, the contents of which were more relevant to our area than the new format.

    There are some items of interest in the Devon area, being near to us, but although we are supposed to receive 15minutes for each of the old regions, the impression is of more Cornwall and Devon items.

    I would also like to see the old Clifton Suspension Bridge background used alternately with the Tamar bridge.

  • Martin

    I must say I think the new programe is one of the worse I have had the misfortune to watch, the news readers are so life less could they be made of wax? what a shame! I agree with the negative comments already made, as above.
    So come on, it already going wrong do somthing about it!

  • John Pover



  • melanie

    Yet again, the presenters seem to be on some anti seagull witch hunt, with yet another article on the so called menace of these creatures, boring! for goodness sake leave these poor birds alone, they are not a nuisance, and the tourists don’t mind them. Why don’t you concentrate on more serious matters like crime in the region for example. As for the new presenters, I wish you could replace them with some real people and not some shop manequins, they are so wooden i’m surprised I don’t hear them creak. oh and please i also wish they would remove those stupid smirks of their faces.

  • Sue G

    Well …………….. if anyone does bother to read this; thank you for giving Devon such bad press concerning the M5 for holidaymakers. We in Devon have been working hard all winter to get ready for the holiday season. I hate this news and I am particularly furious that you put out this anti-Devon report. The Tourist Board have worked so hard to get people to visit here.
    Luckily we didn’t get any Ilfracombe bad press but then I doubt that you even know where it is. Thanjks for nothing.

  • Scott Curnow

    As a 36yr old proud Cornishman and serviceman from leaving school I had tears in my eyes when the last showing of the proper Westcountry News viewed. As a part of my childhood and life (Westward/TSW etc) it hurts and I find myself tuning more into Spotlight. I also miss Kate Reeves’ cheery outlook on the weather. It saddens me.

  • Scott Curnow

    Pass your replies to ….. I welcome them. ITV should be ashamed as they have sh*t on the Cornishmen and Cornish women.

  • Bristol kid

    To all you people who used to get “West Country Live”:-
    – Kate Reeves does occasionally present the weather.
    – Someone’s last name with Gibson, Mark Tyler, Claire Manning and Bob Cruwys have been presenting “The West Country Tonight”.
    – On one of the weekend bulletins, _____ Gibson was presenting, all news was about the old West Country region, with one piece of news about the old West region, and Kate Reeves was presenting the weather.
    – It’s not ITV West’s fault that you are un-happy, it is the ITV in London’s fault. So would you kindly stop making comments about the “awful” news service – it isn’t awful, and stop making comments about the original ITV West (The West Today/Tonight) presenters – they have not replaced your presenters. E.g. Mark Tyler does the Sports News – it was originally Jed Pitman (who also presented). Laura Sullivan, Peter Rowell, Lisa Aziz, Steve Scott and Ellie Barker are all fantastic presenters, so would you kindly stop saying that they are not up to “your standard”. If you think Lisa Aziz is happy – why can’t Lisa be? At least Lisa brings life to the programme, and if you want to be miserable, go watch the BBC – do you see them ever laughing? (Well you may sometimes, but not all the time!).

  • cornishman

    True it was ITV bosses that decided to slash costs and production values and not Westcountry or West’s fault at all. All the staff fought hard to keep what they had and offered up ways to reduce costs but keep the service very similar but Mr Grade would have none of it. They had their plan and that was to stop making regional news asap. They dont care if its unpopular in fact they’d probably rather it was, that way it gives them more reason to chop it.

    Production values have gone down the pan and lots of mistakes are being made on screen as the new service is done on minimum staff and cheaper equipment as well as having staff cover more roles due to the redundancies they made. Also a lot of the imfrastructure still isnt in place and what there is doesn’t work properly all the time.

    Westcountry presenters are only being used now because of the masses of complaining e mails from viewers regarding the Bristol ones and because Aziz has gone off for “personal reasons” and Scott has started to do ITN so is basically part time – it was never the original plan at all. There were to be no other presenters just Aziz and Scott.

    The new service is only temporary, things will be changing for the worse again very shortly.

  • Bristolian Kid

    To Cornishman,
    Steve Scott hasn’t just started to do ITN because he used to do that when he used to present “The West Tonight”.

    To everyone else…
    – Don’t you think we should make a proper petition/facebook group to get ITV West and ITV Westcountry back? Since the “local region” is meant to cover around 200 miles!! – It’s around 110 miles from Bristol to London – you wouldn’t expect the same programme to be broadcast in the same cities would you?

  • anon


  • fiddleydiddley

    Good riddance, well done ITV.

    Best thing you’ve done since the crappy new programme started.

    What stuff she been accused of fiddling ?

    She should have claimed for some specs so she could see where the bloody camera and autocue was !!! Ha Ha

  • Marc

    Its a total disgrace that Lisa was suspended, shame on the boses for this and i hope it will be resolved soon so we can have her back on screen rather than that clare manning.

  • Alan Knight

    There must be some reason why you include Plymouth but not Falmouth but I would love to know why!!!

  • Alan Knight

    Tide times
    There must be some reason why you include Plymouth but not Falmouth but I would love to know why!!!

  • fiddleydiddley

    Sound quality and the pictures on report of surfing in Newquay was appalling.
    Why are standards so low now, its like home video you see on youve been framed. I listen on a decent sound system and it was the worst Ive heard for some time. Do they not have quality control before reports go out?
    It looked a bit of a cock up too as the presenter didnt even know whose piece it was. He said “cathy wiltshire reports” and then up popped steve hardy. DOH!

  • Scott

    To all those who had ITV Westcountry (Westcountry Live).

    If you think ITV West is not very good, and “appalling” and of a low standard, then why under “The West Tonight” on the picture at the top, does it say “Best Regional News Programme” ?!

    and you lot think that you’re BBC Spotlight is best – well it isn’t, the BBC’s North West Tonight has a best regional news programme thing on their website.

  • paul wright

    West may have been better before the cutbacks as that was when that award was given. It wasn’t given for the combined programme since the change. Dont think that would win any awards!!

    They’ve just left it on screen as it makes them look better but really it has nothing to do with the new programme at all.

    Since the cost cutting it has become a mess and it does show on screen how under resourced, under funded and under staffed it is.

  • Trevor Ley (Devon)

    Wow, has anyone else noticed that the last few weeks have improved,no Liza Aziz!!!It’s nice to see you are using some of ‘OUR’ presenters which makes watching a little more bearable even if we have to watch news from Bristol etc.

  • Liz Evans

    Why does Ellie Barker sit sideways, elbow always resting on the back of that awful sofa, looking like she is sucking lemons?

  • itv west viewer

    Why do all you people from the original ITV Westcountry moan?! If it was filmed in Plymouth, but with ITV West presenters, you would love it!! Just because it’s filmed in Bristol which is “too far” away, you don’t like it!!

    There is nothing wrong with Lisa Aziz, and nothing wrong with any of the ITV West team – if ITV West are “so appalling” then why under The West Tonight picture does it say “Best Regional News Programme” ?!

    You’re old ITV Westcountry presenters can only seem to smile, at least ITV West presenters smile and are professional!! – ITV West presenters must be better than ITV Westcountry because if you may have noticed, Steve Scott is still presenting ITV News in London and has done that for a couple of years I think.

    You don’t see comments on here criticising Bob Cruwys or Claire Manning?! So why are you lot criticising Ellie Barker and Lisa Aziz?

    Also, I’m sure Kate Reeves (ITV Westcountry) used to present on weekend versions of The West Tonight before this merger!! – obviously she wanted to see what it was like on the better news team!

  • bob- ITV West viewer also

    I think the westcountry folk are absolutely right!!!

    I’m from Thornbury near Bristol and I think its got a lot worse since the takeover. I do have to say that I prefer the presenters from Westcountry over Lisa Aziz who I believe from the local press was suspended from the programme for fiddling her expenses! She wont be back on the programme now thank god.

    It doesnt matter where its made its the staff that make the programme and as most of them were made redundant its probably just the younger, cheaper ones with little experience who are left working there, hence the cock ups that appear quite frequently.

    Hopefully the money they save by not employing Awiz will be put into producing a better news service than I currently get.

    I guess you dont see bad comments about the westcountry presenters because they are so much better than what we had before.

    You cant just say people dont like it because its not made in Plymouth anymore, they dont like it because its poor.

    Like the other comment says, the award was not for the new programme so it really shouldnt be there on screen
    at all. I looked it up and westcountry also won awards for their news programme but again that has nothing to do with the new service.

  • ITV West viewer

    Well maybe…


    but, at least it is filmed in Bristol lol ;) But to be honest, the Westcountry presenters who were made redundant looked miserable.

  • bob- ITV West viewer also

    Does anyone who is made redundant look happy about it ???

    That is apart from big bosses who usually cock up a business, get asked to leave and still walk away with millions.

  • ITV West viewer

    I meant before they knew about ITV Westcountry HQ closing.

    Anyway, that ITV London boss didn’t know what he was doing messing up our regional news service!! – It’s 107 or so miles from Bristol to London, and 220+ miles from Gloucester to Lands End. Now, you wouldn’t expect the same news service to broadcast from Bristol to London would you?! – How stupid is that boss mind?! lol

  • bob- ITV West viewer also

    Wonder if her dad was called Bernard !

  • david warr

    I’ve thought now for several months what a hopeless and shoddy programme ‘Westcountry Tonight’ is. How on earth can this dissmal and ameture lot ever hope to grab the viewers
    attention. To mention just one, Steve Scott, he is verry good on National news but dos’nt know the different style required for ‘Local’ news. Bring back Wesley Smith, a true professional, in my opinion. Many topics about Cheltenham that we saw regularly (my home town)now hardly exist, it’s really all about Bristol. How can ITV ‘lOCAL’ be local in such a vast area, I could continue. DJ.Warr. Glos.

  • David Daltrey

    Is it me or are the people presenting this crud completely armature? Its complete bollocks. Who gives a crap about half the rubbish they are talking about. Its totally pointless…….

    Im not being rude im just honest.

    Sort it out you bunch of muppets, im talking to people from production to casting. There is allot more to news that some tosser camping.

  • celica smith

    PLEASE can you explain why, when a report from the internatinal ballon festival was advertised, all we got was a very self promoting bimbo learing from assorted places talking drivel.
    where were the ballons flying?
    we do not want to see and hear about assorted kids and faiground amusements when waiting for a report on a BALLOON festival
    PLEASE can we have a proper reporter next year who can do the job
    thanks lots …for very very little

  • Name

    This may be just a rumor, but I heard from someone that ITV could axe regional news!! as they have had ?100+ Million losses or something.

    Could just be a silly rumor, not definitely sure.

  • basher biff

    It will happen as soon as ITV can get away with it

    It doesnt make money so its going.

    Shame they didnt listen when they thought Friends Reunited was a good idea and everyone in the company thought they were nuts. What a waste of ?145 million pounds.

    They dont deserve to be in business with decisions like that, then moan how much regional news etc costs.
    The management are only looking after themselves with fat pay cheqwues and awarding themselves bonuses for their cock ups.

    ITV will eventually be split up or sold in the near future as it is floundering about doing everthing half haeartedly and losing viewers and advertising revenue by the million.

    About the balloon festival surely you didnt expect decent coverage from “The Westcountry Yesterday Afternoon” did you.

    It was happening live and you know the programme is recorded so early in the afternoon they cant do live or breaking news very well on the day, it was probably all pre shot stuff from the day before or in the morning when they werent flying.

    Far easier to show some kids on a fairground ride and a quick chat with the organiser.

    Waste of time !! Watch the beeb instead.

  • Smudge

    The new programme is dreadful, please bring back the old Westcountry. I never thought I’d say this because I’m very anti the licence fee and the BBC, but I watch the local BBC News now.

  • James

    im from the old westcountry region. I think its great Claire Manning is being used to present the main programme now Liza seems to of gone, Claire was one of the best presenters on the old westcountry live show. Hope she gets the job full time. But can we have more of Kate Reeves doing the weather please instead of Alex, who talks so fast you cant understand what hes saying?!

  • Old West region

    Can ITV West get rid of Mark Tyler from the Westcountry Live? Bring back Jed Pitman!!

    However, Kate Reeves, Claire Manning and Bob Cruwys are fine.

    I’m sure Kate Reeves used to do weekend weather on The West Tonight before all of this merging malarky.

  • John Littleton

    Obviously the decision to merge Westcountry and HTV West was all to do with money.

    It certainly wasn’t anything to do with improving coverage.

    West Country Tonight is without doubt one of the worst
    regional progrannmes I’ve seen.

    Bland, no personality and and absolute disgrace. Some of the srories featured and the way they are filmed and edited are very amateurish. It’s like watching student TV.

    If ITV want viewers to switch over to BBC they’re succeeding because they’re not getting anything else right. Well they’re not with this programme.

  • itvwest viewer

    One thing good about ITV is that the presenters do have little chats more than the BBC’s presenters do.

    Up Close is a load of rubbish – Only says about 1/4 of the stories going.

  • itvwest viewer

    Voice over – “You’re watching The West Country Tonight with presenters who can make you laugh, but on a programme without professional news stories”.

  • Truro Viewer

    Dear ITV,

    When it says in the paper 6 to 6.30 Regional News it should be regional news. That’s why it’s called regional news.

    The programme goes from bad to worse. I’ve now stopped watching because I found the experience dire AND CHATTING TO MY FRIENDS I’M NOT ALONE.

    If you want viewers to return bring back people that made the programme worth watching eg Jeff Welsh, Jemma Woodman.

    You’re obviously not bothered with attracting or for that matter keeping viewers and it clearly shows.

    Money talks how sad……

  • Tim exeter

    Hello People of Cornwall and Devon (the Old TSW Region)

    The West Country Tonight?
    might as well call it South of England Tonight – Complete and utter waste of time

    ITV West preseters are just a waste of space and i’m glad Lisa Aziz had to admit her self to a “private” Hospital because she gets paid ?150,000 to so called present the program ( i mean to be more intrested in whats going on behind the camra then present)
    so glad shes been taken off the air, Make her redundant and pay her off and get rid of the doesy trollip she can crawl back to SKY if she was ment to be such a good presenter!! because i thinks shes alful and not a scratch off the Westcountry Live presenters Richard Bath, Alison John, Alexis Bowater and Jemma Woodman they all rocked!!

    ITV have no respect for its viewers just beacuse ITV Viewers dont pay a licence to watch ITV, ITV’s attitude is we will so what we like, for example at the End of Golden Balls program they waffle on about skankerdale( Emmerdale) and constapation Street (coronation ST) yet they ignore the 6-7 hour nesws slot, they should say
    “next on ITV1 its the ITV Local news followed by ITV evening News” . but no nothing ITV ignore the local news all together not even giving an ident just a program trailer then straight into the news program

    Reading some comments on here im glad im not the only one who feels the same!

    ITV problems started in 1st January 1993 then in 2004 with ITV PLC,

    ITV think they can hide behind the fact of poor advertising and keep using it as an excuse , but ITV have aleienated their viewers, They have over doesed ITV1 with soaps and chavvy programs, Viewers have switched off in their droves, advertisers arent stupid if viewers are switching off they are not gonna be watching their adverts so why advertise on ITV?, alsowhy advertise on a channel that no one has respect for?!
    ITV do need to make some radical changes and its start from management first get rid of the money wasters at the top before sacking the workers that try and keep ITV going
    ITV need to cut back the management pay packets,
    Put people in charge who have common sense with ideas for ITV and who dont waste money on things that are going to go flop and cost the channel millions!!.

    Desolve ITV PLC- as ITV PLC have done nothing to save ITV,

    Re-francise the regions get new companies to bid for regions

    and be more in touch with its viewers and be more open and honest

    and for ITV to put back a Regional service for the South West ie Cornwall and Devon) as ITV West are not serving us down here at all and we are being left out!!

    but ITV will not listen and in 2 years time it will be owned some american company…..
    grrrrr ITV you suck!!!!!!

  • in reply to tim exeter

    Have you not noticed that ITV are trying to cover the whole 200+ miles – not every news story has got to be about the old West or Westcountry areas!! If you watch it in GMTV or at the lunchtime update, there is a balanced number of news articles from each region.

    If Lisa Aziz is “not good” in your opinion, they why did they get rid of Richard Bath & Alexis Bowater?

    Haven’t you noticed that there are Westcountry presenters on there? – Bob Cruwys, Claire Manning & the weather presenter Kate Reeves – whose mainly on weekends.

    Today, there were reports from Steve Hardy & Jonathan Gibson or whoever it is on the main programme after 18:15 when it is broadcast from Gloucester to the end of the country.

    Also, Bristol is not in the South of England. It is in the West of England, so it wouldn’t be called “South of England Tonight” – before, it was called “The West Tonight”.

    You ex-Westcountry Live viewers are only moaning because you haven’t got your presenters on there all the time, and because it isn’t filmed in Plymouth!!

    How dare you say Lisa Aziz was a bad presenter/journalist. She was great – at least she brought some life and laughs into the programme! – Claire Manning has now seemed to have replaced her unless ITV West’s Ellie Barker is on. Alex Beresford & Bob Crampton are also great weather presenters, and there is even the weather on it for you Westcountry viewers. ITV West supply news for you in that 1st half of the programme and more in “UP CLOSE” so don’t say you don’t have news when you do.

    If you’re not happy, go watch BBC Spotlight or whatever it is called – I’m sure on the BBC, you don’t see spiders and cobwebs everywhere when it’s halloween! – I’m sure they may have a little chat, but you don’t see them chat or laugh as much as the ITV West News presenters.

  • Tim exeter

    in your Responce

    “Have you not noticed that ITV are trying to cover the whole 200+ miles – not every news story has got to be about the old West or Westcountry areas!! If you watch it in GMTV or at the lunchtime update, there is a balanced number of news articles from each region.”

    YES I have noticed that they are trying to cover 200+ Miles and NO the News isnt always balanced for both reagions

    Im sure they cannot fit every news story in but instead of 15min pre recored of 3-4 stories that seem to effect Sommerset then the odd Devon and Cornwall story

    they should just pre-record 30 minutes of news for each region and not bother with Mix half way through as im not instrested in some ballon fesitval in Bristol, or someone paddeling to work in Glouster!!! i want to know whats happening where I Live which is in DEVON!

    your comment about Lisa aziz

    “How dare you say Lisa Aziz was a bad presenter/journalist. She was great – at least she brought some life and laughs into the programme!”

    Im sorry my Views on Lisa is that she was cold and an unfriendly presenter when we had to get used to her, when she wasnt reading a news story she would sit there and be looking around the studiooi as if she was bored and unintrested in any of the stories
    also the fact she has had to go into a Private hopsital because shes depressed and shes puttiing in claims against ITV as shes claiming racest, agest, sexest discrimiation!
    shes going over the top and milking it, just get rid of her i say!!

    Sorry her First Impressions were not good and haven taken to her and all this rubbish i got no time for her, shes lucky shes got a job at ITv so she shoudl shut up and get on with it but no…lets get all dramtic!!!
    dont forget the Ex, Westcountry Viwers have had to ajust to a massive unwelcomed change to our region , unlike the ITV West viewers who have nothad much change at all
    you still got the majority of your presenters presenting, the program hasnt had much of a change for you, it mean names had an Extra word added instead of ” the West Tonight” its now “The West Country Tonight”

    U will Stick to the BBC as ITV are just

    “f Lisa Aziz is ?not good? in your opinion, they why did they get rid of Richard Bath & Alexis Bowater? ”

    If i was Richard or Alexis who ahd to reapply for the job and then if they got it who would want to travel upto Bristol a 200+ mile drive each day on a daily basis when they only had to drive to Plymouth!? i would be insulted

    Lets turn it on its head shall we!?

    If ITV decided that they were going to close the ITV West Studios in bristol and move everything To Plymouth, i bet you the shoes would be on the other Foot and the ITV West would be moaning at the changes,

  • Tim exeter

    Im Sorry
    but the ITV West region have had to deal with much change, you had the same main news presenters from when it was
    The West Tonight to teh The West Country Tonight
    teh name hasnt changed much just added teh Country bit tio it

    we here in the Wesctountry region have had to addjust to a massive change and its for the Worst, if the change had been for the better then maybe there wouldnt be so much anger and Upset

    as for Lisia Aziz

    i stick by my comments
    she was cold bored dull presenter when we first had her on our screens, and when she wasnt reading the news she would be more intrested in hwat was happening around the studio and pulling stupid faces to people behind the scenes which showed how unintrested she was,
    as i say ITV should just pay her off and get rid of her as she hasnt given me a good reason to be on the program…

    yes i have also Notices they are trying to cover 200+ as most new stories are somerset, dorset and east wards, Devon and cornwall get the odd mention

    you ITV West viewers wouldnt be happy if the Brisol Studios had closed and all relocated to Plymouth and the program called “The Westcountry Live Tonight” with Richard Bath and Alexis Bowater presenting, you want your prsenters on there and if the majority of the stories were from Cornwall or devon you be in Uproar

    so i suggest you shut up and if we QWESTCOUNTRY viewers arnt happy then let us have our say as no one seems to give a dam about the far south West we have to put in the Carlton branding since 1999 and now get our News from Bristol we have a right to be Angry!!!!

  • Marc

    Bring back Lisa Aziz and NOW

  • Tim exeter

    I justhave just read ALL the Commnets on here and not many possitive comment about Lisa Aziz ( surprise surprise)

    shes cold:
    stuck up
    fake smiles
    always looking aelse where around the studio than at the camra

    thank god ITV got rid of her !!!

    as for this Westcoutry /West Battle that we are moaning,
    like l said yes we are upset we had had to loose alot
    but if the new format was upto scratch maybe there woudlnt be as many complaints about the program or presenters!!!

    Im sure you ITV West Viewers cant see why we are so Up set because you havent had much changes to deal with and if your used to piss poor presenting with Lisa Aziz then why would see the bad side of them i

    Richard Bath and jemma Woodman were a great Mix, Alexis was good too, but she did mess up from time to time on Westcountry Live i also think they should Bring back Alsion Johns as her and Richard defo had a great relationship when they presented together! but hey hoo things change

    but the moral of this is that the West Country tonight is a load of old Bollocks
    its trying to serve people from 200+ miles Strecth who all have different views and not intrested in stories that are no where near them simples!!!

    i will say one possitive thing, and that its not the presenters faults they are trying their best but sadly their best just isnt working or good enough

    get rid of the management in London and save money that way and if things are going to have to change again in the future then take note of peoples comments now and try some how to make what ever changes are needs so that people get decent News where ever they Live!!!!!!

  • sarah

    Well im form the old HTV but moved the the south devon coast a few years ago, and i think both regions have had to suffer, though i do feel more sorry for the Westcountry Viewers as they have lost the most,

    but like some other have said its not the presenters faults or even itv wests faults its ITV in teh big smoke who have caused this joek of a program

    i the the ITV West viewers should count them selves lucky and stick yp for the Westcountry viewers as on a hole the new format is a joke
    why they have that stupid backround halkway through the program? and what is Upclose? its pointless news

    its a sad day fot ITV but i fear thsi is what ITV want so then when they do decide to scrap it no one will care as whats on offre now is a joke
    ITV really need to be pulled up on this an the goverment take action , but they have no balls and ofcom and a waste of space….
    RIP HTV News and Westcountry Live

    The West Country Tonight is a sad sad sad state of affairs


  • Tim Hooper -Devon

    the new format is naff and its really is badly put togther, i watched it one night this week and they had realy bad sound problems with squeels,i had to laugh was soo…its sad though i mean Westcountry Live used to be a great program when we had 60 mins but teh last few years the program took a bit of a dive with qualty , but was still local and kept in touch with its viwers and im sure itv west were the same for their viewers,
    if u want local u have to wacth teh bbc weather you want to or not, good job Spotlight is a good program…:-)

    also i read a comment that should set up a facebook group well there is one:
    Bring Back Regional ITV
    is the link!topic=10235&uid=19363681454#/group.php?gid=19363681454

    is the link

    there 2000+ Members of the group who all feel the same so why not join and the more people the bigger the voice!!

  • June Patterson

    Can anyone explain why they got rid of Jeff Welch ?
    I thought he was great.

    As for the programme well 95 percent of my friends that used to watch it, now don’t. Such a pity

  • basher biff

    I think poor Marc has a thing for Liza Aziz (AKA the fiddler)

    They didnt get rid of old Westcountry presenters they simply didnt want to work on the new programme (like a lot of the staff in Westcountry) hence the fiddler and steve scott stayed on.

    Very true she is milking the discrimination thing for all shes worth as if she has read any of these comments she must have known her days were numbered, thats if ITV could afford to pay her off. How convenient they found some expenses had been fiddled by her they must have thought it was xmas, finding a way to get rid was probably just hat they wanted.

    The programme will dissappear when ITV can get out of its commitment (not that it has a lot of commitment) to regional news.

    Joining groups and petitions wont have any effect whatsoever as ITV couldnt care less about the regional output anymore and has been allowed by OFCOM to do exactly as it wishes.

    Moral of the staff involved in the new programme is very low and it shows.

  • Tim exeter

    Liza Aziz (AKA the fiddler) i love it haha

  • Tim exeter

    Tonights Top News Story

    Plymouth bid to Host the fooyball world Cup in 2018
    a great story and a story ITV would of Cringed at
    as after the report they intreviewed somone at Plymouth football club and Simon said but Bristol are biding as well and the chap said ,
    well let bristol bid and let plymouth bid theres 120 odd miles apart from Plymouth and bristol

    indeed there is and let Plymouth have its own ITV tooo!!!!!

  • Graham, North Devon

    HOW reassuring to hear Simon Clemison telling us this week that Plymouth is in Devon. And there was I thinking it was in Gloucestershire or that other so-called West Country county Wiltshire. Well, to hear a sentence ending as “Plymouth in Devon” is enough to make you wilt!
    On a serious note, it shows just how Clemison and the diagonally-seated Ellie Barker simply cannot square up to Richard Bath and Jemma Woodman, whose professionalism and personalities shone through day after day.
    Incidentally, why are your bloggers (especially Tim from Exeter) the worst spellers and purveyors of grammar this side of Chipping Sodbury? “ITV would of crnged at . . . ” and “Bristol are biding . . . ” are just two diabolical examples of sloppy writing.

  • in reply to tim exeter

    Not my fault ITV didn’t want to film it in Plymouth is it? – Probably because Bristol is a bigger city and because there are also other programmes which are filmed there like Deal Or No Deal, also, Brainteaser on FIVE was originally filmed in Bristol.

    In my opinion, and quite a lot of people’s opinions, there was nothing wrong with Lisa Aziz. If you watch Westcountry Live on YouTube or on this website, the presenters don’t look that happy!!

    Also, it’s not just the old Westcountry region suffering, to be honest, I don’t want to hear about the Plymouth Argyle or whatever they’re called.

    There is one good thing which has happened in this merge. ITV kept Steve Scott, and when she was on, Lisa Aziz. Although Claire Manning is fine, I’d prefer Lisa Aziz as she was fun and a great presenter – even if she did “look around everywhere” – it was still all good.

    One of the ITV West reporters who is still reporting on the programme said on one of the reports after 18:15, “name, place, for The West Tonight” hehe.

    I actually thought about that – creating two half-hour programmes, or I thought about ITV just re-naming the first 15 minutes of the programme back to “The West Tonight” or “Westcountry Live”.

  • in reply to tim exeter

    also, jed pitman (the ex-ITV West sports reporter/”The West Tonight” presenter) has now gone to Original Bristol fm, and he was a legend! Now we’re stuck with Mark Tyler who never seems to be on anymore anyway.

    Also, Do you think that Claire Manning has to drive all the way from Cornwall to Bristol everyday?



  • in reply to Daniel Hosking

    They don’t have that tamar bridge in the background after 18:15 because that’s when it’s broadcast to the whole of the Westcountry, and having that bridge won’t be fair on us ITV West lot because we usually have the suspension bridge.

    to solve the presenters, I think there should always be an ITV West presenter (Steve Scott) and ITV westcountry presenter (Claire Manning) which would then switch around each week, so the next week, there could be an ITV West presenter (Lisa Aziz) and ITV Westcountry presenter (Bob Cruwys).

    Also, i do really think that both 15 minutes of the programme should be re-named back to “The West Tonight” and “Westcountry Live”, then after 18:15, it should be “The West Country Tonight”.

  • Brenda Bishop

    I am so angry with The West Country Tonight, the presenters are like plastic. The best local news presenter is Sally Taylor from South Today she a pleasure to listen to. Peter Rowell and Bob Crampton are the only people I like on the program, the rest of them are crap.

  • itv west viewer

    did anyone notice that after 18:15 on monday, 24th august 2009, they only had west news articles?

    – Bristol airport
    – Bristol sports coverage
    – a dog hanging around with cats

    I actually know what you ex-Westcountry Live viewers are on about now!!!!

  • snoopy

    A dog hanging around with cats eh!!

    Thats bloody big news that is. How come ITN and SKY missed that one, what a scoop for the westcountry tonight!

    I saw some snails just chillin’ with some ants and slugs in my garden today and have filmed it on some wobbly home camera and made the sound awful by constantly blowing down the mic and then set the levels way too high thus distorting it just to be on the safe side and bring the quality down to their level.

    I did a lengthy piece to wobbly camera just to explain that they were just chillin’ and that they were just snails and ants and pointed at them during my lengthy piece to camera and walked about a bit too – so my mates could see that I did really work on TV.

    When I edited it together i chucked in a few jump cuts, out of focus shots, lots of over and under exposure and sometimes did both all in the same pan!! – I really am that good,and added special effects done on the ?300 laptop just to make it look really classy and polished.

    I’ll send it in to them as a hard hitting story that is of “interest to the whole region”

    How can they refuse

  • itv west viewer

    lmao that’s hilarious snoopy!!


    also, they reported on an elephant (teddy) going missing in Gloucestershire and being found in Cornwall! lol

  • itv west viewer

    Snoopy, I think that story is worth emailing them about!

  • Pat

    The West Country Tonight will maybe one day voted the worst news program ever brodcast on telvision,
    I relly miss Westcountry Live Richard Bath was a lovely newsreader he was happy every day. Get rid of Ellie Barker and Simon Clemison I say. They cannot read the news and are so drippy and miserable. Peter Rowell should be the main pressenter he’s happy and a good laugh a plessure to listen to.

  • itv west viewer

    Where has Simon Clemison come from?

    I thought he was from “Westcountry Live” because he was never on “The West Tonight” ?

  • phil

    does anyone know what jemma woodman or richard bath is upto at the moment?

  • bob

    yes, they’re having a party and graffitiing ITV Westcountry in Plymouth.

    I don’t know!, have they got twitter?

  • Tim Hooper

    The West Country Tonight makes make chuckle in the worst kind its cringe TV news at its worst
    in a few years time ITV will be making a program called “TV programs from Hell” (original ITV programming name i know but tahts how clever the people are at ITV) and The West Country Tonight im sure will feature highly on that haha,

    I dunno who that Simon geezer he wasnt from Westcountry Live

    i only watch the first few minutes of the program and tonight they were in torquay for the regatta and you herd the red arrows but all we had was some dogy shots of i dunno what and trying to interview over the top of the red arrows flying past… now we know the program is pre recorded so… wouldnt it of made sence to interview before or after they flew past.. then get some shots of the red arrows in the air so we saw them and not just hear them?!

    and what teh hell is ITV Fixer about?

    i dunno BBC Spotlight must be loving the cock ups ITV West are doing….

    and did someone say that jemma woodman is now on BBC Spotlight or was that just a rumour?

  • Rita

    Last night i thought The West Country Tonight was appolling, live from Torbay regatta we did not see a single shot of the red arrows display. They kept going back to the studio hearing those two drips Simon Clemison and fake Ellie Barker talking rubbish.

    Bring back Jemma and Richard!

  • Erika

    Anyone know what happened to Jane Solomons, she read the news lovely unlike Simon and Ellie.

  • Steph

    Bring back Lisa Aziz.

  • itv west viewer

    why’s it all the miserable Westcountry people moaning??


    ITV WEST is the BEST

  • Tim Hooper

    we are not misrable westountry people, but the new program is rubbish Simple !

    Do you really think The West Country Tonight is of a top quality? i dont think so

    it might of been best regional new program once, but it cant be any more ?????
    Westcountry Live also did well and won many awards for its reporting on news in the Westcountry so get of ur high horse on that,
    but the new Combined news is total and utter crap…

    teh West viewers may of warmed to drip face lisa aziz but we only had a few weeks and in those few weeks her impressions wernt that good for us new viewers so are not missing her misrable bored attitude..

    They might as well prerecord 30 mins of regional news for each region and revert the names back to the Westcountry Live / The West Tonight and just have 1 presenter to present for each region, idealy claire manning for Westcountry Live and one of the Bristol presenters for the West Tonight… because at least each region could get enough time to get news that matterd to them and we wouldnt have to watch somthing that had nothing to do with where we lived and we wouldnt have this argument on…

    anyone else think thats a better idea than what we have now?
    trying to put a postive way forward to what mess we have at the moment

  • snoopy

    Yes close it down and give up trying to produce a news programme that is sloppy and unprofessional.

    Everyone accepts mistakes sometimes happen in Live TV but 1/2 of this is pre recorded and mistakes that have been seen in the last few days are just people not giving a toss what goes out on air.

    Cut to the weather man – camera is pointing at his waist and then in a wobbly fashion moves back up to his face. Any director would be able to see that shot before they cut to it so why cut to a shot like that???

    Red Arrows heard them ok but missed by the cameraman or again the director didnt cut to the shot in time – why????, its not like it was a surprise they were coming !!!

    Sound on report straight after Red Arrows cock up was appalling, again does nobody listen or look at what the journos are producing before they go on air, very poor.

    It is student TV and not what i expect from a major TV company or its staff.

  • Tim Hooper

    snoopy your right its bad production of the whole program

    but i think this is what itv want to do

    people wont want to watch it so they go to the bbc for local news the ratings for itv local news drops giving ITV the Excuse no one watches it, so they can replace it with Emmerdale Extra and can abandon regaional news altogether!

    its a sneaky and back handed way of doing things…. but thats ITV for you

  • Padstow viewer

    Such a shame my husband and I really used to enjoy watching Westcountry Live.

    But great presenters such as Jeff Welch, Gemma Woodman are now no longer involved with the programme and no matter what is said the new programme doesn’t cover the area I live in like the old one used to. I’m not interested in learning about what’s happening in Bristol.

    And on a purely technical point the show is sadly a shadow of it’s former self. My Grandson came round the other night and he said “Look what’s on Gran, it’s that programme where all the mistakes are made”

    He’s noticed and he’s nine. I’m now watching the BBC I hate to say…

  • Tim Hooper

    tonights cock up:

    Westcountry viewers get the Bristol bridge at the start
    of the program then cuts back to the Tamar after the first story….. did the West viewers get the Tamar bridge then back to the Bristol bridge?

    its sloppyness from the editors who are putting this program together …how can they let thsi go out on air? id ridculous and an insult

  • Jerry

    How can your new be so pathetic
    In the last two months the new has been concentrating on stupid and childish

    Bring back the old news readers and bring back NEWS

  • ITV West Viewer

    I want to know why there are so many mistakes on The West Country Tonight – They never made a mistake on The West Tonight, and it was high quality news reporting and presenter with actual news – not Bob Crampton looking around people’s gardens.

    So why has it gone downhill so much – I think they’re just thinking “Well ITV regional news is soon going to go, so we’ll just act as if we don’t care”.

  • Tim Hooper

    i know ITV West Viewer, is such a shame that this had been aloud to get so bad, i rememeber watching a report with Jane thing saying we wouldnt notice the difference????

    the middle part of the report of that jane whatser face saying we wouldnt notice! well jane if you reading this we have noticed and its crap you might as well replcae it with this!!
    the Westcuntry Live -as its a joke

  • snoopy

    Thats Jane McCloskey and she has left the ITV sinking ship and joined the BBC.

  • Tim Hooper

    she left? haha she had a tough time with the merger, she had to take the flack for the crap, dont blame her for leaving!

  • snoopy

    Just watch out for cost cutting ITV style in her patch which is the South West. No doubt her experience gained in shafting all the Plymouth staff will be put to good use.

  • itv west viewer

    Whoever said that ITV should do seperate half hour programmes with just one presenter is a very good idea.

    That would stop the presenters messing around and laughing at the camera view on Alex Beresford rather than apologising.

    Maybe they could have Ellie Barker (unless Lisa Aziz returns) or Steve Scott back on “The West Tonight” and Claire Manning or Bob Cruwys on “West Country Live”.

    I apologise for all my last comments saying The West Country Tonight is good, because it is absolutely rubbish! – I really know what you are on about now, and I felt sorry for you because after 18:15 once, they had all West reports and no Westcountry.

    I don’t want to stir anything, but I know what you are on about with the big changes – if I had to watch “Westcountry Live” (which they could have called it for the whole region) with Richard and Alexis (I think that was their names), I would have thought “err” and maybe would have preferred watching Points West. However, when Bob Cruwys and Claire Manning were presenting, I thought they seemed really good. But, before this merger, Lisa Aziz & Steve Scott seemed very professional.

    On Thursdays “The West Country Tonight”, we had a “West Country East” time thing on our screens, then the idents came up, and the sound quality was poor – It was all last week.

    Also, did anyone watch it when Steve Scott & Ellie Barker/Claire Manning were presenting when they didn’t finish it in time? – After that bit on the Weather showing the sun etc, it went straight onto the ITV National News.

    I just watch it to see the mistakes now lol – Points West is much better.

  • Mike Lewis

    What a load of bitching people we have in the west country! However, it has to be said that it is impossible for a local TV station to cover all of the south-west and more! Instead we get a magazine programme that covers very little meaningful news at all. Sport has no chance! I agree that the cosy local ITV news programmes have disappeared and that the BBC have picked up the baton really well and taken up that function brilliantly, but in all truth that situation happened years ago when people like Bruce Hockin retired.

  • itv west viewer

    Mark Tyler has left The West Country Tonight, after years of sports presenting.


    Mark Tyler was he the one that used to shout all the time.

    He was so wooden….. Another presenter without a personality.

  • Tim Hooper

    ITV West Viewer,

    I agree with your comments,

    sadly ITV wont change anything though even though 1 presenters for each region could work- but thats too much hard work for them!

    Also like you i only watch the program now for the mistakes they make Clarie manning kept apologising tonight for the blunders,
    maybe the should re name it
    “The West Country Mistake Tonight”

    and i guess its not the presenters fault but how can you be sat in front of the TV screen knowing your presenting so called cornwall and devon news when tehy ahve the bristol bridge up, and jsut carry on…..??? we all know the first part is prerecored so how that was allowed to happen?

    is such a shame that two award winning news programs and be merged into a 30 minute rubbish,and insult
    no wonder people like Mark Tyler have left

    what i want to know now is what will ITV waste millions over now, seeing as they threw millons away on friends reunited, what dead duck will they think is worth investing in next…. big brother,?

    its good too see though no matter how rude or nasty the comments on this thread about the west country tonight are but its shows that viewers do care about their what news comes from where they live and that some one at ofcom or the goverment should step in and wake up to the fact that ITV Regions are important!!!
    but sadly i fear its too late and the death is near, we are just picking over the bones of what used to what ITV foundations were about and what ITV lived for but not now, ITV is all about… um….crappy celeb, reality tosh if its cheap and nasty they want it…

    (voice over)

    your watching ITVscum the channel thats has no money to bring you local news but we have endless jeremey kyle shows to fill will so stay tuned….

  • ITV West Viewer

    Just to stay I never wrote about Mark Tyler leaving, that was someone else using my “name” lol.

    I agree with you Tim! They spend tonnes (probably) on The Jeremy Kyle Show which is just the same every day – “My girlfriend had sex with my best mate, now she wants me back” – To be honest, I don’t know why ITV just don’t scrap that show – Who wants to know about people’s problems?

    Anyway, they got Steve Scott back from somewhere now so at least it will be a bit more professional. Simon Clemison with Ellie Barker acted as if they didn’t care what happened.

    I didn’t notice one mistake last night on The West Country Tonight after “News at 10”. So I don’t know why they don’t seem to care about the main programme. On the weekend, they had a massive sport logo as the presenter was saying goodbye – normally they’d have that ITV backdrop video thingy.

    Also, tonight’s programme (02/09/09), there wasn’t a mistake! – Claire Manning wasn’t apologising about anything on the West version.

    Oh, one more thing, every night, the first 15 minutes can be live apparently. It “depends on the day’s news” – but only for one part of the region. Here in the West, we could tell ours was pre-recorded the other night because there was a countdown clock, and a massive “WEST COUNTRY EAST” which appeared lol.

  • richard crossman

    Sorry to say i have now had enough of Westcountry tonight and will be switching to the bbc regional news. Too much news from around the Bristol area. And i would like to no why I have to listen to news from the Swindon area. It’s closer to London than Plymouth. Hardly any news from around the Plymouth area and Cornwall gets a mention as a last resort. Whoever the bright spark was that came up with the idea of this format should be put out to grass. Give us back our regional programme like we had before with the and presenters you apparently made redundant. It was great before, now its pants.

  • Alan from Exeter

    Hello just found this site and couldn’T resist commenting.

    The amount of mistakes made on this programme makes it must watch in our household. I have two Kids who are 10 and 7 and they find it hilarious so do I.

    There doesn’t seem to a night that goes by without some mistake or other.

    Surley an award for the worst programme ever.
    Keep up the good work ITV you’re bringing a lot of laughs to our household. Sadly for al the wrong reasons but who cares it’s great to watch..

  • Brenda Bishop

    Thank god Ellie Baker back this week, as Claire Manning is very nasty to Steve. Anyway it wont be long until she’s on leave.

  • LOL


  • Tim Hooper

    8th September 2009 – The second Tuesday in September every year is Widecombe Fair with Uncle Tom Cobley and all with his grey mare…. one of the Hightlights that used to be on Westcountry Live but not on the West Country Tonight, what snubbery from ITV This Year, we had to sit and someone who smells Cheese rather that a world Famous Widecombe Fair

    grrrrr sat and watched the stupid program hoping they would show some thing but no!!!!
    but BBC never fail and mention it at the start of the program

  • random tv viewer

    “Your Watching ITV The West Cock-Up Tonight”

    that sums it up i think :-D

  • Insider

    Heard from a reliable source that morale among the staff is at an all time low.

    The people connected with the show know it’s poor and this is reinforced by the diabolical audience figures.

    Also heard that changes at the top maybe on the cards especially if Liza wins her case, and she may win on a technicality.

    Watch this space……

  • Tim Hooper

    its not good for anyone the staff/presenters or the viewers! sack the managment and hire someone with common sence – but will itv ever do that?

    they must be able to see that the program isnt performing and that 15 minutes isnt enough time to get any local news the mixing both regions half way through isnt working and they story they cover are gettin g silly…
    it just gives enough time to brush over the odd headlines
    The mixing both regions togther halfway through isnt working either and they stories they cover are gettin g silly as the time goes on…

    like i said before why not split both regions for 30 minutes have 1 main presenter for each region and do 30 minutes of local news thats covers each region it will be pre recoreded but least they could work on the quality and make sure before it goes to air that theer are no mistakes, they only thing is that if a breaking news story happened before the program went to air would be a bit dificlut to get it in… but with a “award winning team” some how they must be able to focus… and do a better job..

    but i fear this is what ITV in london want, the ITV regiosn to screw up, and make a made job of a horrific situation, the viewers get made and switch off and go so that ITV in a year or so can have the excuse to get rid of regional news all together as no one watches it and its costing them too much money ,
    Its about time someone higher up should step in from the goverment and tell ITV to buck their ideas up and stop wasting money on rubbish and focus on its regions as offcom wont do anything and will give into ITV when ITV beg for help

  • LOL

    Most of the award winning team who produced the award winning news were made redundant

    check out single news item.

    All the good ones have gone.

  • ITV West Viewer

    If you hate The West Country Tonight so much, go watch Spotlight or Points West, and why are you caring about if ITV scrapped regional news?

    There’s obviously something keeping you watching it.

  • Tim Hooper

    ITV West Viewer i do watch Spotlight but i also liek to watch What ITV used to produce as you have two different styles
    ITV was always about its regions until they decided to get rid of them because of money, and i think teh Regions are what would Keep ITV going…


    cheers for the Link, the Jonathan Gibson speach was very touching…. very sad for ITV Westcountry… :-(

  • ITV West Viewer

    Same here really Tim!! lol

    Just watched that link, it’s a shame that ITV had to cut off The West Tonight and Westcountry Tonight, I don’t see why London needs it’s own London Tonight, so surely they could get rid of that to bring back Westcountry Live. Can’t London Tonight merge with whatever the South East gets?

    Presenters like Jed Pitman from The West Tonight (who now has his own Breakfast radio show on Original Bristol 106.5), was a great presenter. Jed and Lisa Aziz were both great, funny presenters! It’s a shame that both aren’t still with ITV now.

    I know it doesn’t look it, but people who used to get Westcountry Live must think “it’s because it’s in Bristol that it’s all gone rubbish” – But the thing is, The West Tonight was a successful programme and many people watched that than watching BBC Points West.

    I don’t know why ITV West have sorta decided just to give up. With people not watching it, it will close it down – they won’t be acting all lazy and in “give up” mode when they find out that their jobs are going to go.

    I don’t see why they can’t just do two 30 minute programmes for the old West and Westcountry regions, and re-name it to “The West Tonight” for the West, and “Westcountry Live” for the Westcountry.

    ITV clearly know that they are not doing well, because apparently that Regional Operations person is at BBC South West now.

    Hopefully, if this advertising thing comes in where shows can advertise on the shows, there will be more money for ITV, and hopefully, ITV in London can firsty look at the West and Westcountry regions, and think “we need to bring back The West Tonight” and “Westcountry Live”.

  • ITV West Viewer

    That 30 minute slot for both West & Westcountry was not my idea though – but, it’s a good one!! lol.

  • ITV West Viewer

    Dani, this isn’t ITV.

    Email lol

  • ITV West Viewer

    Also, sorry, Simon Clemison was on “The West Tonight” – Never knew he was!! lol

  • LOL

    Good idea but thats just what we had before and ITV wont commit to that level of funding.

    The main point is regional news makes no money for ITV at all and indeed costs ITV millions evey year. Product placement on a news programme just is’nt an option thats meant for top dramas and soaps where manufacturers will pay big bucks to get their product shown to a large audience not the 10’s of thousands (on a good night) now watching the West Tonight. They do have the weather brought to you by xxxx, etc but you cant have – ” coming up on the Westcountry Tonight – a stabbing in Bristol sponsered by Elastoplast ”

    A 30min news programme for each region (what there was before) would need extra staff and resources and thats just what ITV have just got rid of so there will be no u turn on that front as they are actively trying to reduce costs further not put them back up again.

    Expect it to get worse not any better !

    The un-edited version of the RTS is much more interesting but not what ITV would want to be shown.

  • Tim Hooper

    Well the 30 minute idea would be different to what we had already, as before The West Country Tonight, Westcountry Live was based in plymouth, with Studios, and ahole News Team, which have now be closed down and most of the staff have been sacked,

    This idea would mean, it would still be filmed in bristol, instead of 2 main presenters you have 1 for example Clarie Manning for the Westcountry and Steve Scott for the West,

    The only extra work/cost that i can see it would involve is the reporters in each patch of the region may have up come up with more stories for each area every night for example for the westcountry side, steve hardy for cornwall, instead of just one story about chicken tikka pasties(like he did tonight)he would have maybe 3-4 different stories for cornwall, Seth Conway / Jonathan Gibbson for 3-4 stories around devon, Ducan Slythone a few stories for Dorset/somerset maybe the stories split up so you get a mix but presented by the main presenter in bristol for example clare/steve,

    this would mean we would have a presenter that each region could relate to, news Stories we could relate to with out any extra cost?!

    they could prerecord one region first and let one region go live, maybe take it in turns one week the west is live the n the wetcountry is live the following week, putting the names back to how thy were wont cost anything as use the old titles for Westcountry Live and the West Tonight,

    because what we have at the moment is pure and utter dribble the news is vauge and doesnt really tell us whats happening where we live.. this idea would at least give us a bit more news, but with not too much extra effort ..?!

  • Tim Hooper

    sorry just reading it backand didnt mean to miss out the West side so here it is:

    and also the different presenters for the west past would have to come up with 3-4 stories for each part of the West Region then being presented by a main presenter in bristol steve,

    and im sure they could also prerecord the weather and have two seperate weather forcasts for each region instead of zooming up and down the map for each area..?

    i mean you using the same staff as they ahve for the West Country tonight just changing the format of things as the current format of the new program isnt working and they need to do somthing to change it…. and this is trying to make the best out of what there is…. at least the viwers would get somthing……

  • David Craner

    As a Town Crier and the current Somerset County Champion I have been trying to raise awareness of what is one of our oldest traditions in the County Town of Taunton.

    It now looks likely that I will be attending the Farmers Market in the Town when I hope to create a lot of interest.

    It would be great if West Country Tonight could cover this.

    You can view my website

    Regards and OYEZ!
    David Craner Town Crier of Crewkerne and Beaminster

  • ITV West Viewer

    We had a report which was meant to be by a Jonathan Gibson in Bristol, they had a woman facing to no-one, and they inserted him using green screen!! ahh!!

    That is just awful! – He was nodding and you could tell it was a green screen as there was green around him, and at the end, he was standing somewhere which was clearly not Bristol, and he said “Jonathan Gibson for The West Country Tonight” – he didn’t say “Jonathan Gibson, in Bristol, for The West Country Tonight”.

  • ITV West Viewer

    …All I like about ITV is it seems to be more, I dunno really, but it’s different from the BBC which feels a bit stuffy at times.

    There’s a video on YouTube about Westcountry Live and ITV Westcountry closing, and there’s a person on there saying “There won’t be many viewers, a couple of years time, ITV will ask Ofcom – can we get rid of regional news? – they’ll rollover like a puppy and say – yeh alright”. I hope that doesn’t happen!! To be fair to you ex-ITV Westcountry viewers, they should get Steve Scott & Ellie Barker presenting one week, or 2/3 days a week, and then Richard Bath & Alexis Bowater (is that right? correct me if I’m wrong!), and do the same – either let them present for a week, or 2/3 days a week. Or, they should definitely have one Westcountry (e.g. Claire Manning or Bob Cruwys) & one West presenter (e.g. Steve Scott or Ellie Barker/Lisa Aziz) presenting. – I wan’t Lisa Aziz to come back too to be honest :( she was great!

  • bob

    As an ex ITV person, you just cant cover 3-4 stories a day with one reporter there’s travel time, filmimg time and editing time, thats without the research and fixing and now the time it takes to feed the footage up to Bristol before the early recording of the programme. Dont forget the reporters have to do it all these days although a few dont actually film yet but most do.

    To make the 30 mins for each region you would have to increase staff, something ITV would not do, they are looking for more cuts not extra expense.

    The green screen issue just shows how short of staff and resources they are, didnt see it but it sounds appalling.

    I’m glad I dont work for ITV anymore as I had pride in what I produced for ITV and always aimed for the best standards possible and wouldn’t like to be producing this rubbish night after night. Its sad its gone this way but its like anything – you get what you pay for !!

  • Tim Hooper

    itv viewer that must of looked soo bad!, it makes me soo mad that they can get away with this.. a green screen… he must of had a whole day doining green screening as he was doin a report of the So called ITV propertie thingy, and he was doing green screen graphics for that!

    and Bob i guess, your right maybe they cant do as many reports i mean i dunni how long its takes too put a report together sometimes i dont think they spend any time on it
    but the current format it complete and utter dribble, they gotta do somthing to change it even if its to make sure the quality of the program is fit to go to air….

    its sad to think that ITV could of had so much pride in their regions but have thrown it away and wasted so many talented staff….. anyways Bob hope life treating you better now ur away from ITVscum

    anyways the whole quality of The West Country Tonight has made me soo mad that i called ITV and got some woman in Brum who didnt know the difference between the West and westcountry , anyways all she said she would do was log it, on what toilet paper,

    so i decided to go further and so as much as they wont do any thing either i called ofcom and made a complaint about The West Country Tonight, as even with the cuts the mistakes that are being aloud to be seen by viewers should not be acceptable, the woman i spoke to said there wasnt much she could do, but when i explained that there must be some quality control on programs and told her how bad the program was she said she would log it as a complaint and gave me a ref number (1127288691) whether anything will come of it i dont know but some one some where has to account for this crap being allowed, so i think if more people hound ofcom and make complaints they will ahve to look into it… maybe just maybe someone will act on it?!

    here are their contact details:

    If you want to complain to Ofcom please call us on 020 7981 3040 or 0300 123 3333.

    Switchboard: 020 7981 3000 or 0300 123 3000
    Fax: 020 7981 3333
    Textphone: 020 7981 3043 or 0300 123 2024 – Please note that these numbers only work with special equipment used by people who are deaf or hard of hearing.

    If you need local directions to get to our office please view our online map.

    Opening Hours
    Our Switchboard is open from 08:30 to 18:00hrs. The Ofcom Advisory Team, Ofcom Licensing Centre and Ofcom Numbering Team are all open from 09:00 to 17:00hrs.

    If you want to write to Ofcom, our head office is:

    Riverside House
    2a Southwark Bridge Road
    SE1 9HA

  • Insider

    I know for a fact that those in regional news at THE BBC now don’t even consider regional ITV as a rival because ITV is so bad and just doesn’t cover the stories it used to.

    That a great reporter like Jonathan Gibson is forced to pretend he’s somewhere else (Green screen issue, see ITV West Viewer 15th Sept) is quite frankly embarrasing.

    In a desperate bid to get SOME VIEWERS (yes it’s that bad)
    The West Tonight IS TRYING TO interview a few famous faces in the studio.

    And to think ITV regional news once a force to be reckoned with. How the mighty has fallen.

  • Westcountry RIP

    well the program is rubbish!
    tonight they had that bird off X factor -WHY????????
    what has her wining teh X factor and flying off to america to do stuff got anything to do with the Westcountry?
    are they having a laugh or what?

    grrrr ITV you make me sooo angry

  • Liz

    I now watch spotlight every evening. I have been an West country viewer since Westward, it’s very sad how awful the program is.

    Tim i think we need to get thousands of people to voice our concerns to ofcam.

  • Tim Hooper

    Liz I was born in 1982 and the best memories of ITV i have are TSW as the whole logo, the way teh presenters cam across where as if theye were your family and they made u feel part of the TV, and og course Gus Honeybun :-), in now 27,a nd i was only 10 when TSW gave way to Westcountry but the TSW days stick in my mind more than anything else about ITV?!

    Ofcom really need to sort this mess out but im sure they wont and just roll over the next time ITV beg ..

    ITV West Viewer, being 16 and intrested in local i think youl find there are loads of 16 year olds who are intrested in whats happening where they live .. ITV need their heading seeing too and stopp wasting their money on stupid makes overs on tv shows that dont need it, (this morning /Lose Woman) but now they got extra money from sacking and cloing down the reagional news what else they gonna do with teh money?

  • Westcountry RIP

    Did Anyone see the Report on tonights Show out ITv regional News?

    MP Ben Bradshaw said that people want Local News, and that they are thinking about using some of the BBC licence Fees as the money being used for the Digital Switch over. this money could be given to ITV to help fund for More Regional News plus if enough could return to how Regional news was before? which would be a good thing- thought if they have closed down Studios and sold them off. will they ??!!
    Tts more likley to be all talk and make out they are thinking about trying to do somthing but somthing more important will come come up and nothing will come of it but who knows maybe they have relised they got to do somthing to make things better!! and if this Money from the BBC helps then do it i say the only Good news Story out of The West Country Tonight!! :-) !!!

  • ITV West Viewer

    I seen that too! (It must have been on both West & Westcountry versions).

    I hope they do bring back The West Tonight =]

    …and, I hope if they do get enough money to bring at least one programme back, they should bring back Westcountry Live, and re-name The West Country Tonight back to The West Tonight.

    I hope they do bring it back :) – I preferred The West Tonight to BBC Points West.

  • bob

    Its all talk – and its not the BBC services that will lose any money either – its only the spare cash they got from tv licence payers for the digital switchover that they are being asked to hand back, they wont be actually losing anything they just wanted to keep the extra cash probably to fund the extravagant parties they hold which cost us millions every year !!

    Wouldnt you rather have a decrease in your TV licence fee especially as most people use SKY and never watch the BBC at all.

    Why are we paying to watch Sky channels, never use the BBC and still have to pay them as a so called “licence”. They need to scrap the licence fee and let everyone be on a level ground, lets see how long the BBC continue to survive in the real world.

    ITV wont improve the news they do, just keep the cash and use that cash to fund it, instead of ITV paying for it.

    Dont get too excited – the West Country Tonight or any ITV local (regional) news isnt going to improve believe me.

  • Jim Bob

    England Tonight
    A new “regional” news programme for England with a 2-minute “UP CLOSE” slot for each of the old regions.

  • ITV

    The new regions which should have began on 01/09/09, will be;
    – Scotland News (A local news programme with news, sport and weather for Scotland plus features of interest).
    – Northern Ireland Today/Tonight (A local news programme with news, sport and weather for Northern Ireland plus features of interest).
    – England Today/Tonight (A local news programme with news, sport and weather for England plus features of interest & a 2-minute opt out for each region named “UP CLOSE”).
    – Wales Today/Tonight (A local news programme with news, sport and weather for Wales plus features of interest).


    In response to the person who wrote in about the report done by Jonathan Gibson on the 15th September if he wasn’t in Bristol how did he manage to walk out of the door with the woman being interviewed?! He was on green screen for the interview to enable him to get into the graphic. You’re right, the pay off wasn’t in Bristol. He’s an old Westcountry Live reporter but is actually a Bristolian!

  • In response to ITV WEST

    Still, it looked stupid.

    You could have had him actually there talking to the person, then the graphics with him on afterwards.

    Tne thing is, I’m sure he still wasn’t there because he’s meant to be the Plymouth reporter, and Ellie Barker is meant to be the Bristol reporter.

    Also, BRING BACK LISA AZIZ!! – She’s way better!

  • Tim Hooper

    so did anyone watch the cock up tonight?
    the poor sport presenter looked a right twit then he pulls a funny face and he got caught on camracan only happen on The West Country Tonight- and whos the new female presenter?

  • Dave Reid – Plymouth

    I’m new to this site having just discovered it.

    I don’t normally make comments on the internet but I can’t contain my anger anymore.

    I can’t believe the utter garbage that is being served up
    on a nightly basis by The West Tonight.

    What was that Sports Presenter up to tonight….????

    Yet another on air mistake that makes the whole operation and every one that’s involved with it look very, very poor.

    Please can we have the old Westcountry Live back.. your current offering is a pale shadow of its former self.

    How the management at West Country Tonight are still in a job producing that amateur stuff is beyond me.

    Who deals with quality control ?

    Moan over one other thing I won’t be watching anymore.

    The Programme has quite simply becomke a laughing stock.

  • ITV West Viewer

    Guess what happened tonight!!

    The sports presenter made the mistake, but, when it opted out to show the west sport, and westcountry local sport, we (in the West) got the weather thingy and the bread thing sayin “enough said”, then it came up saying sport.

    Then, at the end of the sport, well, when the presenter obviously pre-recorded the rugby news, it got cut off, and back onto the main presenters.

    They also had some camera mistakes – at 18:15 when they say “It’s quarter past 6, you’re watching The West Country Tonight…” Steve was looking into the usual camera (the one what views on the screen and the presenters), but it was actually the one in the middle.

    If a comment made by “ITV West” is really ITV West, then you’ve heard people’s comments, sort it out!!

    It was never like this on The West Tonight!! Probably because they never had to stupidly pre-record it. – Also Dave Reid, it’s called “The West Country Tonight” – “The West Tonight” was the old programme from ITV West for the West.

    What I don’t get, is the fact that London gets “London Tonight” still, why can’t they merge with the South East??

    Also, you wouldn’t expect Bristol & London to get the same “regional” news programme which is 107 miles between, but, Lands End & Gloucester do, and there’s 225+ miles between those places!!

    They should have just left The West Tonight and Westcountry Live the same. It gets me angry that people living in London get their own news programme.

    I will be complaining to Ofcom tomorrow.

  • HTV Fan

    Out of all the ITV regions in England, only the Carlton and Granada regions retained their individual half-hour news programmes (London Tonight and Granada Reports, respectively) when the changes were introduced back in February.

    Guess which two companies merged to form ITV plc?

  • ITV West Viewer

    ITV West,
    Please bring back;
    – Jane Solomons
    – Jed Pitman
    – Lisa Aziz

    and get Ellie Louise-Wringe to present “The West Country Tonight” please.

  • ITV West Viewer

    ITV’s “The West Tonight” and the “Westcountry Live” is to return!!! WOOO!!!


    “They said last February’s merger of two ITV regional broadcast regions – which created one area from the Scilly Isles to Gloucestershire – would be reversed.”

  • D L

    To be honest, everything important or of any weight in the local areas is reported; anything else is gossip and people only want to hear things close to home for curiosity and shock value. There are so many ‘fluffy’, irrelevant stories on regional news shows that its good if they’ve cut it out, if you want to know what your local team is doing, what the local primary school is doing for their christmas play check the local newspaper or the internet, or just get involved.

  • Insider

    If anyone’s interested the person in overall charge of the programme and its contents is Liz Hannam and her
    e mail address is should any of you wish to comment about the programme directly with the person in charge or maybe sent her a link to this site so she can see just what the viewers realy think about what she is allowing to be put on the air.

  • Tim Hooper

    cheers Insider will send her an email and tell her how bad the West Country Tonight is!!

    looking on the brighter side… :-)

    i herd many rumours and Spotlight did a quick bit and The West Country Tonight did a bit about possible bringing back Regional News to the Westcountry to how it used to be before the Merger of ITV Westcountry and West
    here is a website that tells a bit more… lets hope this happens and HTV and TSW possible to return!!! :-)

  • Graham, North Devon

    DID anyone notice the way reporter Trina Lake was dressed tonight as she told the story of the missing man from Torbay?
    From her choice of clothing it looked as she was about to set out on a ramble across Dartmoor rather than appearing in front of the TV cameras in a professional capacity.
    We all know TWCT’s news presentation is a lot to be desired. Now it seems the standard of smartness is in freefall too.

  • Scott

    I actually like The West Country Tonight. I kinda preferred it when it was The West Tonight, but if you put the mistakes to the side, it’s still the same – you still get the same great funny presenters (although Lisa has seemed to have left :( – They should bring her back!!), and, it doesn’t feel stuffy and isn’t as boring as the BBC.

    I’m 16, I’d love to work for ITV West!!

  • Tim Hooper

    scott wth most things with time people do get used to it… teh sad thing is, ok so ITV are suffering with money and regioanl news is expensive… so ok if it helps ITV survive merge the regions, of course no one is happy and we moan and groan for a few months, but we get used to it then stop moaning and b4 you know it, The West Country Tonight will be popular….?!

    the trouble is, we are now 7 months down the line, since the changes.. we shud eb pretty much used to it by now… the trouble is. most nights there have been stupid silly misakes that are avoidable… which has just angered and fueled peoples hate for the program….

    the last week, the program has improved… so maybe they are working hard.. and slowly comming round to steve scott. but glad clare manning is there too… but it still annoys me, on the lack of news they give, as when you switch over to spotlight and you hear all the local news.. the west country tonight misses most of it,
    and they seem to cover Somerset with most things… somerset this and somerset that….

    but we know things wont change….for now anyways while ITV are determined to reduce things…

    and scott as much as you liked to work for ITV West i dout that will ever happen…. which is sad… but who knwos maybe scoot they might offer u a job… :-)

  • James

    Well you may or may not be pleased to know, that from 2012 there a plans to possibly see ITV regional news and programming go back to the way things were 50 years ago. Forgive me if its been mentioned in these posts, but there are real plans for ITV to sell of its regions to independants to produce. So you could well see the two regions here in the south-west split again, and one or two compaines making local news that way i.e. the way it use to be ! There are talks that this could happen just after or in the run up to the 2012 swtich over. So if you live in Plymouth, you could see news produced back in Plymouth again and no more news based on events in Bristol and vice vercer ! However in this run up there are even more cuts to come – will keep updated when I get this.

  • ITV West Viewer

    What’s up tonight (1st October 09)?!

    We’ve had the suspension bridge and just West region stories after 18:15 (and before!!).

    What did you have tonight Westcountry?

  • Tim Hooper

    The West Country Tonight – Special Edition Vanessa George

    Have to say this was a well put together program Steve Scott Live from Plymouth with an ITV national news onlocation intro(but when you watched the ITV National news they had the same location)..
    most of the program put for this main story, then about 10 minutes of other local news.

    i have to say i think this was really well put togther, im not sure if this was because ITV National News was in Plymouth too, if that helped with tonights program?!

    and the program seemed to be live all the way through ?

    i know this was a speacial edition but i hope that they do this more often focus some time on the main story then the 15 min split on the rest of the local news, and do away with Up Close…

    not sure what the ITV West viewers had…

    but for once I can say Well Done The West Country Tonight Team!!
    and hope we get more of the same in the Future

    :-) :-)

  • ITV West Viewer

    Us ITV West viewers had the Clifton Suspension bridge all the way through, all West stories, however, we had the West/Westcountry regional weather.

    There was one mistake – we had the Up close westcountry graphics, not the West graphics. However, that never mucked the programme up.

    It was Simon Clemison & Claire Manning presenting – her last day tomorrow! :(

    It was a really good programme tonight!!

    Once there was a westcountry tonight special with steve scott, so I spose then, you westcountry lot had ur tamar bridge all the way through lol.

    ITV is way better than the BBC surely! ;)

  • adrian

    what a mess..the westcountry news from itv is a very poor show meridian got it right witk two good presenters covering a large area of southern england.but west country is very bity.its so sp;it up and so second we are in wiltshire or the cotswolds mext in cornwall. steve scott looks fed up and as if he cant be bothered.and the sport takes up most of the time.what i have read itv wont be showing any regional news after 2012 its sad,as itv regional news was good years ago.and as for that awful music its the same on all itv do better for viewers in the southwest.points west and spotlight are far better.shame on itv.

  • Michael Coleman

    Matthew I am appalled at your treatment by yobs just remember there are millions of us who are proud of you All good wishes

  • Tim Hooper

    cool ITv West Viewer i think we were spoilt last Night as you got all ur west stories and we got all West Country Stories, most of the program was with Steve Scott on Location in Plymouth, then we had clare manning with the rest of the local news, it just felt like it was for the Westcountry….

    watching it tonight kinda felt a let down after last nights program… as i realy dont like the split half way through just doesnt seem to work … but hey… lets hope they do more special editons and we all get our own news.. :-)

    was sad too see Clares last show.. nice they got flowers… so who will we have to replace her?

  • ITV West Viewer

    It was funny last night how it was just all West stories, but we had the Westcountry/West combined weather forecast. But, we did have the Clifton Suspension Bridge all the way through! :) I don’t know why they didn’t have a laugh and re-name it that night back to “The West Tonight” and “Westcountry Live” lol.

    Me being a West area viewer, I’ve only seen Claire Manning presenting since around February/March, and to be honest, since she’s gone on Maternity leave now, i think I will miss her!! :o . I like how she presented and she always seems happy and friendly. I spose we’ll get Ellie Barker back maybe until Lisa Aziz returns in December. I spose Ellie is alright, but there’s something about Claire Manning I like – how she doesn’t look uncomfortable sat on the sofa lol.

    I know some of the Westcountry viewers say things about Lisa Aziz, but really, she is a great presenter. Maybe she does look around the studio a lot, but she looks around and smiles which makes it feel a lot warmer. She has a nice personality and I can’t wait til she returns!!

    I know it goes a bit down after 18:15 every night, but I love ITV! lol. It’s a lot less stuffier than Points West, and I think the presenters make you feel more welcome. Rather than the BBC who seem to just get their presenters to work like robots.

    But, at least you can see that they are trying with all the specials and that, and last night, they basically showed us that they can do it, but then it’s ITV London who made the merger rules – not ITV West/Westcountry.

  • Graham, Devon

    Tim – my cat’s spelling and grammar are better than yours!

  • Grahams cat should present the news


    The programmes still s=-t though isn’t it, and if a good presenter is one that can’t look at the camera and looks dead bored and fiddles expenses then Aziz is your man !!!

    You say if she looks around the studio instead of looking at the camera but is still smiling then thats fine – what rubbish, shes a c-=p presenter and wont be back due to the fiddling of her expenses, she’ll be paid off out of court no doubt to shut the miserable old bag up – good riddance.

    ITV probably wanted rid anyway and were just looking for a way to get shot, overpaid but not very good, the presenters that have been standing in are on a fraction of her salary and are ten times better than her.

  • in reply to grahams cat…

    Lisa Aziz is not a rubbish presenter.

    Only because you got used to ur 2 miserable boring presenters at ITV Westcountry.

    Lisa is apparently returning in late December. I hope she does. Many people miss her, want her back as it is not the same without her.

  • Tim Hooper

    Graham, im glad you have a clever cat, i might not be the best at spelling but i still know the West Country Tonight can be complete and utter dribble some nights, the odd night we get a good show…
    on the Lisa Aziz subject, im sorry i hope they dont bring her back… i just found this story from the Bristol post that not only she has issues with ITV and money but now her Nanny money… i feel a trend comming on her

    (story from the bristol post)

    “TV presenter Lisa Aziz and her former nanny have been involved in a row over pay.
    Nanny Lisa Goddard claimed mum-of-two Ms Aziz, who is currently on leave from ITV West Country because of stress, owed her “almost ?5,000″ after working for her.
    Yesterday the two women agreed an out-of-court settlement shortly before an employment tribunal was due to start.
    The case was due to be heard at The Crescent Centre, Temple Back, but after a delay of 40 minutes both parties said they had come to an agreement.
    The Evening Post understands Ms Goddard was claiming unfair dismissal, outstanding wages and holiday pay.
    But on hearing both parties had come to an agreement, employment Judge Paul Housego adjourned the case for 49 days for the settlement to be finalised, after which time the case will be withdrawn unless negotiations break down and Ms Goddard wants to pursue it further.
    Ms Aziz was represented by London-based Equal Justice Solicitors, while Ms Goddard was represented by Bath and North East Somerset councillor Dr Eleanor Jackson.
    Both parties have signed a confidentiality agreement that will ensure the value of the settlement remains unknown.
    Ms Aziz, 47, the co-presenter of ITV’s West Country Tonight, has not appeared on the programme since June, although she had been due to return this week.
    She suffered acute work stress and checked into the Priory private hospital following an investigation into her expenses.
    The Evening Post has learned she has been signed off with stress for a further three months.”

    I’m sorry i never took to Lisa “dribble face” Aziz while she presented The West Country Tonight the first time round but now shes taking the p**s out of this money lark

    i think ITV should get one of the Ex Westcountry Female presenters such as jemma woodman full time to co host with Steve Scott even up the west/westcountry presnting team and be done with it,
    wash their hands of dribble faced money grabbing Lisa Aziz
    and start a fresh… leave Lisa to have her issues with money and nanny’s and her employers, after all she was only ment to present the news… not make it…!!

    sory to all you Lisa Aziz fans… but just redaing that i wouldnt give the sour faced old trolip another chance..
    you dont see any of the Westcountry Presenters who lost their jobs causing issues with money do you?? no so Aziz should shut up and get on with her life. with out ITV

  • jill

    Can any one tell me what happened to Richard Bath after he left west country live???????

  • OMG

    Ahhh signed off with stress – that old ITV favourite.

    Seems like she wont go easily and its taking longer than they thought !!!

    Last excuse why she was off was Tendonitis – now stress whats next I wonder ??

    Do they think everyone is stupid – why not say what’s really going on – shes digging her heels in trying for a huge payoff and ITV are fighting it but still trying to get rid as cheaply as possible. In the meantime they have to keep her on full pay and put out a Press statement which implies all is well just shes a bit poorly – thats why her grumpy mug is no longer greeting you on the programme, its just a wee bit of stress.

    How to avoid stress – stop fiddling your expenses, stop making up claims for sexual, racial, age or any other type of discrimination, stop ripping off your nanny and bugger off our screens. SIMPLES !!

    Tim Did you hear from Liz Hannam regarding the c””p they are putting on air?

    Richard Bath was made redundant like most of Westcountrys sraff.

  • Tim Hooper

    Hello OMG
    like your comments about dribble faced Lisa Aziz -stress? is she stressed because she thought she was gonna be made redundant thought she would get a payout from ITV then she could sack her nanny, but itv decided to keep her so she had to find some other way of getting money.. so decided to fiddle her expence’s then once ITV got hold of her she thought she would go the whole Hog and and go for stress… stupid woman!! …

    As expected from anyone who works within ITV i had no reply bit rude not even to say thank you for your email but hey hoo… anyone else emailed her?

  • Tim Hooper

    just Google search “Lisa Aziz, ITV” and a string of storys pop up…
    ad for Jill id thought id google search richard bath see if any thing poped up about what hes up to… but unlike trollip features aziz… richard seems to of hiden away from the lime light… but im sure hes somewhere

    heres the one storty about trollip features being stressed any way she cant come back till december… the old trout shud give give up.. she should go on radio.. then she can looks as grumpy and as frumpy as she likes and look all love the room it wont matter as no one would see her

    (story from the Brisol Post again)

    “No return yet for ‘stressed’ Bristol TV presenter Lisa Aziz
    Wednesday, September 23, 2009, 07:00
    25 readers have commented on this story.
    Click here to read their views.

    Bristol TV presenter Lisa Aziz is not expected to return to television screens until December after she was signed off work for a further three months.

    The ITV West Country Tonight co-presenter has not appeared on the programme since June, but had been due to return this week.

    She suffered acute work stress and checked in the Priory private hospital following an investigation into her expenses.

    The Bristol Evening Post has learned that the 47-year-old has been signed off with stress for a further three months and will not be returning to work today as she had been due to.

    As previously reported, Ms Aziz claims the stress she has suffered is a direct result of the accusations made by her employers about several items she had claimed for.

    In July she told the Post: “Never in 26 years have I suffered stress before and I have worked in some pretty tough places.”

    Ms Aziz has reportedly lodged a grievance against ITV with the Bristol employment tribunal office.

    She claims the way she has been treated goes beyond her expenses.

    Ms Aziz previously said: “In my view, this is about race discrimination, sex discrimination and ageism. When they asked me to work on a piece about terrorism, they told me to use my ‘terror contacts’ as if I was part of a West Al Qaeda cell. I was upset by that and told them why, but it was never dealt with.”

    The presenter said she did not wish to comment on the matter due to the legal proceedings.

    She left Sky News in 2005 and moved to present ITV West’s regional news programme from Bristol.

    When contacted by the Post, ITV said that they did not comment on individual cases and said they would not discuss the reasons for Ms Aziz being off television screens.”

  • Bring back The West Tonight

    Lisa Aziz has an email address?

    I feel sorry for her. Having to listen to you lot.

    Just give her a chance – please? It just seems to be you Westcountry people complaining about her, and all this has happened since the merger. It seems to have been fine before the merger.

    Personally, I like her. I think she brightens up the show even if she does look around – as someone else said, at least she smiles when she looks around, it isn’t a miserable face like your Westcountry Live presenters.

    Also, was it actually called Westcountry Live or Westcountry News? – I watched clips of it on YouTube and one said Live, one said News lol.

  • Tim Hooper

    it was called Westcountry Live for the main news program at 6pm then for the other bulitins was Westcountry News

    Sorry if you think we westcountry people are complaining about her, you have known her for longer then us Westcountry viewers and used to her poor presenting habbits, we werent, then all this crap that shes off the program with stress cause shes been fiddleing her expenses… its a half hour program and she was getting paid ?150,000 for it… sorry.. excuse me if i sound harsh.. but if i was her and if i had been caught out then hands up and apologise and move on, but no, shes dragged it out gone off with stress and milked the who situation…

    Sorry cant be bothered with her and have no respect for her now at all…
    who knows if she had kept her head down when it all happened and carried on with the show, then who know my opinion may differ of her, but no,, she got paid ?150,000, she then blabbers on about stress has to go to the priory clinc as she is soo stressed? then she cant be bothered to pay her nanny and has to go to court for that… sorry.. she needs to get over her self and get a grip..SIMPLES

    next she will be selling her story to one of the papers or magazines to make a few extra quid can see the headline
    “My West Country Tonight Stress Hell” … shes looks the type so sell her story – typical Totnes Tree Hugging Hippy.

    rant over ..

  • Bring back The West Tonight

    Ok Tim.

    Always wondered why it changed from “Live” to “News” lol.

    …as for the Lisa Aziz bit, I get your point. But, I just want to say she was quite a good presenter on The West Tonight – quite funny as well (in a good way).

  • winston maskell

    Have got used to new programme and like it.
    Why does Alex Berisford wear casual for local yokels but does smart suit for national at week end?
    You can ask this on prog if you wish.

    Chideock, Dorset

  • Susannah

    These two presenters tonight, Steve Scott and someone else, 7th October 2009. They get on my nerves, always smacking their lips, in a “tutting” sound before they speak. Stop it please!!!


  • Susannah

    P.S. Whatever she is alleged to have done… BRING BACK LISA AZIZ, she did add something to the programme. Look at the blonde on their tonight lounging about!! I could do the job better than her and for less money too!!

  • ITV West Viewer

    “Her” name is Ellie Barker.

    I do prefer Lisa Aziz to her. She’s alright, but she always looks uncomfortable when she puts her arm that funny way on that sofa.

    I think the best West presenters are Lisa Aziz and Steve Scott. Best Westcountry I think are Bob Cruwys and Claire Manning.

  • michael ellward

    On a night when the bones of Melanie Hall have been discovered on the M5 The West Country Tonight spends time covering Peter Rowell making a guest appearance in some musical at the Bristol Hippodrome and some ferry crossings in deepest Cornwall.How you have trivialised what was when it was The West Tonight a very good local (to Somerset/ Glos/ Wilts etc)TV news service.I am appalled by the standard of journalism.What has happened to Jed Pitman,Dominic Velitis and of course Lisa Aziz.Badgers in Barnstaple:owls in Ottery St Mary – forget it.
    The West Country Tonight is a joke and a damned poor one at that.

  • In reply to michael ellward

    They even had a story about some person’s toy elephant going missing from Gloucestershire and being found in Devon.

    It really gets on my nerves when they have all these “series” of things. To be honest, I don’t want to know what crossing some Plymouth river is like – and, worst of all, it’s that music they put to go with it!! It gets on my wick! lol. Like when they said “Oo, I’m in Devon on a ferry going across to another area…” *cheesy music* “The locals think its great*.

    They should have more news related items in that section when West/Westcountry merges. Not serious news, but news and things which actually appeal to people.

    It may be interesting in nice, but looking in people’s gardens is really boring. Those reports like “On the Water” are basically “look at this part of the region show off”.

    Can’t stand it!! lol

  • I LOVE ITV WEST!! =]

    They’ve re-opened the local news websites!!


    Still has Lisa Aziz’s picture on, so she must be returning =] woo!

    I’ve deleted the bookmark for the BBC Bristol website and replaced it with ITV West =]

  • I LOVE ITV WEST!! =]

    I love The West Country Tonight now!

    Go to their website – type in ITV West on Google!

  • Cornish Resident

    I watched the bowling tonight with great interest. Would like to say though that ‘What was wrong with THAT shirt?’. Rather see THAT shirt than i would the female presenters LOW necklines. And don’t forget too, there is life over the Tamar Bridge, the bridge & the people here in Cornwall were not sunk when your new style westcountry took over! Or was it? More from Cornwall please. Afterall, WE DO still live here, alive & kicking.

  • To Cornish Resident

    Give them a break!!

    You can see they’re trying their best – like with the 2 different versions of the West & Westcountry Sport! – Imagine all the preparation for timing it exactly right, so they both finish on time, then it goes back to the presenters. Imagine that as a job!!

    Also, when they do the first 15-18 minutes of news to the West & Westcountry regions. All the timing they have to do to get it exactly right!!

    You can tell they’re trying hard at it which matters. – The presenters also do a tremendous job. I’d give ITV West a break if I were you, and go complain to ITV London – they’re the ones who made this merger happen!

    The other night they had some boat ride in Plymouth so they ARE covering the Westcountry region.

    Maybe it’s because not much is happening in Cornwall at the moment. Quite a while ago they had a lot of coverage in Newquay which is in Cornwall!

  • The insider

    Thats what everyone does everyday in TV and is nothing special. Every programme is timed to the second otherwise programmes would end suddenly or have to fill at the end.
    Presenters can spped up and slow down, ad lib and fill if required guided by the PA who times the programme.

    Westcountry used to have 4 live opt outs all from regional studios within a main (also live) programme and every night they managed it without a problem. All had to start and end at precise times live, it was only recorded towards the end of Westcountry Live when staff (who were against the recording of any of the programme) were being made redundant and people had to be freed up to do other work.

    Bristol never had opt outs wheras Westcoutry had done them for years and were used to doing live opts.

    This new programme is 1/2 live 1/2 recorded and cant even manage to get that right. Sound problems, freeze frames, out of sync sound, camera pointing at the weathermans belt instead of his face, jump cut edits, dodgy camerawork ie. out of focus, over and under exposure the list could go on…….and on.

    A boat ride in PLymouth is covering the South Wests news is it?

    It was a prerecorded feature about the regions ferries. Not news, we all know what a ferry does and what it looks like -it was just fluff to fill time with some cheesy music and pictures of ferries going up and down a river.

  • Tim Hooper

    well said The Insider,

    Westcountry Was pro at splitting the program 4 way during the middle of the program North, South East and West Local news for the Westcountry Bristol cant even split two ways and get things right and someone get paid to time the program so that it should all fit in :-(

    i’m sure they are trying but it isnt good enough…
    but i guess the talented staff that could do all the timing and make sure things were correct before the program was aired were all sacked and the staff that are left are monkeys who dont give a toss what happens, so this is why we have this crap..

    as for the ferrys… i have to agree so it covered devon and cornwall, but saw bits of ferrys that go backwards and forwards on a river… whoopy….i never knew that till i watched it and the music? but as insider says all fluff to fill time… but hey… dont think it will get any better and ITV arnt going to change it to make it better,

    just hope that all this talk of other companies wanting to take over the ITV Regional News in 2012 have a chance and give us the real Local News we all deserve and not ferrys crossing rivers!

  • Brenda

    I think its the presenters who muck up the program on Friday that drippy pair were talking crap throughout the program I say bring back Lisa Aziz at least she has personality and she’s a great newscaster.

    ITV just get rid of Ellie Barker she’s horrible!

    And where an earth did they get that Bob crews from he’s such a drip!

    Tim would you agree that’s the problem.

  • Tim Hooper

    i will agree with you Brenda about that Ellie she’s mutton dressed as lamb on the West Country Tonight, that Bob Crews again i wouldnt pick him as a choice for a main presenter

    im still not sure about Lisa Aziz people say she was a great presenter but all i have seen of her shes frumpy and distracted when she present’s the news and now we get all the twaddle about her being stressed,
    if she came back on screen ASAP (the next couple of weeks) and presented the West Country Tonight id give her till Christmas and give her a chance… but she won’t come back and im sure we will hear more stories about her with ITV and her nanny.. so to be honest she’s had her chance and it’s time to move on from her and start a fresh

  • Brenda

    When the west country tonight started back in Februay I saw a very different Lisa.

    Yes Tim I can see she seemed slightly down but i think it’s all down to the two regions mergeing.

    Her collegue Jed Pitman got made redundant, perhaps Tim she didn’t fit in with the younger ones that came from Plymouth.

    And I can see why for example Bob Crews what an earth made itv to employ someone reading the news like him!

    The best thing to happen is to reopen Plymouth and provide the right news for the right region.

  • The insider

    True I dont think aziz will return, the talk that she will will back is as much Bull***t as the ITV press releases that state she has stress/tendonitis/foot and mouth and its only that which prevents her appearing on the programme. Its what ITV does when someone is “in dispute” with the company and has happened before.

    The staff they have are certainly not monkeys and do try to do the best they can, the problem is now that most are inexperienced compared to the staff they made redundant and dont forget they are covering more jobs most of which they have little training in, a lot of the training would be “on the job” where mistakes will happen and be seen. Why pay three people to do 3 jobs when someone can stuggle to do all three for a lot less cash. Many staff feel frustrated that they cant do the job properly or as well as they’d like to due to lack of resources.

    The real monkeys came from London and assumed the viewers down here are dumb they wouldnt notice any change and indeed would think the new service was an inprovement over the old ones. The staff fought long and hard to convince them that is most definately not the case but money talks hence the savage cut backs.

    Ellie Barker is it? she needs to stop lolling all over the sofa like she has no backbone – sit up woman!

  • ITV West Viewer

    I think instead of having that Matthias Kurth or whoever he is, they should have let Jed Pitman have the chance to come back as a Sports presenter/news presenter. He was great and read the sport with passion unlike the Matthias person. No offense to him, but I thought he first started on TV here in the Westcountry, but apparently he’s from some other ITV regional news up north.

    Tim, can you look at this please on YouTube? – It’s Jed Pitman & Lisa Aziz presenting “The West Tonight” – By the way, they didn’t always laugh and joke around… there’s a video on this TV Newsroom website of them both serious too…

    Also, did someone called Alexis Bowater present the Westcountry News? – I think during the time Lisa Aziz isn’t presenting, they should have had her presenting, and Steve Scott. Bob Cruwys/Simon Clemison & Ellie Barker presenting is just boring because they don’t take it serious enough.

    But, yes, you are right about Ellie Barker. She always seems to sit funnily as well – like not very comfortable with her arm on the back of the sofa.

    Also, a question for Westcountry viewers, on the “late news”, does Steve Scott say jokes on yours?

    Once he said “Next up on ITV1 is Police Camera, Action – hopefully not for me though, because I’m driving home! But from me and the late team, Goodnight!” – I think he is one of the best presenters they have because he takes his job seriously unlike Ellie Barker, and he jokes around when it’s possible too. lol.

  • David

    I feel disgusted that our supposed regional news has yet to report on the Swindon half marathon. The race was ran on Sunday 11th October and the only mention of it on our “regional” news was a quick 2 second remark during the weather.

  • Tim Hooper

    ITV West Viewer i looked at the utube clip and as much as aziz is laughing and joking she still seems to be shouting at the camra but she does look a little more relaxed then when we saw her on The West Country Tonight
    and the other presenter messing about on the guiter seemed to be having a laugh

    i have to say im starting to like Steve Scott even though i still relate him to the main ITV news, he seems to make him self part of the Westcountry region not just the west, and when it comes to Up Close he trys different ways of mentioning it and i guess he must be aware of how naff the hole thing is , so i guess hes trying,

    Insider -i know what your saying about the staff i just wish the Monkey in London would sort them selves out, but if they cannot even sort out whos going be the new Boss of ITV PLC the regions have no hope :-(
    makes you wonder where will ITV be in the next few years

    A few weeks ago i was getting petrol at a petrol station on teh A38 at kenford just outside exeter and the ITV Westcountry outside broadcast van pulled up i wanted to go over and and tell him how crap the West Country Tonight Was but didnt think it would do any good

    as no one from ITV seems to care as ITV never give you the full story of whats going on theyd rather leave you in the dark, when you call viewer enquriess they just say they cant comment but will log what you say? and hang up,
    so i have branded anyone from ITV the same all a bunch of monkeys.
    i can see they are trying and i see now that Richard Lawrence seems to of made a come back as this time last year he was made redundant? so i guess the West country tonight is trial and error and we will just have to suffer till they get it right, maybe a few other presenters will make a come back as well?

  • Tim Hooper

    and as for the late news i dont bother watching the other bulitins in GMTV or the late new, as every time i have watched it, its always been bristol and itv west based news, so i gave up even attempting to watch as i knew it would only annoy me.
    so i dont know if he jokes about, im guessing he would, but who knows…

  • in reply to tim hooper

    Did you know it’s just news where you are for the late news? – Unlike GMTV, it isn’t like what they do when the time is 18:15-18:30.

    They do a 7-minute pre-recorded news programme for each region for the late news, with local weather (not both West/Westcountry weather).

    Basically, the “late news” is how “Westcountry Live” and “The West Tonight” was.

  • in reply to tim hooper

    also, yeh, Lisa Aziz was always like that on The West Tonight. Maybe she did “shout” but then it would be clear what she is saying.

    The other presenter was Jed Pitman (now at Original 106.5fm) and he was the Sports presenter/newsreader. They should have brought him back rather than employing Matthias Kurth.

    But, that is how “The West Tonight” used to be. Good, funny presenters with a great programme. Lisa Aziz was like that with Steve Scott too!

    Lisa, if you ever do read this message, I miss you, and would like you to come back and present “The West Tonight” – it’s not the same without you! I know there has been things in the papers, and I feel sorry for you – Hope to see you back presenting soon! :)

  • Bob McKenzie

    So sad, Westcountry Live used to be a programme worth watching.

    I can’t believe how bad it now is. I along with most of my friends now watch the BBC.

  • ITV West Viewer

    To be honest, I think “The West Country Tonight” is one of the best merged regional news programme from ITV (so don’t include Wales Tonight/London Tonight). This is because they have done programmes where both the West and the Westcountry have got news for 30 minutes. – The West have had 2 special LIVE programmes with Steve Scott! and I think the Westcountry have had 1. – No other regional news programme has done this since the merger.

    Also, you can tell the presenters are trying their best. There is a video on YouTube of The West Country Tonight, and at the end, you can hear Claire Manning saying to Simon Clemison something like “Does that make sense?”. Also, they had Ellie Louise-Wringe LIVE on location reporting about the M5 incident which was good and shows they are trying.

    I know it does seem to be more West related news stories, but that is probably because it is based in Bristol. That is not ITV West’s fault. That is ITV in London and Ofcom’s fault.

    If you don’t like to programme, stop complaining and watch the stuffy BBC regional news with miserable presenters, and have the feeling you have to pay to watch that rubbish.

    I very much prefer ITV West than BBC Points West.

  • Denise

    I’m with Susannah and ITV West Viewer, Lisa Aziz and Steve Scott are the best, BRING BACK LISA. Ellie sorry you just haven’t got it nor your partner on the sofa.

  • charlie

    Pat and Rita. I think Ellie and Simon are excellent. Better than Lisa and Steve (who clearly doesn’t want to be there). Have people in the West Country got nothing better to do than moan about the local news? Pat – who on earth uses the term ‘drippy’ these days? You are clearly stuck in time warp and Rita – If you must air your view, please learn to spell! I think your command of the English language is APPALLING!

  • Sara Roose

    I am so fed with hearing about what is happening in Bristol swindon and Cheltenham I want to hear what is going on localy I.e Cornwall and Devon, PLYMOUITH ARGYLE PLAYED BRISTOL LAST NIGHT AND WHO DID WE HEAR MORE ABOUT YES THATS RIGHT BRISTOL, What about the Cornish folk has life in Cornwall become non exisitent and has North Devon dropped off the map, I’m sick of ITV news even the weather is about what happening as far away as possible to us, stuff this were off to the BBC.

  • Sara Roose


  • Tim Hooper

    well Charlie as long as people get their points across it doesnt matter if they get their spelling perfect, as we are just every day people who want to hear every day news from where we live, not about areas 200 miles away from where we live if we wanted to hear news 200 miles away and if it was of an intrest it would be on the national news?

    but we have been down this route so many times and ITV arnt going to change! as long as the share holders and the chairmain get good wages at the end of the day then the rest of the channel can suffer which includes the routes of ITV its regions,

    ITV West i guess have be lumped with a huge region to cover and they just cant cope with it, its easier for them to cover bristol then to give the real Westcountry (Cornwall and Devon) a decent coverage, so we have to loose out wich really annoys me as some of you may know, they try from time to time to bring cornwall and devon back into the picture, but we soon get forgoton about,its seems Bristol Bristol, Somerset, Somerset, Bristol seem to be the hot spots for the west country tonight news,

    i just Wish ITV would be honest to its viewers and say well we cant give you the news you want, instead of making out they can… least then we would know where we stand but no, ITV still pretend its Regional news is quality and of some standard!
    ITV should be more open and honest then hiding behind the desks and hope it all settles down! – beacause it wont

    anyway moving on.. and moving on from ITV
    saw this post on Facebook from Bring Back Regional ITV

    there was a post from Digital spy about freeview and possible local channel on there have a reada nd waht you think?
    and if insider is a bout what does she/he think?

    as if this was to go ahead we could get local news from where we live, and even local programs, i guess its still it the early days and i bet there will be lots of red tape, but its a glimmer of light form ITV’s dark dull regional offerings
    as i give up with ITV as its fixated with the X factor as thats what ITV are only intrested in as its the only thing people watch ITV for these days and the only time adverrtisers will be advertsing for, next year we will have X factor 7 days a week 12 hours a day … you will have the min X factor show, The Xtra factor and the X factor daily edtion… ( real time rehersals, and dramas) instead of the 2 mins you see in the x factor lol i can see it happening :-(

    “ITV1 The Shiter Side!

  • Pretty woman

    I love Ellie Barker! She is comes across as a really warm and geniune person. I’d love to meet her! Fingers crossed I will get the chance one day. Simon and her are brill, can’t get enough!

  • Derek Smith

    Hello this is civlisation in West
    Somerset Burnham-On-Sea I turn West Country Tonight to catch up with our local news. What do I see hardly anythinWe nearly always start in Gloucteshire, next comes Wiltshire followed by Bath sometimes Bristol is mentioned.

    Now can also go to Devon,Cornwalland and Dorset.

    Please do not forget Somerset in particular this part

    If your short of news did you know a Highbridge paraplegic won a medal at the recent games, the Big Wheel has been dismantled on Weston front, there was an incident involving a power pylon near Weston hospital causing power cuts to local residents ? But you seem to concentrate nearly all you features to Glous. and Wilts. Perhaps you would like to change your title to ‘The Gloucestershire and Wiltshire News Tonight’.

    I also think your features on peoples emotions are very intusive.

    I appeal to you to think about thw whole of the area including West Somerset.

    Sadly I shall probaly see ‘no change’

  • mo

    im sick of ellie barker slouching around on that sofa,arm on the back so unprofesional. and isnt she putting on weight she must be expecting



    Ellie Barker is un-professional and keeps sitting on that sofa funnily!! – She was meant to be the Bristol correspondent, not presenter!

    If it’s not possible to get Lisa Aziz back, get Ellie Louise-Wringe to present!! :D

  • Windy

    So,we have got rid of Lisa Aziz (thank goodness) what do we have now? Ellie Barker …can’t she even sit on the sofa properly and they obviously aren’t paying her enough to buy a decent set of clothes as it seems to be the same thing night after night. Where did they get the overgrown shoolboys from? Simon Clemenson is so childish( he thinks he’s funny though) and as for Mathias Kurth well, words fail me! Bring back the professionals, Richard Bath, Alexis Bowater and lets hope the lovely bubbly Clare Manning will come back from Maternity leave.

    Does anyone kow why the weather forcasters can’t broadcast from the Studio in the week, why stand on the roof?

  • Tim Hooper

    well think ellie is preggers from what they were saying tonight, so im guessing theres a trend there with the female presenters….

    P45 for Lisa Aziz please she’s had her chance get rid of her now

    think we should have a fresh Female presenter not from IT West though just a fresh face for both regions

  • charlie

    Tim, I can assure you share holders are not having their pockets lined. I am a substantial share holder and my shares are now work approximately a third of what I paid for them. ITV has a fraction of the budget of the BBC with no help in the way of public funding so the BBC should be producing better quality programmes. Is your local corner shop on a par with Tesco? NO! So there you have it. If you are looking for someone to blame for the demise of local itv news then you need look no further than Michael Grade. It was he that joined ITV stressing the importance of the survival of local news and then promptly set about merging several regions thus destroying the local feel of your regional news. The blame does not lie with the regions themselves. Hundreds of hard-working people were made redundant at the beginning of the year and I can assure you the vast majority were not paid huge salaries. I find it incredible that people feel they have the right to comment on people’s personal appearance. Ellie Barker is putting on weight. I think she’s aware of that fact and I can confirm that she is expecting. It is so easy to make negative commets about presenters. I would dearly love to see some of you people doing the job that they do. Imagine reading a script (and making it sound interesting) while remembering what camera to look at and at the same time hearing half a dozen voices from the gallery in your ear. Add to that that this must all be done to a strict time schedule so that the programme ends to the second and that’s what these guys have to do on a daily basis. So if Ellie ‘sits funnily’ or Simon isn’t as funny as you’d like then maybe, just maybe they are concentrating on the other dozen balls they are juggling. Just outof interest, what jobs do you all do?

  • ilsa zaiz

    Bring back Lisa Aziz. she was the best. We hate Ellie. Lisa is lovely. Much better than Claire Manning. Give Lisa her job back. She was so professional and we all love her. From ilsa zaiz. x

  • mark

    Ellie… Keep up the good work. I think you are fab. Ignore these sad old dickheads. They are probably sexually frustrated and bored with their lives. I think you are lovely and look forward to seeing you on my tv in the evening. x

  • to ex-Westcountry Live viewers

    I’ve watched a Westcountry Live programme on this website, and Richard and Alexis look so boring – but they do seem professional.

    Most of you are right about Simon Clemison – he gets on my nerves to be honest – Bob Cruwys is just the same. I don’t know why they don’t have Steve Scott on there – he’s meant to be one of the main presenters! – He is professional & funny at times.

    As for Ellie Barker, most of you are right, she looks uncomfortable and I don’t like how she acts like Simon Clemison too.

    Have any of you noticed that Ellie Louise-Wringe? – I think she is professional, (good looking) and I think she’d be perfect covering for Lisa Aziz. Laura Sullivan is alright as she is professional and smiley, but it always seems quiet and non-jokey when she presents.

    As for the Sports correspondent, when Mark Tyler left, they should have given Jed Pitman an offer to come back because he was great! lol – Now he presents the Breakfast show on Original Bristol FM.

    I think the good presenting pairs are/would be:-
    – Lisa Aziz & Jed Pitman (if he were to return)
    – Lisa Aziz & Steve Scott
    – Lisa Aziz & Bob Cruwys was quite good!
    – Ellie Louise-Wringe & Steve Scott

    Also, I noticed the 2nd ever mistake in the 1st half yesterday! – They were on about the Nimrod crash story, and had a background to go with it, then afterwards, they went onto the Tamar Bridge and said something like “To more news now…” , next second, the picture jumped, and the Clifton Suspension Bridge appeared, and you heard them say “To more news now…” lol.

    To someone who wrote about the weather presenters and the roof and stuff, I think it is better when they present somewhere Live – and when it is on the roof or wherever, the presenters can have a little chat with the weather presenter – and I thought it was good when they had “Bob’s Geography Test” lol.

    …and what do you mean by “Lisa Aziz has had her chance” – she hasn’t done anything to you?! – Lisa has delivered your news from February until June or so well and professionally with a bit of a laugh. I don’t see what your problem is with her! Yes, she may have had a bit of money problems, but she was a terrific presenter. Maybe she did look all over everywhere – but at least she gave a smile which gave everyone a bit of warmth.

    Lisa, if you read this, many people want you back! – I’m sure every “The West Tonight” viewer wants you back! You were a great, professional and funny presenter.

  • to ex-Westcountry Live Viewers

    Actually, Laura Sullivan & Bob Cruwys was quite good tonight actually!! lol

    I was a bit upset tonight, because that pumpkin story was on “The West Tonight” with Lisa Aziz :(

  • Tim Hooper

    well charlie, thank you for your comment and how hard the presenters work, but not being funny, isnt that their job, and the people behind the camras job? and isnt that why they have years of studing about and training before they are let loose in a tv studio, i mean if you didnt id love to have a go at it!
    also as its been said before Westcountry Television used to split Wesstcountry Live 4 ways North, South,East and West each night with out any hitch and …. yet The West Country Tonight cant manage two ways some night?!

    i work as a Customer Service Advisor for a firm as customer service is an important part of a business which ITV seem to lack with its business!!

    I think we can all agree Michael Grade is the cause and on november the 5th he should be put on top of a bonfire and burnt alive for his mis management of ITV and the regions!

    as to having a go at the presenters, i think its just that we see these as the scape goats, we in the Westcountry have have had the most changes and facing with presenters we dont know, the mistakes that have happened and its just away of expressing our frustration at the crap we see on screen, id love to tell grade what i think. in person .. or somone higher at ITV but when you call Viewer enquires, you get some woman from the midlands who doesnt know where the westcountry is, and dosnt help then hangs up on you!

    i think just because ITV arent funded by the licence fee it dosnt mean they can do what they like and the viewers have to lump it, and say well teh BBC get all this money.. well ITV need to look at ways of making money and stop wasting it on stupid websites and news chanNels

    Also ITV need to be more open and honest with its viewers, even if the West Country Tonight gave its viewers a chance to give it feed back and try ideas of improving the program moving forward??

    I remember Westcountry Live had a feature where Julie Fisher had a slot where viwers commented about the program good and bad bits was good to watch back in 1996ish time.

    but hey untill ITV become more friendly and respond to viewers when things go wrong, websites and forums like this will be full of negitive feedback ABOUT ITV untill they change their ways!

  • Tim Hooper

    just browsing the web under the west country tonight and heres another website with not so possitives responce’s for the program

  • to ITV Best … I mean West

    What happened on last nights programme?! No Halloween stuff?!

    Last year you had all green lights, some noises and ghost projections and spiders hanging down! Lisa Aziz & Jed Pitman made it a right laugh!! lol

    Bring them back, and next year bring back your Halloween stuff please! :) lol

  • Marc

    Im getting sick and tired of people bad mouthing Ellie Barker Lisa Aziz and all the other West Tonight staff, I really hope Lisa is back soon then we can get back to normality, and how sad are the people moaning about Bob n his roof hes the best weather man there is.
    Also its a shame that there is’nt an ITV West stand at events such as The Bath and West show where the news was also presented live from there.
    I also remember a few years ago Lisa Aziz presented live from a hotel at xmas, that was good.

  • in reply to marc!

    You’re right Marc!!

    It’s just all these Westcountry Live viewers who are moaning because it isn’t filmed in nowheresville or Plymouth as they call it, and they haven’t got “their”presenters presenting it – well they have because they did have that Mark Tyler who left, Claire Manning who presented before maternity leave, and Bob Cruwys!!

    There is nothing wrong with The West Tonight presenters. I think the only good thing they’ve said is that Peter Rowell is cheerful and that he should present. They’re just used to miserable presenters though. Lisa Aziz & Steve Scott were great together at presenting and funny, they should bring back Lisa Aziz!!

    I noticed that ITV West weren’t at the Bristol Balloon Fiesta as well!! :( The presenters were great at making the clouds laugh!

    To be honest Marc, I don’t know why they keep moaning. If they don’t like it, they should watch Spotlight or whatever stupid name they gave it! lol

  • in reply to marc!

    *sorry, i meant crowds.

  • in reply to marc!

    That Tim Hooper is just as bad. He’s always complaining but the thing I find funny, is the fact he still watches it and moans!! Go watch Spotlight!! lol

    The BBC presenters hardly ever have a little chuckle. Even if The West Country Tonight do make mistakes, that’s what makes the programme good to watch – it’s better than just having it good all the way through which makes it a lot more duller!

    Like when the weather report was out of focus and dark once, Claire Manning laughed it off by saying “I think we need to buy some lightbulbs there!” lol. She was a good presenter though…

  • The insider

    The mistakes make the programme good to watch do they?????

    Bloody hell if you like cock up tv no wonder you like the WC tonight – no toilet jokes plesse

    If i wanted that i’d watch tv bloopers instead of what is suppodsed to be a news programme.

    I think thats what everyones moaning about. How bad the production standards are now not where its studios are.

    Why was the weather out of focus and under exposed? thats not very profesional is it? – its not acceptable for that to be broadcast and it isnt an isolated incident.

    People are complaining because it is a very poor effort compared to Westcountry Live and its staff – ok some mistakes did make it on air but not every night as it seems to be now and they are not things which are unavoidable. There are tecky people and other staff who can see the shot before it gets to air – why put it out if it looks crap and then get the presenters to try and make a joke of it.

    Marc we all know you have a thing for Liza fiddle fingers but you will have to make do with gazing in admiration at her on your collection of autographed publicty shots you probably collected from ITV West at the event stands you miss so badly as she aint going back.

  • Marc

    I do not have a thing for Lisa Aziz at all, she has done nothing wrong in my eyes, and i do not have any autographs and have only seen the event stand once so get your facts right.

  • Marc

    You Westcountry viewers are a bunch of miserys who dont like a laugh ha ha.

  • in reply to marc

    Init Marc!!

    Lisa Aziz was great!!

  • in reply to marc

    oh, and a message to the insider.

    Apparently lisa Aziz is returning!! – if you don’t believe me, apparently she is off for another 3 months (so it’ll be late December 2009 she’ll be back), and, why do you think they have a picture of her along with Steve Scott on their website if she wasn’t returning then? – itv. com / west

  • TWCT


    So ITV News is getting a face lift tomorrow seeing ITV have spare money from sacking staff and selling off regional studios and will be inline with the ITV1 Branding,
    so i want to know as ive found a regional mock of the ITV News Titles on youtube

    so anyone know if ITV are planning to update the Regional titles and if TWCT will get this?

    as seeing these titles look nasty compared to what we have at the moment, and ITV havent seem to of mention the new look?!

  • TWCT

    sorry the link is for the ITV news titles are

  • Tim Hooper

    marc and in reply, can we stop going on about Aziz, she old news and time to move on from her,

    there are two female presenters which i think would be a good replacement for lisa aziz which is that Laura Sulivan or the presenter that did the weekend news in the clip below, not sure of her name

    they seem much nicer, bubblyier and come across on screen better than lisa aziz,

    also marc get over your self with your comments about us Westcountry Viewers as we know how to have a laugh,
    Yes i still watch The West Country Tonight, as im slowing getting used to it, Think Steve Scott is good tho it is weird when you see him on the national news and the news stories seem to be getting a bit more even between the two regions
    i also Spotlight after the West Country Tonight, and have noticed Spotlight cover some of the same stories as ITV such as that silly one with the MAP and getting people to work out where places where on the map, dont know why spolight do that?,

    TWCT not sure about that clip with the new ITV News titles but hope that ITV arnt going to do change the local news titles to that horrible yellow and black, it looks nasty vulgar, but il guess we will see tomorrow night if they change it !

  • ITV West Viewer

    I’m not sure who that woman was on that weekend update! She wasn’t on “The West Tonight” ever, unless she was just someone working in the newsroom!

    To be honest, there is something I like about “The West Country Tonight” I aint sure what it is! – I like how there are stories after 18:15 which matters to both regions like that elephant going missing in Gloucestershire and being found in Devon was a bit of a laugh, but, I really cannot stand it when they do those “series” of reports like “On the Water” and the time when Bob Crampton looked in people’s gardens. Yes, it’s interesting, but really dull and boring (lol).

    I think the name of the programme is a bit of a mouthful. I’m an ex-The West Tonight viewer and I think it would be much better if they called it “Westcountry News” (not Live because it isn’t always LIVE lol). But, that would of sounded much better. Also, it would have been better for you ITV Westcountry viewers because only the presenters would have changed. I think it would be fine having “Westcountry News” because Bristol, Gloucester and all the ITV West areas are classed as the Westcountry.

    As for the titles, to be honest with you, I don’t mind how they are now. But, that backdrop on the screen behind after 18:15 makes it dull. They should put a picture to go with the story on it.

    I know ITV have merged it all, but I prefer it to BBC Points West. The main reason, I like that “UP CLOSE” thing – it’s quick, simple and doesn’t drag on with massive reports. – The same with the weather really, I don’t want to know what each individual hour in the day will be like – I prefer it AM/PM because it’s not always right!

    Sorry Tim, but on The West Tonight, i have gotta say Lisa Aziz was a great presenter. I did like it when that Claire Manning was on because she was quite bubbily and seemed like a nice kind person. But, I would like Lisa to return. You can see the presenters are trying their best at it. It’s just some dodgy team in the gallery who can’t seem to press the right button! lol

  • Brenda


    Lisa Aziz will return in December and I cant wait so Ellie Barker wont be on our screens anymore.

  • The insider

    Ahh so you did visit the stand innit? Ha Ha winkin smily face Ha Ha I knew you were one of those INNIT !!! (the presenters call those saddos/losers) Here have an ITV balloon and bugger off Ha Ha

    ONG But you sound like a 12 year old bruv with a crush on da fiddler INNIT u like de fatty boom batty?

    Shame yous dint git to mit wiv your posse of tv high rollers bt maybe nxt time bruv u cn git ur signing on de pix man INNIT!! Keep it real !!

    Who says we dont like a laugh – you make me crack up INNIT, nearly messed up me Calvin Kleins I was LOL ing so much!!

    And Marc, as for the fiddler dont believe the press release, she’ll still be at the Priory, Fat Camp, her solicitors or the job centre in December, certainly not on the tv for you to drool over on Xmas morning after your rusks and bitty WIKID!!!!

    That pix been there since the start as they havent got the staff to update the page and no one has been on regularly enough to warrant a new pic thats why.

    Another 3 months eh – funny how itv always uses 3 months and when that runs out its always another 3 months – believe me I’ve seen it all before. ITV’s usual press releases when staff have a grievence or claim pending!

    “They are off for personal reasons” ;-)

  • to the insider

    actually, that ITV West website is about 1 month old!! haha. The picture IS new! On the old ITV Local websites, there was never a picture of them at the top! And… if “no-one is updating it” then why has it got all the latest news and weather on it? And… they have Matthias Kurth’s picture on that website where it says “Meet the Team” and he is new to the programme.

    So, if Lisa wasn’t coming back, why would they leave her picture on there?! You miserable Westcountry Live viewers can’t give anyone a second chance! You just watch those miserable twits who presented it before back. You boring old…

  • Tim Hooper

    i think we are going to have to agree to disagree about lisa aziz,

    Im sorry there were talented Westcountry presenters that lost thier jobs so lisa aziz could have hers and look what shes done with the oppertunity, wasted it! and we have to feel sorry for her, sorry but no, she had a chance decided to play the “ITV have treated me soo bad and im stressed”, get over it aziz!.
    shes being paid ?150,000 to be at home stressed because of personal issues -sorry time to give her, her P45 and say goodbye, as for her being on the website im guessing she is still empyed by ITV untill they decide what to do,a nd untill then her job was as a main presenter so tehy are doing their bit and making out she still will be, but to be honest when the time comes she will be off… but we will find out next month if the trout will re appear of if she has a few more months off, or if we find out shes goes!

    As for the The West Country Tonight website being upto date, its not!!

    the latest news story for the Westcountry is:

    “Nursery victims named
    4.15PM Thu, 29 Oct 2009

    Plymouth nursery worker Vanessa George has broken her silence and told police which children she says she abused at Little Ted’s nursery. Her decision comes after a judge told her she might get a longer sentence if she doesn’t disclose them. Police will now try to match the names she’s given with the pictures she took and sent on to others renewing the anguish for parents – some have said they’d prefer not to know.”

    the latest story for the West is:

    “Murder case – new leads
    4.15PM Thu, 29 Oct 2009

    Detectives investigating the murder of Melanie Hall say they are looking at a number of possible leads following a national television appeal last night.

    They received more than 200 calls in the hours after the programme. Today officers began sifting through all the information.

    By: Rebecca Broxton”

    so To the Insider as you say
    ? if ?no-one is updating it? then why has it got all the latest news and weather on it?
    so it has uptodate news!??? umm……””

    no offence but upto date news would have at least todays news not a week old news story.. but then you ITV West people dont know what month it is let alone what day so dies it matter if its a week old news LOLso enough said

    so can we now stop the West V Westcountry attitudes and try and get on!!

    The staff/ presenters who are left doing what they can i guess, as im sure they are trying their best, and i did watch the late news last night and steve scott ahe he does his best and made a joke about the program following which was a nice touch,

    but watching the ITV main news last night and what the hell so if ITV in london can make cock up like that horrible on screen look with the national news, then ITV regional News have no hope :-(

    but steve scott and laura sulivan or that other weekend presenter keep up the good work, they are problery the best thing about the The Westcountry Tonight, and think it was Brenda who said about the name being a mouth full your right, simple thing like Westcountry News would of been simple but no, The West Country Tonight, or we could of had The Westcountry NOT Live Tonight!? LOL

  • Marc

    In Reply to the insider you dont know anything about me so what gives you the right to slag me off and call me a saddo or loser. NOTHING.
    You are very pathetic now get a life and FUCKOFF

  • Marc

    See look these idiots from Westcountry have made me lose my temper by saying nasty things about me

  • ITV West Viewer

    I think “The Insider” should shut it.]

    As for you Tim, we all have our different opinions :). To be honest, I think The West Country Tonight is good after 18:15 because I’ve never been to places further than Torquay so it is quite interesting looking at other parts of Devon & Cornwall.

    The only thing which I think makes it feel a bit West v Westcountry is when they do those “series” of things. It’s alright when they do reports from Plymouth on something in the news which is happening, but I don’t like all this “ON THE WATER” rubbish. It feels as if “I’m Bob Cruwys in Tiverton. Look at our horse-drawn boat thing”. – He’s an alright (and funny) news presenter/reporter, but I really don’t like those reports.

    I have noticed they do keep going on about Bristol & the West areas instead of the Westcountry in the morning. I spose it’s because ITV West are based near Central Bristol, but that is no excuse! I don’t see why they can’t balance it.

    As for presenters, I think they should have West presenters presenting 2 days a week, then Westcountry for 3 days a week, then on the week after, West for 3 days, Westcountry for 2 days. I thought Claire Manning & Bob Cruwys were quite good at presenting together – bit of a change from Steve Scott & Ellie Barker! But, I do like Steve & Ellie!

    As for all this Lisa Aziz talk on here, we’ll just leave it at this – we all have different opinions. I thought she was a nice, funny, and a professional presenter. But, everyone will have different opinions on everyone for that matter – not just Lisa Aziz.

    As I was saying, I like how The West Country Tonight doesn’t drag on with lengthy boring reports – I like the whole “UP CLOSE” thing. I know it’s basically just a longer version of the headlines, but it works and occasionally, there is some stories on it which you don’t hear on Points West.

    Points West just seems to drag on – Probably because I’m used to hearing West & Westcountry stories on The West Country Tonight so it’s something different. The presenters on Points West are as well professional (David Garmston is a legend!! lol), but I prefer how you get to hear stuff from the presenters on The West Country Tonight, and they have a good old chat – once Lisa Aziz & Jed Pitman were chatting for at least a minute before they moved on which was good :)

    And again, I do feel sorry for you Westcountry viewers, but that’s ITV London’s fault – greedy twits giving London their own news service and wasting their money on horrible yellow news titles! I do really strongly think they should re-name The West Country Tonight to “Westcountry News” or

  • Tim Hooper

    LOL Marc no offence but you are the loser if you need to swear at people on this site ,

    ITV West Viewer i think your right,
    though there could be improvements after 6.15 and the dull green background could be changed – be nice to have different images of the “West-country” From Tweksbury to Lands End on the screen behind and different each night?. Some times it good to hear about the bigger region but seems at 6.15 its somerset and east wards of the new region that get the lime lite, but have noticed they are getting more stories for devon and cornwall in.
    I guess its down to trial and error but the west country to night is improved from early days,:-)

    still improvments to be made and i think for both regions its not what it used to be, but we can moan and moan and nothing will change. i know deep down its not ITV West /HTV fault, they are what is left from ITV Cost Cutting but i wish some one from ITV Regions / PLC would be more open and honest and let us know whats goung on,

    anyways im off to bed but if anyone from the West country tonoght team / ITV west or ex westcountry presenters are here and read please just say something to our comments :-)

    night all

  • ITV West Viewer

    I agree with you Tim! I don’t know why it has gone down hill quite a bit, because ITV West hardly ever had any mistakes! Maybe they’ve got rid of the good editing team and replaced it with monkeys! lol who knows…

    I do notice there are more West based stories on the GMTV updates and lunchtime news (when i get my day off lol), but Ofcom / ITV in London aren’t going to do anything about it. I bet they don’t care whose watching it!

    I have realised if there are a few Westcountry stories, but it seems it’s only when something is major.

    But, I’ll have to credit the ITV South West team for the times when Steve Scott has done LIVE specials for us (and the Westcountry), and recently when you lot had a LIVE special, we had every thing West-based, and even the Clifton Suspension Bridge was behind them throughout the programme. There was just one mistake which let it down a bit – they used the Westcountry UP CLOSE titles and not the West, and at the end, the weather was for both parts of the region so it wasn’t really like “The West Tonight” again :( But, it shows what they are capable of ;) – Just if someone put the right UP CLOSE titles in, it would have been great!

  • Marc

    Westcountry are the losers because they’ve lost their news HA HA

  • The insider

    If thats a new picture then she doesn’t look so depressed that she can’t return to work to me and it looks like her tendonitis has cleared up nicely – so shes well enough to go to a photographers for a mug shot for the website for an employer shes in a legal battle with but she cant drag her poor stress ridden body out of her Priory bed to actually go back to work !!!

    How many people do you know off work due to stress/tendonitis/personal reasons that whilst off go posing for pictures for their employers looking anything but depressed and stressed.

    Dont talk such rubbish – its an old publicity shot edited to make it look like shes standing next to scott.

  • ITV West Viewer

    Marc, they aren’t really! Have you noticed when a Westcountry presenter is presenting on the weekend (e.g. Seth Conway), they have more Westcountry news? and they have that Kate Reeves presenting the weather!!

    As for the photo, yep it probably is an old picture – I never said it was a new picture. All I said, was the fact that website is about a month old, and they have put her picture on it! – They haven’t put Ellie Barker’s pic on it have they??

    And Lisa is coming back – it said in the Evening Post. In (late) December 2009 I think.

  • Tim Hooper

    the last story on Lisa was from the bristol post:

    No return yet for ‘stressed’ Bristol TV presenter Lisa Aziz
    Wednesday, September 23, 2009, 07:00

    Bristol TV presenter Lisa Aziz is not expected to return to television screens until December after she was signed off work for a further three months.

    The ITV West Country Tonight co-presenter has not appeared on the programme since June, but had been due to return this week.

    She suffered acute work stress and checked in the Priory private hospital following an investigation into her expenses.

    The Bristol Evening Post has learned that the 47-year-old has been signed off with stress for a further three months and will not be returning to work today as she had been due to.

    As previously reported, Ms Aziz claims the stress she has suffered is a direct result of the accusations made by her employers about several items she had claimed for.

    In July she told the Post: “Never in 26 years have I suffered stress before and I have worked in some pretty tough places.”

    Ms Aziz has reportedly lodged a grievance against ITV with the Bristol employment tribunal office.

    She claims the way she has been treated goes beyond her expenses.

    Ms Aziz previously said: “In my view, this is about race discrimination, sex discrimination and ageism. When they asked me to work on a piece about terrorism, they told me to use my ‘terror contacts’ as if I was part of a West Al Qaeda cell. I was upset by that and told them why, but it was never dealt with.”

    The presenter said she did not wish to comment on the matter due to the legal proceedings.

    She left Sky News in 2005 and moved to present ITV West’s regional news programme from Bristol.

    When contacted by the Post, ITV said that they did not comment on individual cases and said they would not discuss the reasons for Ms Aziz being off television screens.””

    sS thats shes only got a few weeks to sort her self out, but to be honest i dout she will be back
    and what annoys me is what she has said:

    (Ms Aziz previously said: “In my view, this is about race discrimination, sex discrimination and ageism. When they asked me to work on a piece about terrorism, they told me to use my ‘terror contacts’ as if I was part of a West Al Qaeda cell. I was upset by that and told them why, but it was never dealt with.”)

    other talented presenters lost their josb so she could have hers and then she goes on about sex disrimination and ageism

    sorry she was being Paid ?150,000 to present the program, most of us would love to be paid that a year… so she can go take a run a and jump! i have no respect for the sour faced misrable old trout!!!
    shes milking it, i mean she couldnt even pay her nanny, sorry never took to her when we first had her and since shes been off the screens The West Country Tonight has improved,
    as i keep saying, shes had her chance time to close the chapter on Aziz, and move on give another presenter her spot, and the money they save from Aziz they can improve The West Country Tonight

    if Lisa is so good, she can crawl back to SKY News

    end of story!

  • ITV West Viewer

    I’m sure you said you didn’t want West v Westcountry and you’re making it like that. Lisa Aziz is a great presenter. What would you do if it was broadcast from Plymouth, and Claire Manning did this and I said “she doesn’t deserve another chance” ?

    You’d obviously moan about it. Lisa was great.

    Just because you lot don’t get Richard Bath & Alexis Bowater presenting from that smaller studio in Plymouth, you’re all moaning!

  • Tim Hooper

    i dont want a west v westcountry
    im just saying that shes over milking the situation

    if it was one of our presenters id say the same, im just cant be bothered with the fact shes off with “stress”

    but in the report it says
    “The presenter said she did not wish to comment on the matter due to the legal proceedings”

    i just think its time to move on thats all

  • ITV West Viewer

    The West Country Tonight was amazing tonight! with all the LIVE stuff from Paulton & Bridgwater!

    There wasn’t one mistake! Presenters were a great laugh, and what you’d like them to be like. (Presenters in the studio & at the LIVE locations).

    See ITV West, you can do it!! :D

  • The insider

    Yippeee there wasn’t a mistake!

    This isnt amateur tv (or isnt meant to be) its supposed to be professional with NO mistakes. Why are people so eager to accept the low standards currently offered and then get excited about the fact they didn’t cock it up on one night.

    Yes ITV West if you can do it one night why do we have to see mistakes on all the other programmes?

    Nothing to celebrate really is it?

  • ITV West Viewer

    well err yes it is because they always make mistakes. But, sometimes, you gotta love it lol.

    Put the mistakes aside, the presenters are the best. Like Steve Scott when he said “now the weather, it’s looking a bit grey out, no, not you Bob” and something else he said on the late news- “Next up on ITV1 is Police, Camera, Action! Hopefully not for me, as I’m driving home…”

  • the west country grand day outting!

    well they made a good show lets crack open a bottle and celebrate whoooo whoooo
    as the night be was a little different but had to laugh, a fake bonfire and the poor guy who couldnt hear, and the weather presenter filling the time, but least they got throught it :-)
    i been on facebook as you do as its a habbit dont you find?
    and i came across this facebook page for ITV West/Westcountry

    think its from the staff that are left and you get a little insight to how maybe the staff are feeling! and one post made me stop and think

    ITV West/Westcountry News Support Co-ordinators:
    yes we have been Production Assistants, Gallery Assistants, News Assistants, Broadcast Assistants and everything in between. I’m sure in the next round of redundancies we’ll have our titles changed once more. Suggestions on a postcard please… Jennie – I

    we have had to sit and watch the program from its worst to some better broadcasts but that statment up above tells you why some times its a little ropey round the edges

    so i guess we should give them some credit, and give the one who made this mess all the hassle micheal grade you are a…….!!!!

  • ITV West Viewer


    I love this programme, it’s way better than “Points West”. I do like the little mistakes especially the one you mentioned when Ellie & Steve were interviewing someone to do with fake bonfires and he replied with something completely different to what he was asked! I see Ellie & Steve have a little laugh.

    I really hope ITV Regional News never closes down. I can’t see myself watching Points West again. I’ve got used to the programme now and like it!

    I’ve been on that facebook page before.

    I don’t mind now if they do make mistakes because it feels like they’re on our side now and having a little war against Michael Grade. I bet you they purposely make the mistakes because they want to show ITV in London that it will never work.

    You’ve really gotta credit them for that! lol

    I love ITV West!

  • John James

    Having just watched the early evening news on Westcountry TV, I must comment on the second rate presentation. A muddle with the opening sequence, with the presenter talking over a wreath laying in Truro. Giving incorrect name of a local murder victim. A sequence with no sound until presenter was seen turing the sound back on again. It rewally is a poor alternative to BBC.

  • Steve Ellis Torquay

    This is the first time I’ve ever felt strongly enough to comment on something I’ve seen on TV. I’ve just watched the Sunday afternoon version of Westcountry Live and what a load of utter garbage it is.

    After reading the comments on this site it’s obviously not just me that thinks the whole operation is shambolic.

    I would like to agree with everything John Jamas has noted but also add that the FA Cup draw was for the SECOND round not the FOURTH as was shown on the graphics. It’s not rocket science getting something like this right. I can’t believe no one involved in the programme didn’t notice such a basic error.

    I don’t know who the presenter was but it was a very cringe worthy watch especially the bit involving turning the mike on.

    And to think this second rate rubbish replaced Westcountry Live which had decent presenters like Jeff Welsh, Richard Bath, Jemma Wodman, the list goes on.

    ITV regional news died the day Westcountry merged with HTV
    the offering we’ve got at the moment isn’t even a cheap imitation. It’s quite simply dreadful.

    Sort it out ITV .

  • Tim Hooper

    Steve and John,
    sadly this is what has become the Local ITV news full of cock ups and mistakes, its a daily accurance,
    i hadnt seen the sunday edition but went on to the itv website to see if it had been uplaoded on their and it was, and jeez that sports presenter cocked up from start to finish, it was cringe watching, but as much as we compalin about it its not thier faul as a post above u guys say the the staff have had to change their jobs like theres no tomorrow and uncertin if they will be changed again in the near future,

    it still makes me angry that they can put such a badly put program out on air, but again is this the staff saying this is what you have reduced us too?

    i Know Westcountry Live wasnt this bad and im sure ITV West was this bad before the merger and some one high above needs to be called to action over it!

    also one qustion i have is that ther other merged region Border and Tyne Tees still have their own names for their news, Lookaround and North East Tonight, yet we down here get one name? that just baffled me

    but then again ITV PLC baffles me lol

    all we can hope for is that in 2012 that the rumours of bringing back regional news are true and both regions can once again enjoys upto date local news :-)

  • ITV West News

    Tim, Thought you said you didn’t want any West v Westcountry.

    ITV West wasn’t this “bad” before the merger actually. It was very successful. At least as well they had the proper ITV generic look and correct font sizes than “Westcountry Live”. Go watch some on YouTube. All ITV regional news before the merger had the same titles with different images, and same headlines strap at the bottom with the black bit under neath, and the same text size, apart from Westcountry Live.

    Oh yes I forgot, Westcountry Live had miserable presenters too excluding Claire Manning & Bob Cruwys.

    Also, a message to West edition viewers, did you hear Bob Constantine tonight? He’s back!!

  • Tim Hooper

    ITV West
    just reading the what i put and it was meant to say

    i Know Westcountry Live wasnt this bad and im sure ITV West WASNT this bad before the merger and some one high above needs to be called to action over it!

    sorry just a typo error – chill out

    as as for westcountry live not having the same font size
    to be honest i coudnt give a toodles pips if we had a it different to the other regions at least we got news that mattered to where we lived with out stupid mistakes and thats all that matters and if fonts were different, then good! I hate all the regions looking and sounding the same!

    also i dont think its wise you start on about our misrable presenters, as its not suprising they are misrable towards the end as if they knew they were loosing their jobs, so id shut about about our presenters as we in the westcountry respected them, as you respect your presenters and to be fair we have just had to put up with your bristol presenters, which couple of them im start to like, buts its never the same as having your own presenters that know the area you live in!

  • Tim Hooper

    and just browsing the web, as your comments about “Our Misrable Presenters”

    im shocked as never knew this but one of the main presenters on Westcountry Live Alexis Bowater and even Kate Reeves were having abusive emails sent to them and ITV Westcountry had Bomb Threats made…

    so im not surprised some times they looked on edge

  • ITV West Viewer

    I have noticed that news article when I typed in Westcountry Live on the internet to look at clips.

    I do like Claire Manning & Bob Cruwys, but yep, I prefer the West presenters because i’m used to them lol.

    Also, I watched that weekend news when it was on, and it was awful. That Matthias Kurth was never on “The West Tonight” though. Apparently he used to present “Lookaround” (wat a stupid name for a news programme!!) in the North.

    Kate Reeves the weather presenter seems quite bubbily too which is quite nice! The only presenter I aint too keen on from Westcountry is Seth Conway. he’s alright but doesn’t seem to smile. I think Jonathan Gibson/Duncan Sleightholme are both good presenters too.

  • Tim Hooper

    ahhh just when i thought ITV West team were perfect and ITV West Viewer telling me so :-)

    before the merger on the 16th feb 2009 one a post about ITV South west thread, theres is a comment on tvforum from

    “ITV West made a bit of a boo-boo with their last words to viewers – they told us the national news with Steve Scott was coming next… when in fact it was the FA cup coverage instead!”
    Posted: 15th February 2009 4:19pm #63

    so were ITV West always perfect as you made out LOL :-P

  • Tim Hooper

    your right ITV West Viewer about that Matthias Kurth, he seems to makes cocks ups most of the time hes on screen, think he should of stayed up in border.

    As for other ITV West presenters i like it would have to be Steve Scott, he can be witty at times, Laura Sulivan, shes just seems down to earth, Ellie Barker, shes ok at times but sometimes she annoys me, i dunno why, maybe just need to get used to her a bit longer but i guess she be off soon, as for seth conway i never liked him on Westcountry LIve and the same for Mark Tyler, they both annoyed me, so glad mark went though would of been nice to See Jeff Welsh in his place,
    yeah Kate Reeves can have a laugh, its nice to see her now and then, :-) :-)

  • ITV West Viewer

    I remember on Matthias’ first day, he couldn’t say “” and Simon Clemison said “C’mon new boy, say it again” or something and they laughed.

    I didn’t like Ellie Barker that much, but I’ve changed my mind on her. She’s quite fun! lol. I was never keen on that Mark Tyler either. Simon Clemison gets on my nerves though. He keeps acting like a kid!! lol

    As for the last “The West Tonight” thing, well, there might have been one or two in a year (lol), but it wasn’t as awful as it is now! – I think they’re purposely making mistakes though, because they want to show ITV in London that all of this was a bad idea.

  • ITV West Viewer

    Congratulations Claire!! :D

  • Tim Hooper

    yeah well done claire and baby!! :-)

  • Marc

    Good to see Bob Constantine back

  • Valerie Sweet


    Well most is committed by males

  • Brian

    On tonights 11th November 2009 programme you have shown how stupid and totally without commen sense our laws are. You report about a terrible attack on a shop keeper and the resulting sentence of 18 months to the thugs resposible.Later another report showed rubbish dumped on the Portway.The interviewee commented that previously someone who was caught dumping got 30 months. What a sad joke living here is with this type of law.

  • Richy Poor

    well i dont know what to make of the West Country Tonight,

    I hated it to start with, it still annoys me at times and when the cock ups happen that just gets me made but

    looks like someone has made a trailer The West Country Tonight and commented on the mistakes lol
    have a look

    They made me laugh when its says
    Round up of local News
    with the odd mistake thrown in

    PMSL the odd mistake ???

    though maybe something that ITV could Try promote its haha

  • Tim Hooper

    whos being racest Valerie?

    as for the trailers Richy they are a bit odd though the Round up of local News with the odd mistake thrown in is funnyish … somone must of been bored lol

    but clever idea though… shame about the brighter side for news as its not that bright at the moment and when they let that sport presenter loose its certainly is dull news

  • Susan Wells

    Oh dear, after watching my local news on ITV for more than 30 odd years, now forced to switch to BBC ~ they cover news in MY area not areas where I have no interest AT ALL, I really am uninterested in whats going on, weather, traffic etc. in Cornwall or the switching on of Christmas lights in Plymouth for goodness sake, it’s just not relevant when I live in north Wiltshire! Such a shame. Back to how it was please….

  • Tim Hooper

    just out of intrest susan,
    before the merger what was your region was it ITV west of were you part of South Central? but i od know how you feel as at times some nights the program comes from no where where you live, even if its the local bit at the start or the second half,
    the news team are trying and its ITV LONDON we need to get to notice (not that the will)

    as for tonights program, i missed the first part but the second half was ok, and surprised, they did a live feed for plymouth for turning on the Christmas lights, i guess as Westcountry Live always did it,so i guess they felt they should be at plymouth this year so was nice touch, shame it wasnt one of the Westcountry Presenters though, but we cant have it all… LOL

    maybe a Westcountry Presenter turning on some where in the Bristol or Bath?! LOL

  • ITV West Viewer

    Last night for the Plymouth Christmas lights thingy, they must have had about 10 LIVE cameras set up or something!! It was pretty impressive to be honest! You ex-Westcountry Live viewers probably think that was the best ever thing they did for your part of the region!! lol.

    They probably had Peter Rowell turning on the lights and reporting from there because he’s the Entertainment and the jolly one who gets all the crowds going lol. I think he’s done some shows which aren’t to do with ITV West too. He was pretty good at entertaining on the ITV The West Tonight stand at the balloon fiesta in 2008 or 2007 though, because a person dressed as Elvis and signing Elvis songs walked off stage because there was a problem with his microphone (probably his fault – not ITV West’s lol). But anyway, after he walked off, Peter Rowell said “Ladies & Gentlemen, Elvis has left the building!!” – LMAO!! What a legend mind!!

    I know they’ve had cut-backs, but Tim, once you’ve got used to the presenters – I know it still won’t be the same, but they are all great! lol.

    Also, someone from the ex-ITV Westcountry region said about Steve appearing on the ITV National News. I’m pretty sure he always had, and he doesn’t seem to present on a Friday anyway lol. Also, according to Wikipedia, he started when it was HTV, then moved to ITV in London, then moved back to ITV West, and goes back to London as he’s an ITN Cover.

  • ITV West Viewer

    Watch this!! –

    The video at the top. Steve Scott is in it as a T-bird lol. What a legend. Told you the ITV West presenters are legends!! lol

  • I love The West Country Tonight!!

    Aww I miss those great presenters – Lisa Aziz & Claire Manning.

    Both were funny and it was great watching them and seeing what they’d say after each report. What I like about ITV West is that they do have a good old chat sometimes unlike BBC Bristol when they say something but quickly have to move on! Like on the BBC, there was a funnier report, and the presenter called David Garmston quickly said something funny to go with it, then I swear Alex Lovell was gunna carry on without making any comment to it! She just went “hmm” and read the autocue!! On ITV West, they have a good old chat!! lol.

    It was funny when there was a story about hamsters, and Claire said something like “yeh, if your hamster does that, then bring them here and we’ll interview them” (interview the hamster), and Steve Scott’s face was priceless – it was probably a face like “What the hell?” lol. But still, it was funny lol.

    And, on The West Tonight, Steve Scott & Lisa Aziz had really good little chats and laughs :(. Hopefully when she returns in December, it’ll all be good again =]

  • An Ex Westcountry Viewer

    Having seen The Westcountry Tonight this evening for the second time they seem unable to prenounce any of our local villages correctly. That was the last time I will be watchng it, Cornwall seems to have been wiped off the map as far as any relevant news and when they manage to report on Cornish News all village names are almost unrecognisable. Back to BBC for me.

  • Tim Hooper

    the West Country tonight is growing on me, it still has its faults and nothing like Westcountry Live was back in the 90’s but i have to say i like that Laura and Steve they are a good mix, but just as we get used to looks like it will change again anyone seen the new look to Central Tonight?

    hopefully the West Country tonight wont get this change for a while ( Fingers Crossed! the yellow dull set looks horriffic and the tills are a mess and they kept the same music? a cheap nasty make oke to match ITV Natonal news oh well….. hopfully they will tweet it before we get the change?

  • ITV West Viewer

    I agree with you. I hope The West Country Tonight doesn’t change like Central Tonight. The titles are too yellowy. It’s fine how it is!!

    I like The West Country Tonight too. I don’t like Points West anymore!! lol. I think Laura & Steve are a great combo too.

    I know there is mistakes, but when there are, and you can tell it’s not deliberate, they are funny. On “The West Today” GMTV update once, Peter Rowell said “Goodbye” (to hand back to GMTV), then you could see him looking at the side screen to see if he was off air. Then he looked at the camera, smiled, and said “Well, apparently we’re still on air!” Then he said something about when their next update will be, and handed back to GMTV. I love it when things like that happen! lol.

    I strongly think they should get rid of that horrible ITV bluey/greeney/yellowy background. They should change it to pictures to go with the stories. But, if it does change to the yellowy theme like Central Tonight, I wonder if the background will turn to some horrible yellowy black colour?

  • ITV West Viewer

    Also, they will have to change all their regional website colour schemes. I see they haven’t changed the Central Tonight ones!!

  • Marc

    Wish we could go back to HTV with some of their old titles and idents

  • ITV West Viewer

    Apparently ITV Wales (formerly HTV Wales) announced to it’s staff that ITV isn’t going to support regional news in Wales from 2013 unless some other company takes over.

    Hope this does not apply for all over regions. I know it’s had all the merger stuff, but I still prefer ITV to the BBC.

    But, I prefer the BBC National News, or Five News to ITV lol.

  • Tim

    LOL have to agree with you about the ITV National News they make a song and dance out of it and they over dramatise it and alister stwart is like a rat LOL
    where as BBC news just tell it as it is, maybe a bit formal at times but they dont make a song and dance about it or have a horried yello fake set with dofgy camra zooming in or out of it LOL

    As for BBC regional news BBC Spotlight is good they are aware of their viewers and make you feel part of it and they covered the ITV Westcountry closure really well and they made a really nice tribute to ITV in the Westcountry on the last West country Live and said ” some of those early faces made me want to be in television” which was a nice touch,, BBC South West seem to be a bit like how TSW were, make you feel part of the program :)

    Dont points west have a really werid set too?

  • ITV West Viewer

    Points West – I wouldn’t say it has a weird set, but for some reason, I prefer the ITV “regional” ones. Points West has a sofa area in front of one of they backdrop screens (I like it when they present from this one), they have 2 other chairs and a little desk in the centre where they start the programme from, then the weather forecast is done on a screen opposite to the sofa lol. I probably sound a bit confusing so…

    This is the Points West studio –

    Also, Points West are aware of their audience, but I think at times they tend to be a bit too formal. Like, after a “lighter side” news report, the legendary David Garmston made a comment to it, and all the other presenter did – Alex Lovell, she just said “Hmm” and said “to other news” !! lol.

    I like how on The West Country Tonight, they tend to go on for ages about something. I wonder if the people in the ITV West gallery tell them to have a chat for ages if they’ve got too much time left? lol.

    When it was the end of “The West Tonight”, I think Points West just reported on it by saying things like it will merge with ITV Westcountry and it will be filmed in Bristol, there will be redundancies and other stuff.

    One more thing, when there is a Westcountry presenter presenting, do you think they have to drive all the way from Plymouth or somewhere to Bristol? because when Claire Manning was presenting all week once, surely she wouldn’t drive from Plymouth (or wherever she lives) to Bristol and back everyday?! – I went from Bristol to Torquay (Devon) once, and thought that was long enough!! lol.

    Also, have you noticed that they are covering a bit more Westcountry news stories? I know they still do a lot for the old West region, but, after 18:15, they seemed to have done a lot of coverage on Plymouth & Exeter and their Christmas lights switch on.

    and… I’m still annoyed they never did anything for Halloween :( Last year, they had Jed Pitman & Lisa Aziz acting all scared when there was green lights on them, cobwebs everywhere, and spiders hanging down. Lol that was funny!

  • Tim

    LOL i get your point,
    the West Country Tonight have focused on the two, cities of Plymouth and Exeter with the switch on of lights but i think that was because Westcountry Live did it every year and if The West Country To Night didnt cover it there would of been disapointed westcountry viewers,

    i think they are trying, and its never going to be how it was before, i do like the ITV Regional News but then again i do like the BBC Regional News, infact i like anything on TV thats regional and not the same bland national crap,

    i also though ITV had stopped making regional Programs as havent seen any advertised, but was shocked to know they do, but they put it on at a stupid time of night? 11.35 or somthing, like who is going to stay up that late to watch a regioaml program….

  • ITV West Viewer

    It’s on just before half 10 each weeknight after “the late news”. They do one pre-recorded programme, and one Live for either the West or Westcountry, and the “regional late news” is the only time when it was the same before it all changed back in February – and, they have regional weather forecasts (e.g. West wouldn’t get Plymouth Weather, and Westcountry won’t get Bristol weather).

    I strongly think that they should change the programme’s name if the merger won’t be called off. “The West Country Tonight” is a bit of a mouthful. I think they should have called it “West Country News” for GMTV/Lunchtime updates, and “West Country Live” for the main evening programme and for the “late news”. – With a space in between West & Country because if it was “Westcountry News”, the ex-ITV Westcountry viewers wouldn’t have had any change to the name (lol).

    Also, according to Sky News, ITV have employed someone to replace that person who made all this merging rubbish happen. Apparently this new person has been famous for turning business around – I hope he starts by looking at regional news!! If it costs too much, then surely they could just get rid of ITV3 & ITV4!! Because there seems to be enough repeats on ITV2 of some of the soaps, so whatever they get rid of on ITV2, could be replaced by content from ITV3 & ITV4.

  • Marc

    i dont agree that the name change should be ‘ west country news/live
    it should be the west tonight

  • Tim

    the West Country on westminster? but what a silly time to put it on? why not have a regional time slot like 7.30 like they used to have, baffles me lol

    agree The West Country Tonight is a mouthful, when we were told of the mergers that jane Mcwhatits thats now left ITv for the BBC said they were working on a brand new brand? the West Country Tonight i cant see as a new brand, as for the West Viewers you just added Country to the name, and for the Westcountry Viewers, they have split Westcountry into too and replaced live with tonight, oh and added The to it lol,

    but maybe the moujthful name goes inline with the over large region lol

    there are new stories in digital spy about ITV doing pilots for regional news next year

    as for Archie Norman taking over at ITV , whuto knwos what he will be like hopfully it will be a good thing but who knows lol have to wait and see what he plans

    and Marc you wanted HTV news back? well who know that could be possible

    “The spirit of TSW and HTV, the former ITV stations in the west and south west of England, may soon be returning to television screens in the region. Hugely popular in the 1980s and 1990s TSW/Westcountry and HTV were lost to ITV in a long series of franchise changes, mergers and acquisitions
    The consortium is the first of its kind in the region to publicly register interest in government proposals for new regional television news services.
    Backed by regional newspaper group Northcliffe Media and local businessmen, as well as media and television professionals, the consortium will bid to supply two ITV regional news services that were previously based in Bristol and Plymouth, when they become available in the lead up to the 2012 digital switchover. ITV wants to pull out of regional news by that time.”

    click on the link above to read the full story. but who knows things could change,

    digital spy is quite good to find out the latest on what is happening, as they have the storie about the new man at ITV also the changed that the tories want to change the current rules for televion,

    as for the West Country Tonight, i think we will just have to wait and see, we are now, 9 months into it, and its had a bumpy ride to say the least , but think they are now slowly getting there, its still not what id call reagional news to where i live, but the covers the odd storie, an then at 6.30 BBC spotlight seems to fill in the rest that the West Country Tonight couldnt cover

    but who knows things are going to change again, so a few years down the line, i dout the West country tonight will exsist, it will either merge with another reagion and we will have a the West country and South of England Tonight as it merges with Merdian lol or new companys will be allowed to produce regioan news for the old regions and we get slip up again back to how we used to be lol
    lets hope that that does happen :-)

  • ITV West Viewer

    Mark Tyler seems to be back! and he is presenting the weekend bulletin from the ITV West newsroom in Bristol tonight (22nd Nov) – looks like The West Country Tonight will be getting that horrible new yellow look studio and cheapy graphics! ahh! lol.

  • Tim

    its not a good sign when they are in the News Rooms is it, :(

    i thought mark tyler had left? and Dan Downs presenting the weather? the staff control there confuses me, as you never knows whos going to be presenting and presenters you think have left turn up for a one off then disapear againa then pop up again in some random apearence .. i thought mark tyler was now on Exeter FM ?

    oh well i guess we will have to wait for tomorrows yellow mash up of The West Country Tonight, :(

  • ITV West Viewer

    That’s something I don’t like too. I don’t like how presenters just turn up unexpectedly lol! But, it would be good if Lisa Aziz returned unexpectedly ;)

    It’d be good if Jed Pitman made a return too! (He was The West Tonight’s version of Mark Tyler – did some news presenting, but was the main sports person!). He was an absolute legend! lol. But he’s at Bristol Original FM now.

    I actually preferred it being presented from the newsroom! because there was no boring horrible greeny blue backdrop.

  • Marc

    dont think lisa coming back :( shes suing itv now type her name in google and it will come up with it

  • ITV West Viewer

    marc, the evening post said she will be off work because of stress for 3 months from the end of august. so she will be returning soon! :)

    I hope she does though :( – I like Ellie Barker, but prefer Lisa. If ITV West do get that new yellow/black studio look, I think it would be good if Lisa presented with Steve Scott the day it changed its look.

    but if Lisa doesn’t return for a while longer, do you think they should get eli louise-wringe to present the programme? – I think she’s a great journalist :D (and good looking).

  • ITV West Viewer


    I’m not sure if Lisa will be returning now :( According to the Daily Mail, she is suing ITV for ?5million – . It’s a shame really :( I thought she was a good presenter. There’s still a bit of hope though, her picture/presenter info hasn’t been taken off the ITV West & ITV Westcountry local news websites ;)

    We’ll just have to wait I spose…

  • ITV West Viewer

    Breaking!! (lol)

    I’m not so sure about Lisa now. She’s accused Steve Scott of impersonating other presenters in a “racist” way (when he hasn’t been racist). I think Steve Scott is an absolute legend on-screen and is the best male co-presenter of “The West Country Tonight”.

    I always thought that Steve & Lisa got on quite well. Clearly not.

  • Marc

    its not good is it, i always thought they got on too, wish it could all go back to normal

  • Tim

    LOL the true trout is showing her true colours never liked her in the first place and now this is why money grabbing old trout,

    I like Steve Scott and hes one of the reason i like The West Country Tonight,
    never liked aziz and never will and id love to spit in her face and tell her to go get a life
    she wants ?5 million? greedy cow she couldnt even bee arsed to pay her nanny and she was being Paid ?150.000 to present then decided to cause all this hassle

    i hope they dig up dirt on her and find out shes just a money grabbing out tart and she gets all she deserves, feck all LOL

    sorry all u Aziz Fans but the trout needs to rot in hell

    and Steve Scott and can take this piss out of her all he likes ,


  • Tim

    as for the stve and lisa being good pair of presenters on teh West Tonight, its like the Kim and Aggie relastionship, as seems Kim hated Aggie, as was mentioned on
    “im a over paid tv personaity whos needs to be famous again, thats why im in here”

    but Steve and that Laura make a good combo so hope she takes the role on full time,

    and steve seems the jokey type,(in a good way)

    Lisa is blowing it all up to make her look good, but reading the story it she sounds like shes grasping at straws so Aziz youl look stupid with egg of ya face haha, and ul be on next years
    “im a over paid tv personaity whos needs to be famous again, thats why im in here” eating kangeroos anus’s haha

    so much for her being off ill shes been plotting,to make money the misrable bitch .

    makes me mad to thinks shes doing this yet the ex westcountry female presenters had threats and bomb threats made yet, they made no fuss yet aziz…. shes off making trouble
    god shes makes me mad lol

    anyways im on team scott and team aziz can go run and jump! lol

  • ITV West Viewer

    I am too on “Team Scott” lol.
    As I wrote in previous posts, I said that I’d give her another chance to get back on and presenting, and I said I still like her. But, she keeps going on – publicity stunt? who knows. But, I think I’d rather have Ellie Barker/Laura Sullivan or Eli Louise-Wringe presenting now.

    There is a chance Lisa could be telling the truth as the press have been reporting about her suspension for quite a few months. But, the only way I can respond to that, is I bet she laughed if Steve made impressions (I believe Steve in him saying that they weren’t racist), but, I bet she laughed! She was always laughing at his little jokes on “The West Tonight” and “The West Country Tonight”.

    If Lisa did make a return, I think I’d still watch the programme, but, I don’t think I’d see her as a happy positive person as she is on screen.

    If all this was over in about a month, I’d still trust and like her as a presenter, but, it’s gone on for too long now. If she earns ?150,000/yr for presenting about 55 minutes max in a day (if she presents for 15 minutes for both each West & Westcountry, 15 after 18:15, and the late news), that is plenty of money!! The BBC News Channel presenter – Carrie Gracey (I think), gets ?90,000/yr and she presents 4 times a week, 2 hours a day!! If Lisa took ?5 something for getting her laundry done, when she gets ?150,000, then it’s her fault all of this has happened. If Lisa just used her own money, this would have been fine.

    If she does win that ?5,000,000 from ITV, they best not stop regional news altogether!!

  • Tim

    i said that too, if she had just got on with it and came back september and just got on with it id of watched her and then id of given her a chance, but not now, shes milking it and to be honest she is doing no body any favours as if she does get the ?5m in payout what is going to suffer? the regional out put, so any resepct she gets she will loose as the only one who will benifit is her and het pocket which is wrong,
    and made mesick when the story say it to go towards her hurt feelings? geez she only a presenter shes no mother nature

    and i agree, i bet she hada chuckle when steve made the jokes as anyone would,they arnt racist if it was than why would they of called a tv program Goodness Gracess me? lol shes just using im a woman and in a male enviorment, so she is no better she just using it as a way for her to get some extra cash, which i think is wrong,

    but some good news, doesnt look like the West Country tonight is going yellow just saw the trailer in between golden balls and was the same teal set Yay!!!!!!

  • Tim


    just read it back and was meant to say

    the West Country tonight is NOT going yellow

    shame you cant edit these post’s

  • Marc

    the westcountry today/tonight had now gone yellow from this mornings bulletin during gmtv, dread to think what the titles will be like

  • ITV West Viewer

    No!!!! Ahh! The custard has made it’s way to the West & the Westcountry!!

    The only thing about it I like, is when they broadcast the same news to both parts of the region, they seem to be using a map of the South West. Much better than that horrible greeney/blue colour with the yellow circles appearing now and again!

    I wonder why they didn’t have it yellow from the start of the week? Why Tuesday?! lol

  • Tim

    NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! :( The West Custard Tonight :(

    your right why didnt they do it last night? i mean why have the weekend news in the newsroom then last night in the studio? the only thing i can think of is … they werent in the west country tonight studio?… maybe they went over to merdian to pre redored both sets of news for the Westcountry tonight ,as they havent had the West country tonight lite up on the floor like they normally do??…. while they did the tweeks to the West country tonight set?

    they havent uploaded any clips on the itv website either, thought would get a sneak peek of the custardness , but the last bulitin was of last nights

    oh well….. The West Custard Tonight it is :-(

  • Tim

    read the 95 postive comments for miss aziz…… some of them made me chuckle …..

    comment 01

    “She was sacked for allegedly fiddling her expenses. I can find no reference anywhere where she refutes this.

    Why did you sack her?
    She appeared to have fiddled her expenses.
    Did you fiddle your expenses Lisa?
    They sacked me because they are sexist, ageist and racist.
    Are you denying that the allegations against you concerning your expenses are true?
    They are ageist, sexist, racists and I want ?5 million pounds.
    Plus expenses?
    Nigel, BS16
    commented on 23-Nov-2009 17:51 ”

    comment 02

    “?5million? Good Gawd. Quite ridiculous. I have always liked Lisa – and unless there is an awful lot due to come out that we dont know about my (and many others) opinion of the woman has changed entirely. Lisa – old advice. When you are in a hole – stop digging
    Paul, Bath
    commented on 23-Nov-2009 21:08”

    comment 03

    “26 years in the job and she has NEVER suffered from stress anxiety or depression before ….SO WHY NOW???? no doubt she is on full pay aswell- I am fed up with stress & anxiety being used as an excuse not to go into work…we all get stressed and we get paid a damn sight less … GET ON WITH IT WOMAN and stop whingeing there are people a lot worse off & they cant afford to check into the flipping priory for a rest..
    alan, redland
    commented on 23-Nov-2009 17:10 ”

    comment 04
    “Oh dear, poor Lisa, you think you are hard done by? You wanna try my life darlin’, or the lives of plenty of other people in this world, who have to deal with real life. You pampered, whinging, ever so precious, excuse for a victim!
    If you win this case it will be just further proof of how insane our society has become.
    Fred, Staple Hill
    commented on 23-Nov-2009 13:50 ”

    comment 05
    “Unbelievable! once again the race card is being played! like previous commentators have said i bet she laughed when a colleague did impressions and i also bet that the said colleague also did impressions of white co-workers too,is that racist? no of course not! Ms Aziz is just a money grabbing whinger,she should just be fired with one months pay which is exactly what happens to ‘normal’ people in the ‘normal’ world.

    this all stemmed from her claiming ?5 on her expenses for dry cleaning her kids clothes! she earns ?160k per year! why does she need to scam ?5 from her employers??? wish i earned that kind of dough! *** A JOB!!!!!
    Blueblood, Led on the sofa
    commented on 23-Nov-2009 11:00”

    i dont think she will have much respect from anyone on this

    Miss Aziz i think its time u held your hands up and gave up, and just took redundancy pay and go away

    the whole country is in a mess , people are without jobs companys have gone bust , many people are more stressed and have sufferd a hell of alot more than you and still have bills to pay with out money.

    yet you still (had) your job a good ?150,000 – ?160,000 but you got caught doing somthing wrong it might of only been ?5 pounds but you should of held your hands up said ok i did wrong and moved on… but no you created all this crap about race and sex, and that your old and wanted out and that co-staff took the mick out of others which has nothing to do witn the fact you fiddled your expences ?…

    Lisa go take a run and jump off that bridge in bristol and get some respect for your self and relise that what your claiming is out of order, and your trying to pull a fast one!
    why do you want ?5 million, is it because you know that no one in television will ever employee you again after all this, so if you pull the race and sex card they will award you 5 million then you wont have to work?- you make me and many others sick!


  • ITV West Viewer

    You never know Tim, they could have always gone to Plymouth to film it… lol. Apparently they have a studio in Taunton. Very much doubt that though.

    But, who knows?

  • Tim

    LOL well i guess i heard the signal is sent to the plympton studios to feed to the westcountry?!… but the Westcountry Live set was smaller, lol

    still not sure what to make of the new look though … just tooo yellow lol

  • ITV West Viewer

    I’m not sure whether I like it or not! Where all the blue/green/teal colour was on those plastic things, I think it does look a bit too yellow. It does look a bit more stylish though with a black floor and those silver lights.

    One thing I think is a definite improvement, is the backdrop on the GMTV/Lunchtime updates, and on the main programme after 18:15! I think it looks a lot more professional than what it was too.

    When they go to the Weather, I think the bit which comes up saying “Weather” is a bit too dull now. I think it would be better with some sort of picture on it.

    I wonder if they will change their website colour scheme? (

    Also, yep, when I watched parts of “Westcountry Live” on YouTube, the set looked tiny compared with the one at ITV West. But then, apparently, the South West has the biggest BBC Regional set. Something I like though about the ITV Studios, are that they are all the same. Whereas the BBC, you get bigger ones, smaller ones, ones with backdrops of the newsroom, ones with pictures on, and, I don’t like how they can be presenting from different areas.

    What I tend to do now for news, is just watch The West Country Tonight, then I look at the website or the BBC Bristol website for any more news. The West Country Tonight does tend to cover 99.9% of them in “Up Close” though which I like ;) lol.

  • Rachel

    Ellie is awful! Her posture,(nothing to do with her being pregnant) she has always draped over the sofa with a posy pouty look and her supercilious squeaky voice. Having seen some footage of her having her hair done in the studio make up dept what happened when she appeared on screen – a scrappy straw looking mess. Please get her off screen asap and bring back some proffesionals like Richard Lyddon(sic) and Jenny Hull – what a partnership, they walked it.
    Its not the West Country Tonight its the South West Country Tonight – the other evening the first three items were from Cornwall of no interest to anyone in the Bristol Area.

  • Tim


    no offenceto you , but most of the Stories thats have been on the West Country Tonight after 6.15 have Bristol based and have NOTHING of intrest to the people of Cornwall at all,
    It seems now the stories are becoming a little bit more even out and both sides get stories in and the FAR Westcountry (Cornwall gets mentioned) even notices the weather they take it in turns for the Wesst to be shown first before the east, then the next night it will be other other way round, ,

    So Rachel now you know how we in the FAR Westcountry feel when we had to watch Sories from Bristol that did intrest us at all.

    As for Ellie, i dunno, as the last few weeks i thought she seemed better, Ellie and Steve seem to be bouncing off each other with jokes and have a laugh,

    i do like that Laura though she seems a fresh face compared to the older misrable female presenter that started the West Country Tonight,

    ITV West Viewer,

    as for likng ITV News all having the same sets, i dont like it, i mean, what if everybody in the country all had the same accents and all looked the same? it would be boring and dull and to be honest thats what ITV news has become,
    i guess if it all looks the same, if ITV closed down a few more regional studios and all the news was based in london, we wouldnt notice. because the sets would be the same :(

    I think each region should be different. and have a slighty different take the sets and the way they present the news, i think thats why BBC news is good, i also like the fact that BBC Spotlight do the main news at the Desk, then for the light hearted Stories they move over to the sofa,
    Westcountry Live did this back the late 90’s, which was really good, plus Westcountry Live was a Hour Long, :)

    then When ITV started moving the News about they Chopped Westcountry Live to 30mins but they introduced WestCountry LunchTime Live, and on Fridays had Westcountry Weekend, thats the Westcountry Live days i miss,

    but as people say all things change, so so here we are, all changed, not sure its for the better..

    shame the Peoples Millions cant be used for Regional News, just think you could set up regional News staions for each country, and have County News LOL

    the should rename West COuntry Tonight to

    The CorDevSomDorGlosWilt News Tonight or The WiltGlosDorSomDevCor News Tonight LOL

  • ITV West Viewer

    I do agree it is too West-based. Last night after 18:15, they said “news just in” and had a report for something in Bristol. However it wasn’t “news just in” because that news was released on the website, and BBC Bristol website 2 hours earlier! I think the ITV West news before 18:15 was pre-recorded last night – I’d hate to think how early it was pre-recorded if it was “news just in”.

    I always find that on the weekends, they have more Westcountry news, and it tends to be presented by Westcountry presenters (e.g. Seth Conway), and the Weather is always presented by Kate Reeves (who I quite like actually because she seems fun and bubbily). No offense or anything, but I’m not too keen on Seth Conway or Mark Tyler because they seem to be miserable – maybe that’s why when Peter Rowell went to Exeter for the Christmas lights switch on, the crowd didn’t seem that cheery!! lol. I think they should make Kate Reeves one of the main weather people. Like have her every other day, and have Bob Crampton on the days she doesn’t do, and have Alex Beresford on the evening and in the GMTV updates. I don’t know why they have that ITV Wales weather presenter on there though – Ruth Wignall.

    As for the studios being all the same, I spose I do agree with you on that bit – “imagine accents being the same”. But, I do like how they present from one area.

    Also, I think they should have another female Westcountry presenter occasionally on there, because I liked Claire Manning and how she presented. I think she presented quite well with Steve Scott & Bob Cruwys. Although Ellie Barker & Laura Sullivan are good presenters.

    Or, if they at least they change the name of it. Every other ITV “regional” news programme has a name which consists of 1 or 2 words. E.g. “Lookaround” and “Wales Tonight” – but with “North East Tonight” being an exception. “The West Country Tonight” is such a mouthful. I wouldn’t mind if they called it “South West news” to be honest. I think “West Country” always seems a bit slang.

  • ITV West Viewer

    I think I’ve changed my mind on Simon Clemison. I think he presented quite well tonight with Laura Sullivan, and he was more serious except at the ending – but that’s fine! lol.

    I liked it how they had to keep going because they couldn’t have the weather with Bob LIVE lol. “Yes, we’re back on the weekend with The West Country Today and The West Country Tonight of course, and I’m back with the late news” “Yes, Simon is back with the late news which is of course after News at 10” lol.


  • Sarah

    Laura poor girl always seems to be shy and nervous you can see this as she cant keep her head still she stutters and she a little week.

    As for Ellie someone get her off air she’s a great drip and a show off and sits like she’s sat on a witches broom.

    Lisa Aziz please be back for December your the only best female newscaster on the program.

  • Tim

    LOL Sarah

    Laura maybe a little shy but least shes down to earth as if she knows what people think of teh show id be a little nervious too ,
    as for Ellie she wont be on for long as she be off on merternity,

    as for aziz, she wont be back thank god , shes nailed the coffin in her job wanting ?5 million doesy bitch LOL

  • Tim

    ITV Are Muppets……this just goes to prove it…

    Jemma Woodman a great Westcountry Live presenter wanted to present on the West Country Tonight but was Snubbed by ITV for “Money Fiddler” Lisa Aziz…. so instead of having a presenter from each region and all viewers would of had a main preseneter they knew they chose Aziz who since has caused more problems….

    I was snubbed by ITV bosses
    Wednesday, December 02, 2009, 09:00

    ONE of the best-known faces in TV news in Devon and Cornwall has accused ITV of being unfair by refusing to consider her for a presenter’s job in a controversial reorganisation.

    Jemma Woodman was desperate to apply for the role of presenting The West Country Tonight, which is now broadcast over seven counties, and replaced the Westcountry Live show broadcast from Plymouth.

    The job eventually went to Lisa Aziz, who has since been suspended from her ?150,000 post over allegations that she made wrongful expenses claims. She is herself taking ITV to tribunal in a separate case involving a ?5 million claim for racist discrimination. The company has described her allegations as “baseless”.

    An employment tribunal was told yesterday that Ms Woodman, of Newton Abbot, had been contracted in for maternity cover for main presenter Alexis Bowater, and covered 22 out of the 24 months leading up to the reorganisation ? but she was told she was not eligible for the post. It was open only to permanent main news presenters and Ms Woodman’s position was considered temporary. Instead, she applied to become a correspondent, but she did not get the job.

    Senior ITV bosses yesterday heaped praise on Ms Aziz’s excellent credentials, and said Ms Woodman would not have stood a chance of getting the job, even if she had been allowed to apply. They said appointing Ms Aziz was a “coup” and her combination of local and national presenting experience, coupled with her high profile across the county and her professional application, would have always clinched her the post.

    Richard Thurston, head of human resources at ITV regional news at the time of the complaint, said Ms Woodman was a good presenter who was popular among viewers and colleagues. But he said many competent staff had been lost during the reorganisation process, which saw the company shed 40 per cent of its staff ? 430 people across the country.

    It was a “difficult decision” but he added: “We had to choose between those who were good, and those who were excellent and outstanding.”

    He highlighted Ms Aziz’s work with Sky News, which he said meant she was recognised across the Westcountry, giving her the edge in a regime struggling to maintain continuity with the loss of a popular show.

    “It was a controversial move by the company. There were people out there who did not necessarily want the programme to be successful. We had to have the best possible presenting team to go forward.” He said of Ms Bowater, who unsuccessfully applied for the post: “She is a good presenter, but she’s not in the same league as Lisa.”

    Mr Thurston, who declined to comment on Ms Aziz’s suspension, revealed that the main presenting jobs were not subject to the consultation process which involved unions, in part because the company did not want its “talent” moving elsewhere. The company “drew a line in the sand” on who could apply, and ruled only existing main presenters were eligible. One reason was to stop the biggest names becoming “jittery” and moving elsewhere.

    Mr Thurston said the main presenter’s job was highly coveted and deviating from the rules would have “opened Pandora’s box”, with a swathe of others hoping to apply.

    Ms Woodman’s legal team said ITV had been inconsistent in its approach. Even when she was not providing maternity cover, she regularly presented the main news programme, as Ms Bowater worked only a four-day week.

    The tribunal, in Plymouth, was told that in a similar case in Anglia, a presenter who worked one day a week had successfully applied for the region-wide role. But ITV said the situation was different, as she was contracted to fill the post once a week, whereas Ms Woodman was classified as one of three “reporter/presenters”. There was no contractual obligation for her to present once the maternity cover ended.

    The tribunal also heard from Liz Hannam, head of news at ITV West and ITV Westcountry. She was on the selection panel which turned down Ms Woodman’s application for a post as a correspondent.

    Ms Hannam said Ms Woodman failed to convey a sense of how she would win over “hostile” viewers in the eastern part of the region, who were not familiar with her.

    Ms Woodman will give evidence when the tribunal continues today.”

  • Tim

    the bit thats says…

    “The tribunal also heard from Liz Hannam, head of news at ITV West and ITV Westcountry. She was on the selection panel which turned down Ms Woodman?s application for a post as a correspondent.
    Ms Hannam said Ms Woodman failed to convey a sense of how she would win over ?hostile? viewers in the eastern part of the region, who were not familiar with her.”

    yet we in the Westcountry have had to sit and watch preseneters that we dont even know or like and have had to put up with it???? Ms Hannam you are a complete looney… to of evened up the presenting roles and have 1 west and 1 Westcountry Presenter would of made more sence……

  • Marc

    Good to see Peter Rowell on The Westcountry tonight

  • scott

    I like The West Country Tonight!! :D

    I’m 16, and I’d like to be a (broadcast) journalist. I emailed the BBC and had no reply. Emailed ITV West asking how you go about becoming a journalist, and one of the Westcountry Live reporters emailed back! (this was before the merger). I know you don’t get as much local news as you used to, but still, I like it!! I quite like “Up Close” too because it feels as if it doesn’t drag on for ages! lol.

    I quite like the programme because the presenters seem more relaxed and more likely to tell jokes compared with Points West!

  • The insider

    Liz Hannam was never popular when she took over from Phil Carradus when he was made redundant (former boss of Westcountry Live) as staff felt she would look after her staff in Bristol and that is exactly what happened. Pandoras box probably meant theyd have applications from Westcountry staff who Liz Hannam had no intention of hiring over her Bristol staff.

    Funny how ITV bosses think AZIZ was a coup !!! Yep brilliant coup – we’ll pay ?150000 to an unpopular presenter who cant do the job properly then fiddles her expenses and when caught starts claiming it was racist/ ageist/ sexist/sizeist and then goes off with stress for months on full pay !! Oh but she was on SKY years before so she must be good right – so good that she isnt on SKY anymore and is now on local tv news!!!!

    SKY must have let that one slip through their fingers and must be kicking themselves at losing out on the talent known as the fiddler AZIZ.

    Hmmmmm if she was that good and such a “talent” why is she on Westcountry tonight and not main anchor on SKY News.

    Mind you ITV thought buying Friends Reunited was a bargain at ?175 million-then promptly sold it at a loss for ?25 million – do they ever learn !!! They do have talent though for paying a lot for things that are not popular !!!

    Gemma ( and many ex westcountry staff like her ) was obviously more talented than Aziz as she could do far more and was more versatile – doing reporting / presenting etc when required – surely flexibility was what ITV wanted?, Aziz only presented and by all accounts only reported on rare occasions when she was really pushed into it. she was obviously had too much talent to lower herself to merely report on a story. She’d rather gawp around the studio reading a script someone else had written for her while someone like Gemma took all day to research/write/film her news story(with a proper cameraman) and edit (with a proper editor).
    Hannam doesnt have a clue about running regional news on TV, send her back to the local press where she came from and is most suited !!! She couldnt do much damage with the classifieds could she ??

    Time for Hannam to depart shes made a farce of the programme and made plenty of bad decisions which have cost the programme its viewers and credibilty. People only watch now for the cock ups and mistakes.

    Lets hope well soon see a report telling us Liz Hannam has been replaced by a much more talented, outstanding and excellent staff member who DOES know how to turn the programme round and win over all the (hostile) viewers Hannam has lost over the last 10 months !!

    Alexix Bowater is most definately not in the same league as AZIZ. Alexis is in a way higher league..

  • David S

    Does anyone know if there is any truth in the rumours that Simon Clemison is leaving after Christmas? Insider? You heard anything?

  • ITV West Viewer

    @David S – Where did you get that from?

  • Tim

    Maybe hes seen sense and escaping the rotton ship of the West Custard Tonight,??

    Is it me or has the last week on the Westcountry Tonight their have been no Main Presenters ?? ever since that story broke with Jemma Woodman, I still cant get over it… but i just found somthing that made me laugh it mocks ITV news and their presenters
    and im glad im not the only one who took a dislike to Lisa Aziz when they first saw her on tv..

    the bit about aziz is……

    “When it comes to news readers, it’s strange how viewers form instant opinions about people who appear in their sitting-rooms at regular intervals ? and I’m no exception. One to whom I took an instant dislike when she first appeared on the breakfast sofa 20 years ago was Lisa Aziz.
    There was a sneering, slightly derisive air about the woman which immediately rankled. I’d happily forgotten all about her until she turned up last week claiming ?5m from ITV for unfair dismissal from a job at a provincial station, citing race and age discrimination.
    As part of her case, she accuses colleague Steve Scott of mimicking Sir Trevor McDonald.
    It would be interesting to know what Lenny Henry and Rory Bremner make of this. After, all they’ve being doing the same thing to far bigger audiences and far greater effect for years without attracting the attention of the pc brigade.
    But Ms Aziz is an opportunist and clearly after a quick buck.

    Nobody’s ever accused me of being a clever-dick because I was never clever (but one out of two’s not bad).
    For a prime example of the genre, watch the appalling CJ de Mooi on Eggheads.
    Whenever a colleague responds incorrectly to a question, to which he happens to know the answer, he mugs at the camera in disgust and despair.
    Yet, when asked a question about which he has not the slightest idea, he sighs, pouts, shrugs and rolls his eyes as if it were the most stupid inquiry ever put to a human being.
    CJ de Mooi ? a man who tries to teach himself everything and learns nothing”


  • ITV West Viewer

    @Tim – I know!! What’s happened to Steve Scott? He’s a legend!! lol – Watch the “late news” and listen to some of his “Coming up next on ITV1” jokes.

    I do like the West presenters, but it would be fair if they have a West & Westcountry presenting (e.

  • Tim

    the press is full of good news about ITV news

    a story about Julie whatsit on ITV National news and they throw in the Jemma Woodman and Lisia Aziz case…..–knows-is.html

    shame Jemma threw the towel in, it just shows tho how two faced ITV as they thought Lisa Aziz would eb well know and she was a coup? really….. i dont think so, if Jemma had been sat wit Steve Scott on teh first Night of the West Custard oops i mean Country Tonight, the program would of had a better start, but no…. we had to put up with all this crap ….

    come on ITV West…sort it out and give us proper presenters and not money grabbing old trouts who are misrable

    and for everyone who thinks im being negitive, dont get me wrong ITV Local news is different to the BBC and id like to be more positve about it, but when you see all this bollocks that has happened since the changes … you gotta think why didnt they go 50/50 with presenters, as I saw pictures of Jemma Woodman on the ITV News Channel so she had the same chance of being known to people as Aziz, and i think Insider is right, as the head of ITV Westcountry/west was looking after her staff from bristol.. and stuff the Westcountry staff, i mean she said how was Jemma going to convert the hostle viewers in the east? yet aziz has pissed us West Viewers right off with her fake claims….. grrrrrrr right im off to stabb some more pins in my “Aziz” Vodoo Doll! LOL

  • Tim

    ahh for Jemma Woodman fans… link to her photos on… the ITV News channel…

    NOW ITV rethink your ideas and put her back where she belongs!!!

  • Tim

    @ the West Viewer

    I am missing Steve, that old man last week and now simon, maybe hes had to take a holiday to recover what what Aziz has said about him or maybe hes gonna sort out his own commedy show, because as u say he does have a laugh,
    and yes Jem

  • ITV West Viewer

    Julie Fisher sounds like she’d be great presenting with Steve Scott! lol.

    With the presenters, I think they should have picked 1 West & 1 Westcountry, but, they should have had them presenting from January 2009 before all the merger so both par

  • Graham, North Devon

    TWO further points worth considering about (The) Westcountry Tonight. After nearly a year do readers really need reminding by the weathermen that the left hand column is for the morning high tide times and the right hand column is for the evening ditto? I think we can all work it out ourselves as simply as Tuesday follows Monday. At least Kate Reeves doesn’t talk us through the bleedin’ obvious, but all the blokes seem programmed to recite what they repeat day after day. Enough is enough!
    And doesn’t it sound daft when the presenter announces: “Welcome to Thursday’s The West Country Today.” It’s time for the definite article to be cast off for ever – if only for the sake of grammar!

    PS Are bloggers to this website the world’s worst spellers??? Some of you guys can’t even spell the presenters’ names correctly. It’s Julie Skantelbery and Ron Bendell for starters!

  • Marc

    Get a life and stop moaning about Bob and Alex, also there is nothing wrong with them saying Thursday’s The West Country Tonight.

  • ITV West Viewer

    Init mind!! (lol).

    People like Graham are just miserable. People are interested in what the high-tide times will be, and they’re going to say what times they’re going to be at because they’re not going to be quiet and say “we’ll leave you with a l

  • Cornish viewer

    Jemma Woodman was a fantastic presenter – professional, engaged and articulate. She should have been considered for the role of main presenter on the new programme, after all as I understand it she wasn’t asking for the job she was asking for the right to apply for it. This Liz Hannam must struggle to retain any professional credibility after this case; the ‘coup’ they achieved by securing Lisa Aziz has run the new programme into the ground and seen viewing figures plummet. Was it worth it?

  • The insider

    For starters Graham – You should’nt complain about spelling when you cant get it right yourself – its Julie Skentelbery by the way !!!

    So I guess you are right – they are the worst spellers and you are one of them.

  • Tim

    geez guys chill out,

    so some of us arnt clever spellers, so what, does that really matter? as you get the jist of what we are trying to say, plus this blog page has a habbit of jumping and you dont get chance to edit it, as when ive read it back ive noticed silly mistaks but cannot correct it,

    anway back to the topic of the West Crusty Tonight, it has its faults we all know that but it has its moments of being good, its very vauge for news, but count it lucky there is regaional news on ITV as Michael Grade wants to remove local news all together….

    so if you like the Xfactor which i is ok but its everything, you could watch it week nights

    ITV are really dropping their standards!!!

  • ITV West Viewer

    I think ITV News/ITV South West could have saved money if they used one of these as the desks!!

  • HTV Fan

    David S says:
    Does anyone know if there is any truth in the rumours that Simon Clemison is leaving after Christmas?

    Yes, he’s leaving. His successor is going to be appointed next week.

  • Graham, North Devon

    Yes, yes, I admit it – I got Skentelbery wrong, though it seems to be pronounced Skantelbery. It’s a bit like film actress Deborah Kerr, who always pronounces it Carr, or Sir Alec Douglas-Home who prefers Hume. There – that gives my age away.
    Sorry Julie ……….that apart, my spelling is ACE (ase? ayce? aice?).
    Graham, North Devon

  • ITV West Viewer

    To all ex-Westcountry Live viewers,
    If you think all “The West Tonight” presenters are so bad, then why did “The West Tonight” have text under the logo on the opening titles saying “Best Regional News programme” ? – Also, explain to me why Steve Scott is on the ITV National News, and explain why Alex Beresford is occasionally on the ITV national weather!

  • Tim

    ITV West Viewer, Westcountry Live won many awards for its news coverage

    Richard Bath presented both on BBC National News and ITN and Jemma Woodman was on the ITV News channel, and may ITN Presenters and sky presenters started their TV presenter jobs from teh Westcountry region…. so i would shut up…. the trouble is, the West and Westcountry are two very different Regions who like different types of the way the news is presented, the trouble with the West Country Tonight that it dosnt help either region so we are all lumped with it, but fingers crossed in the New Year things will change and Regional news gets taken out of ITVs hands but ITV will still have to Give air time to it and out side production companies take over and bring back two news programs for both regions, so then we can all be happy!!!!
    all i can say is

    Rage Against The Machine: killing in the name of – ITV Regional News


  • ITV West Viewer


    Yeh, but, Westcountry Live never had a “best regional news programme” underneath their logo did they ? lol.

    I hope it all changes back to how it was before!! lol. I could have imaged ITV doing a regional programme for Wales & the West – hmm, wh

  • Tim

    so the West Tonight had text saying it was “The Best” whoopie…

    Westcountry Live / TSW Today / Westward Diaries was about the Veiwers & Region it served, Devon and Cornwall to put it into context for you it’s like Nice comfy slippers that you feel comftable with and we knew the presenters as if they were part of the family,
    we didnt need some text under the Titles saying it was “The Best News Program”

    unlike the West Country Tonight where we have seen aload of Bollocks to (put it frankley), and the one of the Main West Tonight Presenters causing trouble on the program…..

    enough said!

  • ITV West Viewer

    Well “The West Tonight” was just like that. Lisa Aziz & Steve Scott made it feel local and fun and to the point. Whether off-air they liked eachother or not, they were great at presenting together.

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen Seth Conway smile

  • Tim

    Plympton is the outskirts of the city of Plymouth,+Plymouth,+Devon&gl=uk&ei=bActS9DrLsqz4QbsufCSCQ&sa=X&oi=geocode_result&ct=title&resnum=1&ved=0CAwQ8gEwAA

    check it out for your self….

    i agree about seth conway, but Kate Reeves used to be a really happy jolly main weather presenter on westcountry live, now shes just on at weekends when none of the ITV West Preseners else can be bothered, so im not surprised if shes lost her spark it seems that the Weekend bulitins are full of the eX Westcountry presenters which is wrong, they should eb able to be on week days….

    and if the head of ITV lisa whatist made sure the West staff got jobs while westcountry lost thiers that is wrong….

    an tonights cock up with the graphics at the end oh lets see some chior singing , but get the graphics freeze over the top….

    im backing Rage Against The Machine for Christmas Number 1 not only as it stops the xfactor taking another chart hit, but they have also raised over ?55,000 towards shelter pretty amazing, and its time we rage against ITV Regional News, time They gave us what we deserved proper regional news!!! RAITVRN

  • Marc

    Bob and Alex do need time off you know, plus Alex has been doing the national weather


  • Tim

    do they?
    well why have two ITV WEST Weather presenters? why not have one west and one Westcountry ?
    but no…. ITV West staff take over and the Westcountry get what it told, lump or or not…. to be honest it makes me sick the way we have just had to put up with it ….
    and dont you west all start off by going we have reporters, because the majority of the reporters are WEST not Westcountry…..

    that lisa whatsit whos in charge needs to sort it out and get more of the Wesctountry staff back on screen and when ellie goes replace here with a Westcountry presenter

  • David S

    Bob Constantine is replacing Simon Clemison

  • Marc

    umm maybe cos West presenters know what they’re doing

  • ITV West Viewer

    Marc, I agree with you.

    Apart from Claire Manning, Bob Cruwys & Kate Reeves, all the ex-ITV Westcountry (Plymouth) presenters are miserable!

    I’m glad we’ve got our West presenters presenting, and I’m glad it’s filmed partly LIVE from Bristol because it makes the ITV West region feel a lot more local – also, I bet it’s handy for the presenters because Burger King & Sainsbury’s is right next to it lol.

  • Tim

    no the west presenters dont know what they are doin because if they did, miss con face aziz wouldnt of been caught doing the dirty!

    The only reason why ITV west Presenters are presenting is because the head of ITV West and Westcountry was based from the West and would rather save her staff then the Westcountrys staff, as the Jemma Woodman court case is clear, ITV thought LIsa aziz was the best thing since sliced bread… yeah im very impressed by her,
    Jemma Woodman had much more peoples presence than Aziz who was more intrested in looking round the studio when reading the news.

    the only ITV West presenter i can stand is Steve Scott, the rest of the “West crew” are pure scum, sorry but it really is begining to annoy me, and the fact that our presenters wanted to be on the New Programm but the jobs were kept for the west presenters winds me up,

    but hey if the foot was on the other shoe and it was all down in plymouth with all the plymouth presenters you “hostle East viewers”, would of kicked off and we would Westcountry viewersbe happy as larry and telling you all to shut up

    So you “Hostlie East viewers” gloat all like that you have all your preseneters and its based in bristol

  • Marc

    Scum? i dont think so, and im still on Lisa’s side as they were in the wrong to accuse her of being part of Al Qaeda.
    Peter Rowell had been presenting for at least 16 years and i am glad they chose him to carry on presenting the morning and lunch bulletins as it wouldnt be right if someone else took over, and i doubt very much you’ll get Jemma Woodman back either

  • ITV West Viewer

    Let’s go through the ITV West main presenters;
    – Laura Sullivan – Tim, I thought you said she was great and “down to Earth” ?, and she is! She is a great presenter who makes you feel very welcome to watch the programme.

    – Ellie Barker – what is wrong with her? She is a great presenter and has a sense of humor.

    – Peter Rowell – a legend who has been presenting since it was HTV News.

    – Steve Scott – again, a great sense of humor and a fantastic journalist.

    – Lisa Aziz – she may have had a few expenses problems, but before all of that, she was a great presenter and one who could have a bit of a laugh. Maybe she did look all around the studio? – But when she did, at least she smiled.

    – Simon Clemison – again, a great presenter who is always smiling or having a bit of a laugh.

    – Matthias Kurth – I don’t want to offend him in anyway, but when he was saying on his first programme – “” and couldn’t say it properly, you know he was going to have a sense of humor lol. I think he’s a good presenter though.

    – Bob Crampton – Well, he knows how to make people laugh, he knows what he’s talking about, and again, he’s a great presenter, and he even used to present HTV News. Best line he’s said – “Well, we didn’t have any of that rain forecast because it all actually diverted across Wales *chuckle*” lol.

    – Alex Beresford – Again, he knows what he’s on about and seems like he can have a laugh too.

    So, Tim, explain to me what your problem is with our presenters? – Don’t bring Lisa Aziz into it. Just think about the ones who are presenting at the moment – and, don’t take it out on us because it’s ITV London’s fault for this merger stuff. Not ITV West’s fault – nor ITV Westcountry’s fault.

  • Tim

    Marc.. so it wouldnt be right if somone else took over… ????

    how do you think we feel?….. geez

    im sorry but The Westcountry Tonight should of been 50/50 with the presenters and yes that laura sulivan is good, but that smug snotty ellie barker annoys me, muttun dressed as preggers tart… she proberly slept we with of the chiefs at ITV to get the job….as a main presenter while the other main presenter went off for personal reasons..

    while our presenters who applied for the job got turned down….

    sorry im sure ur west people are ok and i always like jemma woodman and always wondered why she never made it to the west country tonight, but since the court case and she wanted to be a main presenters and that lisa headhog or what ever shes called whos the head of ITV Westcountry and wet, said how would jemma over come the HOSTILE EAST VIEWERS mean ing you lot…. yet we Westcountryt viewers didnt seem to matter.. and yes stev is good and think hes funny, but lisa aziz has done NOTHING to make us the the WESTCOUNTRY feel part of this new program,

    sorry i just think in the new year chnages need to happen and the person who replaces Elle Should be an EX WESTCOUNTRY LIVE PRESENTER

    and yes ITV West VIEWER i agree we had a couple of misrable presenters Mark Tylor and Seth COnnway, tho Seth used to be jolly, but since 2007 when ITV decided it was going to cut jobs and make people redundant and WESTCOUNTY LIVE was on the LIST to be AXED its not surprised the WESTCOUNTRY LIVE presenters didnt looks as cheerfull as they used too


  • HTV Fan

    “that smug snotty ellie barker annoys me, muttun dressed as preggers tart? she proberly slept we with of the chiefs at ITV to get the job?.as a main presenter”

    No, she didn’t.

  • Marc

    Ellie barker is professional and i cant see how she is a tart, shes very good at her job

  • ITV West Viewer

    There is nothing wrong with Ellie!! She’s great!

    Anyway, I think we should all stop this stuff about presenters now. It’s just silly.

    Tim, blame ITV London for this, not us West viewers nor ITV West/ITV Westcountry – If ITV London never made all this silly merger rubbish happen, or if Ofcom never approved it all, none of this would have happened. So blame ITV London & Ofocm – not anyone else lol.

    The programme is getting better though. I think it’d be great if Jed Pitman returned to replace Simon Clemison – if he is leaving, because Jed left Bristol’s Original FM a few weeks ago so maybe it’s because he’s returning? Who knows lol. But then, someone else said Bob Constantine is replacing him.

    …and to all people in “the West of our region” (Westcountry), I know you lot say about the weather presenters saying the high tide times, but they’ve always said that, and, it’d be a bit stupid if they said “Well here’s the high tide times if you just want to have a look for a few seconds”.

    One thing I’ve never got with “The West Tonight” and “The West Country Tonight” is why they have that voice-over. I think it sounds better than the national voice-over for the ITV News, but, why do they do it? lol – because we all know by now what their names are, and, their names come up at the bottom when the programme starts. I think they should get rid of the voiceover or, change it so it says “This is The West Country Tonight with Lisa Aziz & Steve Scott…” – not “You’re watching” because we all know what we’re watching lol. Also, I don’t know why they don’t have the full voice-over for when Laura Sullivan or Peter Rowell are presenting – they’ve been on it for a few years now – and, it’s never said their names. But, once when Bob Cruwys & Claire Manning were presenting it together, it said their names!! lol.

  • ITV West Viewer

    @Tim, I do agree they should have 1 West, 1 Westcountry presenter presenting. I used to like it when Claire Manning & Steve Scott presented. Once when Peter Rowell & Claire Manning presented, that seemed like a good laugh (in a good way) because they’re both quite funny and seem down to Earth. I can’t wait til she returns :D.

    A question for you now Tim, was the Westcountry presenter called Alexis Bowater quite good and friendly? Because I watched a clip of Westcountry Live with her & Bob Cruwys and she seemed like a good presenter too.

    But… If they do get a Westcountry presenter presenting, wouldn’t that person have to live in Bristol then? because I very much doubt they’d drive from Devon everyday – well, they wouldn’t lol. I’ve been to Torquay before and it took hours getting there! lol.

    I think if Lisa Aziz & Steve Scott had always presented from Day 1, it’d be a lot better because you Westcountry lot would have got used to them by now.

    One more thing Tim, have you watched the weekend bulletins? because, they always seem to have a Westcountry presenter, and a Westcountry weather presenter. Also, I’ve noticed when they have a Westcountry person presenting, they always have more Westcountry related stories lol. But, one thing I hate about the weekend bulletins, is the fact after about 2 stories on the Sunday bulletin, they have about 12 minutes taken up on Sports news. It’d be better if they made 2 different versions on weekends – like they do from 18:00-18:15 on the main programme.

    Lol, no offense, but I don’t really want to know about the Plymouth Arrrrgyle (lol I love that Aviva advert “Green arrrrrrrmmyyy!”), but, I’m sure you don’t wanna hear about Bristol City either lol.

    The evening bulletins (Weekdays, 22:30) are best, when they have for example, all West news, West backdrop – the Clifton Suspension Bridge & a weather forecast for the ex-ITV West region lol.

  • ITV West Viewer

    Apparently Lisa Aziz has got rid of her ?5million thingy with ITV.

    …and, it said back in late September/early December that Lisa would be off for another 3 months. That time is almost up! :D

    I hope she returns!! :D

  • ITV West Viewer

    * I mean late September/early October


  • Marc

    where did u hear that shes returning, i hope she does

  • ITV West Viewer


    In late September/early October, it said somewhere that Lisa would be off for another 3 months, then she would return. – That time is up now :)

    I forgot what newspaper website it was on, but it said somewhere that Lisa has stopped all this ?5mill

  • Marc

    fingers crossed

  • Tim

    marc and itv west viewer

    The program is complete and utter crap and complete bollocks !!
    i have
    just watched the Lunch time West country today, and completey NO news from the Westcountry region

    story 1 – some died in cheltham….

    story 2, some one died in a river in bath

    story 3, some man arrested in somerset

    story 4, christmas shopping, in bristol, but the had a some videos and tagged as plymouth then went to someone in bristol

    story 5, some kid in somerset fallen off a bike

    then sport bristol and exeter

    then the weather with dan downs who gave the weather and then there will be more later on the West tonight…..

    and i think he did that on purposebecause there was nothing from cornwall or devon.. as it is 90% time on the West country tonight/today

    its only the odd time that the old westcountry will have more storys than the west,

    but today we had jack all news from our region at all which is completey and utterly wrong, and makes me even more angry,

    and ITV West Viewer its not just ITV London the Head of ITV West and Westcountry have caused the complete and utter crap on the west country tonight and called

    “Jemma Woodman was desperate to apply for the role of presenting The West Country Tonight”

    “The tribunal also heard from Liz Hannam, head of news at ITV West and ITV Westcountry. She was on the selection panel which turned down Ms Woodman’s application for a post as a correspondent.

    Ms Hannam said Ms Woodman failed to convey a sense of how she would win over “hostile” viewers in the eastern part of the region, who were not familiar with her.”

    now the fact we wescountry viewers dont know your west presenters yet we just have to put up with it and
    ok steve scott is funny and that laura sullivan is good as well the rest i dont care for and never will and then the muppet at itv west says about lisa aziz because she worked on sky

    “Richard Thurston, head of human resources at ITV regional news
    He highlighted Ms Aziz’s work with Sky News, which he said meant she was recognised across the Westcountry, giving her the edge in a regime struggling to maintain continuity with the loss of a popular show”

    sorry i never herd of Lisa Aziz untill the merger in febuary and i didnt like her then and i never will she is a money grabbing misrable old trout and the crap that because she worked on sky she was well known is complete and utter bollocks

    so its not just ITV London but ITV West had a lot to do with what have have left and the fact that the Westcountry region has nothing and hardly get any news which was clear in todays program.. as there was NOTHING to do with NEWS that came from DEVON or CORNWALL today which is outragous !!!

  • ITV West Viewer

    well i’ve never heard of “Jemma Woodman” until about a month ago !! Its ITV Westcountry’s fault too! You seem to just be blaming it on ITV West – I think they’re purposely doing it so they’ll get complaints so maybe ITV London will actually bloomin l

  • Tim

    to be honest the presenters are the least of the troubles on the west country tonight

    if you watched the lunch time version of the West country today there was completely
    NO NEWS for DEVON or CORNWALL viewers… i dont care what you say about the presenters but to put a program out to air to have no news for Cornwall or Devon somone should be put out and sacked,they should of had at least a couple of storys to cover devon and cornwall

    im sorry i have lost my faith in the whole program the so called news / presenters it makes me sick the Westcountry viewers are being treated like we dont exsist and to have no news at all during a program today is an insult!

    sorry but i have decided that in 2010 i will be switching off The West Country Tonight and ITV im sick and tired of the dribble that comes from that program over the last 10 months , and the presenters that know or care about this part of the region, and i hope aziz will win and ITV have to pay out ?5 million and they close down ITV in Bristol to fund the payout then you will understand how we in the Westcountry feel when you watch your news from merdian or central as it wont matter for us in devon and cornwall as we lost our news on the 13 feb 2009.

  • A Westcountry Viewer

    Tim you were not the only one who was angered by program at lunch time, i found it very hurtfull the program had nothing for the old westcountry viewers, apart from some clip about the sales and the rugby which had Exeter in it,

    so i decided to call The West country tonight team on 084488 12301

    i told the young girl exactly how i felt about the program at which i had just watched and she was taken back, as she had put the program together and said that “devon and cornwall people must be nice as there was no news to menition”which i was rather insulted by

    she said she had no updates from the police or no new news stories that were running so there wasnt anything to use? she did say that we had a story about the sales from plymouth which i quickly mentioned that it had some pictures labled as plymouth then somone be interviewed in bristol, she then said well the rugby was based in devon i said and that was only because it was bristol against exeter i said if it had been bristol against sombody else it wouldnt of mentioned exeter,
    i was very surprised at how poor the news gathering information she had, she was relying on websites and local radio for stories and said if viewers had stoires to call them and they would try and use it… which made me feel rather like what the hell??? so ITV rely on viewers to call in for news stories now,???????? ITV Regional DIY News

    after talking for a few minutes she did seem quite nice and she came from Bath
    i think she understood how i felt and how the viewers of devon and cornwall felt as she did say there were no stories for cornwall and just a sport story for devon, so it was west based,

    i did tell her how much i dislike the program and i would be switching off she said dont do that we need you to keep watching and if you have a story to call us…. and she would put some pitcures of some dogs in cornwall in the evening program…..whoopie i did see the evening program they mentioned about the man in plymouth and dropped a story about the person who was found in a river so i guess she did make chnaged to add more storys for devona nd cornwall

    to be honest ITV West Viewer

    The West Viewers havent seen much change compared to the Westcountry Viewers,
    you still have your main presenters that you are used to and love and they feel part of your local news which is fair enought and if your used to lisa aziz and her dreadful habbits of shouting the news at the camra then looking around the studio then thats fine,
    to the Westcountry viewers have had all changed and all turned upside down
    we dont know the presenters who are presenting the news or their bad habbits,
    the new isnt as local as it used to be, and its few and far between as today has shown,

    today was the first time ive seen a day time version of the program, so god knows how many programs have gone out that have been like the one today… id hate to think…

    also @ itv west viewer you say about the weekends when westcountry presenters are presenting they have more westcountry news, after todays phone call to the girl at ITV West, i would assume that when the westcountry presenters are presenting they have contact for the westcountry stories and use those rather than try and find contacts for the west stories and the same with when the west are presenting, as they have contact for the West news stories but nothing for the westcountry which is wrong,

    tim i wouldnt blame you for switching it off, as i am too fed up with the shambles, and im sure there are plenty out there who are feeling the same, but things are not going to change for the better you can be assured of that,
    as you said the day Local news stopped for Devon and Cornwall was on the 13 Feb 2009.

    its such a shame at how this has ended up… and to think next year (2011) will be 50 years of ITV in the Westcountry and i dout that will even be picked up or noticed by ITV West … as it died in its 48th year…..and closed down to ITV West

    but rest assured you West Viewers its only a matter of time untill you face the horrors of what we in the westcountry have had to face… and then you will understand our anger.. but untill then enjoy whats left of your so called local news because when its gone its gone.

  • ITV West Viewer

    I believe Lisa has dropped this ?5 million payout thingy, and, it said ITV weren’t going to take it further anyway.

    As for understanding how you feel, I do understand – because, on one weekend, they had about 5 Westcountry stories, 2 West & th

  • Tim

    ITV West Viewer im not having a go at you but its makes me mad the whole thing, and when the West Viwers start on about the Westcountry, it doesnt help

    Westcountry Live never had mistakes as on the West country Tonight Westcountry Live even managed to slip to 4 regional opt outs and still never have mistakes? yet the West Country Tonight cannot even split two ways?

    now heres abit from John Kiddy who was a part of the Westcountry Team
    “The Westcountry Tonight ? what a joke that is, too ? cannot even pronounce the names of several Cornish villages properly.

    When we had Westcountry Live from Plymouth such mistakes were so serious that they would take a presenter off air because it was an insult to viewers”.

    and that was true, read the full story from the link below

    @ a westcountry viewer well done for calling ITV about time too somone did
    doesnt sound like a good piture of how they get the news though :-(


    to be honest ITV and BBC in the Westcountry have both been good to its viewers because i think the Westcountry is a differenet kettle of fish compared to the rest of the country, and you cant kncok BBC spotlight they did two amazing tributes to ITV Westcountry last year when ITV Westcountry was closed down

    and the main presenter Justin Leigh says at the end, “some of thoses early faces made me want to work in televison ” which brought a lump to my throat after that,
    then BBC inside out did a tribute on WestcountryLive

    which is more indepth on the whole demise of ITV Westcountry

    but if im honsest id wasnt a fan of Westcountry TV i was more of a TSW fan, and maybe thats because i was born the same as TSW 1982, and TSW made you feel part for the station and with Gus Honeybun, as it said in teh clip by david Fitzgerlad TSW was like a fixture of the house hold, felt part of the family … which has now completley gone but their is hope that TSW could come back with making news for devon and cornwall

    lets just hope TSW productions can start makin news for devon and cornwall and you get your west news

    also a thing that really annoys me was that on the my 16th Feb (which happened to be my birthday) The West Country Tonight was born so the sooner the Westcountry Tonight is gone the better and so i can celebrate my birthday with out the West country Tonight

  • ITV West Viewer

    From both of you ITV Westcountry viewers, It feels as if I understand now.

    I’m gunna be honest here, don’t feel proud I’m gunna say this, but, If the programme was broadcast from Plymouth, and there was hardly any news for the ex-West area, yep I would be angry. If it happened, I’d have phoned ITV Westcountry and complained.

    As for your presenters, as much as I like all the West presenters, I do like Bob Cruwys & Claire Manning. I think they’re both great presenters and if I was watching them presenting it down in Plymouth for the ex-West region, I wouldn’t complain. From watching clips online, that Alexis Bowater seems like a nice person too, so does John Andrews. If it was produced in Plymouth, yes, I would miss the West presenters, but, it’d feel new and different – in a good way with some different presenters.

    I’m thinking what it would be like now… going past ITV West in Brislington, Bristol and seeing it all closed down. It would be a shame.


    1. They should have left it the same name before the merger – “The West Tonight” or “Westcountry Live”. Like they’ve done with “North East Tonight” and “Lookaround” – they have the different opening titles and the first 15-minutes of the local news, then after the 15 minutes, there is no mention of the name, the backdrop changes, but, the bit saying the programme name in the bottom left remains the same.

    If they did that, it would feel the same and a lot more local – even if after 18:15 they went on about news in Devon, Cornwall, Bristol, Somerset, Gloucestershire, Dorset & Wiltshire.

    2. The programme should have had 1 Westcountry, 1 West presenter each weeknight. Then, on the weekend a Westcountry presenter on Saturday or Sunday, and a West presenter on Saturday or Sunday.

    3. If they don’t want the 1 West, 1 Westcountry… It’s too late now, but, before the merger, they should have had Westcountry presenters presenting “The West Tonight” & West presenters presenting “Westcountry Live” so we could have gotten used to them.

    4. On the programmes where they have news for both parts of the region (on “The West Country Today” during GMTV, Lunchtime Update & on Saturdays, and on “The West Country Tonight” on Sundays), I think they should balance the news – so equal amounts from both the West & Westcountry.

    @ A Westcountry Viewer, if ITV West said over the phone that they had no news, then whats all the news on the BBC Cornwall & BBC Devon websites then? lol – You should have told them that – and you should have said “So BBC Spotlight gets a day off does it – if there is no news?”

    5. They seem to have different weather sponsors – West has “Braces Bread” & Westcountry has “flybe”. During this time, it’d be better if they had 2 seperate weather forecasts for each part of the region (like they do with the Sport news on Mondays & Fridays lol).

  • A Westcountry Viewer

    ITV West Viewer i think you hit the nail on the head with your points

    when she siad she had no upto date news for devon and cornwall i couldnt help my think what the hell? and i thought to my self, we have a few local radio stations Radio Stations, Exeter FM, Palm FM, Atlantic FM, Pirate FM, as you said there is BBC south West, so if the have news how come ITV cant???

    from the way she was speakingshe was sat at a computer going through websites, she sounded rather young as well, im sure she is a talented young person but im not sure she has not got the experience to cover 7 countys that this over large region has….

    to be frank with you, ive seen ITV change in the Westcountry over the years from Westward TV in the 60’s to TSW in the 80’s through to Westcountry TV in the 90’s and to the shambles of no news at all for the Westcountry,

    maybe ITV thought this region has seen the most changes so it wouldnt matter, but Westward and TSW felt part of the famliy it wasnt just news it was part of your tv life, today, we dont have that connection, its unfair to blame the presenters after all its a job for them, but when there is such cock ups and stupid mistakes you have to wonder why?
    but i think OFCOM really need to be broken up and a new body created to take its place and that dosnt take rubbish from broadcasters such as ITV,
    If ITV want to say they cant affod it then tough…. let ITV go bust.

  • A Westcountry Viewer

    to ITV West Viewer
    here is some information on Westcountry TV that might or might not intrest you,

    also because of the court case that TSW Launched it hinderd Westcountry’s performance, that they didnt build water front studios in plymouth but rented a building unit in plymton also HTV in cardiff handled some of Westcountrys production…

  • Graham, North Devon

    Two stories from Marlborough and one from South Gloucestershire tonight – whatever next! These are two areas NOT EVEN IN THE WEST COUNTRY (check the road atlas) so the programme should change its name to The West Country-Cotswold Periphery-Thames Valley Tonight. Soon, no doubt, we shall have news from Worcester and Reading and perhaps even Southampton – I wonder what the good folk of Penzance and Truro will think of that!
    Snooty and dreary BBC Spotlight may be, but at least it sticks to the right boundaries.

  • ITV West Viewer


    South Gloucestershire is in the region! What are you on about?! I live in South Gloucestershire which IS in Bristol. You must have got your “road atlas” wrong because it is in the region and always has been.

    South Gloucestershire is only abou

  • ITV West Viewer


    Type “South Gloucestershire” into Google Maps!! Swindon is far East of that, and The West Country Tonight covers part of Swindon!!

  • Tim

    Happy New Year!

    ive given it over 10 months and im still not happy at the lack of News we get for Devon and Cornwall, im sick and tired of watching the program and hearing about things in Glouster Bristol and bath, for them to throw the odd story for Devon or Cornwall when it suites them
    its like throwing a stick to a dog whos begging….

    Last night was again another insult then to top it off they have reporters wasting time working behind bars at night instead of out getting proper News Stories that we might be instrested in,

    Sorry ITV West Viewer i know you keep stickin up for the program, but over the christmas period we in Devon and cornwall have had hardly any news that is relevent to us in Devon or Cornwall and had to sit and watch news that if i was really that intrested in id watch it on the BBC or SKY News channel.
    did people of cornwall really be bothered of some shop closing down in wiltshire ? NO
    im sure the people of Wiltshire liked it…? i dont know why they didnt just do seperate news programs for both regions over the christmas period so save both sets of viewers having to sit and watch the total twadel that came out the merge program.

    it’s just peed me off that much and now im using my remote to turn it off for good

    2010 without The West Country Tonight


  • ITV West Viewer


    I get your point lol. I just like the programme because it doesn’t drag on as long as the BBC – Like on ITV Westcountry Tonight they have “Up Close” – which is basically just a summary of the main headlines – which i like, but on the BBC they have m

  • Tim

    LOL ITV West Viewer

    The upclose thing is ok, i guess not really a fan of it as if they did full stories on it they could make it 25 mins for ech region and make 2 sets of teh program,
    maybe they should split the set into two, have 1 presenter each so and make 2 program one for each region . lol

    but some of the stoires like the toy elephant was stupid, i see why they did it as it covered the two furtherest regions for the new merged region but it was piontless

    on BBC Spotlight they do have a Laugh and a Joke and tease each other about things which makes sPOTLIGHT FUN , as Justin Leigh is a scrooge with is heating and never turns it on unless its really cold lol and the weather presenter daivid braine at the end of spotlight always gives a wave to the viewers which is a nice little touch, one thing i do likw with spotlight is that the weather presenters are in the same studio with the news presenters and make feel like a family, ITV seem to keep them apart and seems stupid, aloght IUTV could make two sets of region weather bulitins,

    another thing i dont get with TWCT is they can manage to do seperate sports news but not weather???

    i do agree the mistakes occur less but they still happen,
    but it wont matter any more as wont be watching it lol il be happy to watch Spotlight i dont know what points west is like, so cant comment about it, but i reckon Spotlight Kicks ass over it lol

    anyways enjoy 2010 with TWCT

  • ITV West Viewer


    Lol. One more thing… BBC Points West has the weather and presenters in the same studio. They do seem to have a little laugh sometimes – but not as much as The West Country Tonight.

    When David Garmston & Alex Lovell present, I do like Points

  • Tim

    i was just clearing out my emails that Facebook seems to clog up and i came across an email from Liz Hannam

    after i emailed about the cock up with them showing the clifton bridge instead of the tamar bridge …and bout the red arrows

    “Dear Sir/Madam,

    Thank you for emailing The West Country Tonight. I am sorry the wrong bridge appeared at the top of the Westcountry programme on Friday. It was an error that should never have happened and we have taken steps to make sure it is never repeated.

    As regards the Red Arrows, that is more difficult. In live television judgements are always challenging – in this instance the director took the decision to cut to other shots immediately before the Red Arrows flew over. The aircraft travel very quickly, so by the time we cut out of the pictures we?d just rolled all you saw was the vapour trail. After the programme we discussed ways of avoiding this in the future, but these type of misjudgements do happen in all live news. It is inaccurate to say we didn?t get the shots ? we showed them in full at the end of the programme.

    Thank you for taking the time to email,

    Liz Hannam

    Head of News

    ITV West and ITV Westcountry”

    so they do respond if you contact them, but its still not going to make me watch the program in 2010

  • Marc

    Why have they changed the weather during GMTV, there was no recorded forecast today just a weather pic for east and west

  • ITV West Viewer

    Did you watch The West Country Today lunchtime bulletin? – Everything was Westcountry except one story. I don’t think they even mentioned Bristol! There was a lot mentioned about Cornwall, Devon & West Somerset.

    Even on the weather, they had the “West of our region” (Westcountry) area before “the East of our region” (West) !! I think they’re listening… lol.

  • ITV West Viewer


    Marc, can you remember “The West Today” during GMTV? – They seemed to always have Peter Rowell reading the weather info with just a weather map picture on there.

    Then a few months before the merger, I noticed they did have weather forecasts from

  • Tim

    ITV West Viewer,

    I havent watched ITV Regional News since last year and even if i was still watching ITV Regional News i would of been at work so wouldnt of seen the daytime bulitins
    the only reason id see that day time bulitin is if i the day off as holiday or off ill,

    so did you enjoy all the Westcountry news then? LOL

    To be honest is there any point of a bulitin in GMTV the one gmtv version i saw he covered two stories some Travel that was all on somerset so people in wiltshire and cornwall that was extremely usefull… not lol

    i think if you live in somerset then you lucky as The West Country Tonight seems to cover somerset very well as 75% of the stories they cover come from somerset

  • Graham, North Devon

    Why did the interesting story tonight by Trina Lake about the boy drummer contain no mention of where he lives, except that it’s “in Devon.” Does he live in Lynton? Honiton? Plymstock? Kingsbridge? We were given a clue in the sign-off that’s it’s “near Exeter” but surely this is just not specific enough.
    This was sloppy reporting – and it’s not the first time it’s happened in West Country Tonight (oops, THE West Country Tonight) bulletins.

  • ITV West Viewer

    Haha did anyone see the mistake tonight?

    As they were saying goodbye, and saying Steve is on the late news, the backdrop changed from the yellow map background to The West Country Tonight yellow logo thingy. Then, as the camera was zooming out like it usually does at the end, the smaller TV screens both went black lol.

    Then, just before it cut to the National News, Steve & Ellie were looking at it and smiling lol.

    haha legends!!

  • Tim

    nope didnt bother to watch it thought about it for the weather but kept away from ITV at 6pm

    think you spoke too soon ITV West Viewer when you said they hadnt cocked up for a while if they cocked up tonight

    wouldnt call then legends

    BBC Spotlight didnt have any mistakes and was rather more entertaining to watch with all the snow features :-P

  • ITV West Viewer


    I watched Points West and thought it was quite good too with all the snow! Points West never had any mistakes either.

  • ITV West Viewer


    That mistake from tonight’s “The West Country Tonight” is on YouTube!! lol –

  • Andrew

    Watched tonight for the first time,absolute rubbish.Back to the beeb.

  • Tim

    ITV West Viewer

    just saw the clip and to behonest im glad i gave up watching, just shows how stpuipd they are
    and also say the GMTV clip again why did they bother? funny how BBC gave extended regionla news yet ITV couldnt be bothered yet today of all days REGIONAL NEWS rather IMPORTANT!!!! screw ITV

    i also found another email from ITV from october its rather full of dribble but please read ……

    “Thank you for your email. I am sorry you are disappointed by the quality of The West Country Tonight. The programme we broadcast is now more complex than either Westcountry Live or The West Tonight, but I do not believe there has been any increase in the level of mistakes. I can speak with some authority as I was Head of News for both regions before the merger.

    Mistakes are inevitable in live television news. We debrief the programme every evening, we discuss what worked and what didn?t and we investigate every mistake ? that is why the mistakes that do occur are seldom repeated. The staff here have been through a very tough twelve months and we all are determined to make our programme as good as it possibly can be – far from thinking we are amateurish, I believe the team are some of the most talented in regional news.

    We are having to deliver a new type of programme and I should explain to you the reasons we decided to combine elements of the news coverage in ITV West and ITV Westcountry. The changing broadcasting landscape and proliferation of channels meant ITV couldn?t sustain previous levels of investment in regional news, a point Ofcom accepted, and so ITV cut ?40 million pounds from its news budget. We had to accept to our share. We decided the best way of making the necessary savings was to broadcast from one centre but with at least the first fifteen minutes of each evening programme split along the traditional franchise lines and sharing high quality features in the second half. We also give bespoke sports coverage and our late bulletins are totally separate. We do combine our GMTV, weekend and lunch bulletins.

    We are still able to respond to the major stories on the day and have flexibility to vary the length of our bespoke coverage (often the split part of the programme runs 18 minutes). Tonight, because of the importance of the Vanessa George case, we are broadcasting a separate 30 minute programmes to each region. We did the same at the end of the Andrew Ibrahim trial in Bristol. But we do not have the resource to do this every night.

    Thank you for taking the time to write in with your concerns. We always appreciate viewer feedback, even when it isn?t what we want to hear.

    Best wishes,

    Liz Hannam

    Liz Hannam | Head Of News, ITV West and Westcountry | News West and Westcountry – Newsroom Editorial | ITV plc
    Bath Road | Bristol | BS4 3HG | Tel: 0844 88 12429 |

    So there from the horses mouth:-
    complete and utter dribble, and she didnt there there was an increase in mistakes and she speaks
    “with some authority as I was Head of News for both regions before the merger”

    and she bang on about LIVE TV but i know westcountry was never full of mistakes and im sure the west tonight wasnt so why The West Country Tonight?

    oh well since i read that its just more lame excuses
    * Money
    * Complex
    * Live television

    we they had better get ajob in the local Mcdonalds then if they cant mange a job they should be experts in ….

    but hey who am i to qestion the head of ITV West and Westcountry as she speaks with “some authority”

    yet im just a mere humble peed off viewer…. who has switched off

  • ITV West Viewer


    Did she say it’s “LIVE” tv? Because as far as I’m concerned, it isn’t for either the West or the Westcountry each weeknight for the first 15 minutes!! – On the Bristol/East version of the programme once – you could tell it was pre-recorded because i

  • Tim

    i agree itv west viewer,

    and yes she did say LIVE . and the new region is complex! (but thats ITV fault) and she said staff have had a hard time…. so why did they put up with it? why didnt ITV Regional Staff all decided to strike and twll the muppets in London the Regions are important?

    as for ITV having money problems excuse, and her words are:

    “We are having to deliver a new type of programme and I should explain to you the reasons we decided to combine elements of the news coverage in ITV West and ITV Westcountry.”

    so whats new type about this program? the only thing new i see about the type of programme is Upclose and thats just them reading the headline of a story and not fully reporting on it and at for the mergered bit they just have a bigger region and they still stick to mostly ITV West Stories but the odd time the Westcountry will dominate the second part

    “The changing broadcasting landscape and proliferation of channels meant ITV couldn?t sustain previous levels of investment in regional news, a point Ofcom accepted, and so ITV cut ?40 million pounds from its news budget.”

    Well thats ITVplc’s own greedy fault its in money trouble, its conned its viewers with phone scandels, ad have to pay massive fines, its bought up old redundant websites that no one uses and paid miliosn for then to sell it off at less then they paid for it, it put pure trash on ITV1 over the last few years and ITV reputaion has gone down the drain and advertisers have decided against advertising on ITV for example a big companie who paid ITV a fair sum would of been cadburys on corrie…. but they soon gave that up when the Shit hit the fan with ITV…. dont get me wong the last few months have been tough all round, but there are other factors in ITV’s money problems that the current economey we are facing

    but who has to suffer we the viewers

    “We had to accept to our share.”

    she didnt have to accept anything from ITV why didnt all the staff go on strike walk out? hmm the viwers would of been behind them, but no they just plodded on like robots “Yes Mr Grade, Sir Mr Grade, Thank You Mr Grade” they then had the power but now they dont :-<

    "We decided the best way of making the necessary savings was to broadcast from one centre but with at least the first fifteen minutes of each evening programme split along the traditional franchise lines and sharing high quality features in the second half. We also give bespoke sports coverage and our late bulletins are totally separate. We do combine our GMTV, weekend and lunch bulletins. "

    WOW 15mins plus 10mins out of a full 24 hours of a day for BESPOKE news that matters to us !!!

    as for the BBC reports on the news i have to agree its really good, Spotlight did great covereage of it, they had reports all over the region and even up in helecopters flying over devon and cornwall showing us Cornwall were using new Snow gritters things that scrapped the snow off the roads then kind of hoovered it up disposed of it over the hedges as it was driving past and that some resivouirs had frozen over, and they also reported on how the farmers were coping, which was really good covereage

    then watched the 8pm news special and saw the report on for the south west which was from pionts west and the guy at the end said from bristol in pionts west, :-)

    i didnt see ITV's coverage but cant imagine it was of much, i bet they had it as up close with text along the Bottom Cornwall/Devon/Someret/Dorset Snow afecting the south west with picures of snow ??

    as for the half hour specials they just dont have the resourses you mean Grade has decided his pension is more inportant that ITV Regional News

    thats what really pisses me off, as im sure if we had wound the clock back to 1992 to HTV & TSW i know for a fact TSW would of most likly dropped some of ITV's programmes and replaced it with Weather/ new reports for the region and thast what ITV had now if somthing big braks you have to wait till 6 pm and they will do a 2 minite report on it

    Im sure HTV was a good station in its day… just like TSW was shame on ITV plc i say..
    and ITV Staff need tostand up to ITV and not get walked over :-)

  • ITV West Viewer


    I agree – I don’t know why they just didn’t strike!! Lol

    The West Country Tonight didn’t have up close on there tonight, they had about 15 minutes of snow news with reports from Bristol, Bath, Somerset, Gloucestershire, Dorset & Wiltshire on th

  • Jimmy

    Last night coverage of the snow across Devon & Cornwall was pathetic, we people of the westcountry are being treated like children the west country tonight is like watching newsround or blue peter for example why did we want to hear about Bob Crewes stuck in the snow and why is there so much time being wasted on the pressenters talking crap.

    I watched spotlight as well last night and there coverage they gave on the snow was brilliant,
    i wasted my time watching the west country tonight i should have stuck to bbc last night.

  • Tim

    your gonna stop watching it? blimey well i have to say i get less annoyed at watching the tv now i stopped watching TWCT as i know the bbc does its national bit then BBC spotlight covers wheer i live indepth so that to me is all that matters its a shame about TWCT being completey shite as i did like to watch an hours worth or local news starting off with ITV then switching over to BBC but now its BBC for a full hour,

    Spotlight made a little goof up tonight as they had a report from Dorset which some army helecopter stuck in a feild and at the end of the report it cut back to Justin and Victotia and the reporter finshed and the said her nameand then said for BBC South Today LOL
    but the BBC national news last night did the same thing they had a report from the South West which was all about bristol and thenthe reporter said what ever his name was for BBC Points West instead on the national news :-)

    back to ITV though to be honest i think now that there is a possible chance of Channel 6 ULTV which is gonna be some kind of regional commuity channel or somthing , and i think in a few years when it takes off, it will Kick ITV where it hurts as will have regional statsions bringing out programmes for where people live, and over time ITV will regret its mistakes of all these mergers over the years and like it does with most things its dropped will try and re create what it had and again fail

    Jimmy id stick to the BBC TWCT is like a a runny cow pat, even the flys dont want to go near it

    talking of ratings heres New years days top 20 TV Ratings
    as you will see BBC Regional News came out at No 7 which is pretty darn good
    iteven kicked ass over ITV’s National News :-P

    Wonder how many people were watching The Regional News over the last few days to know what was the situations where like in their area???

    1. EastEnders – BBC One, 7.55pm – 11.64 million, 39.3%

    2. Doctor Who – BBC One, 6.40pm – 10.4 million, 35.5%

    3. Coronation Street – ITV1, 8.30pm – 9.79 million, 33.4%

    4. EastEnders – BBC One, 6.10pm – 9.78 million, 37.5%

    5. Gavin & Stacey – BBC One, 9pm – 8.7 million, 29.6%

    6. Coronation Street – ITV1, 7.30pm – 8.55 million, 28.3%

    7. BBC Regional News – BBC One, 6pm – 8.35 million, 34.8%

    8. Emmerdale – ITV1, 7pm – 7.27 million, 24.9%

    9. BBC News – BBC One, 5.40pm – 6.28 million, 27.8%

    10. ITV News – ITV1, 6.40pm – 5.78 million, 20.7%

    11. QI – BBC One, 9.30pm – 4.97 million, 18%

    12. Agatha Christie’s Marple – ITV1, 9pm – 4.9 million, 18.8%

    13. Celebrity Mastermind – BBC One, 8.30pm – 4.42 million, 15.1%

    14. Live At The Apollo – BBC One, 10pm – 3.77 million, 15.1%

    15. Countrywise – ITV1, 8pm – 3.59 million, 12.1%

    16. Superman Returns – BBC One, 3.15pm – 3.45 million, 18.5%

    17. Big Fat Quiz of the Year 2009 – Channel 4, 9.05pm, 3.19 million, 12.6%

    18. Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory – ITV1, 4.50pm – 3.06 million, 13.4%

    19. BBC News – BBC One, 10.30pm – 3.06 million, 13.2%

    20. Are You Being Served? – BBC Two, 6pm – 2.92 million, 11.4%

  • Tim

    Have herd that Archie Norman wants to save even more money and he is going to merge all the regions together and rename the regional news programme
    it will be known as
    ITV’s County United News Tonight
    so the countys of england all united for ITV’s 1 Regional News Programme
    buts its a Mouthfull so for short its called ITV’s ****


  • Tim

    i should reall go to bed but found this clip of Westcountry News late bulitin in 2002
    with Alexis Bowater its 10 minutes but even in the late News Westcountry managed to split 4 ways North South East and West for even more Local news
    and then it has the weather with Kate Reeves

    Alexis was a reall nce friendly presenter

    did ITV West News ever split its news?

  • Tim

    and heres one from 1996 with Linda ward who was made famous on westcountry by preposing live on air time LOL

  • Tim

    oh and one more clip
    some news for your area the about Bristol that Westcountry Lunchtime Live and a news bulitin did
    thoses were the ays 30 minutes of lunchtime local news
    with Alison Johns and Launa Dunkley who is now on SKY News

  • Marc

    no they never split at itv west, that always confused me when watching westcountry news in the past when they said now to news where you are.

  • ITV West Viewer


    HTV News/ITV West News/The West Tonight never split the news. But I spose it’s because the ex Westcountry region is bigger than the ex West region.

    Also apparently, The West Country Tonight does cover the biggest *English* region, but it gets the

  • Marc

    This is The West Country Tonight?? and Vanessa Cuddeford??

    Dont like this, come on its time Lisa came back.

  • Marc

    surprise surprise, shes from Westcountry live

  • Tim

    they got new presenters????

  • ITV West Viewer


    It was Simon Clemison and Vanessa Cuddeford presenting – she’s from Westcountry Live! lol, they’re gradually bring back the ones who were made redundant – her, and Bob Constantine (ITV West).

    and… they changed the opening voice over to “This is”

  • Tim

    oh her, she was just a reporter, shes nice enough tho, she’s been on GMTV aswell,

    so will she be lisa/ellies replacement? :-)

    to be honest even tho they have started bringing old repoters back its too little too late,for me, i cant be arsed to sit and watch it any more, they have had 11 months to buck their ideas up and they havent , if last year then had done 50/50 with the staff and 50/50 on news stories they would of had more respect

    but thats ITV for you, they have somthing thats sucessfull then they get rid of it, then after a while they reslie what a mistake they have made then try to back track…

    and after i had that email from Liz head of itv west/westcountry shes just annyoed me with her dribble that she doesnt think there are more mistakes. there where plenty on TWCT and im sure there still will be.

  • ITV West Viewer


    Ok. If she ever presented Westcountry Live, did she have a bit of a chat with the other presenter? because when Simon was saying something near the end, she sorta cut him off. I’m not criticising her in any way, she did present the programme very we

  • ITV West Viewer

    Apparently Vanessa Cuddeford will covering for Ellie Barker when she goes on maternity leave.

    I’ll miss Ellie :(

  • Tim

    I think Venesssa was only a reporter on Westcountry Live, i never knew her sat next to Richard it was either Alexis Bowater, Jemma Woodman or Claire Manning,
    she seemd nice enough doing her reports but dont know what her presenting is like, think shes also been on GMTV but i dont watch that anymore since fiona left lol

    tobe honest i think if they were gonna get replacement presenters from the Westcountry region they should of thought about Jemma Woodman/Alexis Bowater, but hey hoo

    i Noticed that too that the presenters they got rid of have started to make a come back as noticed Richard Lawerance was on TWCT before christmas, and he had been made redundant,

    but isnt that typical of ITV they have somthing good and that works then they decided to get rid of it because it cost too much or they dont relise how good it really was, then few months/ years later they are back tracking to replace it , great example the News at Ten, then last year tried to bring it back but the BBC was doiing soo much better and now loom at news at ten…. ITV as simple message to you STOP, then THINK it through before you make changes!!!!!

    as for Lisa Aziz, i know you miss her so i will hold off on the insults about her(bites tounge), but there was just somthing about her that didnt flow….
    you also said that she had dropped her courtcase but but i googles searched it and found nothing and would of thought a presenter dropping a ?5million cpourtcase would of been big news, so im woundered if you had confused it with Jemma Woodman who dropped her case against ITV

    as for the yellow set, all they have done is changed a few blue/teal lightbulbs for yellow and put darker covers over the seats, i know they are strapped for cash also the graphics are a bit paints and using the same music?? oh well, to me they might as well of left it as it was then try and half attempt at it lol

    TVMocksTim…. why yes that would be me…
    who are you on youtube

  • Tim

    Another Presenter they shoulf of thought about for TWCT was Shelly Roberts,

    the last bit of the video has Shelly having a laugh and joke :-)

  • HTV Fan

    Shelley Roberts is on maternity leave herself at the moment.

  • Marc

    did anyone notice the mistake for todays bulletin?

    At the beginning it said the west country today and the end said the west country tonight

  • Tim

    thats a shame HTV Fan, watching that clip i forgit how pleasent she was oh well seems all the female presenters at ITV seemed of of got them selves preggers …

    nope Marc didnt watch it so wouldnt of seen the mistakes lol

  • Tim

    and another great presenter was Richard Bath,

    thas video just show how diverse Westcountry Live could be as well as the presenters , as always out on Special editions some serious others celebrating peoples acievements, depending whats was happeing in the region, the main presenters would be at the scene for the programm but not on TWCT

    oh hum,

  • ITV West Viewer

    For the studio – I must admit, the yellow looks a bit more professional than the teal/blue/greeny colour it was before, and it looks as if it cost a lot – when it didn’t because I think the black seat and those new silver lights make it look better. The backdrop is a massive improvement for the time after 18:15 – I prefer that Westcountry map rather than that horrible colour thingy.

    The BBC won’t be able to beat them on their graphics at the moment. The BBC’s just look like boring text boxes stuck together, and I’m fed up of the BBC using red all the time.

    As for Vanessa Cuddeford, she seems like a great presenter, but, it’d be a bit of a shame if she is more serious, because all of the ITV West presenters do seem to have a little joke from time to time, and she didn’t really have any little jokes and she didn’t carry the laugh on – I’m not criticising your Westcountry Live presenters/reporters though, because before she left for maternity leave, I thought Claire Manning was great as a presenter. She brightened the programme up and she seems like a nice down to Earth presenter. I’ve watched clips of Westcountry Live, and I think Alexis Bowater would be great presenting the programme.

    If Simon Clemison is leaving (I hope he doesn’t though), but, if he does, that probably means that it’ll be both Westcountry presenters on a Friday – Vanessa Cuddeford & Bob Cruwys, because Steve never seems to present on a Friday – I don’t think he did on The West Tonight either. I must admit though, I did like it that time when Bob Cruwys & Claire Manning presented together (lol), they did seem happy presenting together – probably because it was like a little reunion for them lol. But I do like Steve & Ellie – they’re my favourite presenters.

    Lisa Aziz – yep Tim, I probably did get mixed up :( but I felt quite happy when I thought she did drop the case. Oh well :(. If it’s final that they’re going to get Vanessa Cuddeford presenting when Ellie goes on maternity leave, I guess that means Lisa isn’t returning :(. Shame really because she was a nice, friendly presenter. – I know you didn’t like her Tim, but she was liked by many.

    Oh yh, is BBC Spotlight news getting a new studio (that’s what I’ve heard) because on the TVForum website, they’re chatting about it. No offense, but it looks awful how it is, and the person on that forum site has posted a picture showing how bumpy the floor is. Oh dear lol. I think Points West had the same style black floor when they first got that studio which they currently have, but a new wood floor was laid down a short time after.

  • Tim

    to be honest i never knew Bob Cruwys as a westcountry presenter/ reporter, the only time i knew of him on westcountry was around november 2008 but that was the same time Alex the weather presenter appeared on westcountry live, but i cud be wrong….

    Yep BBC Spotlight are getting brand new state of the art Studios in Pymouth’s waterfront
    area know as Sutton harbour

    so thats somthing exciting for devon and cornwall viewers to look forward to at the end of this year as yes the curret studio is at the moment looking a mess, i dont know what the have done to the flooring but i have notices where they have the sofa its all been blacked out and looks a mess, but not sure if this is because they use the same area for the politics show that they have blacked the flooring out?

    and hopefully when they move, they will stop using Green Screens in the new studio, as sometime Victoria looks like she has green hair when she is presenting lol

    the BBC have done what Westcountry Television wanted to do back in 1993, as when Westcountry Took over from TSW they planned to build a state of the art studio but TSW took the 1993 franchise to the courts to stop Westcountry from taking over in 1993 but they lost, so in 1992 Westcountry didnt have enough time to build new studios so opted for some unit on the edge of Plymton which is why westcountrys out put was limited to documentrys lol as they only had the one set for Westcountry Live

    maybe when the BBC Move out of their old Studios maybe a new media company/ ITV could buy/ rent it off the BBC, and then produce News for Devon and Cornwall on ITV ???oooh now theres a thought !!

  • ITV West Viewer

    Lol. Good point there.

    Have the ITV Westcountry studios closed down now then? because it said it would close shortly after the merger – what shortly means, I don’t know lol.

    It would make sense if they do buy it because if all this merger stuff gets reversed because different news agencies or whatever take over operations of ITV Regional News, then they’d have to have a new studio/newsroom, because if they brought back The West Tonight & Westcountry Live, I very much doubt they’d want to have double the number of people in that ITV West newsroom, and they’d have to pre-record either one of the programmes.

    Also, as for your other comment about how they’ve re-done the ITV National News, I do think it looks better and I must admit, I love that theme music!! lol. But, I dislike the News at 10. It’s no longer anything special. They said they got rid of it because it felt too London-based. But, I didn’t mind it! lol. They should definitely have a different studio backdrop and graphics for News at 10. Also, that dark blue colour scheme they had for News at 10 was quite good because it felt quite nice watching it at night lol.

    Also Tim, Do you prefer to watch the National News or local news more? Because I tend to watch the local news more. I think it’d of been better if they scrapped the main ITV News instead of ITV Regional News – if they did that, then for about 2 minutes during The West Tonight & Westcountry Live, they could have had a summary of the national & regional news headlines – I’d have preferred that. BBC Points West tends to do a national summary & regional news summary at the end of the lunchtime programme.

    I just dislike any national news programme as they always base it in London – like if they’re reporting on the hot Summer weather, they’d more likely go around some park in London and ask people about it rather than any other UK city.

    Also, do you ever notice they leave the South West out quite a bit on weather forecasts? Like they always mention London!! it gets on my nerves! lol – “and it will be sunny down in that South East corner” “10c – thats the temperature in the London area”. I think they’ve mentioned Bristol about once, when they said “Severe weather warning for gusty winds affecting parts of the South West & the area near the Bristol Channel” lol.

  • Tim

    well tonight i gave in to watch the West Country Tonight after local radio were reporting that people were stuck on Haldon Hill, which most people would think would be breaking news..
    TWCT -2 dead people in Torquay…. ummm you can tell it was pre recorded as John Andrews was saying that people were moving through but local readio were saying the road was at a complete halt and cars had been stcuk their since 4.30pm…

    then watched throught out the night on the BBC News channel they have a report speaking to people who where at the scene and pictures of haldon hill, then at 10 was watching BBC news at 10 who did a good national report and swapping over to ITV NEWS Alister Stewert called Haldon Hill ad Halden Hill, which annoyed me, then did a 2 second report which was pretty much the same at TWCT spotlight did a better report, its time like this Regional News is important and that Regional Reporters are at the scene, no offence to steve scott or ellie barker but they had no idea of the situation and it showed in their presenting, Westcountry News last year reported on exactly the same situation was more indepeth and you knew the reporter Johnath Gibson in 2009 had made an effort with the report tonight was complete and utter garbish from ITV

  • Tim

    for got to say Spotlight had done a coverage on it at 6.30 compares to TWCT

    compare the two from ITV and BBC

    TWCT Coverage:

    BBC Spotlight’s coverage :×9&bgc=C0C0C0&nbram=1&bbram=1&nbwm=1&bbwm=1

    also has anyone else noticed that on the EPG on digital tv for ITV they dont list TWCT after ITV’s National News now its all lumped under ITV news and weather from 10.00 to 10.35…..????

  • ITV West Viewer

    Since they’ve cut down on their late news update, I think it’s always said that on the tv guide on digital TV. But, when it used to go on from about half 10 to 22:45, I think they did have it saying “The West Tonight”.

    Last night’s ITV West versio

  • Marc

    I never knew that Ellie Barker is married to Robert Murphy, well good luck Ellie and hope to see you back on our screens in the future

  • Tim

    well i set up a facebook group for the West Country Tonight

    its called The West Country Tonight – Your Views

    says exactly on the tin… so feel free to join :-)

  • Megan

    Well i might be young but i think the show is great as they say some funny jokes that make me laugh. I am happy an sad because im happy because i love to hear all the news but then im sad because you dont say alot on Cirencester or what comes up next and stuff like that. i love the pics that people send in and it is well good.

    The west country tonight team 6/10 well done its good


  • ITV West Viewer

    Another article about Lisa Aziz.

    I do feel a bit sorry for her to be honest! :(

  • Marc

    i feel sorry for her too i think its an outrage that they have treated her like this, why cant the Browns stick up for her, maybe sky news will have her back

  • ITV West Viewer


    I do think she deserves a second chance – clearly she wants to be a newscaster because she offered to pay it all back. It’s just ITV Westcountry being morons and not letting her pay it back.

    I hope Lisa wins that case – that will show ITV in the

  • Marc

    I really hope she wins too ITV are very petty and stupid, its getting beyond a joke now.

  • Jimmy

    I do feel very sorry for Lisa Aziz it sounds like she been through hell and i dont blame her for not returning to ITV.

    Also I wont be watching the program anymore after what poor Lisa has said.

  • Tim

    awww pooor Lisa…. my heart bleeds for her…

    she had to reapply for her job, she lost her hair and make up lady… (that would make most woman feel like they wanted to kill them selves)
    but at least she kept her job and a wage of ?160,000,00 while many of her work colleauges from ITV West and ITV Westcountry all attempted to reapply for their jobs and made redundant ( so she should think her self lucky she still had a job)

    Considering she knew the state of ITV and going through having to reapply for her job, you would of thought claiming expenses before doing it…. or at least checking with HR before claiming it (covering her own back)
    but no sounds liek she just claimed away and then found out the hard way.. so to be honest shes brought it own her self
    just because shes a TV presneter and she used to be on TVAM and SKY does that make her Excusable? if MP’s are being challenged about their Expesences then, why not Poor Old Lisa Aziz

    i give it to her she knows how to tell a real sob story, ” i thought about killing myself”
    oh geez…. you should of done it love! , and was she thinking that before or after she demanded ?5 million and accusing Steve Scott of mimicking Trevor macdonald and Alex the weatherman) or was she o counfused with stress she couldnt tell what was what apart from her wanting ?5 million, while Steve was proberly he was prob trying to make the best out of a bad situation by having a laugh and joke to get through it,

    sorry i dont have any sympanthy for her, shes brought this on her self and milked it, and by the looks of it its backfired in her face and each time she goes public about it the story becomes wilder and wilder shhe wants ?5 milliong and now she wants to kill her self! whats next?????

    maybe ITV should place her on Jeremy Kyle show and put her on a lie dectecter test
    now what a coup that would be for ITV eh???

  • Tim

    oh dear shes really is making herself look a fool so march it goes to court and hope she is made to look stupid … im sorry there are more important things in this world, just look at Haiti earthquake thousands of people dead and lost everything
    while lisa aziz worrys having to be like normal people coming back down to earth she needs to stop and think and count herself lucky before she takes this to court and make her self look like a sad old bitter woman she really is!
    she starting to sound like the Wicked Witch of the west country!–friend-Browns–tells-ageist-sexist-racist-ITV-drove-out.html

    Television news star Lisa Aziz wanted to make the right impression on her first day in her new job.

    She selected a smart navy Armani trouser suit, used the hair and make-up skills perfected in almost two decades of anchoring for TV-am and Sky News and made her way punctually into the bustling newsroom of ITV?s West Country headquarters.
    As she took her seat at her desk in the open-plan office a secretary approached her. ?Here,? she told the ?160,000-a-year broadcaster, ?this is for you? – and handed her a can of furniture polish and a duster.
    In the hugely status-sensitive world of television news, it was a scene worthy of the cult Channel4 sitcom Drop The Dead Donkey.
    ?It was a warning about not bringing my ?London ways? to Bristol,? says Aziz, who famously became the first Asian presenter on mainstream TV news and who counts the Prime Minister and his wife among her closest friends. She shoved the cleaning materials in a drawer and ignored the slight.
    In fact she should have heeded it. For four years after she left the capital in search of a better work-life balance – she is a single mother of two – she claims she has been forced out of her job on West Country Tonight by a cynical combination of racism, sexism and ageism.
    Her employment tribunal in March promises to be explosive and damaging for financially troubled ITV.

  • ITV West Viewer


    Well if ITV Westcountry – or as it is known now “ITV South West” – wanted Lisa Aziz to take a pay cut, they should have outlined that in her new contract from February 2009 when all this merger stuff happened – and if they wanted her to leave, they

  • Tim

    sorry maybe im just down to earth
    since the resession in 2009 lots of people have lost their jobs and got nothing,
    but lisa was lucky she reapplied for her job and got it, and a good wage too ?160,000,00 a year!

    now claiming expences it would of been common sense to double check the situation on making claims, it just common sense

    to me Lisa thought she was a cut above the rest and couyld do what she liked… but seems she couldnt and it seems to of shocked her that she cant do what she likes,

    to be honest it doesnt matter if its lisa aziz or someone else who ever it was and if they moaned and whinged about what has happned id say the same thing…

    so i dont feel sorry for her…

    as for TWCT i watched when the snow was a bout but have stopped watching again as its complete and utter dribble ,

    its sad but hey…. ITV will learn one day… when its too late… but i dont hope ITV win the court case with aziz and then shes made to polish the The westcountry tonight set haha

    Lisa has become the Wicked Witch of ITV West

  • ITV West Viewer


    Spikeful Tim. Spikeful. Polish the Westcountry Tonight set? Err… it’s only just been re-done? lol.

    Ohhh well… we all have different views and opinions. I think we should just leave all this Lisa Aziz stuff now, it’s getting boring writing diffe

  • Tim

    as for the lisa aziz thing, its not just her personally, its just she is milking it weather she was good presenters or not is not the point,

    if she was a proper jouranlist, she would of had more style than to use slander her employer. but no, and i read the whole of the daily mail story and she blubbers on how she was best friends with gorden brown… and how the good old days she was spoilt… back in the day Lisa when Regional TV was making money…and we had 15 independat stations they were the glory days and im sure if you were a memember of staff you had the best job in the world, but NOW ITV PLC doesnt make money as its good at loosing money…

    i think Lisa is stuck in a time warp and thinks shes still sombody…….???

    but if it was somone else saying the same thing id still have the same opinion, just unlucky i didint like lisa when i first saw her on my local ITV news and ever since shes made the news for all the wrong reasons, but reading all the comments from other readers people think the same, she is macking a mock of things…

    as for TWCT when i watched it in the snow editions it had to make me laugh, they managed to swap the title pitcutes for snow ones so why cany they just replace then all, as the current pictures they have on the titles still remind me of westcountry live….so when they changes the graphics why didnt they put fresh set of images in ? if they can do it for a snow edition im sure they can update them now???

    also i i wathed the GMTV bulitins, and what the hell? not only did ben shepard refer KAte reeevs to an ITV West Presenter?? shes a ITV Westcountry??? but the bulitins are pointless… in fact GMTV has become shocking… i cant beleive how bad that has become,
    as for kate reeves and Seth Conway.. and the ITV Westcountry Truck… i thought that was good and showed that the WESTCOUNTRY Presenters got out and a bout. when a news story broke… and they did they got out into the heart of dartmoor to bring where the snow had got too and made it national on GMTV…. did ITV West Presenters do that?? and i sure that the ITV West broadcast truct still says ITV West…
    i mean how many spray jobs have those trucks had? the Westcountry trucks had many spray jobs done as Westcountry has been renamed and rebranded from the 2004 branding

    i think moving forward on the TWCT once the lisa aziz court case finishes they need to clean up their act….

  • pete bird

    You have the wrong title for the program,it should be retitled
    Bristol Tonight.
    All we here is about Bristol,we are not interested in anything to do with Bristol.
    Last week 4 BATH rugby players called up to represent England,not one word on your totally
    biased bristol oriantated program,hopefully you are losing a lot of viewers and your program will soon HAVE to be changed.THANK GODNESS WE HAVE BBC POINTS WEST.

  • ITV West Viewer


    Yep, I recently saw some ITV West vans – and I seen some in the car park area outside the ITV West HQ the other day (it’s on the main Bath Road in Brislington, Bristol). They still have the ITV logo on them and “The West Tonight”.

    GMTV is a waste

  • Tim

    LOL ITV West viewer

    well think ive said before but il mention it again that i set up a facebook group called

    The West County Tonight – Your Views

    looking forsomeone from the ITV West to be an admin so that theres sone from each region if anyone is intrested? as tjhough there are so many fourms and things going on but facebook everyone has access too, and can add photos and videos and also see how many people feel good/ bad about the program…

    so if you wanna join and add comments please doo who would be intresting too see how many peole jion and have thoughts about it :-)

  • N Tubz

    @ Tim i would like to be made admin if poss

  • Tim

    no probs – your now an admin :-)

  • ITV West Viewer

    Sorry, I won’t be joining that group.

    I am no longer watching “The West Country Tonight”. This Lisa Aziz case stuff has just got out of hand now, and she keeps going on about it, and I believe her.

    I hope she wins this case. I hope ITV West/ITV Westcountry goes completely off-air. I don’t care if the Westcountry will be left with Meridian Tonight or whatever – I’ll be watching BBC Points West.

    BBC Points West
    – Far better coverage
    – No Devon/Cornwall sports news
    – Reporters actually know how to edit
    – The website editors actually know how to make a regional news website.
    – and, the BBC is a service to the public, not a service which only operates to make money (like ITV).

  • ITV West Viewer


    “ITV West REGIONAL – huh? It’s regional weather?”
    “Sponsored by… No-one likes our programme”
    “enough said.”

  • Tim

    ahh come on ITV West Viewer i dont watch TWCT but im determinded that we should mak our point known, and facebook is the perfect tool at this, as you wont be the only one who feels like it…

    the facebook group is for everyone, as the more people who make their voice known the better,
    you may like lia aziz and think shes the best thing the pop up toaster… well join the group and talk about it.. im sure you wont be the only one, and you wont be the only one who hates how TWCT talks about parts of the country yoir no where near but ITV have decided thay your now this part of the region…..

    as you know my Views about TWCT… and im sure im not the only one, but again people may have good points about it..? so for those who think its the ebst… can tell us why its so good.. maybe we have missed somthing???

    and how many people watch it or even care abour Regional news??

    who enough people shout about how bad the programm is.. maybe might make ITV See some sense? who knows the power of facebook lol

  • Graham, North Devon

    You’ve got to smile at weatherman Bob Crampton, popping up like a jack-in-the-box at such “where is it?” places like Bromham, Birdlip et al, which sends me scuttling for the road atlas and discovering they are far removed from the West Country. Each day the poor chap seems frozen to the spot, so he can’t surely enjoy being sent to these far-flung outposts, allegedly in the True West, and talking mostly trivia before his weather predictions. One of these days I swear he’ll end up in the Cotswolds or Chilterns, possibly in an area known as the West Country Detached!

  • Jimmy

    Spoke to a few friends of mine in Cabot Circus this morning they told me that they’ve started watching the program again because Ellie and Claire have dissapered. Vanessa is doing a great job this shows because she sounds professional and she reminds me of Emma Crosby on GMTV.

    The reports the program covers are still completey unproffiessional and that have nothing whatsoever to do with the westcountry unlike Points West.

    The West Country Tonight 1.5
    Points West 9.5
    Merdian Tonight 6

  • ITV West Viewer


    Don’t diss Ellie & Claire!! They were the best ones!! (so was Lisa Aziz but she’s been suspended :( ).

    Vanessa Cuddeford is alright, but she always seems to say more than Steve Scott, and, she don’t seem to joke as much as Claire & Elli

  • marc

    Poor bob tonight trying to talk about Apples and the immature twats of exeter mouthing off, he should have stayed in somerset, grrrrrrrrr

  • ITV West Viewer

    I felt sorry for Bob Crampton tonight (Tues 26th Jan ’10) – he was there reporting at that apple tree on the lunchtime news, and trying to do an interview which got cut off due to some immature Devon twats in Exeter – it just shows the “West of our region” is full of absolute arseh*les…

    If I were controller of ITV West/ITV Westcountry, I’d just completely drop the idea of doing LIVE weather forecasts in Devon & Cornwall, and just carry it on in the old ITV West regional area.

    Tonight has showed how much I care about that programme to be honest. I know I keep changing my mind (if you look at past comments), but I do love that programme. I feel sorry for any ITV West employee who has been made redundant, or who has been annoyed by immature Devon twits – or wherever Exeter is – I don’t care it is because it isn’t in MY region.

    I don’t think anything happened like that on “The West Tonight” – and you can tell Bob wasn’t expecting that because he said “I think there are a few people excited” – if those twits in the background stopped then, it’d have been alright. But no… they had to carry on.

    I can’t wait ’til Ellie & Claire (& even Lisa – if she does return) comes back!! – I miss them quite a bit. I know Claire is from Westcountry News, but, she was great too. Vanessa just seems a bit plain and never seems to smile much! Like at the end of tonight’s programme when they were trying to discuss about school dinners/apples to get rid of the extra time left over, Steve carried on smiling when they were talking, and she just occasionally smiled and you could tell she was putting it on!

    ITV West / “The West Tonight” was always the best region, and the “East of our region” on The West Country Tonight will also continue to be the best part of the South West.

  • ITV West Viewer

    I’ve made a script for the tomorrow’s programme following the un-needed disruption in Exeter…

    “This is The West Tonight… the headlines this evening”



    ==VOICE-OVER== “You’re watching The West Tonight with Steve Scott & Laura Sullivan”.

    “Hello & Welcome to The West Tonight – your regional news from ITV West”.


    “Now, a re-cap of tonight’s main news”



    “It’s a quarter past six, you’re watching The West Tonight with Steve & Laura, Still to come… Bob & the weather – from the studio”.

    ==10MINS LATER==

    “Hi Bob, what’s in store for the Weather then?”

    Bob – “Well, for OUR region…”

    ==5MINS LATER==

    “Ok, thanks Bob, that’s just about it from us for now. Up next is the national news with Alistair Stewart & Mary Nightingale… I’ll be back with our late news update, but from us and the rest of the ITV West team, Goodnight”.


  • marc

    I agree ITV West viewer, we really need TWT back

  • Tim

    poor bob my ass
    ur rite marc he should of stayed in somerset, good on the people who shouted out abuse,
    no offence to the ITV West Team but we dont want u down here, go back to bristol and stay there, give us back WESTCOUNTRY LIVE!! simple

  • marc

    bob is a legend

  • Tim

    he may be a legend marc but he isnt that known to devon or cornwall viewers so we wont have the same resepct for him as the ITV West Viewers,
    its like you dont like it when our presenters are presenting which are not very often you dont like it…. its ITV fault but until the put things back the way they were we are always going to disagree about it

  • ITV West Viewer


    But Tim, you seem to take it out on ITV West – it’s not their fault. It’s ITV London’s fault so go complain to them.

    To be honest, I did like it when Claire Manning presented because she was just like any other ITV West presenter – fun, she seems k

  • marc

    some people have no morals and think its funny to ruin bobs forecast

  • Helen

    ITV West viewer

    The region we live in is South West England we are all connected and Bristol is only 1hrs. 57 mintues from Cornwall. I live in Redruth and spend most of my time out of Cornwall working in Reading. Before the merger West and Westcountry were runned under the same manager and Bob Crampton lived in Plymouth in his early years and also did Westcountry weather when Kate was off ill.

    I dont like Kate she does nothing for me I enjoy itv west pressenters better than Westcountry execpt Richard Bath so yes im on your side.

  • Tim

    to ITV West Viewer
    i have moaned at ITV london and they dont give two pennys what any one says,
    as for Bob i dont know him that well and the first time i saw him on Westcountry was after it was announced in november 2008 ish time the merger was going to happen
    as when kate reeves was off then Bob or alex appeared, before that it was peter Griffin or dan downs… as far as i was aware.
    maybe im too young to know that Bob lived down here then???

    as not not like ITV West presenters i do Like Steve Scott, hes grown on me and Ellie started to, but there was somthing about her that i wasnt sure about,

    and im sure if any of the ITV Westcountry Presenters had gone to St Pauls area of Bristol to do a live feed im sure they would of got more than abuse? ! lol

    Whipton is a roughish area of Exeter and if they were near Burnt House Lane then no wonder there was shouting in the backgroud

    and im sure if the shoe was on the other foot, ITV West Viewers would be in upraor but we will never know so its pointless even talking about that the ITV West viwers wouldnt complain


    as for ITV West and Westcountry being managed by the same person and bristol only being just under 2 hours away, thats alvery well and seems you are in and out of the region alot but for the people who dont leave the region that much Bristol is still far away and not really inrtressed in what happendd in bristol, Bath, Swindon , Cheltenham

    in sure even ITV West Viewer will agree that the Quality of “the West Country Tonight” has gone down hill from the merger…
    so if it was all manged by the same management before the merger, and from two seperate locations and both new programs where good, you would think, with it all relocating to one location in bristol it would make things easier and able to make the qulaity better for one program???

    I work for a big company and we have just taken over another company and we are in the process of change with staff teams and locations
    but the changes that have been made have improved things for both the two companies , the Staff and our Customers.
    the managemt have looked at every angle and taken every situation into account before doing anything and seems to be paying off as taken the best of both companies and moving forward…

    as for ITV…. all i can see is a complete and utter shambles…. i cant see anything of the Granada/ Carlton merger back in 2004 that has improved anything for ITV then have just gone from bad to worse and not looked at the mistakes that have happened and just carried on with heads in the sand hoping things will improve and untill things improve they will just cut costd and hope that that will help and then the cost cutting mergers last year, has made one mess into a bigger mess…

    ITV managemet in london need to take a step back and look at ITV and ITV regions and take the best and work on it, and if its going to cost money then it will…ITV regions ae important to ITV’s future.

    Moving forward :

    if ITV are are going to Keep ITV West /Westcountry the same as it is, then they need to look at it better, the would need to rebrand ITV West / Westcountry to ITV South West, so its frest for everyone and the look at The West country Tonight Format,
    i think again a complete fresh name like ITV South West Tonight, were it a complete fresh name, and instead of 15 minutes split news and then rejoining halfway though then they might as well give 30 minutes and we hear all the news from both regions taking alterite turns to read each of the “old” regions and make the program as 1 and not try and keep it seperate?

    and then possible in the future (when ITV money situation improves) for ITV South West to relocate their studios so it was more central part of the bigger region, so if you live in cornwall or you lived in Cheltenham you still feel close to the studios / program….

  • ITV West Viewer


    Well if they did it in St. Pauls, there may have been a little thing, but I’m sure they wouldn’t have shouted out “pr*ck”. They’d probs have just stood in front of the camera and put their thumbs up or beeped their car horns lol.

    We might have had

  • Helen

    Today I watched Central Tonight online and they contiued there news stories until the end of the program, but what i liked is the report about life in the region (which we have from 18:15 to 18:30) they featured 1 story after the weather for a couple of mintues.

    Thats what Westcountry should do both, as Tim said scrap the outputs and both regions should be together so we hear more stories instead of the crap we have to listen too after 18:15.

  • ITV West Viewer


    But then, no bridge will be in the background if they did that and it would feel less local. They could always get some picture from Somerset since The West Tonight & Westcountry Live both covered parts of Somerset – it would be nice if they h

  • HTV Fan

    I disagree with you entirely about Vanessa Cuddeford. In my opinion, she’s an excellent presenter, and easily the best thing to happen to our local news on ITV since this ‘super region’ nonsense came into force last year.

    As for The West Country Tonight itself, I agree with Tim and Helen that it would be better if they just made it as one live pan-regional programme. Half of the reports are shown in both regions, anyway, and they would still be able to opt-out for pre-recorded region-specific content, such as Up Close, ITV Fixers and The People’s Millions.

  • ITV West Viewer

    @HTV Fan
    Yep, she is a great presenter… but, she just seems a little more serious than the rest – like the presenters on “The West Tonight” always had a bit of a laugh. She does have a little joke with Steve, but it ends within a few seconds. Like when

  • ITV West Viewer

    Apparently, the merger of “The West Tonight” & “Westcountry Live” to create “The West Country Tonight” will soon be reversed…

  • Helen

    I read that bbc news article about the possible reopening of the Plymouth newsroom, I heard elsewhere that won’t be considered for another 3 years because itv wont except the offer that other news services (utv, itn) are offering because its too low.

  • Tim

    ITV West Viewer

    I Just think the West Country Tonight format is too half hearted at the moment i mean one minute we get 15 minutes for our news then we watch 15 minutes of stuff that might come from our region or might not, then its inconsistant then at weekends and during GMTV and Lunch Times its mixed might as well go the hole hog and call it ITV South West Tonight and give us 30 minutes of the whole region

    dont get me wrong id love to have 30 minutes of pure devon/cornwall news but as far as i can see it isnt going to happen within ITV and i think its been a year of TWCT and it has been a complete hash up

    they just need to refresh the format and just become 1 region and alternate each story for each region and do it for 30 minutes ,Instead of having background pictures of bridges use a picture of the story they are talking about like they do some times, that way no one can get offended by the background screen?

    think it would save hassle as at least we knew where we stand and had 30minutes of mixed news than the jumbled up format and save them trying to come up with stupid stories about toy elephants that got lost in cornwall but was from a child in Gloustershire…

    as for the bbc news thing you metioned heres the update from David Mason’s website

    “Thank you for your interest in the Television South West News Consortium. Our group is now
    led by chairman Jeremy Payne, ( former HTV Group MD ), and comprises several media
    production companies, news gathering organisations in the south west, media professionals
    and businessmen.

    Currently, we are observing the process for the selection of news providers for the intended
    IFNC pilots for Wales, Scotland and the North East. We await both the outcome of these bids
    and, crucially, the result of the general election in May.

    Updates on some of our ideas for the two former south west ITV regions and the Government’s
    Digital Economy Bill will appear here, so please come back again soon.

    We thank you for your support.

    Jan 2010

    For information here are the consortia through to round 2 of the selection process:


    ?ITN with Newsquest, Northcliffe Media, Tindle, Boomerang and ITV Wales news staff;


    ?UTV with NWN Media Ltd.


    ?Johnston Press with the Herald and Times Group, Tinopolis, and D C Thomson;

    ?STV with ITN and Bauer Radio

    Tyne Tees/Borders

    ?ITN with Johnston Press, Newsquest, Metro Radio, University of Sunderland and ITV Tyne Tees and Borders news staff;

    ?Trinity Mirror with the Press Association and Ten Alps;


    so thats the website to keep an eye on but seems they are waiting :-)

  • Tim

    oh and we now get the Braces Bread Sponsorship tooo now so i guess Flybe gave up lol

  • Tim

    Also on the David Mason website its nice too see the TSW still living on and too see pictures of the TSW Studios … as iwas in plymouth at the weekend for a night out and went past the derrys cross studios where TSW used to be and its now a pile of rubble :-(
    I was rather drunk and me and my mates started singing the Gus Honeybun song…
    “whos a Star on tv just for you and for me who got post by the tonne….. ”

    oh happy days :-)

  • ITV West Viewer

    I was thinking about that thing some of you were on about with the programme being broadcast LIVE to the whole region at once.

    But… I’ve always liked the Clifton Suspension Bridge in the background and it feels like home when I see that (I live in Bristol). Having that yellow map is just a bit boring and it feels more like the national news – yep, it is an improvement to that greeny/teal/bluey mish mash they had before, but still, I prefer an actual picture.

    If they do ever go ahead and drop the first 15 minute opt-outs, I really wouldn’t mind a picture like this… – It’s Durdle Door in Dorset. Since the ITV West region & ITV Westcountry regions both used to cover Dorset on “The West Tonight” & “Westcountry Live”, it’d be fair if they had that picture on there!!

    Also… 2 Westcountry presenters were on tonight! Bet you were happy! lol – it did seem a bit more serious though – compared with the other 2 Westcountry presenters who occasionally presented – Bob Cruwys & Claire Manning (in my opinion, I think they’re the best from “Westcountry Live” lol) – they were also serious, but you could see they could get a few jokes in which was a good thing ;)

    It’d be good if they did change the name – because then some Westcountry viewers probably think it’s all ITV West’s fault that the programme went downhill. I think they should have set their main studio in Taunton which is half-wayish between Gloucester & Lands End. I’m sure it is called ITV South West though… well according to Wikipedia it is (lol).

    I’ve just did my little bit of research (lol)… and, apparently the “Wales Tonight” / ITV Wales region is slightly smaller than the ITV South West region. On the ITV Wales website, it says “National news for Wales” – so if that’s national news for Wales… what’s our slogan then? “International news for the South West” haha.

  • Brenda

    Does anyone know the email address for itv west as I want the to get the message to them about everyones idea about turning the program into one live pan-regional programme.

    I dont think they will listen but I will give it a try and express my views of the program along with some of your ideas.

    If the program starts to get even more dreadful within the next 6 months I think we should all meet up at the newsroom in Bristol and express are views face to face to management.

  • Tim


    The best person to contact would be Liz Hannam i emailed her and she did respond, when i wasnt happy. so tell her see what she says

    Liz Hannam | Head Of News, ITV West and Westcountry | News West and Westcountry ? Newsroom Editorial | ITV plc
    Bath Road | Bristol | BS4 3HG | Tel: 0844 88 12429 |

  • ITV West Viewer

    I’m sure the programme has gone a bit downhill in these last two weeks… :S.

    Also, has Simon Clemison left? because they said “Here’s our Political Correspondent Bob Constantine” and I’m sure that was Simon’s role!!

    I was starting to like how Simon presented too!

  • marc

    missed the programme tonight so i go on the website and to westcountry east full programme and it was the westcountry version so had to go onto westcountry west for our west version, talk about cock up after cock up

  • Tim

    during upclose we had steve scott have a coughing fit out loud which was very nice lol

    . i also liked the way they mentioned about they have been nominated for some kind of an award for a funereral… and how they mentioned it been the 3rd year in a row…. concidering TWCT tonight isnt a year old yet and … i think they should of said it different as for anyine in the westcountry it sounded odd … as we only know TWCT for a year so why mention 3 years… if they had wanted to say 3 years then they should of stuck in in your bit of news…. :-)
    but they have only been nominated…. so whether they win… is another matter… i bet 9 regions out of ITV have been nominated for a story ….

    one award i know they would win had down is the amount of cocks up for a news programme LOL

    someone should spoon feed harry hill some of the cock ups lol im sure he could make a few sketches out of it lol

    but i think as much as id love not to hear anything from the “east” id rather a full 30 minutes so mixed news…. so then Bristol might start to feel like some where near to me :-)
    who knows it could be an improvement?

  • ITV West Viewer

    Aww “The West Tonight” had quite a few rewards.


    I think it would be better to have it LIVE for 30 minutes, but… It’s just one thing stopping me from liking the idea… I love the Clifton Suspension bridge as the back-drop image!! Lol

  • ITV West Viewer

    Just watched the ITV West version of “The West Country Tonight”…

    No joke from Steve Scott about what’s coming up next!! He’s a legend for making jokes out of things!! But then… if he’s sat next to someone for 45 minutes who he can’t have a laugh with, I really wouldn’t blame it on him that he never joked… lol.

    Yep, I’m on about Vanessa. Yes, she is a great presenter but I do miss the little laughs :(. If she did laugh a bit more that what she does, the programme would be a lot like it usually is. I know we all have different personalities, but, it just feels a bit odd them not having quite a few jokes because since I’ve been watching the programme on “The West Tonight”, there’s always been a joke in the programme!! lol

  • Tim

    LOL Westcountry won a few awards in the past as well, to be honest i think them getting ride of the bridges would be great.. as they are only bridges or maybe they just get rid if the back screen altogther… i mean just think how much they could sell it for and make some money from :-)

    but i i defo think a 30 minute 1 programme is the way forward…. as i watched the 7.10 am GMTV bulitin this orning and they did alternate stories for each region which was the first time i seem during a GMTV bulitin it either goes 1 westcountry and 3 west stories :-(

    who knows as the South West we might get on? LOL

  • Tim

    and here are the nominations for the RTS awards

    Nations and Regions News Coverage

    Meridian Tonight (South) ? Justice for Hannah ITV Meridian

    The West Country Tonight ? Remembering Harry ITV West

    UTV Live Tonight ? The Ryan Report ? UTV

    ITV West? thought it was now known as ITV South West,

    I hope that UTV Live win it tho as they are still independant from the ITV Merger

    Go UTV Live :-)

  • Tim

    just done a little poll for The West country Tonight on facebook

    go on vote :-)

  • Jimmy

    Can anyone tell me where Bude is?

    Poor Bob lives in Bath and has to go all the way down to Cornwall just to do his forcast the man needs a bonus!

    Once again didnt enjoy the after 18:15 slot just seems boring and drags on.

    I remember last year itv local covered the moement at the Rts awards when the one and only Lisa Aziz attened and she and the team won an award for the coverage of Weston-Super-Mare grand pier fire, she seemed happy then!

    I dont think The West Country Tonight will pick up an Rts award this year, if there was an award for the worst Regional News Program then TWCT would most certianly get it!

  • marc

    Bob definately needs a pay rise travelling all that way to do the weather, poor bloke should stick to somerset

  • Tim

    Guys theres no need to be nasty about cornwall, we have to sit and stuff that done matter to cornwall or devon… and it seems Bob comes from Plymouth anyways so stick that in your pipe and smoke it,

    the only award lisa aziz is worthy of is a money grabber of the year … for ?5 million???? somone wake up and smell the bacon please and funny TWCT didnt get nominated for an award while lisa was presenting TWCT so she cant be that good
    , it was while she was off making out she was making out she was sick… sick in the head and dreaming up ways of making ?5 million

  • ITV West Viewer

    With the weather… I don’t see why they can’t have Kate Reeves to do the ITV Westcountry region for the LIVE forecasts, and Bob to do the LIVE forecasts for the ITV West region!

  • ITV West Viewer

    I’m actually starting to wonder if it is known as “ITV South West” now, because…
    – It only says that on Wikipedia, and anyone can edit that!
    – On the first ever “The West Country Tonight”, Lisa smiled and said “now, you may notice some changes here at ITV West”.
    – On The West Country Tonight West website, it says “You are watching the regional news from ITV Westcountry.”
    – On The West Country Tonight East website, it says “You are watching the regional news from ITV West.”
    – On the East version of the weather sponsor it says “ITV West regional weather… sponsored by Braces Bread… Enough Said.”

    I don’t think I’ve ever heard the presenters refer to “ITV South West”. Jonathan Gibson has said “the Westcountry news team” – nothing like “the South West news team”.

    Also, on the email I got from Liz Hannam, it says at the bottom something like “Head of news for ITV West & ITV Westcountry”.

    One more thing… there is a facebook group – “ITV West/Westcountry News Support Co-ordinators” – not “ITV South West News Support Co-ordinators” !! lol.

    …so there we go!! lol

    One more thing… did anyone hear Steve Scott’s comment to Katie Price’s wedding? – “Katie Price married again… Who’d of thought… Who’d have cared?” phaahaaaa – and Vanessa kinda laughed at that!! :D

  • Brenda


    Emailed Liz she has not emailed me back yet so i wounder if she is still there?

    Poor Bob Crampton comming all the way down from Bristol to Bude the man needs to be in for an award at the rts.

  • Tim

    its known as ITV West & Westcountry at the moment thought ITV West seems to be mentioned more as in the RTS awards they say ITV West

    thats why it should be renamed as ITV South West as on 16 feb 09 thats when it all mergerd and both news teams (what was left) worthed together so for ITV West to get the credit would be wrong and unfair to westcountry staff who also would of worked for it

    she will she may have had many of emails but she did get back to me… give her time… i didnt think she emailed me back …

    as Bob.. he must be loving it,
    being paid to travel aboutthe South West and do a 5 minute presenting / weather forcast… hardly call it hard work….. :-)

  • Jimmy

    Yet again poor Bob, in Tavistock tonight!

    The man is at a fair age doing all that travelling to and from Bath he must need a good old pint!

    I wont be watching tomorrow night edition because Bob Crewes is presenting, and i just can not bear him because of his drippy look.

  • Tim

    jimmy Devon and cornwall is a very nice place to live we have lovely cost all around us we usand not trapped by cities and land…. like you are in bristol or bath…. and i wouldnt call the bristol river is all that pleasent lol

    and yes bob is old and so it that old man that presents the gmtv bulitin in the morning
    which will be a flaw in lisa trout faces money grabbers tribunal plans on ageisum haha so that one thing she will fail on and they have alex on the waether and he presents the weather so they arnt racail either…. oh :lisa… you better get to the job centre and find some cleaners job… because your going to be made to look stupid and no TV company will ever want to employee such a trouble maker as you haha

    as for Bob Cruwys i cant stand him either hes a muppet…. i dont where where hes come from cos hes not an orginal Westcountry Presenter…. but hey hooo i spose he was cheap so they employed him lol

  • Jimmy


    I was born in Redruth, but moved to Avonmouth because living in Cornwall for 34 years can become quite depressing, beautiful coastline but the most awful towns in the country and Camborne Redruth alone are the greater Manchester like area of the Westcountry.

    Anyway back to the program storyline didnt watch tonights program although i was a bit tempted to switch but i told my self not to.

  • Jimmy


    Where was Bob tonight!

  • ITV West Viewer


    – Bob Crampton is not an old man.
    – Peter Rowell isn’t either.

    I don’t slag off your Westcountry presenters – and you shouldn’t slag off the ITV West ones. I know I have said that thing about Vanessa not smiling, but, I don’t go and call her “trout

  • ITV West Viewer


    Also… Bob Cruwys must have been on “Westcountry Live” ? because there is a video of him presenting “Westcountry Live” on this TVNewsroom website!!

    Back to my last comment… where did all the fun go when 2 Westcountry presenters are presenting

  • Tim

    ITV West…. if the shoe was on the other foot and it had all moved to plymouth and most of the ITV West Staff all sacked and you had all ITV Westcountry presenter who you didnt know with the odd ITV West Presenters doing the odd report now and then,.. i wonder how many of you West viewers would of been happy and not kicked up a stink???

    To be honest i have got used to Steve Scott and he can be funny and even Ellie started to grow on me, the weather presenters can be funny at times, so im not having a go the only person i cannot stand is Lisa aziz, now before you get on the defensive about her, i tell you the reason whys:

    1. she shouted the news at the camra and then she looked bored when she was looking around the studio,
    which you ITV West viewers might of been used to ( but Westcountry viewers wernt and thought it was rather rude and unprofesional, i mean you never saw Trevor McDonald looking about the studio when he was on the News at Ten???

    if Lisa Aziz had carried on in the summer and resolved her “issues” maybe we might of got used to her “CHARMS”

    2 Claiming ?5 Million is a bit outragious by any means for anyone , im sorry i would not back anyone who will think they can claim that amount of money and since then any respect that i had for her ( which wasnt a lot) has now been lost

    3 the reason i called then old, wasnt abad thing, it just shows that ITV have kept the “older” presenter so when Lisa goes to court with her claims shes going to look stupid :-) and Alex is also presenting on the national weather so her “age and race claim” isnt going to look to good for her is it? :-D

    4i think that now we might as well just become one big region and have 30minutes of a live programme and alternate the news stories as i think it would reduce the Westcountry/West rivalness we seem to have, and hopfully if they just have 1 programme to make with out 15 minute opt outs they can improve the quality…

    so claim down and dont get ur knickers in a twist

  • ITV West Viewer

    You’re the one who needs to calm down too!!

    anyway, yes, you’re right there. If it was based in Plymouth and the presenters were Seth Conway & Vanessa Cuddeford… then yes, I would have stopped watching because – no offense to them, they do the

  • marc

    Never watched it before but will have to watch it at some point, also Jed now works for Star fm, 2-7 pm i am listening now live on the net

  • ITV West Viewer


    I’ve just been on Star’s website – and it looks exactly the same (in terms of layout) as the Original/Jack FM one does!! – But they do broadcast them both from the same building don’t they? “Jack FM” sounds stupid too (lol).

    Also… I’m finding my

  • Jimmy

    Didn’t watch tonights program Bob Cruwys again!

    If Simon Cleminson left that means is he going to be on ever week when Steves off, well from now on I will be watching Points West!

    The man a wet know it all, who’s voice sounds like the knitted character of Harry Hills Tv Burp!!!

  • Helen

    Simon Cleminson is now a reporter on Spotlight his first day was on Monday if anyone watched.

    Given up watching TWCT as Jimmy said i’m also not a fan a Bob Cruwys and Justin and Victoria are friendly newscasters and good stories

  • Tim

    i agree BBC Spolight is much better than TWCT and they seem be using new movements with the camras in the studio as they zoom in and out like they do on teh national news, which makes it feel nice not just a camra fixed about also another good thing about BBC Spotlight is the email they send out each day about teh programme tonight

    heres tonights (12/02/10) email for BBC Spotlight

    “Hello from the BBC Spotlight newsroom in Plymouth.

    180 police jobs are at risk in Devon and Cornwall. The Police Authority has agreed to increase the amount we’re charged for policing by five percent next year, but there will still have to be huge savings. So will there be fewer officers on the beat? I’ll be talking to the Chairman of the Police Authority live at 6.30pm.

    Chinese Lanterns are becoming more and more popular at big occasions such as weddings and birthday, but as you’ll see on Spotlight tonight there’s a warning they could pose a risk to crops and livestock.

    Andy is on sports duty tonight with details of the football and rugby fixtures and a look at the recent poor run of form for the basketball side Plymouth Raiders.

    And we’ll discover the key to running a good pub. Stephanie Todd is already an award winning landlady at the age of 23. She says she’s always wanted to work in the pub trade. We’ll hear her story tonight.

    Join Natalie and me at 6.30pm on BBC One

    Justin ”

    Much nicer feel to the hole lots so if simon has joined then it will be a bonus to the BBC South West viewers :-)

  • Tim

    and again on teh TWCT after 6.15 they are as uneven with the stories as as

    1, Bath Buns

    2, Bath Bob-sleigh which then went into an insert of local sport)

    3 peter Rowel some where in bristol/bath talking to shoppers

    4, Weather in Bristol

    so devon and cornwall gets wiped off the map again on TWCT

    i dont mind a bristol/ Bath story, as long as they do a Devon/ Cornwall story as well..
    not ust hog to one side of the region one night and hog the other side of the region the other night…. thats whats more annoying… amitures on TWCT….

  • ITV West Viewer

    I think The West Country Tonight is the best ITV Regional News programme I have watched, but, I much prefer BBC Points West now – I loved The West Tonight, but so many of our presenters have gone and it all seems to be going downhill so i’m kinda turning to Points West now.

    One thing which was quite fun on The West Country Tonight this evening was the Valentines Day stuff – they had nothing about it on Points West tonight. I do like it when there are more than 2 presenters in the studio – because I thought it seemed quite humorous when they were passing around that bunch of flowers which was “thrown” in from Peter Rowell.

    I think Peter Rowell was in Yate, South Gloucestershire? – I’ve only been to that shopping centre once but it looked a lot like it.

    On the Points West note, their presenters are starting to get a bit funnier. It always seems like David Garmston is up for a laugh ;) and Alex Lovell seems to laugh a lot.

    This would be my worst nightmare… the BBC not getting any money from the license fee payers, and the BBC not making enough money so they’d have to cut regional news – and it had to be broadcast from Plymouth.


    Anyway, I swear the ITV Westcountry presenters are taking over The West Country Tonight!! It seems as if they’ve got more ITV Westcountry reporters than ITV West now!! – I know the ITV Westcountry region is a lot bigger than the ITV West region, but, I’m sure the Plymouth lot are taking over!! ahhh!!!! – Like the other night on the late news update with Steve Scott, they had to put the camera on him and the smaller screen next to him, because in the background on the big main screen was the Tamar Bridge – it was changed back to the Clifton Suspension Bridge after the first report… but why did they have the Tamar Bridge on there??

    I really hope Claire Manning returns soon. I’d love Lisa to – but I don’t think thats going to happen :(. Most people in my family have said “have you seen that new presenter?” (Vanessa) – we’re a family who still call it HTV West News (lol)… …and they all say she looks miserable!! I know she has the odd smile, but it looks as if she’s just sitting there for the money – not to present to a massive region.

  • ITV West Viewer

    * I mean she looks as if she just wants to be there for the money – not to be a person presenting a news programme and interacting with the viewers!!

  • HTV Fan

    Peter Rowell was in Yate, yes.

    I hope Vanessa stays. She’s terrific. Ellie Barker and Claire Manning were only stand-in presenters, anyway. Just as Laura Sullivan is now.

  • ITV West Viewer

    @HTV Fan

    Well Vanessa is a stand-in too! (for Lisa Aziz).

  • ITV West Viewer


    I wonder why Simon Clemison went to BBC Spotlight, and not BBC Points West? Because he was a presenter/reporter on “The West Tonight” based in Bristol?

  • Tim

    12 months today 13/02/09
    the last ever Westcountry Live broadcast LIVE from Plymouth…. what a 12 months… :-(

  • Brenda

    Tomorrow (16th February) marks the 1st year of the west country tonight, from expenses allegations and witch sat on the broomstick (Ellie Barker) and now the thin stick that is Vannessa Cudderford and of course the toy elephant missing in Cornwall and found in Gloucestershire.! What a year!!!

  • Tim

    LOL Brenda

    do you think they will mark the first year with a look back over the year? hehe
    or will they just ignore it and carry on regardless like the seem to do well at.??

    have to wait and see i guess

  • Tim

    its my birthday today as well as it being TWCT first birthday
    shame i have to share it with such a crappy programme

  • Brenda

    Happy Birthday The West Country Tonight!!!

    Monday 16th February 2009 saw the start of the year that our local news became a joke!!! type this in and a picture of unhappy Lisa Aziz on the final program of The West Tonight.

  • Ruth James

    Just aware that the west country tonight is one year old today, quite surprised that its still on!!!
    I gave up watching the program in May of last year as it became apprant that the program was simply rubbish, I remember the story on the toy elephant found in Gloucestershire and missing from Cornwall. Last year i had a cleananing job for the Spotlight Studios in Plymouth and I heard the people backstage lathing there heads off watching youtube videos of the program.

  • Ruth James

    Just to let you know that I didnt work for a cleaner at spotlight I lied and I apologise for that but I can very much picture in my head of that happening at Spotlight because there doing great at pressenting local news unlike there rival.

    The day that itv local news ended was February 13th 2009 it will never be the same again.

  • ITV West Viewer

    Now… I know for months they’ve just had ITV West presenters presenting… but where are they all? We seem to now just have Bob Cruwys & Vanessa Cuddeford – I’ve noticed she’s smiling more, but still, It’s better when we have 1 West, 1 Westcountry!! Steve Scott seems to get that programme ship shape – like whenever they have any “technical problems” he seems to take the funny side to it – like when the camera got stuck on Alex Beresford once, he commented on it, and, when the screens went off and the one at the back displayed “The West Country Tonight”, he was turned round putting his hands out at it!!

    I think I’m really starting to miss all the ITV West presenters. It seems that the only ones left now, are; Laura Sullivan, Steve Scott and Peter Rowell. With Ken Goodwin, Eli Louise-Wringe Robert Murphy, Richard Payne, Bob Constantine and David Woodland reporting. All the rest seem to be Westcountry now!! I know we’ve got Bob & Alex still as Weather presenters, but they’re only on for about 2 minutes!! Also… where’s Matthias Kurth gone?

    I’m missing Lisa too – whatever anyones opinions of her are. I’ve been watching past clips of the programme and “The West Tonight” and she seemed like she was having a fun time! and she never ever looked as if she was just there for the money.

    I am starting to watch BBC Points West now, but, “The West Country Tonight” has got something to it which keeps me watching it… I don’t know what, but there’s something there! lol.

    If any ITV West employees are on here, please pass this message on;
    – I know ITV are going through a hard time… but please can you somehow be at the Bristol Balloon Fiesta again… I don’t mind if it’s just your van there and a stage where the presenters can tell you about how the programme works… but it was a good laugh listening to Peter Rowell on the stage (in a good way).
    – and… I know it’s a long way off… but please please can you do something for halloween again this year. Like back in 2008, you had cobwebs around the studio, and spiders dropping down with Lisa Aziz & Jed Pitman laughing and acting scared about it. It was brilliant – like you did on Friday with the valentines day stuff with the studio all decorated in it – please do the same for halloween! It was great! lol.

    To everyone else… I recan that this ITV West/ITV Westcountry merger will be reversed within 5 years.

  • Brenda

    RTS awards tonight funny if Lisa Aziz shows up saying to the itv west table see you in court!!!

  • Tim

    awww whats up ITV West viewer you only had a coule weeks of the ain we had to go through the last year, its about time the tables where turned on the presenters haha

    as for mrs mistrable moody aziz she is like a sour lemon who couldnt get her own way and now whants ?5 million get a life Aziz!!!!!

    LOL Brenda if Aziz did turned up wounder how many of them would be all chatty to her? or they give the soured face old trout the cold shoulder.

    sorry itv west i know you like her but i dont and for her ?5 million demands i never will like her…

  • ITV West Viewer


    Sorry Tim. I now know what you’ve been going on at for the past 12 months. If it was Claire Manning & Bob Cruwys presenting… I really wouldn’t have minded. But, I know Vanessa seems to be trying and she does smile a bit more, there’s something

  • HTV Fan

    The clock’s just the countdown for them to come out of the national network. They came out of it a bit too early today, so the clock appeared. It’s got nothing to do with whether the programme’s live or not. It used to appear from time to time before the merger, as well.

  • ITV West Viewer

    @HTV Fan


  • ITV West Viewer

    I wonder if we’ll actually have an ITV West presenter presenting tonight… it’s Friday. They always seem to change the presenters around on a Friday lol.

    Go on… let it be Laura Sullivan & Richard Payne/Peter Rowell tonight…

    Also… I’ve noticed that when Laura Sullivan is presenting now, the voiceover now says her name (since they changed it to “This is…” from “You’re watching…”. Before, it was just a waste of time having it saying “You’re watching The West Country Tonight” lol.

    I quite like having a voiceover. I know you are able to definitely know whos presenting (they have their names coming up on the graphics, a voice over, and, sometimes at 18:15 they say who’s presenting !! lol).

    Is it just this region & Meridian which have a voiceover?

  • Brenda

    Sorry got it wrong rts awards is next Wednesday.

    I agree with the itv west viewer i hate the way 7 mintues into the program they tell us whats comming up we get too much of that at 18:15, and all that rubbish about Bob and Alex half term outings half term is all over today the program is so awful i’m now sticking to Spotlight.

  • ITV West Viewer

    WOOO!! They put Laura Sullivan on!!!! :D

    Why don’t they have her on Monday-Thursday, and Vanessa on a Friday?

  • ITV West Viewer

    …Just to add, Vanessa is a great presenter, but Laura has got a bit more of a smile to her. Vanessa is smiling a bit more, but I prefer Laura.

    It’s just it seems a rarity seeing an ITV West presenter on now (excluding “The West Country Today”). They’ve had Bob Cruwys on all this week! lol

    I agree with you on that too Brenda. I think they’re just doing it to cover up the whole change half way through. Because they put the “Coming Up” on now so they feel that it’s still local because the bridges are still in the background – and like when they do a “reminder of the main headline(s)”, they then change the background picture to that map of the South West. It’s as if they’re trying to hide the bit where it goes “National” for the whole region lol.

    That background is an improvement to the other one, but I think it’s too yellow. If they had a background of Durdle Door in Dorset I wouldn’t mind (since the ITV West/ITV Westcountry regions covered parts of Dorset before the merger). lol.

  • marc

    Maybe Steve was on holiday this week so hope he is back on monday, i dont like that map at 6.15 it looks bloody awful i prefered the greenyblue background. And i hope to hear some news about Lisa soon as its not far off til its march.

  • Tim

    I think venessa, is comming out of her shell, it must be hard to take a main presenting job like that when you know the program it complete utter trash and people are gonna judge you… so i thinks shes riding the waves well, as for laura i do like her too, so i think thoses to and steve will do ok, but bob gets on my nerves he seems like he thinks hes landed the best thing ever… oh welll

    but the format of the programme nees to be pulled apart and revamped ….

    and i saw Simon on Spotlight… spotlight must be doing well if they are taking on new presenters …. LOL

    as for Aziz i cant wait for it all to exploded and her to look soo stuipd,
    i mean agaiunm… they have bob on the weather and is it peter on gmtv, i mean they are no spring chickens on tWCT so that 1 of her claims out the windom, Sexium… they ahve several femail presenters LOL, and as for racium… they have alex, who also presents the National weather…. so another of her claims out the window,

    and she hasnt denyed that she was messed up on her expences… a
    d she wants a whopping ?5 Million, be causes shes a hasbeen TVAM news reader and a Hasbeen SKY presenter… and now a hasbeen TWCT presenter haha…. i hope he gets laughed out of court and fined ?5 million for causing trouble , shes friend with gordon brown… whoopie whooo who gives a crap… is that where she kearnt her skills from fiddleing her expensice she say the PM was at it so she though she was able to do it

    sorry lisa you better get sued to beeing a cleaner or sum scummy job like that… as after it goes to court no one in the media will want you youl just be a trouble maker
    Lisa scandal roublemaker Aziz

    anyways i must stop ranting on about the soured old trout as i know the West liked her strange presenting skills ….

  • Tim

    grrr sorry crappy spelling – sunday morning hangover LOL oh well…
    better have another beer as they say hair of the dog an all that … or maybe not lol

  • ITV West Viewer

    I still think there are more ITV Westcountry presenters on that programme though… at the moment, the only ITV West presenters are; Laura Sullivan, Peter Rowell (, Ellie Barker) & Steve Scott! Where did they all go?! lol… ITV Westcountry have; Jonathan Gibson, Seth Conway, (Claire Manning), Bob Cruwys, Mark Tyler – thought he left, but he was on the other weekend, Vanessa Cuddeford, the one who presents sometimes on weekends & Ducan Sleightholme.

    As for Lisa Aziz… well, whatever happens I don’t think she’s coming back :( – She’s been “on leave” for more than 6 months, she’s putting all these allegations out about ITV West, she wants to fine ITV for ?5 million, and ITV have commented on her case because apparently it’s “baseless”. One more thing though… she said Steve takes the mick out of other ITV West colleagues… I bet she laughed though. She was always laughing at his jokes!! lol. But, something must have happened for her to go on leave – apparently she loved that job! (bless her).

    Vanessa Cuddeford… I spose I’m getting a bit more used to her, but I still preferred Claire & Ellie, and I prefer when Laura presents. Just one thing I thought was a bit stupid was when Steve was on about letting his puppy out in the early hours (to do its business), she said “why’s that?” – I think that’s the only time she has made me laugh (so far) because it was blatantly obvious why!! lol

    Bob Cruwys… he seems like a nice person and I don’t mind him when he presents, but I do prefer Steve.

    If they want 1 West, 1 Westcountry presenter… if she returns, they should have Claire Manning & Steve Scott on there all the time. Then maybe on a Friday (since thats when its all change lol), Laura Sullivan & Bob Cruwys.

    I just hope from next week, they have the format of it back to normal – like the summary of the headlines at nearly 18:15, then a “Coming Up…” it seems stupid when they have it at about 18:10. I wonder if they do it then to make it feel a bit more local because doing it that way, they wont make it obvious that the merger comes in at 18:15? lol. But, I do prefer it how it was.

    Everyone on that programme do seem nice though.

    Haha… look at the ITV West/Westcountry News Support Co-ordinators’ Facebook group…

    ITV West/Westcountry News Support Co-ordinators had a brilliant night last night. lots of karaoke, drinking, dancing, lunging, stretching and of course – the conga.
    Yesterday at 12:21 ? View feedback (4)Hide feedback (4)
    2 people like this.

    Ken Goodwin
    They’ll all still have headaches on monday….
    Yesterday at 14:47 ? Report

    ITV West/Westcountry News Support Co-ordinators
    Yesterday at 14:54 ? Report

    Also… I heard on BBC Points West when they were on about the Digital Switchover (for the West region), that when everyone re-tunes, BBC1 West could be replaced with BBC1 South West – Spotlight!! haaa – I hope not – I hear enough about Devon & Cornwall. Or… it could be replaced with BBC1 Wales. I wonder if ITV West could be replaced by ITV Westcountry or ITV Wales?? lol… – they never said about that!!

  • ITV West Viewer

    One more thing… although they have the same “Braces Bread” sponsor… we get “ITV West regional weather…” and the Westcountry probably gets “ITV Westcountry regional weather…”.

  • Bring back “The West Tonight”

    they should bring back jed pitman!! he was an absolute itv west legend!!

    Coming Soon to ITV1…
    — ———————————————————————————————
    England Tonight – A regional news programme for England, presented
    by ITV West’s Steve Scott & ITV London’s Katie Durham, the programme
    will have the very latest news which matters to England, including a
    regional weather forecast from your part of the country.
    Don’t miss it. ITV 1 – The Brighter Side.

  • Our new regions…

    Coming Soon to ITV1?
    England Tonight ? A new national news programme for England, presented
    by ITV West?s Steve Scott & ITV London?s Katie Durham, the programme

  • Derek

    Re Dani

    I agree with him regarding the cover of actual local news. We are deprived of cover in West Somerset Nearly every evening buleitin begegins wtih items from Wiltshire or Gloucestershire.

    Come on ‘LOCAL NEWS’ give us a break there is civilisation here in West Somerset

  • marc

    Thank god Steve is back tonight

  • marc

    Wat the hell is Kate reeves doin

  • Tim

    at bloody last!!!! time Kate reeves was on the main programme… as u said marc good to see steve back and nice to see they had kate doing the weather!!!

  • marc

    was a bit baffled to see her doing a report lol

  • ITV West Viewer

    Rupert Evelyn has returned!!!!!!! (He used to report on “The West Tonight” for those who don’t remember lol).

  • ITV West Viewer

    …as for the “Coming Up…” at 18:10, it actually kinda worked alright tonight?! Not sure why?! At least Steve Scott has returned – An absolute legend!! Just hope Claire Manning returns soon!! :)

    So, they’ve brought Rupert Evelyn back… I hope they bring back Jed Pitman next!! :)

  • marc

    Yes was good to see Rupert he has been reporting for ITV News so still seen him now and then

  • Steph

    Kate Reeves was just on Tonight’s program because Alex Beresford was on duty for the national weather and someone always got to be on weather duty back in the studio so Bob couldn’t go down to Exeter airport, I don’t think you will be seeing her weather forcast pressence on the west country tonight again.

  • Sarah

    I can confirm that Kate Reeves weather forecast on the west country tonight last night was very much a one off as know one else was able to cover the story at Exeter Airport.

  • Brenda

    Anyone noticed they’ve taken Lisa Aziz picture and profile away from the west country tonight’s website and Steve is now pictured on his own.

    Vanessa Cuddeford is on a temporary contract so expect someone new to replace Aziz, it could be a freelance presenter from London Tonight.

  • HTV Fan

    But, oddly, Simon Clemison’s profile’s still on there.

  • marc

    Poor Lisa, stupid ITV, damn Kate Reeves again im sure they think its silly Westcountry News

  • marc

    Check out the telegraph website now there is news of Lisa :(

  • ITV West Viewer


    Vanessa is on a temporary contract? How do you know this?! – I was just about starting to like her!!

  • ITV West Viewer

    Just to add…

    I’m glad Lisa has dropped all the allegations. I think she has now dealt with this well, and that was the best way to do it. I didn’t really want her to leave, but I spose it was for the best maybe? I noticed her picture was taken down earlier. I wonder who will be the permanent replacement? I really wouldn’t mind if it’s Ellie Barker/Claire Manning!! :) I know Lisa made all these allegations, and she probably got rid of them as she felt guilty, but I’m starting to feel a bit sorry for her for some reason. Whatever people say about her, she was a great news presenter. I hope she does go onto do a lot more in the future!

    I will still continue to watch “The West Country Tonight” – and if it ever returns, “The West Tonight” (I’m confident it will!!) even if Lisa has left :(. As for having Westcountry presenters on there, I really don’t mind. But yep, I prefer the original ITV West presenters/reporters as they seem to have the most amount of laughter. Although… Claire/Vanessa seemed quite happy tonight!! lol.

    Deeeee doo dee doo dumm… dee doo deeee doo… The final countdown… deee doo, deeee dum dee dooo… – Ahhhh! ITV, you’ve made that song get stuck in my head!!! ahh lol.

  • marc

    I really didnt want Lisa to go either, Ellie should be main presenter when shes back from maternity leave she could come back early and Robert Murphy take time off to look after the baby lol

  • ITV West Viewer

    I think Ellie should get all the time off she needs if she could have a big role coming up!! :)

  • ITV West Viewer

    This is a bit mean…

    Apparently the “ITV West/Westcountry News Support Co-Ordinators” are “very happy today”. (Search for “ITV Westcountry” on facebook) …the same day a statement about Lisa Aziz leaving for good was read out in the ITV West Newsroom :(.

    It could be something entirely different, but it’s funny how they wrote it on the day Lisa officially left. I feel a bit sorry for her really… :(

  • marc

    Yes i seen that and wondered why they were happy

  • marc

    RTS awards tonight

  • HTV Fan

    “Vanessa seemed quite happy tonight!!”

    Maybe they’d just offered her a permanent contract?

    But, whoever replaces Lisa, at least this business with her has been resolved now and we can move on from it.

  • Tim

    awww itv west viewer…. sorry to hear that

    they must of thought the same about lisa as i did haha

    shes gone to be a cleaner in some tower block in teh centre of bristol, feel sorry for that mop and bucket though PMSL

  • marc

    she aint gonna be no cleaner

  • ITV West Viewer

    @HTV Fan
    Do you work at ITV West? You seem to write the most seriously on here! lol.

    Well… It was obvious she wasn’t going to return :( – and since she isn’t, the next person they should have on their “Bring back list” is Jed Pitman!!!! :D – he wa

  • Brenda

    It’s very likely soon who itv will chose as Aziz replacement, as they did for when the west country tonight started all presenters will be able to apply for her position like the presenters who were made redundant in other regions across the country including west country and Vanessa will be able to apply for the job as well.

    No Steve tonight at the Rts awards in the capital.

  • HTV Fan

    Well, they didn’t win, anyway.

  • Tim

    did you really think they would win come on??…. The West isn’t Best is it :-P

    anyway way for Aziz lets put it to bed as shes gone and its all over, im sure since she has some how wised up to thinking that demading ?5 million wasnt one of her cleverest things shes ever done, maybe some day she will appear on a tv screen near you… :-)

    as for the replacement for her, i think it should be a Westcoutry presenter (Jemma Woodman, Alexis Bowater, Clare Manning) then they will have steve scott an ITV West and then a female Westcountry presenter, then its 50/50
    but who knowswhat ITV think they might just let some random person present because they worked on Price Drop TV.(bargin) so everyones bound to know them and im sure they come cheap on the wages front too….(Double bargin)

    who knows… this is a chance for ITV west/westcountry… to sort things out properly…. whether they will or not remains to be seen

  • ITV West Viewer

    I agree with you! I think it should either be Alexis Bowater or Claire Manning. I know Alexis hasn’t ever presented, but on clips of “Westcountry Live” I’ve watched, she seemed like a nice person!

  • ITV West Viewer


    …also, on a Friday, maybe then they could have Ellie Barker/Laura Sullivan & Bob Cruwys presenting?

    Has anyone on here rang ITV West on a Sunday? because there is a automated thingy saying “Press 1, Press 2… etc” and I’m sure the

  • Tim

    yeah i think on Friday if Steve is off and they replace him with an ITV Westcountry male presenter then they should replace the female with an ITV West, like Ellie or Laura
    it just keeps it even,

    I was up at a stupid time this morning so i watched GMTV
    well i so sooo wound up… all the stories again were ITV West(east) one story they threw in for the Westcountry or West (West) was about the Alice in wonderland film coz it was filmed here
    they really need to work on even out the stories for both sides… i know because they are based in Bristol but that doesn’t give any excuse, they now have to cover a bigger region and that ,means Devon and Cornwall get the same amount of News as the West (east) Viewers, thats my only really main grumble at the moment that they don’t make the stories even and during weekends and Lunch times when they do the merged blurr news
    some times the Westcountry West (west) get completely missed out in favor for Brisol news, and they will throw in a sports story for Devon or Cornwall and they well they had something , or they throw in a Somerset Story… which is about Western Super Mare which i think ITV West Covered???
    So that’s what the really need to work on now….

    so they need to get the right presenter and get the right mix of news stories….. anyone from Westcountry Tonight read this???

    I’m in Bristol tomorrow for the weekend so i will get to see the West Country Tonight East version… pretty much the same… apart from the first 12 minutes :-( rewind the clock back 13 months and would of been a completely didn’t altogether which i might of been more excited as tuning into too see what the program was like…. but i know what’s its like as we get the same program :-(

    oh by the way, if you have already then join the face book group, see if we can get some ideas flowing on there as well as the group seems quiet though we have 103 people which is more than the ITV West/westcountry supporters fan page LOL

    oh well happy Thursdays :-)

  • marc

    Is it any wonder we didnt win at the RTS, pehaps if they realised The West Country Tonight isn’t going to work bring back The West Tonight with Lisa and Steve and all the reporters/presenters etc then we might win next year.
    They seriously need to consider bringing back Jed Pitman too.
    I would like to wish Lisa luck for the future and hope we will see her back on our screens in the future and with a company who aint gonna treat her like ITV did.

  • Brenda

    Vanessa Cuddeford is covering Ellie Barker position as Bristol reporter so when Aziz replacement starts she’ll be reporting unless she get’s Aziz position although lots of former presenters who were made redundant from itv regional news will be applying for the role so i think she’ll lose out on that.

    Steve must have been annoyed at the Rts awards wasted journey to London and losing out on a nights pay!!!

  • ITV West Viewer

    Go past the ITV West building too on your visit here! lol. It’s filmed on the main Bath Road in Brislington. It’s opposite Burger King (lol), and near the “Paintworks” where Deal Or No Deal is filmed.

    Also… you say about all the ITV West/East sto

  • Steph

    Tonights program what a sham!!!

    Ten minutes into the program they tell us whats coming up this is far from good 15 minutes non stop local news was promised more than a year ago and i remember Liz whats name saying viewers won’t notice the change a modern 21st century news, how wrong was she!!!

    Its the program thats been making the press instead of bringing us news stories!!!

  • The insider

    Aziz is gone just as I have always said she would,

    I can be sure she would have been paid a large sum though hence the total withdrawing of allegations and grovelling apologies to management, blaming it on herself and how wonderful everyone was etc etc. – not exactly what she was saying a couple of months back. I take it she doesnt feel like commiting suicide now and has left the priory and is now back to her old self – (sorry was that ageist ?)

    She won’t be able to say anything about it now as the payout would be made to shut her up and prevent a battle in court and the unwelcome bad publicity for ITV who are struggling.

    Shame I was looking forward to that !!

  • The insider

    Also see Scotts sueing The Daily Mail for an estimated 5 million over the allegations made by Aziz that he was racist by doing impressions of Trevor MacDonald. If he had done an impression of a white presenter can that also be classed as racist ??

    Good job this culture of claims wasnt around when Mike Yarwood had his tv show

  • Scott

    …just came across this website… I like the programme (I know after 18:15 it all goes a bit boring and less regional), but i like the presenters!! lol

    i’m 16. would love to work for itv west one day!! :D

  • Tim

    well just coming back from bristol and watching the (east) version, as being in bristol the whole program felt as if it was for the bristol viewers it was werid with the different bridge, drove under the bridge not that impressive is it… and that bit of tunnel for no reason, oh well asfor TWCT there was one story that related to westcountry patch after the 6.15 , but the rest of it was for the brisol east viewers and flowed much better than what we in the westcountry get, our versonseems wrong….well we get ur news rather than ours and Somerset seems to get covered very well, …

    its really annoying that they can not manage to even out the stories and yes i know the first 15 mins was gonnabeb bristol based but the last 15 minutes there was naff all to do with us down in devon or cornwall…

    as watching pionts west… not as good as spotlight… their studio seems really odd and not as big as spotlights but again their program flowed much better than TWCT

  • Helen

    Just returned to Cornwall after a couple of weeks working at primark distribution centre in Reading and heard the news of Lady Aziz, well we all knew she had no intention of returning so I wasn’t at all surprised.

    Vanessa Cuddeford I believe is relief pressenter until a permanent pressenter is found, my thoughts on who will be stepping into main pressenter for the program is either Nina hossain or Romilly Weeks both freelance pressenters for itv news and London Tonight.

  • ITV West Viewer


    The Clifton Suspension Bridge not that impressive?! You try building/designing one then! I’ll tell ya now… it looks a lot better than that ugly Tamar Bridge you lot have down in nowheresville!!

    ITV West must think it’s a lot better too because wh

  • ITV West Viewer

    Just watching “The West Country Tonight” at the moment…

    – Why do they still have a night version of the Clifton Suspension Bridge? It’s getting light out there now!! I’m sure they had one on before where it looked dark, but still had a bit of light in the background, with the lights on, on the bridge! – I’d like them to use that one more!! – It’d feel more like Spring rather than some depressing Winter.

    – Also… just noticed they have their website on the bottom left of the screen – “” – I swear it’s actually “” !! lol

  • HTV Fan

    “Vanessa Cuddeford I believe is relief pressenter until a permanent pressenter is found, my thoughts on who will be stepping into main pressenter for the program is either Nina hossain or Romilly Weeks both freelance pressenters for itv news and London Tonight.”

    I think Vanessa is most likely to get the job. I hope she does, anyway. She’s fab.

    The only other possibilities I can see are Lisa Knights and Shelley Roberts.

    Oh, and well done to the ITV West team for bagging a few awards at the RTS Awards in Bristol last Friday.

  • Tim

    thats the trouble the this merger is that bristol and the east of the region is soo very different from devon and cornwall, we have different intrests and different ideas and TWCT doesnt work, they are trying but the news for devon and cornwall gets missed off while bristol bath, wilshire get the 6,15 onwards fill in they may throw a devon and cornwall story in but we will see what happens tonight …

    as for the weather that was werid that they said ITV West and not West Country so i dont know why they dont just do two seperate versions if they can do two voice overs for the different weather i mean i guess they do the lives feed to bob out side but they can go live to bob for a chat out side then they do the weather graphic thing and then do 2 recorded versions

  • Tim

    im just saying it was werid the bridge….

    as for the program and the merger it doesnt work being in bristol it was soo very different from us here in devon and cornwall… and where we staied they didnt have sky or digital tv so was werid to go back to 5 channels….

    wonder how many devon and cornwall stories woill get after 6.15 tonight????

  • Tim

    surprise surprise… no devon ior cornwall stories after 6.15, bristol bristol, bloody bristol….. no offence but theres more to the westcountry than just bristol!

    and see they had added the websites bacon on the DOG and then the waffle at the end to fill in time, we have to go we really have to go now. bla bla bla

  • ITV West Viewer


    Aren’t you the one who said that you would prefer it if it was LIVE for 30 minutes, and you’d rather hear news from Bristol and Plymouth?! lol…

  • ITV West Viewer

    Also… it actually felt like “The West Tonight” tonight!! :D

    – First 15 minutes full of ITV West region news, and a “Coming Up” just after the recap of headlines but still in the local opt (which I think worked really well).

    – Sports News – ITV West region sports news only – no mention on the Plymouth Arrrrrgyle :D.

    – Richard Payne reporting (who is an ITV West reporter) about childrens outfits.

    – and… Alex Beresford in the lovely city of BRISTOL with the weather LIVE.

    – and… Vanessa has started smiling more !! :D woo. I had to laugh when they went back onto the presenters when they were trying to hide their awards under the desk (and Vanessa was seen smiling and placing it under!! lol).

    I love that programme.

    If anyone from ITV West does read this… here’s something to be proud of… you camera angles on reports are a lot better than on “Points West”, and… in a Points West report tonight, they had the camera out of focus.

    Everyone moans about this programme – and yes, it is probably the biggest region now, but, we’ve gotta be the luckiest. Like we’ve got some great presenters (most get awards, and 2 of them broadcast nationally – Steve Scott & Alex Beresford – so when they’re presenting, we know we’re in safe hands lol). and… I bet this programme is the only ITV Regional programme (excl. London Tonight, Wales Tonight, STV & UTV) that has done a full 30 minutes for each part of the region in their programme specials.

  • marc

    So they did win some awards after all, well done :)

  • Tim

    ITV West Viewer,

    I wouldnt mind 30 mins of 1 full live program with AN EVEN MIX OF DEVON & CORNWALL STORIES AND ITV WEST STORIES, (that would be simple and fair and even to both sides)

    last nights edition the first part was rushed devon & cornwall news, they keep messing about with the comming up next bit moving it about, then we got sport, then BRISTOL stories and BRISTOL in the Weather and then steve scott talking jibberish filling time untill they cut to the national news, so for you i bet it was a great program as you would of had a full of BRISTOL based show to night, again we in devon and cornwall got a complete hash of rubbish last night , not even any decent news in the first 15 minutes, Spotlight had picked up on better top stories for their programme and Simon Clemison was on too,

    If they kept each programme EVEN for both sides of this huge region, EVERY NIGHT then it would be ok, but they are not and they are keeping it to the WEST or (east) and DEVON and CORNWALL viewers are not getting any decent News from ITV! SIMPLE!!

    but untill you get anights or a weeks worth of Devon and Cornwall news on TWCT then we will see you moaning about it untill then as long as you get ur east news on then your all happy and love the programme !….

    We might as well just get 15 minutes each night for Devon and cornwall news and to behonest of the last 15 minutes it might as well be a blank screen or the national news, because TWCT after 6.15 has nothing for us in devon or cornwall or rarely they will doo….
    and to be honest im gettinmg feb up with it, and the fact the are based in bristol has nothing to do with it… the idea they mergered was to save money but they could give BOTH regions the SAME quality of news… they have salite trucks and new software to of made this merger managbele, if you remember the stupid video on the website a few saying how regional news was to be better with teh NEW state of the art satilite rubbish… a reporter can be on location do a report and sent it back to the studio for tansmision!

    so TWCT should have no excuse to leave devon and cornwall off the map its just pure lazyness!! and it winds me up – pure and simple

    as for vanessa i thinks shes comming out of her shell and shes has livened up and her and steve seem to be getting on which is nice but thats not much when shes reading bristol stuff,and we get sod all ,

    and they won RTS award in bristol…. and what were they up against? points west? whoopie not really much compition is it, seeing as they were awarded for an award in the national nominations the week before … and um… didnt win!, but hey congrats for bristol news who won an bristol award!! :-(

  • ITV West Viewer

    Oh yeh… Points West never won an award did they? lol…

  • ITV West Viewer


    Also, stop moaning please lol. You’ve said again and again they should even the news out (which I spose I agree with because if it was based in Plymouth, I wouldn’t be too happy with Devon & Cornwall news all the time).

    Tonight I noticed they

  • Jimmy

    Tonight’s program was utter rubbish the report on the winter olympian coming home they could have saved to the end of the program as it’s more of a national story and is not relevant for the top story, also Penny Sylvester is a reporter of meridian tonight and the same report was played on there program, itv west could off got one of there team to cover that story instead of meridian doing the job, and then of the rubbish about nose research by scientists in Bath a boring story not at all relevant for a news story infact the only interesting story was on the severn bore.

    I had to watch Points West as well tonight because i felt that i didn’t hear any relevant news from the west country tonight.

  • Tim

    last night programme was tripe and glad its not just the Westcountry version that gets rubbish news stories, in our 15 minute bit they had a story about lunday island, and they couldn’t help themselves but say Bristol channel….. GRRRRR there was no need to mention Bristol in it..

    then as for after 6.15…talk about a stupid report, with jonathan Gibson… on junk mail… its not a new story its an old one, thats been going around since junk mail started back in 2000… who’s bright idea was it, oh we got some spare cash we will send a reporter to Cornwall, Cheltenham, North Devon, oh then just for the hell of it we will send him to Germany on a wasted trip because he didnt get any info johnathan Gibson is normally a good reporter but last night report was a waste of time and money and waste of air time :-(sorry the point of that was because TWCT dont have any clever ideas????
    then the weather and dribble on about the Severn Bore really exciting stuff but it had been covered by the national news, its no where near where i live…so why did i want to hear about it on TWCT..i didnt…. no offence but that would of been more relevant before the 6.15 so the people that were interested in the severn bore

    ITV West Viewer… i dont know why your sucking up to TWCT because it is complete dribble!
    12 months on and they are being lazy… and now as Jimmy says you get Meridian reporters to do your news stories…. who knows when you go digital… maybe you will get Meridian News and BBC Wales…. haha that will teach you and then when you get news that has nothing to do with where you live… then you will understand why we down here get soo angry, and im not moaning for the sake of it ITV West Viewer, im just fed up of watching something that is supposed to be LOCAL NEWS which doesn’t cover anything much where i live …

    Roll on when you lot in the east, dont get a weeks worth of stories that are not relevant to you lot, and you will all be in uproar…. trust me you will understand my frustration !

  • Brenda

    I noticed that Penny Sylvester was from another region as she made a slight mistake at the end of her report she even gave me an idea as a better name for the program, at the end of her report instead of Penny Sylvester for the west country tonight she pronounced it as Penny Sylvester for Westcountry Tonight.

    Yes I agree with everyone else last nights porgram was too many boring and not relevant stories for Westcountry news.

    I wounder if Harry Hill would be interested in watching the program he could count the dozens of times the word The West Country Tonight is mentioned on the program!!!

  • HTV Fan

    Using reports from other regions is nothing new. Some ITV West reports have been shown as far afield as the Granada region in the past.

  • marc

    Duncan Sleightholme did reports for ITV West before the merger

  • Tim

    and before the Granada and carlton merger, Westcountry televions voice overs came from HTV Wales….. :-O

  • ITV West Viewer

    I just like the programme.

    Enough said. – I try and watch Points West as well, but tonight, there were quite a few mistakes on Points West – I don’t think there was any on The West Country Tonight!!

  • Brenda

    I couldn’t hear a word of last nights weather forecast Alex was live from the winter olympian party from Bath, a total unrelevant place for a weather forecast and i’m sure everyone else was very annoyed with such a noisy location to do a weather forecast.

  • marc

    Congratulations to Ellie baker and Rob Murphy

  • ITV West Viewer


    Stop moaning. Go and watch Points West/Spotlight then.

  • ITV West Viewer

    Oh yep!! Congratulations to Ellie Barker & Robert Murphy!!

    It’d be a bit freaky if Vanessa was the next to go on maternity leave!! I am starting to like her and how she presents now. – Maybe it’s just I wasn’t used to her before?

    But she seems like shes fun and can have a good laugh which is a great thing!! :).

    One thing you’ve gotta laugh at… BBC Points West only airs for around 27 minutes, and The West Country Tonight seems to air for the full half hour!! You’ve gotta credit them there! lol.

  • HTV Fan

    Vanessa should be safe. They’ve had that seat reupholstered recently.

  • ITV West Viewer

    @HTV Fan


  • ITV West Viewer

    One more thing to add to my last comment.

    I rate the programme 9/10. It’ll get a 10/10 when they bring back Jed Pitman – absolute legend!! I know they’ve gotta get a good ratio between West & Westcountry presenters/reporters… but since Simon Clemison has left from presenting… why don’t they put Jed Pitman in his place? (so he presents on a Friday as well).

  • Tim

    i think Vanessa has come right out of her shell, the last couple of weeks shes been joking about even prompting jokes for Steve, ever since she knew the old wicked witch of the west was not coming back shes really come into her own?! maybe now the job is open for the taking so shes showing how she can do a really good job and make the viewers warm to her as for the seat joke, well there were 3 female presenters before Vanessa, 1 didn’t get preggers…. she just fiddled and made up lies to make her feel important instead :-P

    as for the West country tonight doing the full 30 mins, and BBC not, well i think if you took out all the graphic stings on TWCT, the “Go live to London for the ITV News Hour” – why do they do that?
    and the waffle the through in on the westcountry tonight, i think you’l find they run for about the same time, also weds Night TWCT finished a lot earlier as when i switched over to BBC Spotlight they were still doing then BBC national weather for a coup;le of minutes… and on the TV menu the time was 6.26pm!

    another thing which made me think was that Spotlights head story was that some Author has written a book about Vanessa George from Plymouth, and seeing as TWCT did a full 30 minute special on Vanessa George last year, TWCT completely ignored it? not even in teh up close?

    alos the first report for the Westcountry Verson, was done on a cheap hand held video recorder, and the images were poor, and the reporter was on here own, but there you goo

    and anyone notice the poor editing for the report with Kathy Wilshire, with teh owls, it was just we got some film throw it togther,het cathy to talk abit and there we go not even a Kathy wilshire for TWCT lol

    if i have to rate TWCT id give it a 4/5

    some nights they can do a good job and other nights they do a bad job, tonight they put westcountry stories in all the way through… even Bob down in Paignton, the only bad thing was they were on the side of the pier where the boy racers park up , and as you herd one of them decided to start their car and rev off in the middle of the weather report, if they had been on the other side of the pier would of been quieter…

    but if they work on getting the right mix of news storys each night every night, i don’t like it how for half the week it will be all bristol , then 2 nights of the week it will be Westcountry… they just need to work it that each night after 6,15 they have 1 West and 1 Westcountry and alternate locations with the weather,

    but who knows maybe they will work it out, and maybe they will make me like them more, i dont want to dislike it, but as i’ve said before i just get frustrated when we get endless stuff from the other side of the region and nothing much from where we are!

    anyway its FRIDAY Morning people soon be the weekend :-P

  • Tim

    oops for the rating of TWCT I meant 4/10 not 4/5 its eary 6.30 am…. in twelve hours time fridays TWCT will have finished :-P

  • Marc

    Who was the female presenter this morning during GMTV?

  • HTV Fan

    Raj Shukla.

  • ITV West Viewer


    You meant 4/5 really didn’t you…

  • ITV West Viewer

    Also… what I like about the programme, is you can tell ITV are bothering (like with Bob in Paignton and tonight, Kate was in Cornwall covering a story and doing the weather).

    Whenever I switch to the BBC, it always feels as if they have an attitude “we are the best” – yep, sometimes I would rather watch the BBC, but because they’ve been around the longest, it doesn’t necessarily mean that are best. If we never had to pay a TV License for the BBC, i’m sure they wouldn’t have that attitude.

    As for the graphics taking up time… they’re only on for a few seconds. On BBC One, it always feels as if Points West ends quick so “The One Show” can start a few minutes early. Tim, as for the “waffle” do you mean when they talk and have a bit of a laugh? – I hope not!! That’s what keeps me watching! lol.

    As for Vanessa, I 100% like her as a presenter now – if she always has the same personality as she does now, because she can do serious and fun (so can Steve) which is a good thing. I kinda hope she stays on there really, but I spose it’s all down to whose picture they put up next to Steve on their website… lol.

    As for the after 6:15, yep they should vary the news stories and not just from one region – but I spose it depends on what news they hear about because they aren’t always going to be able to have 1 West, 1 Westcountry. It has been all Westcountry at times! Also, something I noticed tonight… Seth Conway’s report was actually edited decantly!! Whether the reporters edit it themselves, I don’t know, but his always seems to have louder music (when he adds music) so it’s a bit trickly to hear what he says – but that never happened tonight – probably because he never had any music in there lol.

    Anyway, after 18:15, it was all Westcountry reports wasn’t it? – They had Seth’s report on those seals, then a short clip of Bob Constantine saying about the Election (which is for the West & Westcountry), and then the weather with Kate (in Cornwall).

    As for them having the what’s coming up on the ITV News… well, when the BBC’s News starts, they have a whats to come on the regional news! lol.

  • Marc

    Never seen her before

  • Tim

    nope i did mean 4/10 it has improved coz i was 2/10 a few weeks ago, so they are improving :-) still a few things they have to do for me to give it a decent rating

    fair point ITV West viewer, talking about bad editing, and different volumes, do you ever find the Braces bread advert is much louder, weds night i think it was it made me jump, as it was much louder than the rest of the programme with that hashy music they use and then the saying “Braces Bread, Enough Said” which i don’t get apart from it rhymes, its like saying, “The West Country Tonight, lets go on a Hike” but hey lol im sure someone was paid lots of money for that braces Slogan lol

    some of the talk on TWCT is good but sometimes, you can tell at the end, they are filling time as one night steve, said Right its time for us to go, no its really is time of us to go, really it is… and Vanessa was smiling and then she said see you tomorrow and Steve said and il see you after the late news, we really have to go now bye …. lol

    it was funny :-D

    as for last nights yeah, it was all westcountry, the seal report, but did you notice they again threw in the Bristol channel, well all they had to say was off the North Devon Coast, the did the same on the report about Lunday Island, saying it was in the Bristol channel, to be honest its might be, but ive always know it off the North Devon Coast….

    but after 6.15 its all pre recorder random reports, so they shouldn’t have any problems with doing one for each side, and the other night they did try and even it out, as they had breaking news for the Westcountry then Vanessa came up with breaking news for the East… so when they try they can do it…. and i think that’s what is annoying, because they have shown they can do it, they just don’t that often…

    as for vanessa, she has a real spark the same spark as the other Female Westcountry Live presenters, Alexis Bowater, Gemma Woodman, Claire Manning, all 3 of they have that same happy go lucky feel, When Vanessa forst appeared on TWCT i thought oh no, its a younger Lisa Aziz attitude presenter, and she tried to be stern not smile, but now, shes just Vanessa and its work, her and Steve are a really good mix, and Laura and Duncan seem to go well as well,

    it was also nice to See Kate Reeves as well so hopefully she will appear some more, and her report from Cornwall was good, about St Pirans Day

    they just gotta keep trying, and im sure now with all the hassles and uncertainty with whatsit, they can move on :-)

  • ITV West Viewer

    I hope they never make the programme less jokey. The other night I actually laughed because Vanessa told a joke – something about Steve when he used to use a quill when he started off as a journalist lol – it’s how she said it.

    Also… their relationship on screen seems quite good together. On Points West when Alex Lovell & Chris Vacher present, it seems as if they want the programme to be over sometimes. Once he accidently said what she was meant to say and her face looked like she was about to shout at him! lol. She seems to present better with David Garmston, but on Points West, Chris Vacher seems to present a lot better with someone like Ali Vowes or Imogen Sellers. lol.

    But, Vanessa & Steve seem great at presenting together. I hope she doesn’t leave!! lol.

  • ITV West Viewer

    One more thing… just noticed on facebook there is a Vanessa Cuddeford Fan Club. On the little description bit on the side, it says “Vanessa is the new co-host on ITV West Regional News programme, The West Country Tonight. Vanessa joined ITV West in January 2010 as cover for regular co-host Lisa Aziz who is on maternity leave.” – LOL, I didn’t think Lisa was pregnant… !!

    On the ITV West website, they’ve now deleted Simon Clemison’s profile thingy. I hope they put Vanessa’s on there!! – and her picture on the top banner bit!! :D But… if Vanessa isn’t going to be Lisa’s replacement (as some people have said on here), then who is…? I can’t imagine it being an ITV West presenter because they’ve already got Steve.

    Also… one quick question.. do you think the ITV Westcountry presenters now live in Bristol or an area close to the studio? Because surely they’re not going to drive all the way to Bristol each day!! Like they said Bob Cruwys lives in Devon… surely he doesn’t drive all that way each day does he?!

  • Tim

    well Vanessa comes up by train….. Bob lives in Tiverton… which is close to teh M5, its only an Hour and a bits drive from Exeter as i found out last week, i bet they get travel expenises…. they just gotta be careful..

    lol as for Aziz being preggers… thats a funny one…. maybe thats what was wrong with her she was preggers coz if u think about it she was off screen for 9 months before it was announced she wouldnt come back PMSL

  • Tim

    ITV West Viewer,
    i’ve just realised why you are sucking up to TWCT the last few weeks and thinking its the best thing since…. Marmite Cornish pasties … coz on the co supporters facebook page for ITV West/Westcountry and one of their status is they come across this website…. it all makes sense why your licking their backsides now … wondered why you were being all positive about them the last couple weeks :-D

  • HTV Fan

    Vanessa was working for ITV in London before she started presenting here. So, she’s possibly living in the Bristol area now, rather than commuting.

  • ITV West Viewer


    I can assure you now, I’m not being positive because of that. It’s just I do genuinely enjoy watching the programme more than I do with watching Points West. It’s just Steve & Vanessa seem to get on well, and they make it more watchable. I have

  • ITV West Viewer


    Also… just so you don’t think I am trying to put on a good thing for ITV West/ITV Westcountry…

    – I can’t stand those stupid report series they have – e.g. “On The Water” – yep, for some it may have been interesting, but surely… we don’t want

  • Tim

    lol OK ITV West… some times you were positive, but there was a time when you wernt going to watch it and you hated it, .. but the last few weeks you really have, been like licking their backsides maybe as u say you like how steve and vanessa get on… i do agree, Vanessa and Steve seem to be getting on well, and they seem a good team… so im not gonna knock them for that,

    Seth conway’s reports are dodgy most of the time, there was a report he did for the westcountry, about a recycling plant in north Devon that had over spent by ?1million, and the editing was awful, one minute we were up close to the guy he was talking to, then a dodgy far away shot came in the back up close to them again it looked really bad…

    as for the Up Close tome it seems a really cheap way of doing what Westcountry Live used to do which was for 5 minutes was to split 4 ways, North South East and West, and we would have even more local news which was really nice cos you got local news then u got even localer news to where u lived…. which again is another thing about TWCT i hate is that we dont even get that :-( but hey hoooooo

    as for the name, yup that defo needs to change… “South West Reports” there something completey different doest relate to The West Tonight or Westcountry Live, so no one can grumble

    also another thing that bugs me are the title pictures, as they are still from the Westcountry Live days and im sure you still ahve the West Tonight pics … and i mean they gave it the yellow make over and kept them i think its time they replaced thoses and put new ones in as they did when we had all the snow, they threw in snowy pictures… so changes those instead of the Tamar bridge maybe have the lighthouse on Plymouth hoe as a background image… and change the clifton bridge for another Bristol landmark… why do they always go for bridges?

    but i think id still rather a 30 minute live program, that was mixed of east & west Stories and then for 30 minutes it would be pure news, not stupid reports like on teh water, or about stone walling or feeding owls,

    also the weather, and i thought about this they could have one live, but instead of going either east to west or west to east, use the same zoom features they have on the GMTV national and BBC weather use , where they zoom about the map TWCT could use that on the Westcountry Map, so they could give a more local weather forecast. think that would stop the east/west thing, coz like you said ITV West Viewer the does my tits in lol and it would make the weather abit more interesting and the map moves lol …:-)

    well anyways see what tomorrow brings.. i guess

    night night

  • ITV West Viewer


    It’s just the programme has grown on me a bit more lol and Vanessa seems like a really good presenter now and she gets on well with Steve.

    Yep, the title pictures were the same on The West Tonight.

    To be honest I quite like the Clifton Suspension

  • ITV West Viewer

    Also… it’s just I like watching the programme because Steve & Vanessa do have a laugh every programme. Over on Points West, yep, they do have a laugh but everytime they do it seems to be over quickly.

    Just to say as well… I don’t think they’ve made a mistake on that programme for ages! – Except for a little one tonight – Matthias Kurth said something about “the website should be on your screens now” – it wasn’t !! lol. But then it’s on the bottom of the screen anyway (unless he meant that).

    One question to Tim/Other ITV Westcountry viewers… at the bottom of the screen, does it say “The West Country Tonight” with “” underneath? Because on ours it says “The West Country Tonight” with “” underneath. I don’t know why they didn’t actually name their websites that, because when you go to both of those links, it just comes up with a map saying what side of the region do you want etc… lol.

    As for the weather… if they can do a different Braces bread thingy… why can’t they do seperate weather forecasts like they do with the Sports news on a Monday/Friday? lol…



  • HTV Fan

    “at the bottom of the screen, does it say ?The West Country Tonight? with ? underneath?”

    Yes, it does.

  • Tim

    wouldnt it of been easier to have it as as ITV West says,
    you get taken to the map where you pick which ever side you want to look at…

  • ITV West Viewer

    Do you really think ITV West gets all these phone calls?

    – Apparently Amy Williams phoned in yesterday and wants a race with Matthias…
    – and today, they apologised for not wearing clothes the same kind of colour and that people have phoned in!! lol

    Proves people ARE watching I spose!! lol

  • ITV West Viewer


    – They get quite a few photos don’t they?! lol… Bob didn’t show mine over the Winter though :( lol. So I guess that proves people are watching! lol.

    They made it feel a bit more… like as if they were bothering tonight. Like with the different camera views of Vanessa & Steve next to the TV screen with the graphics on it! lol.

  • ITV West Viewer

    One more thing… apparently they do the pre-records of the programme as LIVE “just before transmission”.

    Well how come on the ITV West version, they had an interview with some bloke when the Big Ben clock displayed something like 10 to 4? lol. Unless it was a “We spoke to (name) earlier, and began by asking him…” (don’t think it was though).

  • ITV West Viewer

    I should really shut up now…

  • Steph

    Research i’ve done shows that the Meridian region is the largest in the country an area stretching from Wareham Dorset to Sittingbourne Kent.

    Meridian Tonight’s pressenters Fred Dinenage and Sangeeta Bhabra are a joy to watch who always put a smile on my face each day although like The West Country Tonight the stories covered can be un relevant for regional news though reporters all seem to be excellent unlike The West Country Tonight reporters who seem to be a bit on edge and drippy.

  • Tim

    think they are trying to make out that people watch, i mean they must know we do and there are over 700 comments about TWCT on this website….

    i think people will watch it then just need to make it a bit more even with the stories,

    as for meridian it will never be the same with out Debbie Thrower!

    and yes TWCT can be drippy and miserable at times, but i think they are trying to change it but not trying hard enough….. which is why it still frustrates me when i watch it…

    with all the photos they supposed to get in from viewers why cant they have them as the back drop after 6.15… would be different…. just a slow gential transition into each photo…
    i really would liek to see some new videos pic in teh titles tho… the firl on teh westcountry version pulling the funny face must have a sore face from pulling that face every night for the last 4 years

    come on TWCT put some fresh new images in the titles :-) you know you want too

    i hope when the Devon Country Show is on in MAY that Steve and Vanessa actually come to Devon and broadcast live from the show… then when the Bath and West show is on they do the same there… would make it more interesting…..

  • ITV West Viewer


    Didn’t they have a LIVE special at that Devon place with Lisa Aziz & Bob Cruwys?

  • ITV West Viewer

    I hope they come to the Bristol Balloon Fiesta again this year!!

    It wasn’t the same without their little stand thingy there! and the free ITV bag with a flag, window sticker and Apple in!! lol

  • HTV Fan

    Steve Scott’s got a new job. He’s going to be the sports editor at ITV News.

  • ITV West Viewer

    @HTV Fan

    He aint leaving The West Country Tonight is he?!

    He’s like the legendary best ever presenter on that programme!!

    Poor Vanessa…!

  • ITV West Viewer

    …Just when I thought that programme was doing alright mind…

  • HTV Fan

    “He aint leaving The West Country Tonight is he?!”

    They haven’t said yet, but it seems likely. I expect Rupert Evelyn will replace him if he does go.

  • Tim

    Morning all :-)

    like the rest of you i Hope Steve Scott doesn’t leave, as now got used to him and he witty and funny but can get a serious news story across when he has too, and now Vanessa has joined him they seem to get on well and for the first time Since TWCT they got the presenters right,

    but back to TWCT is it mew or is it this week most of the Stories are Westcountry ones? which is nice but at the same time, again its annoying, because im sure the people in the east of the west or Bristol and beyond are getting annoyed, that they not getting much news from where they are,?

    why cant TWCT just have each night an even Mix of Stories, 1 story from each side then a story that use’s both parts of the region? and the Vanessa and Steve have a a joke about …??

    im sure next week the stories will be all Bristol and east based…. come TWCT even them out each night :-)

    now something that did make me laugh was on Wednesday night, TWCT did a report about the Cornish Pasty which was an ok report and Vanessa had a pasty for Breakfast. :-P then Duncan had one for Dinner, and they made a joke about it, then when switched over to BBC Spotlight they did their spin on the story which again was good, but then they had someone bring on pasties from behind the scenes for Victoria and Justin, Victoria Grab the pasty off the plate and they were stuffing their faces with the pasties while on camera and while David was doing his weather report… i have to say it was the most funniest thing i seen for a long time,. and something you don’t expect from the BBC but it just showed that BBC Spotlight team are as down to earth as any one… well done BBC Spotlight :-)

    so TWCT now have to get Vanessa and Steve stuffing their face’s with food on camera while bob does his weather report! lol

    and still waiting to see some new images in the titles maybe next weeks they will refresh them???

  • Tim

    @ ITV West,

    i don’t know if they had a live special with Lisa and Bob they might of done ,but in the early days i refused to watch TWCT with Lisa Aziz on it as she irritated me when ever i saw her on TWCT

    The only live special i know about is when Ste

  • ITV West Viewer

    It’d be a shame if he is leaving because personally, I think he is the best male presenter on that programme! Him & Vanessa seem to get on very well on-screen, and it’s really what this programme has needed in a long time – 2 proper main presenters. Since Lisa went on leave in last June/July whenever it was, I don’t really understand why they had Claire & Ellie filling in for her – why couldn’t they have just appointed one of them as main stand-in presenter on a different contract?

    If he definitely is leaving which “HTV Fan” seems to be confident about, then I hope they get someone in who is funny. People like Duncan Sleightholme and Bob Cruwys are both good presenters, but they don’t seem to have that witty bit about them.

    I think they should replace him (if he is leaving) with an ITV West presenter (not really Peter Rowell though because his personality gets everyone awake in the mornings – in a good way lol). They should bring back Jed Pitman…

  • ITV West Viewer


    Also… I know I seem to make out that the Points West presenters aren’t as funny as the ones on The West Country Tonight, but they are…

    – Once they had some LIVE music performance somewhere in Bristol once at the end of the programme, and they

  • Brenda

    Its likely Steve will leave the program in the summer and Peter Rowell may be an option to replace him and good news if you were a west country viewer Jemma Woodman could be Aziz replacement although this has not at all been confirmed but it has been talked about.

  • Brenda

    Somebody else who also could be replacing Steve is former meridian presenter Ian Axton.

  • Tim

    well Brenda That would be good news if Jemma Woodman was a replacement as she was a good main presenter on Westcountry Live, and i think she would do well taken over on the female side, as for a male replacement for Steve, then as long as they have the wittiness as Steve, then its gotta be a good thing, i just hope that if Steve is leaving, then they find two full replacesments at the same time…. as would give the two new presenters the same time to get used to and the same for the viewers…. ?

    why dont you think they will refresh the images ITV West…. it would be nice if they did :-)

  • ITV West Viewer

    Don’t listen to Brenda though.

    She said Kate Reeves will not be on the programme again (after presenting the weather LIVE) – the day after, she was presenting the weather LIVE again.

  • ITV West Viewer

    They should get two permanent presenters. I’d love it to be Vanessa & Steve really. I wouldn’t mind Peter Rowell taking over from Steve if he is leaving, but I hope this Jemma Woodman woman doesn’t co-present it. She just seems moany. I’d rather Alexis Bowater present (I haven’t seen her on TV, but have seen a video on this website of her presenting), or someone like Claire Manning / Ellie Barker.

    Whatever they do… they should definitely have 1 West, 1 Westcountry presenter on there.

    Whatever happens though, I don’t think ther’ll be new presenters on the programme as the lead presenters role, because there are currently no vacancies to work in the South West on the ITV Jobs website! lol.


    If you want someone funny/witty and someone who can be serious present, somehow make them to bring back Jed Pitman !! lol (he was the Sports reporter/presenter and presented The West Tonight when Steve wasn’t on there).

    On this website somewhere (if you click ITV on the tabs at the top) is a video of The West Tonight with Jed (& Lisa) presenting.

  • HTV Fan

    Rupert Evelyn’s the obvious candidate to take over if Steve’s leaving. He’s not as good as Steve, of course. But then, he’s a tough act to follow.

    Rupert and Vanessa would make a pretty good team, though, I think.

  • ITV West Viewer

    Is this Rupert Evelyn presenting in this clip?

  • ITV West Viewer

    Arghhh… I want The West Tonight back on our screens.


    I noticed you said something about Devon & Cornwall news after 18:15 all last week. I noticed that too. It doesn’t get me annoyed because some stuff is quite interesting. But, I would prefer it in the Bristol area. lol.

  • Patrick

    Penny Smith is looking she would be fab for Westcountry News

  • marc

    It isnt westcountry news

  • HTV Fan

    ITV West Viewer wrote:

    Is this Rupert Evelyn presenting in this clip?

    Yeah, that’s him. He used to stand in for Steve quite regularly back in the old days.

  • ITV West Viewer


    When you said you were visiting Bristol, I remember you saying something about the tunnel under the Clifton Suspension Bridge and it being pointless.

    I found out it’s there, because when people wish to… well, you get the picture, instead of landi

  • ITV West Viewer

    I’m starting to actually prefer The West Country Tonight to Points West now…

    Vanessa yesterday was quite funny! Something about Steve being scared of they big fluffy bird things lol…

    Ahh, it’s a shame if Steve is definitely leaving the programme… just as I thought the programme was getting back to normal after about a year and a month!

  • marc

    i dont think he is leaving read this

  • UN known

    May 24 is the date when we find out who Aziz replacement is. Steve is not leaving but a new presenter filling in for Simon Clemison will also start in May as Duncan Sleightholme is unqualified to read the news.

  • ITV West Viewer

    …I think “UN known” works for ITV West…

  • ITV West Viewer

    @UN known…

    If you do work for ITV West, please tell them this…
    – Tell them to sort the cameras out – Steve Scott’s head was at the top of the screen tonight so the camera shot wasn’t that great…
    – Tell them to check their news before they broadcas

  • marc

    Duncan is perfectly capable of reading the news lol

  • ITV West Viewer

    I think ITV West should bring back Jed Pitman !!

    I noticed he was on one of their reports last week (well… from an archived interview) when they were talking about Gary Johnson leaving Bristol City.

  • ITV West Viewer

    Also… I noticed Simon Clemison was reporting for BBC Points West tonight !! BBC West & BBC South West must seem to get on well! lol. Although of course, BBC Points West is best…

    I think that they should designate 4 main newscasters on that programme – e.g. Steve Scott & Vanessa Cuddeford on Monday-Thursday and Bob Cruwys & Laura Sullivan on a Friday because it gets a bit annoying when they just seem to put any random presenter on that programme!!

  • HTV Fan

    Ian Axton it is, then. A rather controversial choice.

  • Adam

    Ian Axton has got the job??

  • Tim

    howdy folks

    not seen the TWCT for a week now as had other better things to be doing, so much happened? many cock ups, still more east to west news? as for Simon on Points West, makes me thinks maybe hes a Free lance reporter thingy.. seems to be all the rage.. i mean doesn’t he live in Southampton and he was Meridian presenter before… so i bet he works for BBC South As well!

  • ITV West Viewer

    According to (well the peeps on there), Ian Axton is Steve Scott’s “replacement”?!

    Steve Scott is leaving?!!!!! – He’s the best (male) presenter on that programme !!!!

    Just as I thought that programme was doing well mind!! :(

  • ITV West Viewer

    …Also… I wonder if Claire Manning will be returning soon?

    Arrrrgghhhh I hope Steve doesn’t leave for good though. All the good presenters seem to have gone – Jed Pitman, Lisa Aziz (well, she was a great presenter IN MY VIEW – whether people liked her or not before all these allegations) and now Steve? Noooo. TV Forum – Steve Scott’s “replacement” – I don’t think anyone could replace Steve Scott, but presenters could continue with his role.

    It’s just I like the format of ITV Regional News better than any BBC Regional News. The BBC always seems to make it feel all stuffy and pro-longing.

    On tonight’s The West Country Tonight, don’t see why on the bit before 18:15, they kept saying things like “and we’ll keep you up to date with that”, “we’ll let you know…” – well yeh, it sounds like they’re informative, but its blatantly obvious they’re gunna let us no what happens !!

  • Tim

    so how many of you in the west are having “The Welsh Problem”? LOL

    so some of you will get The Wales West Country Tonight

    i bet it wont take some dull spark from ITV so think well, over lapping signals.. well we can merge these regions further and save even more money !

    so born after the West(east) go digital the The Wales West Country Tonight … brought to you from the middle of the Bristol Channel in some boat floaing about hehe

    i’m sue it wont be that bad lol..but then again its itv… and they have decided to get rid of The Bill which i remember ITV said they would never do…so anything possible from ITV.

  • ITV West Viewer


    I live in Bristol & don’t receive “ITV Wales Tonight” nor “BBC Wales Today”.


    If I do receive it at Stage 2 of the switchover (7th April)… I will no longer be “ITV West Viewer” – I’ll be “ITV Wales Viewer” lol.

  • ITV West Viewer

    Also… they seem to be advertising their local websites as “” and “”.

    Well both are wrong. ITV West is actually and ITV Westcountry is

    I don’t see why they couldn’t just name them what they say they are !! – That map on their website is annoying !!

  • ITV West Viewer

    Dramatic Turnaround.

    I think i’m starting to watch BBC Points West more.

  • ITV West Viewer. Now to be known as “A BBC West Viewer”

    Why am I watching Points West more…?
    – Better set
    – Better news

    – The whole of the Points West team can have an on-screen laugh. Today, I had to laugh because they were on about people in the West region getting Plymouth news or news for Wales. “Well we certainly won’t want that to happen!”. and then they changed story to something about meerkats being born at Bristol Zoo. David Garmston (legend) said something like “I bet they don’t report about meerkats on Wales Today!!” LOL. Alex Lovell was left laughing.

    – You can tell the whole team like a bit of humour. For a Digital Switchover report, they had people standing in a line with signs showing different tv logos. In the middle of the line, they had Richard Angwin (weatherman) holding a sign up saying “I love Weather”, and at the end of their little demonstration, they had David Garmston poking his head out of a window with a sign saying Points West on it. HA.

    Sorry ITV. I’m off to the BBC. All ITV supplies us with is mistakes, poor news coverage/news we don’t want to hear about. The other day when they were promoting their awful website (the site was the best when it launched a few years back), Steve Scott said something like “and the website should appear on your screens now – I hope” lol. Poor news coverage – I’m sure the little summaries in Up Close have gotten shorter. News we don’t want to hear about… Well… 3 words… On The Water.

    …and I have a confession to make. I hardly ever watched “The West Tonight”. It’s always been the BBC for me. Only occasionally I watched “The West Tonight”. All I remember of that programme was loads of they ident things saying “The West Tonight”, and I swear in every programme they had a re-cap of the main headlines about 3 times along with that horrible drum beaty sound they use when reading the headlines.

  • Tim

    LOL ITV West Viewer…
    you change your mind like the weather… one minute your loving it, then you hate it, then your loving it and now your back to hating it! give it a couple weeks and ul be back to loving it….
    for me TWCT is like Marmite either you love it or you hate it…as much as i love Marmite i hate TWCT…

    sorry they are trying i sit and watch it and they seem to trying to even out the stories more, and even managed to get Bob to Dartmoor, for the snow. but to be honest its not the same as the Old Westcountry crew :(

    but at last someone has managed to put the very final Westcountry News Bulitin on you tube and just watched it it brought back the sadness of it… and you can see how sad Jonathan Gibson was, yet Muppet faced Mark Tyler all jolly about that hes gonna be part of the new team…shame he didn’t get sacked as he nevr thought that the viewerrs didnt feel as jolly as he did :-(

    and ITV bang on about the “lack of Advertising”… what a load of old gibberish… the real facts are ITV have wasted Millions on stupid ventures that have backfired on them… and cost them Millions of ???? and the only way ITV could get it self out of trouble was to blame advertising and shut down regional Studios…. until ITV admit that…they will have no respect from me

  • Tim

    oops gave the wrong link LOL its was this one which was the final Westcountry News From the Plymouth Studios :(

    but as from the previous link its a video i made that shows i wasn’t a fan of Westcountry News… and they fact they the ITV were eating away at regional news, Westcountry Live was at its best from 1997- about 2003 ish then it really did go down hill :(

  • BBC West Viewer (formerly ITV West Viewer)


    Well I’m fed up of all the mistakes. They need to get it that they’re broadcasting on TV – they’re not some students who are making a little video for YouTube. It is being transmitted to an area covering more than 300 miles.

    I emailed ITV West/Wes

  • BBC West Viewer (formerly ITV West Viewer)


    As for that YouTube video you gave a link for, it seemed weird having the main presenter on the side sofa and sports presenter on the right!!

    Mark Tyler did look pretty smug didn’t he?! Jonathan Gibson actually looked as if he was going to cry or s

  • Tim

    Well BBC/ITV West Viewer

    since you admitted you don’t watch it that much this page has died LOL

    like you the BBC regional news has really taken off as for Spotlight and im sure the same with BBC Points West really know how to interact with the Viewer,,, also BBC regulation news might have the same graphics and music yet each region seems to have its own styled set, as Points west is certainty different to BBC Spotlight, which i like as you know they have their own style and they are not ruled by the big chiefs in London… they can have a bot of freedom… ITV Local news, which ever region ur in it looks the same, the only different is the recorded image on the big screen, that that makes it boring, and unimaginative…

    i watched TWCT but like u said silly mistakes still being made and 6.15 i give up paying attention as 90% of the time its Somerset or Bristol thou i did notice they were trying to make it more 50/50…. but for me its too little too late…

    also watching the 15 minute version on good Friday with peter rowel… he twittered on about the weather through out oh the weather and will will have a update for u at the end and back to the weather bla bla bla… and when i watch during GMTV with the travel… why do they bother- its 98% west travel never any Devon or Cornwall travel. or he says well the roads are trains are all fine so there you go… ???

    but il never be happy with TWCT

    ITV just need to to get Regional TV back make more Regional programmes and stand out from teh crowed, but ITV wasted soo much money on copying every other channel they now on teh verge of going BUST… and we are in this state…

    Wish TSW was still going they would of stuck up for the viewers and made regional programmes…. and Gus Honeybun…..

    ITV are crap at their normal programmes, and now ITV have This Morning 7 days aweek why????

    ITV cant even make a good drama programme,

    the BBC kick ass with Waterloo Road…. but give it a few months ITV will have a spin on that they will make a ceap verson of some teachers drama… chavs heaven or sumthing like that….

    ITV1 the SHITER side :(

  • Tim

    oh poor old ITV – NOT

    dont get me wrong im sure its never easy.., but ITV have also wasted millions and Millions over the past few years…so to me its their own fault and this comment in teh report

    “The committee is concerned that regional news bulletins could disappear completely on ITV1 after the switchover completes in 2012, as the broadcaster has indicated its unwillingness to fund the service.”

    Unwillingness to fund!???

    just let ITV go Bust or be taken over i give up with it – i hardley watch it- its happy to waste money when it wabnts but when things are important to what ITV is about its UNWILLING so find the cash for it… grrrr go on ITV go BUST!!!

  • Tim

    another thing that makes me laugh

    Grow up ITV…you have been ripping off other TV shows for years….
    i mean Push the Button with Ant and Dick oops Dec that’s a rip off of the BBCs Generation Game???

    BBC started Strictly Come Dancing, ITV though Dancing on Ice which is is the same format as the BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing just on ice … ITV its tit for tater

    grow up and get a Grip!!!!!

    you should be more worried about programmes that have been running for years like the Bill yet ITVS nasty revamp has killed it off.. i just hope ITV get pulled off the air!

  • A BBC West Viewer


    Well… it’s ITV’s silly fault if it all does go kaput in 2012.

  • A BBC West Viewer


    I agree with you on the West only news. It does always seem to be for Bristol & Somerset – I do like it like that (lol), but it is unfair. Also, it always seems to be more Westcountry news on the weekend when there is a presenter like Jonathan G

  • Tim

    lol well i watched it tonight but was a little confused, as caused half way through the start of the titles and it was the Bristol tittles… but they changed the format tonight, think we both had the same main story at the start about some care worker killing some old biddies….when went on for a while then they seemed to slot each relational news after then back to the map for a live feed for the weather was a bit confused but was better that the first 15 mins of each local news than merging together for stupid stories they can find to fill the rest of of the programme,
    but they still managed to make mistakes or as ITV would say (Human Mistakes) :-(

    oh well

    ITV national news is over dramatised crap… that Alistair Stewart really annoys me… he makes the story to sound so much worse that it is..

    for example :

    is it over exaggerated voice

    ” A man cut him self with a knife when cutting a apple…we are at his house Live to find out what really happened and we find out the real safety tips for you!”

    really? do i look bothered? nope i don’t – now Alistair Stewart – go and chew on Michael Grades anus!

  • A BBC West Viewer


    Haha. I think they should get Steve to do the national ITV News instead of Alastair…

    Once again thought, The West Country Tonight has made a mistake on their website – they’ve put the Westcountry version on the West website, and the West version

  • A BBC West Viewer

    Just to add as well…

    BBC Points West was on Outtake TV tonight!! – Not because they made a mistake though. I remember watching that programme when there was a powercut in Clifton, Bristol where they’re based (so we kept getting a bit of Points West, and BBC London News lol). The clip just shows it’s not just on ITV they can have a laugh (which I stupidly first thought).

    Here it is… – It starts at 11:12 if u wanna watch it… lol

  • Tim

    I watched it and it was funny…. ITV stink now they wanna get rid of the Bill….ITV you suck!!!!

    First you get rid of Regional Identity’s
    2nd you get rid of regional News,
    now you wanna get rid of The BIll

    well ITV i am just gonna get rid of you and not watch ITV at all i only watched ITV for the tiimes i watched TWCT and the Bill but now your getting rid of that so I’m using my Fingers and not press channel 3!!!!

    Hopefully someone like the BBC will pick up The BIll then it will be advert free too
    ITV your SCUM!

  • A BBC West Viewer

    I thought I’d watch The West Country Tonight tonight, and I don’t know why I bothered… lol.

    I don’t know how they can make so many mistakes!! Just before the 8 minutes of local news or whatever it was, when they were saying “You’re with The West Country Tonight…”, on the side screen, it said “The West Country Today” – why? Some people obviously can’t be bothered to do their job!! and the opening titles at the start were the Westcountry version!

  • A BBC West Viewer

    Also, they said “and, you can see more of that interview on our website –”. So I see they’ve dropped the “” although it still says that at the bottom of the screen.

    Anyway, I looked on their website and it isn’t even there!! Where is it then ITV (South) West?!! It hasn’t been updated since Tuesday!!

  • A BBC West Viewer

    I’ve got a feeling Lisa Aziz is now working for the Daily Mail…

    I typed her name into Google News, and it came up with a Daily Mail story which shown her as author…

    …The newspaper which of course Steve Scott was/is planning to sue…

  • A BBC West Viewer

    …I know we all said we wouldn’t go back to talking about Lisa :(, but I wonder what the actual reason was for her leaving ITV West? because if she admitted it was all false, then what was the real reason?


  • A BBC West Viewer

    Well, whatever the reason, I do feel sorry for her. She was a fantastic presenter, and a funny one ;). I hope she does go on to do other things because she was a good journalist.

    …if she is at the Daily Mail, at least she’s gone to something better rather than reading the news for a small amount of viewers as The West Country Tonight is atrocious !!

  • A BBC West Viewer

    Did anyone bother to watch the programme today? – I did.

    They had some story about David Cameron in Gloucester. They filmed him talking to the crowd. They also had the story on the main national ITV News, and it was from a different camera angle and view!!

    Clearly ITV News/ITN can’t trust ITV South West and they must know the programme is performing badly. I really don’t understand why it has dropped to awful standards. Why couldn’t they just keep the same vision mixer operator people, camera operators and producer as “The West Tonight”? – and if they have, they shouldn’t give up!! People do watch!

  • HTV Fan

    Well done to the West Country team for tonight’s programmes.

  • A BBC West Viewer?

    I decided to watch the programme tonight… It was like The West Tonight! No mistakes, and local news/sport all the way through!! I’m guessing it won’t be the same tomorrow :(. They probably had enough “resources” to do 2 seperate different programmes due to the election broadcast thingy afterwards. Like they had all the local news & sport taking up 20 minutes (it would usually take up that amount of time on a Monday I spose), then straight after they had a LOCAL weather forecast!

    See… ITV West can prove that they can do it! ;) I liked every bit of the programme tonight!

    I see they’ve also decided to re-name our website to “”, but it was that anyway… lol.

    Y’know… I’m actually temped to watch it again tomorrow!

  • A BBC West Viewer?

    Also… I’m liking the tweets from @BobConstantine and @bobsweather ! lol.

    “Just been told by my boss: You’re a genius. Makes up for the traffic delays.” – HAHA. what a legend. I was surprised to see/hear them announce about Bob Constantine’s twitter page though as his almost seems like a personal account with some of the things he talks about…

    But anyway, if anyone from ITV West/Westcountry notices my messages, sorry for slagging off the programme, but if the programme was always like tonight’s (I missed Steve & Vanessa though) with no mistakes and as local as possible, I’d always watch it. I did say I never used to watch the programme… I did occasionally watch “The West Today” & “The West Tonight” but it’s just I dunno, BBC West always seem to produce better detailed weather forecasts. Like with the ITV West ones, they just seem to have a quick look at the nights weather, then the next days, then a quick look at the tide times/outlook.

    I know ITV have never seemed to have done this, but I like watching the forecasts with the time running along at the bottom. I’m sure when it was “The West Tonight”, that they produced other weather charts to do with the amount of cloud and stuff and to show the low/high pressure?

    If they had the “resources” to make a local weather forecast tonight, then why not all the time? When the weather presenters say on the LIVE forecast, “here’s the forecast” then its the “Sponsored by Braces bread…”, ITV, why can’t you put a localised forecast in on that bit? When the presenters say “here’s the forecast”, it seems to sound if it has already been pre-recorded? If it was something like “lets take a look” it would seem more LIVE lol.

  • A BBC West Viewer?

    I’ve watched some of the Westcountry version of the programme, and I bet those former Westcountry Live viewers loved it! Vanessa Cuddeford LIVE in Devonport, then the weather LIVE with Kate Reeves!

    We had the weather LIVE with Bob too! :)

    Bloody brilliant. Shame they can’t always do it like this!

  • A BBC West Viewer?

    Watched the programme again tonight!

    2 local programmes in one week! Blimey!! :D

    Thanks ITV West!! Bloody brilliant again :D

  • A BBC West Viewer?

    please make the programme always like this!! lol.

    only one bad thing about tonights programme – it had the Weather for Devon & Cornwall lol.

  • Tim

    howdy doodey -so was been on? Not watched it in a couple weeks, as get in from work and the suns out so rather more exciting to watch the sun than the TV,
    so by your comments they done some more specials… darn it i missed it….
    oh well never mind… now the summers here and as long as the weathers nice, wont be watching much ITV will be watching Spotlight though :-)

  • A BBC West Viewer

    Hmm… these speicals have got me wondering…

    Although both programmes yesterday had “LIVE” bits at the bottom of the screen, one couldn’t have been.

    Because on the West version, they went to the studio with Vanessa Cuddeford for more of the days news – and Steve Scott was “LIVE” on the side screen.

    But then at the end of the Westcountry version, they had Kate Reeves “LIVE” presenting the weather?

    I very much doubt Ian Axton quickly went off set, and they changed the backdrop for Vanessa to read the West’s news?

    They’re misleading us!! There’s no way both could have been “LIVE”. They must have pre-recorded one! Unless Vanessa has a twin sister who looks identical and they have two different studios at ITV West! lol. So they either pre-recorded the Westcountry version, or recorded the West version as if it were LIVE?

    Surely they can’t do that!

  • A BBC West Viewer

    …One must have been pre-recorded.

    How on Earth could Vanessa have read the West’s news and presented the Westcountry region’s programme with Ian at the same time?

    E.g. go on the ITV West & ITV Westcountry website. Click “Full Programme” at the top, then move the slider at the bottom of the video so it is at “23:11”.

    On the West version, I see Vanessa presenting on her own with the Clifton Suspension Bridge, Bristol in the background.
    On the Westcountry version, I see Vanessa & Ian presenting, with the Tamar Bridge, Plymouth in the background and “Election 2010” on the side screen.

    A message to ITV West – THIS IS MISLEADING. You wouldn’t broadcast news which is misleading or incorrect (well you do actually – I emailed them about this once and Liz Hannam? replied saying that it was their fault and down to human error).

    Are they even allowed to say it’s LIVE when it isn’t?

    Well I may have said it is “bloody brilliant” but it would have been better and NON-MISLEADING if they didn’t put LIVE if it wasn’t LIVE. I take the “bloody brilliant” back now as it isn’t.

  • HTV Fan

    Steve was live in Bristol. The segment with Vanessa was probably pre-recorded, with the live shots of Steve superimposed on the monitor.

  • A BBC West Viewer

    @HTV Fan

    It’s still misleading whatever ITV have done.

  • HTV Fan

    How is it misleading? Nobody said the studio section was live.

  • A BBC West Viewer

    @HTV Fan

    Well if you see Steve Scott in Bristol with a “LIVE” strap on the screen, you automatically expect that the news in the studio is also live.

    If you see Kate Reeves presenting the weather “LIVE”, you automatically expect that the news in the st

  • A BBC West Viewer

    @ HTV Fan

    Not everyone suspects that the “images on screen” are superimposed! – Well they wouldn’t think it has been pre-recorded because it said “LIVE”.

    In the first 15 minutes of the main programme, they used to change the text where it says “LIVE” to

  • HTV Fan

    “It is misleading as one of them can?t have been LIVE!”

    Both of the live feeds were live.

    In other news: Rupert Evelyn is presenting today.

  • A BBC West Viewer

    @HTV Fan

    I recan you work for ITV West/Westcountry…

  • A BBC West Viewer

    Well maybe they were both “LIVE”.

    But, the bit when it went back to the studio on the ITV West version for more news with Vanessa seemed to be “LIVE” as Steve was presenting “LIVE” from the Harbourside.

    I’m just making the point that both programmes had “LIVE” feeds so viewers would have probably thought the whole programme was “LIVE” which would be wrong because Vanessa couldn’t have been in two places at once – not every viewer will think “oh yes, they must have “super-imposed” the image of Steve at Bristol’s Harbourside”. Some people I know still think it is “HTV News” and not some news programme which has been merged!

    That’s the only point I’m making.

    Anyway, since you know so much, I recan you work for ITV West / ITV Westcountry.

    If you do, please tell them to produce a LOCAL weather forecast at the end of the programme as I don’t really want to know the weather for Devon & Cornwall (no offense to Westcountry viewers).

    This is pushing it, but a local news programme on a Sunday would also be better – the Sport takes up about 98% of the programme – if us West viewers didn’t have to hear about the Plymouth Argyle (no offense again to them – just an example), then we’d have more time for news.

    THANK YOU !!

  • Brenda

    A Message To Everyone

    I Dont’t watch The West Country Tonight any more is absolute piddle.

    Forget its not on anymore and switch over to the BBC!!!

  • Simon

    The West Country Tonight is a load of f***!!!

    And all you hear bout now is that f****** website!!!

  • Erika

    Vannesa Is a geek!!!
    Steve’s a big bore!!!

    The stories are a load of shit. And poor quality pictures!!!

    Forget The West Country Tonight watch Points West!!!

  • BBC Spotlight Viewer

    Spotlight is doing great at election coverage and Simon Cleminson looks happier than he was at itv West.

  • A BBC West Viewer

    I gotta feeling that “Brenda” has posted the last few comments! (look at all the times on the bottom of the comments lol).

    Since I wrote about that “HTV Fan” working for ITV West/Westcountry, it’s funny how they’ve shut it now isn’t it!!

    I do admit though, I do agree with “Brenda” about their website.

    …and you can watch the full interview on our website – “” …yeh… ITV, you know the website is on at the bottom of the screen CONSTANTLY?! It does get annoying at how they keep “promoting” their crappy website.

  • A BBC West Viewer

    Anyway… about their website… I don’t know why they bother promoting it. It is crap. They say such in such will be on there, when it is NOT. Also, they only have a picture of Steve on there – why can’t they have Vanessa on there as well?

    Also, whenever I try watching a video on that website, it keeps coming up with “Sorry, video not found…” or if its the main programme video, it comes up with some stupid “promo” video.

    One more thing… whoever called Steve & Vanessa something, shut up. Vanessa is a great, fun presenter, and Steve is an absolute legend. By the way ITV West… I liked his joke on the late news once – it was something like “Next up is (film) – I may even bother to watch it unless Hugh Grant or Sandra Bullock are in it” HAHA.

    To other subjects, and a few pages ago, we were all commenting about the name being changed to “South West News”. I am not against it. Apparently, the PROPER area of the “West Country” is the old ITV West region – it’s in the West of the country and Devon & Cornwall are classed as the “South West”. So I’m now fine with the name (“The West Tonight” was better, but yeh…).

    I watched BBC Points West tonight. Much better. At least they say they are LIVE when they actually are LIVE, and there are hardly any mistakes. I really don’t get how it’s gone downhill so much since The West Tonight. Couldn’t they have kept the same people in the gallery? Or is it just all the dodgy ones from ITV Westcountry?

    ITV West was best.

    Also, one more last thingy… I remember watching the Cabot Circus special in September 2008 (5 months before the merger). Peter Rowell was covering the cinema area of the shopping centre, and he said something like “Everyone here will be getting FREE access because of ITV West” – Well, was that because ITV bribed Showcase Cinemas, or did they pay for everyone?

    I think ITV are making more money now – that’s why we had TWO localised news programmes last week…

  • HTV Fan

    “Since I wrote about that ?HTV Fan? working for ITV West/Westcountry, it?s funny how they?ve shut it now isn?t it!!”

    They don’t.

  • marc

    whats the point in blabbing on bout the website if for the past few days you cannot watch the full programme

  • A BBC West Viewer

    @HTV Fan

    “They don’t.” – So “HTV Fan” is a group of people are they?

  • A BBC West Viewer


    I think it’s time for you to watch Points West…

    The West Country Tonight clearly don’t care. I tuned in to it last night for the Weather – then at the end, they had The West Country Tonight logo coming up, then it went back onto the presenters,

  • HTV Fan

    “A BBC West Viewer says:
    @HTV Fan

    ?They don?t.? ? So ?HTV Fan? is a group of people are they?”

    No, they’re not. But you seemed to refer to them as such.

    Now, let me ask you a question: Would you feel misled if some of the studio links on Points West weren’t live?

  • A BBC West Viewer

    @HTV Fan

    No. Because they on the BBC, where it usually says “LIVE” then the place name, the “LIVE” is rubbed out and just the place name is left if it isn’t LIVE.

  • A BBC West Viewer

    @HTV Fan

    …If Points West did that though, I wouldn’t feel misled because they have never broadcast false news like ITV West/Westcountry!

  • HTV Fan

    “A BBC West Viewer says:
    @HTV Fan

    No. Because they on the BBC, where it usually says ?LIVE? then the place name, the ?LIVE? is rubbed out and just the place name is left if it isn?t LIVE.”

    I’m not talking about outside broadcasts. I’m talking about the presenter in the studio being pre-recorded on a supposedly ‘live’ news programme.

  • A BBC West Viewer

    Well, I don’t know. I spose I wouldn’t even know if they were “faking” to be LIVE if they did fake it as they don’t produce 2 different news programmes!

  • A BBC West Viewer

    …I still think you are an ITV West/Westcountry employee even if you say you aren’t.

    That’s just how I feel so if you aren’t, fair enough, but you seem to be sticking up for ITV quite a bit!

  • A BBC West Viewer

    So then… if ITV West/Westcountry don’t have the “resources” to create 2 separate news programmes, then how can they afford to produce two different 2 minute morning news bulletins on their Westcountry East & Westcountry west websites? and why can’t they broadcast those bulletins in the local GMTV news?

  • A BBC West Viewer

    …the updates through GMTV aren’t on that long, so if they were to add the weather on to them as well, then it would be a full localised update?

    E.g. If those updates in GMTV are about 2 and a half minutes long, the ones on the website last for just over 2 minutes. If they added the travel news and weather onto them, then it would be as long as 2 and a half minutes?? (well they’d need to cut the news section down a bit to fit in the weather, but I still can’t see why they can’t do that!!).

    Maybe “HTV Fan” has an explanation for this? lol.

  • Tim

    Blimey its got catty on here

    well i not watched the West Country Tonight for a few weeks now, i watch the BBC national News and then BBC Spotlight, and i don’t get angry at the TV or anything since I stopped watching TWCT …on the BBC i get 30 mins of National news then 30 mins for pure Local news, even Simon Clemison was presenting Spotlight with Victoria Graham at 6.30 one night :-) and he did a good Job so if Justin was to ever leave think simon would be a great replacement,
    I agree with BBC Spotlight Viewer that Spotlight have done a great coverage of the election, and also the local news they cover , this week they have done specials on Ten Tors which is in its 50th Year!! bet ITV havent even bothered to mention Ten Tors yet,that will be an Up close story no doubt! :(

    To everyone at the BBC carry on the great work for SPOTLIGHT and I guess they will soon be moving to their new propose built Studios on Plymouth’s waterfront :-)

    As for TWCT and promoting their website again i don’t know why they bother as they are never up to date or have anything interesting on them to look at, i have tried a couple of times to look at the website while i been off work sick but either i got a stupid promo which used footage of when TWCT was first launched even now we over a year into it, think they cud of been more imaginative with it, or you get old clips that they haven’t updated for a week or so,

    any ways its pointless getting all worked up about it, instead of getting annoyed and fed up with it, used your remote and switch TWCT off and watch the BBC its what ITV want they don’t want viewers to watch it, so in a year or so they can go to OFCOM and say the viewer figures are low might as well pull local news off the air and replace it with This Afternoon with Phil and Holly :(

    ITV1 the Shiter Side

    ITV1HD the shider side got brigher with more shite

  • A BBC West Viewer

    I’m going to stop commenting on this site now as it’s getting boring. lol.

    The West Country Tonight haven’t improved anything by looking at this site, and they certainly aint gunna bother with things.

    I happened to watch the programme earlier this week. There was weather photos – most were from the old ITV West region. lol.

    BBC Points West is best – they had a LIVE 25 minute programme on the election this morning. What did ITV West have? An almost 6 minute news video on their website. Appalling.

  • HTV Fan

    Don’t worry about it. It’s been confirmed that Steve’s leaving. So, the programme’s a dead duck now, anyway.

  • Tim

    have to say watching the Election on BBC, this Morning as BBC West Viewer says, at ( am they gave 25 mins to the Regions and BBC Spotlight had Simon Clemison Fronting it which he did really well, and the Local new in between 6am and (am they gave better coverage of what was happening locally i did switch over to GMTV for the Local out put and what a Shame, no imagination no video footage, just a computer Graphic of all the names of who won or lost, really poor performance, they could of had that scrolling across the bottom of the screen while they had footage of some of the areas that had won or lost..,

    as for Steve Leaving, The Best thing he can do, Steve is far better than that and so is Vanessa they were a good mix but not even they could make the programme watch-able

  • marc

    Nooooo Steve cant go

  • marc

    No way tonight was Steves last night, bye Steve with him and Lisa gone it defo wont be the same anymore :(

  • A BBC West Viewer

    Steve Scott has just left? ahhhh.

    So they’ll be revealing the main (male) presenter next week will they? Well, if it’s someone from another region, or someone from Westcountry Live I won’t be watching.

    Apparently it’s Ian Axton? Yep, he seems like a nice guy and does a great job at presenting, but hes a bit too serious!! Steve Scott was cool, witty and quite funny. They should bring back Jed Pitman.

    …and… has Steve left for good or just to cover the World Cup? because wasn’t he a HTV News presenter once? Then left to go to ITN, then came back to fill Richard Lyddon’s place?

    If it was for good, it was shocking that they had no best bits. At the end when Vanessa said for the best bits of the election, I thought it would be Steve’s best bits!!

    I’m definitely not watching that programme now unless it is Vanessa & Jed Pitman presenting it.

  • A BBC West Viewer

    ^^ That was my final comment. I’ll watch on Monday to see who the replacement is, but I won’t watch the programme AGAIN afterwards.

  • marc

    Dont want Ian Axton or anyone from Westcountry, Bring back Jed or Richard Franklin, Jan Onoskow, or Rupert

  • Tim

    well just watched both web versions and he didn’t get much of a send off did he, just
    “this is Steve’s last broadcast.”

    but did see that they managed to changes the pictures in the graphics, they did 2 full separate programmes for each region and they managed 2 separate weather forecasts for each region, blimey…. they must on fire last night to manage that and seems was uploaded at 4.07pm on Friday 7th May….. so its was all done and dusted in the afternoon so they could go on a knees up with Steve in the evening? lol

    so their web page will be blank now as Steve’s gone, LOL
    or will they put both new male and Female full timers on? Vanessa and that Bob from the GMTV bulletin ? LOL
    but how long has it been since Lisa went and still don’t know who would be filling her spot?

  • ITV News Fan

    Ian Axton IS Taking Over…

    “Ian takes over from Steve Scott, who leaves to become the
    sports editor for ITV national news. Ian was the former presenter of
    Meridian Tonight, ITV?s nightly regional news programme in the South East,
    and has also presented the national ITV Morning News
    as well as reporting for ITV national news.

    Head of News Liz Hannam says: ?Replacing someone as good
    as Steve was always going to be a challenge, so I am delighted
    to have managed to secure Ian?s considerable talents.”

    As a Meridian viewer in the South East he was great, and I mean great… he is professional but friendly and you will all warm to him… he is a brillaint newscaster and any meridiant tonight SE viewer will tell you this.
    Change is something people will not Like but ITV Westcountry viewers you are getting something special ;)

  • A BBC West Viewer

    @ITV News Fan

    He maybe a real professional newscaster, but, he seems a bit serious? Yep, he seems like a nice guy but Steve was less serious (which was a good thing).

    If Ian Axton wants to really fit into Steves’ shoes, he’s gunna:-
    – have to be witty/

  • A BBC West Viewer

    @ITV News Fan


    Also, where did you get that statement thingy from Liz Hannam?

    Also, if he isn’t to be presenting for ITV West/Westcountry again, I think its a shame that they never really gave him a send off. No best bits (and I’m sure, there’d h

  • ITV News Fan

    @A BBC West Viewer
    I would imagine that Ian is only being serious due to the fact he wants to make a right impression on the bosses.
    Ian Axton is far from serious, take a look at this video

    I got that statemen

  • HTV Fan

    I don’t like Ian Axton.

    As for Steve, I doubt he wanted a fuss made over his departure.

  • A BBC West Viewer

    @ITV News Fan

    I watched that clip. So why was he acting like that on Meridian Tonight and not on The West Country Tonight then? Yep, he seems like a good presenter and he may not have known Vanessa that well on our regional news programme, but the only t

  • A BBC West Viewer

    @HTV Fan

    Well whether Steve wanted fuss or not, they should have given him a bit more of a send off. At least a good luck card or something! – if it was his last ever programme presenting for ITV West/Westcountry.

  • A BBC West Viewer

    This site features the best showreel…

    Peter Rowell has a showreel too…

  • HTV Fan

    “A BBC West Viewer says:
    @HTV Fan

    Well whether Steve wanted fuss or not, they should have given him a bit more of a send off. At least a good luck card or something! ? if it was his last ever programme presenting for ITV West/Westcountry.”

    I’m sure he did get a card. Just not on air.

  • A BBC West Viewer

    @HTV Fan

    Yep, I’m sure he did, but it’d have been nice to seen it on-screen. I bet everyone who watched that programme liked Steve so it’s a shame they didn’t really. That’s all. If he didn’t want the fuss, fair enough, but still, it’d have been nice for

  • A BBC West Viewer

    LOL look at this – It’s outtakes of “Newsrooms Got Talent”. Some have got Steve Scott in them, and LOL Mary Nightingale. I love her acting nearer to the end of it – “I’m going to give it 100 and 10 percent” haha.

    I don’t think I can take her as seriously now… lol.

  • Tim

    here we go….. No The West Country Tonight, Tonight

    ITV have pulled all regional News off the Air so they can do an extended ITV National News about Gordon Brown (whoopie whoo) ..

    soon ITV Regional News will be pulled off the air for anything silly that happens in national news, then it will just get pulled off the air for good

    ah well….

  • A BBC West Viewer


    Just shows how committed ITV are to regional news! – and because of that, I refuse to watch ITV News/ITV The West Country Tonight now. At one point it came up saying “The West Country Tonight 18:50-19:00” then it changed. ITV should understand that

  • Tim

    well the BBC got rid of the Weakest Link to make way for a BBC news speacial, yet ITV thought we will get rid of the local news. coz that isnt important, funny how the BBC managed to keep the regionla slot…. i bet the local news tonight will get slashed as well,

    can see Regional news is on its way out though they done it once it will happen more often and then be gone, sneaky ITV

    but BBC Spotlight was good to watch they always have a good mic of news , thank god and like Points West im sure

    BBC Regional & National News Kicks ass over ITV News & Local Dishwatered News

  • ITV News Fan

    What you have to understand it is not as easy for ITV to alter times slots so easily…
    ITV News took the decision to air the special program at 6pm, but if they didnt they would of come under fire from some for not covering a major story regardless of your views about whether you like politics or not.

    ITV Regional news could not air in a short space of 10 minutes, for regions like the west country timings are ever so important now that they have to record two separate bulletins. They have set timings for everything and to prepare two or even one bulletin would be good but I imagine that people would complain that there is no regional news whatsoever which is obviously understandable. To prepare something in a very short space of time for a very short space of time would be pushing people to the limit, and and the end product would be worthless.

    Yes I agree that it was annoying about what happened but for most regions a special web bulletin is promised and you can say that you are going to the BBC but

    If ITV news had regional news at 6.30 then maybe it would of aired but what you have to understand is that ITV doesnt have all the money in the world like the BBC and I think that for the money that ITV does have it provides a superb service and I do not think that ITV deserves all the stick that it gets.

  • ITV News Fan

    And to add the West Country Team have put a web bulletin now online, some regions havent made the effort so be grateful

  • tim

    ITV News Fan

    “What you have to understand it is not as easy for ITV to alter times slots so easily”

    they could of pulled the pre recorded version of that game show Divided off the air for 1 day rather than take off a NEWS service for ITV regional Viewers!!!! but no ITV though we want to get rid of Regional news so here we can start the ball rolling by pulling regional news off air then when something else happens in the national news we can do the same, until we just pull regional news off air completely. ITV are sneaky and I don’t trust them

    “what you have to understand is that ITV doesnt have all the money in the world like the BBC”

    of course ITV isn’t funded as the BBC but that same old saying from ITV its as old and as tired as Michael Grades face that saying and time for ITV to change the record.
    For 48 years ITV was a Regional station and managed Regional news on a daily basis for viewers of Devon an Cornwall, Somerset and Dorset, and for the Viewers in the West of Bristol, Swindon, Gloucester & Chippenham, that is until Granada and Carlton were allowed to merge to make ITV a mess that it is today! and don’t give me the bull that ITV has no money as that’s ITV Plc Own fault for wasting money on things that have gone tits up in their face for, in fact its ITV’s Greediness in such things as :

    1, ITV Digital, it went bust costing ITV millions
    2, ITV News Channel, went bust costing more money
    3, Friends Reunited Website, bought it for more then it was sold for costing ITV more
    4, ITV Play: the phone scandal’s costing ITV in Fines and Trust.
    5, Making redundant talented ITV staff and Studios

    all those didn’t things come cheap and Cost ITV Plc Millions when it all went wrong!
    and ITV Regional Programmes and News Services have had to take the brunt of ITV Plc in London wastefulness,

    I understand that the commercial channels have had money problems such as channel 4 and Five have suffered but ITV is just one nasty cheap channel and its getting cheaper and nastier and the weeks roll on

    Regional News programmes are VERY Important and the fact The Westcountry region has this mess of The West Country Tonight, and ITV West Region as well,

    Its ITV owns fault and they need to sort this mess up someone needs to pull ITV apart and get the the Root of the Rot within ITV or just Pull ITV off the completely because I’m sick of watching the trash ITV offers, money or no money, funny How ITV can pay Adrian Chiles ?6 million to leave the BBC to ITV?

    ITV have made a big mistake tonight and the fact that even the late news didn’t even mention or apologise for the lack of the 6pm show is just arrogance from ITV

    pointless going to OFCOM because they are as much use as regulating broadcasters such as ITV as they are at joining the UK forces and going to fight the war in Afghanistan its pathetic!! and beyond words!!

  • tim

    i’ve just gone to the Westcountry website and no Bulletin online at all just get the Stupid
    ITV Westcountry Promo

    also Steve Scott left last week but he’s still showing on the website ??????

    they keep promoting the website when its is much use as a dinner fork to eat a bowl soup with….useless and not upto date.

    so unfortunately i will not be Grateful – because its a pile of rubbish and as i said before its ITV’s arrogance and its pathetic !

  • tim

    ah but ITV West get a bulletin from the website yet ITV Westcountry wasn’t worthy of it

    just shows how much of a joke this has become, 10 minute broad cast for the net and the WESTCOUNTRY didn’t even get that just a ITV Westcountry Promo with steve scott


  • A BBC West Viewer


    I totally agree with you on all points lol.

    @ITV News Fan
    WELL… where is the web bulletin then? eh? I don’t see ANY. All I see is Peter Rowell’s. When you click to watch the latest programme, it’s just a promotional video for the West & West

  • ITV News Fan

    All I can say to both of you is that if you dont like it then you can lump it

  • Tim

    Don’t you worry ITV will be permanently switched off from now on.
    So you can Lump it! and when ITV struggles further with money problems i’ll be toasting to ITV’s failure and wait for it to crash and burn – its just a matter of time…… bit like Gordon Brown

  • marc

    Cant believe no The Westcountry Tonight for the second day in a row, they could have gone to regional news for half an hour then back to about Gordon Brown at 6.30 what a joke

  • Tim

    ITV Is a Joke!

  • HTV Fan

    ITV is beyond a joke these days.

  • A BBC West Viewer

    Don’t worry ITV, I’ve actually finally quit watching your rubbish now. Mark Austin – “If you’re looking for the news where you are, you can get it after the News at 10” – WHAT GOOD IS THAT? WHAT IF I WANTED TO WATCH THE LOCAL NEWS AT 6??

    I wonder if ITV West/Westcountry can override the ITV/ITN signal? I’d have done that if I were manager of ITV. I wouldn’t care if I got sacked. It’d just show how dedicated I am.

    Anyway, I don’t see why ITN need to produce some fat long programme anyway. The only thing we’ve got out of it is Gordon Brown is to resign as Prime Minister and he is to visit the Queen at Buckingham Palace soon! No-one watches ITN anyway. I’ve got a feeling Channel 4 News is more popular than the ITV News anyway! Was it something like 2 million people watching ITV for the Election Night and something like 17 million watching the BBC’s News Election Night wasn’t it? SHOCKING.

    Bob Cruwys has twitter (I found it through Bob Cramptons). He wrote something yesterday saying that the web bulletins are online. Sorry, Bob, they never did get online. “ITV Westcountry Promo” & “ITV West Promo” were displayed.

    @ITV News Fan
    If you say ITV couldn’t produce a 10 minute regional news programme last night… then how can they bother to produce 2 7/8 minute programmes for the “late news”? I thought you said they can’t make it that short because of the timings. WRONG.

    @Everyone else who isn’t “ITV News Fan”.
    I’m not a fan of ITV News. Never was. Never will be. I agree with you that ITV is a joke.

    As for The West Country Tonight… well, I’m NEVER going to watch it again. Their website is absolute crap. Steve Scott clearly had good sense by leaving the programme. Shame he didn’t join Points West though.

    Seriously though… who on Earth wants to watch a 2 HOUR programme of Political News?

    I am glad I don’t pay to watch ITV. BBC all the way for me.

    @ITV News Fan
    Before you say it, ITV are not poor. As Tim said, they wasted all their money on friends reunited, ITV Play… etc etc etc. And it they can refresh the ITV1 logo, and create a new look for their national and regional news programmes, then they are not poor.

    sponsored by Braces Bread. *dee doo* ENOUGH BLOODY SAID!!

  • tim

    the funny thing is though BBC West Viewer

    ITV did a 2 hour stint when nothing was happening just loads of waffle about rumours of things that might happen , like the BBC did , yet BBC keep regional news in its place,

    then when the breaking news that Gordon Brown was resigning, the BBC broke into the One Show to broadcast it live at downing street
    , ITV did nothing!, keep Emmerdale and the other shows and and the rest of the schedule as if nothing was happening,

    just shows ITV are half hearted about things, ITV Regional News can be scrapped while we talk about rumours but when breaking news happens we wont do anything

    the BBC moved Eastenders for it!!!

    ITV you are SCUM!!!!!!!!!!

  • A BBC West Viewer


    Yep! ITV are bloody ridiculous. I’ve just gone on their website – it says “BREAKING NEWS” Gordon Brown expected to resign as PM. HAHA how old is that.



  • A BBC West Viewer

    I can see ITV News are more interested in updating their twitter account than their news website. Although I haven’t got twitter…

    This should be what the straps read on BBC News:-

    ITN never bothered to cut into ITV’s programme schedule to broadcast news

  • Brenda

    Does everyone agree that a snap election will be called for the autumn?

  • marc

    Just seen Steve Scott on ITV main News a few seconds reporting on John Terry hardly seems fair to the half hour we’re used to lol

  • A BBC West Viewer

    The good days when ITV’s Regional News tune (and Weather tune) sounded fresh and when the local news in the West was called “ITV West News” has been posted onto YouTube – there is a full (4 part) programme of “ITV West News” posted on YouTube – .

    Apparently it’s an episode from 2004 and was presented by Richard Lyddon & Jenny Hull.

    I didn’t watch ITV West News in those days, but ITV have gone down hill ever since!! They STILL have the same sort of music in the opening titles (it got the same beat to it, but sounds a little older), and the music in the Weather titles sounds the same but a little shorter. AND… at the end of the programme, they have a look around at the road cameras to check the traffic!! Blimey!! Why can’t they still do that now?! lol.

    I wonder what Richard & Jenny think of the programme now. I’m going to answer it for them with a 3-letter word – LOL.

  • A BBC West Viewer

    You still watch ITV News after you called them a joke!! :o !! lol. I wonder if Steve Scott would have still left if it was still “The West Tonight”? Also… does anyone know if he’s going to return after the World Cup coverage? He’s bound to isn’t h

  • marc

    I cant believe this Peter Rowell has just announced today is his last ever day after 18 years :(
    He will be presenting The West Country Tonight at 6 with Laura Sullivan then hes gone

  • A BBC West Viewer


    They may as well just re-locate to Plymouth! It’s all gunna be Westcountry-y-ized from now on.

  • A BBC West Viewer

    Just had a look on The West Country Tonight website and Ian Axton’s picture is on there – Vanessa’s isn’t though! :O Who’s the main female presenter then?

    Anyway… Not quite sure why I keep commenting because I watch Points West now lol.

  • A BBC West Viewer

    …They’ve also added presenter profiles for Ellie Barker & Claire Manning. So I’m guessing one of them will be the main co-presenters when they’re back from maternity leave.

    Unless they’re just going to share the role?

  • marc

    i was just about to post all this lol

  • A BBC West Viewer


  • marc

    Wonder who will replace Peter for the morning and lunchtime bulletins, i mean he is irreplaceable really so its gonna be difficult

  • A BBC West Viewer


    They should bring back Pitman.

  • marc


  • HTV Fan

    Naomi Lloyd, probably.

  • marc

    How about Frances Donovan

  • HTV Fan

    She’s got a cushy job at ITV Wales.

  • marc


  • A BBC West Viewer

    I’ll admit to it – I watched Peter’s last programme. It’s a shame he had to go really because he’s the one who gets me awake in the mornings – a good thing (when I watch GMTV).

    Being honest, I’d have liked him to be the main co-presenter. I bet there isn’t a person out there who dislikes Peter. Also, Laura seems to get on very well with him. She seemed to with Steve, but tonight they seemed to be quite jokey and fun and they seemed to have the chemistry that Steve & Vanessa/Ellie/Claire had whilst they were on-screen.

    One last thing in this post… it’s a little odd how they all seem to be leaving. Simon Clemison recently went, then it was Steve for ITN, and now Peter?! They all seemed to have a good time on-screen, but I wonder what it was like off-screen?


  • A BBC West Viewer

    One more thing…

    Just to like re-say… I won’t be watching the programme again. I may watch it again, but since Peter & Steve have now left, it won’t feel very local to me because well, Peter has been there (almost) every morning on the local news update when I’ve been watching GMTV, and Steve, well he was the main presenter on The West Tonight!

    So the only West presenters left are now Ellie Barker & Richard Payne (excluding Bob & Alex) isn’t it?

    It seems like we’ve been taken over by all the ex-Westcountry Live presenters :(. Well I spose all of ex-The West Tonight presenters have left because they know there are better things than that programme. I wonder if viewers from the old ITV West region will stop tuning in because of this?

    I know it’s the presenters’ decision to leave (well… who knows?) but ITV West/Westcountry could at least bring back some of the ex-The West Tonight presenters!!

  • HTV Fan

    “So the only West presenters left are now Ellie Barker & Richard Payne (excluding Bob & Alex) isn?t it?”

    There’s Laura Sullivan and Naomi Lloyd, as well.

  • marc

    Ive watched Peter for 16 years ever since i was a kid getting up for school in the mornings, and yes they really do need to approach some of the previous West team as we all know West is best lol and also someone on this forum called Peter a silly old man or someting like that which is awful

  • marc

    Peter was also good at getting the crowds in at christmas lights switch ons people will miss him attending them

  • A BBC West Viewer

    @HTV Fan

    ahh yes! Laura! I didn’t watch The West Tonight that much so I never really saw Naomi Lloyd. There is also Rupert Evelyn although he’s freelance isn’t he?

  • A BBC West Viewer

    I wonder why Peter left though… It’ll seem weird if I ever watch the local news during GMTV without him on there!

    Before The West Country Tonight ditched attending events, Peter Rowell got the crowd laughing at The West Tonight stand at the Bristol Balloon Fiesta. I was there. What a legend he was (and always will be)! Lol

    marc, i recan you should just watch Points West instead now, Alex Lovell & Chris Vacher seem to be fun and get on well, and David Garmston is an absolute legend too!

  • A BBC West Viewer

    According to, (well the people on there), ITV are intending to close the Bristol studios and merge with ITV Meridian in Whiteley!!

    They can’t do that!! :O I don’t want to go along Bath Road seeing a big empty building with “ITV West” faded into the bricks! Maybe that’s why all the presenters seem to be leaving because they don’t want to live near Hampshire!

    Well I’m saying this, but for all we know they could have already moved there!

  • A BBC West Viewer

    *in Hampshire.

  • Another HTV Fan

    The posting which mentioned that in 2012 ITV will start selling off the regions, meaning we could see a return to PROPER local news, proper regional ITV programming like years ago, and with a bit of luck a quality all round ITV channel again, just sounds TOOOO good to be true. I can’t see that happening.

  • HTV Fan

    Peter left ITV West to present the afternoon show on BBC Radio Bristol. So, he’ll probably pop up on Points West from time to time.

  • Tim


    I know its sad that you seem to be loosing all your favourite ITV West Presenters that you have grown up with over the years ,believe me we in the westcountry have gone through this as we lost the majority of our favourite presenters and reporters when we were merged with ITV west last year,
    yes a handful of the presenters stayed on, but not the ones we liked and loved

    Richard Bath
    Alexis Bowater
    Jemma Woodman
    Julie Fisher
    to name just very few who never came to the New ITV Merged Team,

    The ones that did make it across to the New Team are real ITV Westountry Likeable’s such as

    Claire Manning
    Vanessa Cuddifud
    Richard Lawrence
    Steve Hardy
    Jonathan Gibson

    as for Mark Tyler and Seth Conway to be honest i never liked them and would of rather they weren’t on screen but hey,

    As for there not being many ITV West Presenters left now , to be honest, it was a matter of time. since TWCT has been a complete disgrace to Viewers and the presenters them selves, I mean I’m sure the West Tonight wasn’t as bad as TWCT is, and Westcountry Live, didn’t get the Investment the other ITV Regions had, but the Presenters, producers made Westcountry Live part of your evening and made each report to a High Quality Standard you just knew they were out getting the ground breaking stories for Devon and Cornwall,

    the TWCT just doesn’t crack it, its a tame dish water news for both regions the Silly mistakes, poor editing, bad timing, screens going blank, sound problems., getting the backgrounds mixed up, any High Quality presenter who’s on TWCT would of been itching to escape, even though Simon Cleminson was a Meridian Presenter, he did OK on TWCT, but since he’s been on BBC Spotlight, he’s started of reporting, and he’s also been co presenting on Spotlight, and he seems to be happy :-) but i Think he must also do reports of BBC South as well, because there are some reports when he’s in Dorset and i think that’s where the Two regions kind of over lap, but I don’t know any BBC South Viewers could confirm if Simon reports for BBC South as well? but Steve, to leave, and now Peter, then im sure they have loved it but glad its over, they haven’t had the nice year or so since all the problems with Lisa and other things…..

    its not a nice feeling when you watch a programme with presenters that you don’t know or presenters who come from no where near the area and they try and report on a story about it
    as if they care but they don’t, we had it for the last year, and its not nice,

    as for ITV thinking about merging West Country with Meridian that’s was just a matter of time
    if it not official I’m sure they have plans in the back burner for it, or the Meridian will be split into two half will join with ITV West and the other half will merge with ITV London / Central

    It’s Clear ITV don’t want to give the Time or Money to the ITV Regions as we saw this week, they were more than happy to pull ITV Regional news off the Air two nights in a row while they reported on waffle, then when ITV should of changed the schedules to report on Breaking news they Kept Emmerdale going, while the BBC scrapped the programmes that was on air,
    and went into Breaking News,

    ITV are keen to loose its regional news, the question is, just how long until they do drop it, 5 years, 3 years?

    Looking at the ITV Website and Meet the Team, the New presenter seems to of done a lot and they Even mention that he used to watch HTV and TSW, also Ellie seems to of been around the country working,

    also wouldn’t it be nice that they put the whole of the TWCT teams profile up on the website, so you knew the Main presenters and the Reporters, so you got a bit of background information about them all … as it says “Meet the Team” not “Meet the Lucky Few” ?

    ‘and that’s the way the cookie crumbles’

  • Tim

    Just watch the Weekend Bulletin just out of Interest, and wasn’t impressed i don’t know why i bothered to even switch it on but i did.

    some female presenter called Raj, shukaja or something, no idea where she was from? meridian?

    news stories very basic then sport then went to the weather, and cut into adverts with no ending to the programme – what the hell?

  • A BBC West Viewer


    I too watched it out of interest (watched Points West before though), and it was awful.

    Who is that presenter? Her smile is false. When she said now the weather with Kate, after a few seconds her smile dropped because they didn’t put the weather o

  • A BBC West Viewer


    Also Tim, I do feel your pain now. I’m sorry for disagreeing and stuff before, but there are barely any ex-The West Tonight presenters left, so it feels like a whole new team have taken over.

    I don’t see why they can’t bring back ex-ITV West/Westc

  • Another HTV Fan

    Did anyone just watch the 6:35pm news? It was just seconds into the weather with Kate Reeves, and then it suddenly cut to the start of the ITV News! Poor timing. I presume these shorter bulletins are pre-recorded, rather than live too.

    What’s happening with the mention several months ago on this forum, that the seperate editions of The West Tonight and West Country Live returning? And bring back the proper LIVE bulletins and main evening 6pm editions too, none of this pre-recorded nonsence.

  • Tim

    yes another HTV Fan

    I watched it and was disgusted with it two nights in a row and the fact that Saturdays sloppy edit was uploaded to the Website, so anyone who missed tonight’s, no doubt it will get uploaded as well so you can see it in its glory is just wrong ,

    so i emailed Liz Haymen, ITV Duty Office, Westcountry@itv,com and Somebody at OFCOM.
    as im fed up with it!

    think i got rather angry in the email too but its about time somebody sorted this mess out
    The West Country Tonight is a Mess and cant carry on with it and ITV PLC need to be more respectful How can ITV can be allowed to make such a mockery of ITV Regional News???,

    anyway will await to see what response i get from anyone be interesting to see what Ofcom say if anything , no doubt the Excuses will be That ITV are having Money Problems and the economical down turn bla bla bla bla bla
    Change the record ITV!!!!

  • Tim

    No worries BBC West Viewer,

    no hard feelings, as im sure if we had our Presenters and Studios and ITV West came to Plymouth, we’d of been as cocky as you were back in the early days,

    just shows how things change over a year, but one thing that doesn’t changed, is the Sloppiness of TWCT programme :(

  • A BBC West Viewer


    Lol, thanks! ;)

    But, I don’t know why it is so sloppy! When I did watch The West Tonight, it was fine with no mistakes, graphic problems or anything like that. All of this will be down to those people in the gallery and the person who is meant to t

  • A BBC West Viewer


    There is a news article on the Evening Post/ website about Peter Rowell joining BBC Radio Bristol…

  • marc

    Any know who did the GMTV bullitens today?

  • A BBC West Viewer


    It was Raj Shukla.

  • marc

    Well Ian Axton actually introduced the programme properly whilst no one else really bothers to anymore, Lisa always said bla bla bla on Mondays The West Country Tonight.
    and a new voiceover which is good that woman had an irritating voice, they should have kept the one who did the voiceover for The West Tonight.

  • Tim


    I have to agree he is OK I watched tonight out of interest and Ian Axton did seem to be very good made it feel welcoming ,

    The programme as a whole had a much better flow to it the previous times in watched and Vanessa had excitement all over her face, her and Ian seems to have the chemistry that works and the feel good vibe to it tonight?!

    Ian also brought up that when he was growing up in Dorset he got to watch Both ITV regions and he then went on to mention Westward TV and TSW and that he watched Gus Honeybun, so he knew how to make a good impression that he knows this region,

    I have to say it one of the best programmes I’ve watched in a long time from TWCT team, is this just a 1 off or will they work as hard like this all the time?

    I still had no response from the emails I sent yesterday about TWCT to Liz Hannman, Duty Office at ITV or Graham Howel at OFCOM, i suppose that the email of been looked at and ignored and they put on this good show tonight hoping that will work??

    i guess only time will tell, but for tonight’s effort was good so if i was rating the programmed out of 10 id give TWCT a 7 out of 10

  • A BBC West Viewer


    Ian went on about how he used to watch HTV West News and he shown us a signed presenter castcard (forgot the name of the presenter now!). I think he said that because he wanted to make himself sound like he knows the area well – which was a good thi

  • Another HTV Fan

    I watched a bit of the 6pm news and yes, I thought that new presenter Ian Axton seemed ok and professional. As for the main female presenter, I hope they keep Vanessa on as I like her.

  • ITV News Fan

    Trust Ian Axton was a total legend here in the South East. Youve got someone good there ;)

  • marc

    Bruce Hockin i think was in the photo

  • A BBC West Viewer

    I miss this… :(

    Don’t see why they couldn’t have copied the style of Lookaround/North East Tonight and left the name of the programme the same! They barely say “The West Country Tonight” after 18:15 now since they do the “You are watching…” in the regional bit!

    The West Tonight… ahh, that’d seem more local!

  • michael g dobie

    Can we please have some TV coverage.
    Please come to MARLBOROUGH and report on the Planning Saga and Battle of the Supermarkets and the local people in the Town.

  • A BBC West Viewer

    @the last commenter

    i’m guessing you’re best bet would be emailing lol.

  • Tim

    well have to say i watched the The West Country Tonight the last 3 nights in a row, and they haven’t annoyed me,… YET,
    though i did watch the West Country Today in GMTV at 7.30 after BBC spotlights, and then seems they still make mistakes as after the weather the presenter was talking but no sound until she pressed a button under the table…. :-(

    Tomorrow night will be interesting as its the Devon County Show, and they said most of the Programme will be coming from there, so will that mean the 2 regions will get 2 separate editions or will they make the whole region part of the Devon County Show?

    though one thing i think the West Country tonight should do after Ian mentioned it on Mondays nights Westcountry version was to bring back Gus Honeybun, he said he would make it a mission for gus to read out his birthday card well Ian and ITV West I think this could be a New feature instead of Bob and Alex’s Photos we could have Gus Honeybun’s Birthdays for both regions maybe on a Friday if they gave Gus 10 minutes or somthing :-)

    also this was how Westward and TSW made money…. selling merchandise ITV West could make money this way…….

    and for you ITV West people who don’t know Gus Honeybun “The Legend” is :…

    Gus Honeybun was the station mascot for Westward Television, and later Television South West, from 1961 to 1992.[1] A puppet rabbit, and star of Gus Honeybun’s Magic Birthdays, he achieved a longevity for a TV puppet second only to Sooty.[2]
    Gus Honeybun was filmed at Westward/TSW’s Plymouth studios in the Derry’s Cross part of the city. There were four different Gus Honeybun puppets and TSW employed a person to create Gus Honeybun’s wardrobe. Gus had a theme tune composed by TV composer, Ed Welch, and a short video was made to accompany it, featuring Gus & several TSW presenters walking around in Plymouth. A 7″ single of the theme song was released in several local record shops. Other Gus merchandise available were cuddly toy puppets, keyrings and car stickers. One car sticker said “Watch Gus on TSW!” and had both his face & the TSW logo on it.
    Gus Honeybun (given the full name Augustus J Honeybun by some continuity announcers) was supposedly found under a gorse bush on Dartmoor in 1961 by the founders of Westward Television. Several ITV franchise stations had at one time had a regional birthdays slot (often following Children’s ITV or the predecessor children’s television slot) with a continuity announcer and puppet announcing children’s birthdays. Today Channel Television is the only region to continue with such a practice with its Puffin’s Pla(i)ce programme. With Gus the announcer would read out a birthday card and the puppet would give a jump, known as bunny hops,for each year of the childs’ life. Alternatives to bunny hops were ear waggles, head stands, winks and later “putting out the lights” and a colour distorting “magic button”. Gus appeared with virtually every Westward/TSW presenter, including the likes of the late Ian Stirling, Fern Britton, Judi Spiers, David Fitzgerald, Ruth Langsford & Sally Meen.
    During the TSW-era, Gus was broadcast twice a day on weekdays (before & after Children’s ITV), and usually once a day at weekends. The show usually lasted about 2 or 3 minutes per episode. From 1987 – 1990, TSW used to often opt-out of showing the first & last Children’s ITV in-vision continuity links of the day, so it could fit in Gus’ birthday slot on weekday afternoons. It was also rumoured that in September 1989, the ‘real’ reason TSW moved the tea-time repeat of Australian soap, Home and Away from its original slot of 5:10pm, to an earlier time of 3:27pm, was to give Gus some more air-time, therefore also ending anymore CITV opt-outs. The opt-outs were eventually stopped for good in January 1990.
    There was also a TSW/Gus branded Hoppa bus, which was made by local bus & coach company, Western National. It was in regular use by them on most service routes, until TSW’s demise in 1992.

    [edit]Westcountry Cult

    Gus Honeybun attracted a cult following and it was not unknown for adults to write in requesting “bunny hops” etc. 12 was the official age limit for having a birthday read out on air so people of 40 were presented as being 4 and so on!
    Gus Honeybun was so identified with regional television in the south-west that, when TSW’s managing director Harry Turner presented the station’s ITV franchise renewal in 1991, he took Gus with him.[1] However, Gus’s “Magic Birthdays” series and his career at the station were cancelled at the start of 1993, when Westcountry Television took over from TSW after winning the franchise.
    The last ever Gus Honeybun programme in 1992 saw Gus returned to the moor and reunited with his rabbit family. The successor ITV franchise Westcountry did provide a successor programme called Birthday People but this was cancelled in 2004.
    The puppet was spoofed on Victoria Wood As Seen On TV. Terry Wogan for some time referred to Gloria Hunniford (whose show preceded his on national BBC Radio 2) as Gloria Honeybun.
    Today, a Gus Honeybun attraction can be found at The Flambards Experience amusement park in Helston, Cornwall. [3]
    Gus Honeybun also now features on the breakfast show on Atlantic FM. [4]

  • HTV Fan

    It’s a good idea, but I don’t think ITV own the rights to Gus Honeybun.

    We had Oscar the Owl (of Ask Oscar fame) here.

  • A BBC West Viewer

    I’m watching The West Country Tonight (ITV West version).

    After the Weston-super-Mare pier story and the job interviews, Ian said “and the best judge for that would have been PIERS Morgan!”

    HAHA. I officially think he is as good as Steve now.

  • A BBC West Viewer

    …and there have been no mistakes this week so far (yep, I’m watching it… lol).

    Just hope Vanessa doesn’t leave as (sort of currently) main co-presenter !!

  • A BBC West Viewer

    Oops… must have spoken too soon!

    But it wouldn’t have been their fault if it cut out. It happens loads of times on the news.

    I actually feel sorry for ITV West/Westcountry now because it looks like they’ve put in the effort all this week!

  • A BBC West Viewer

    Their going to be bringing us more from there tomorrow! :D

    Ian Axton just said (before they cut his microphone off) “it’s a bit of a shame!”.

    I officially welcome him to bringing us the news now.

  • TWCT2010

    Have your say on our facebook page
    what you like :-)
    what you don’t like :(

    and what you’d like to see on The West Country Tonight!/pages/ITV-The-West-

  • Tim

    Wonder if they will how a power cut tonight at the Devon County Show? LOL

  • beanjuice

    check out the fabio world cup song written and recorded in devon,the video was shot in devon so come on all you west country folk get behind the song check the video out on you tube.and lets hope englang win the world cup

    beanjuice the fabio crew

  • Tim

    ITV Make me laugh, first of all ITV Cut Regional news programmes straight into adverts before the programmes finishes now ITV cut the ads LOL

    ITV are muppets FULL STOP!.
    taken from Digital Spy:

    ITV has said that it is investigating a transmission fault on Saturday night which resulted in some viewers missing the final part of Nike’s new television ad.

    The star-studded commercial, which carries the slogan ‘Write The Future’, premiered during ITV1’s Champions League final coverage on May 22.

    However, some viewers in Wales and the south of England missed the final six seconds of the ad, which focuses on the fame surrounding footballers such as Ronaldo, Wayne Rooney, Didier Drogba and Ronaldinho.

    “A technical problem affected play-out of a Nike advertisement for approximately six seconds to ITV1 regions in the south of England and Wales,” said an ITV spokesman.

    “ITV has apologised unreservedly to Nike and we are engaged in dialogue with the client regarding the issue.”

    The final part of the ad features the slogan ‘Write The Future’, along with the Nike “swoosh”. However, viewers in the affected areas just saw a static ITV1 logo.

    Reacting to the transmission error, a Nike spokesman said: “We have had over 5m views of the ‘Write The Future’ film in the last four days on our YouTube channel alone, so we are confident that the fans knew what they were watching.

    “Having said that, it is disappointing if ITV cut the ad before the end and we’re waiting to hear back from them on exactly what happened.”

    It is thought that both parties are close to reaching a compensation deal for the error which will involve Nike receiving an undisclosed amount of airtime.

  • A BBC West Viewer


    Haha. Also, I’ve been wondering… if ITV are so poor, then why are they paying Adrian Chiles ?6 million a year!! hmm…

  • A BBC West Viewer

    Something about The West Country Today…

    If they’ve got Naomi Lloyd on the GMTV bulletins permanently, then they’ve got a good person in to replace Peter Rowell!!

    …she always seems awake and bright which is a good thing!

    I want to know 2 things about ITV West/ITV Westcountry though…;
    1. Do you think all the ITV Westcountry presenters drive from Devon/Cornwall everyday to Bristol (when they are needed),
    2. and… does anyone know who Lisa Aziz’s replacement is? because it seems to be Vanessa, but they have no picture of her on the East/West websites!

  • HTV Fan

    It would be nice if it was Vanessa. But I suspect we’ll be saying goodbye to her very shortly.

  • Tim

    Have to agree Vanessa has done a great job since shes been presenting and since Ian join they have made it enjoyable to watch, so hopefully ITV West/Wescountry keep her full time,
    Ellie and Claire back as full presenters would for me, just take the programme backwards considering all the problems there have been, i think the way it is now, is working and for them to leave it as it is, don’t get me wrong Ellie and Claire should be fill ins and do reports on regular basis, but Vanessa should be the full main female presenter going forwards :-)

    but HTV Fan i think your right, they will get rid of her, just like they did with Jemma Woodman on Westcountry Live, she was filling in for Alexis Bowater then got refused the job. even though she was great at it…. :-(

  • A BBC West Viewer

    I’m guessing they will drop her since her presenter profile and picture aren’t on the Westcountry Tonight East/West websites.

    It’s a shame really because she seems like a very nice person, she’s professional and can have a laugh.

    I do like Ellie Barker & Claire Manning, but I agree they should just be fill-ins. Originally when the programme first started, I always though Ellie Barker was meant to be the main Bristol correspondent?

    ITV West/Westcountry clearly will get rid of Vanessa or just allow her to become a reporter because they seem to like messing everything up and everyone around.

  • A BBC West Viewer

    One more thing…

    Since Ian Axton has joined the team (well since he became main co-presenter), I have not noticed ONE mistake on the programme. Except for the Devon County Show being cut off, but that wasn’t their fault.

    So if anyone from ITV West/Westcountry is reading this, i’m impressed! (lol).

    I still watch BBC Points West though…

  • Tim

    well the Sunday night after watching the Cock up of the saturday’s of cuttijng the programmes off before they had finished i got so mad i emailed ITV Duty Offce and that Liz of TWCT and said how angry i was, then the Sunday night programme had the same problem so i emailed in again and found somones email form ofcom and copied them into it as well…

    haven’t had a response yet but since then like you say they havent cocked up…. so maybe that had an effect….?? who knows

  • A BBC West Viewer

    …I see they now have Ian Axton doing the ITV West/Westcountry website promos!

  • A BBC West Viewer

    …Also, on yesterdays’ programme when that bloke from Britain’s Got Talent was on the programme, I’m guessing the interview was pre-recorded. I don’t think they said “he popped into our studios earlier” did they?

    I reckon it was pre-recorded because… after the “coming up on the national news…”, when they went back to Ian & Vanessa, the camera shot was zoomed out showing the yellow underneath the sofa/screen. Their interview ended with a shot just of the bloke from Britain’s Got Talent. When it went back to Ian & Vanessa, the shot was zoomed in so you could just see the top of the sofa – no yellow bits.

    Also, after talking to him, Ian said something like “nice guy” – I don’t think I’ve ever heard a presenter saying that after a LIVE interview with someone. Usually it’s “*name* thank you for coming in”.

  • A BBC West Viewer


    I don’t really want to stick up for ITV Best/Westcountry, but I’m guessing it’s not just their fault why the programme finished earlier on that Saturday/Sunday.

    I’m guessing…
    1) The West Country Tonight couldn’t have got the timings right – ther

  • A BBC West Viewer

    *Oops sorry,

    I put ITV Best… I must have meant ITV West…


  • A BBC West Viewer

    …nice to see Claire Manning is back! :)

  • Tim

    i dunno i just been looking on youtube and come across this video called
    Anybody Out There, where they did a feature about Westcountry Live and HTV News

    so i guess the two regions were working together back in the 90’s
    seems Odd Sue king presenting the News for HTV considering she was one of the last faces of TSW, but i spose she had to get a new Job as Westcountry took over from TSW

  • ITV News Lover

    Vanessa Cudeford permanent of TWCT

  • Marc

    why was ian on his own tonight and why did we in the west have westcountry opening titles?

  • An ITV West Viewer (formerly A BBC West viewer)

    – I’m glad Vanessa is now the main presenter! Her profile and picture is also up on the Westcountry websites.

    – I wondered too why Ian was on his own. Do you think it’s because there were no other presenters available?

    – I noticed the Westcountry titl

  • An ITV West Viewer

    Does anyone know if ITV West/Westcountry are merging with ITV Meridian?

    Apparently ITV West are to move from Bristol to somewhere in Hampshire? Not sure if that is just a rumour though…

  • We Jammin’

    @An ITV West Viewer

    Where did you hear they’re moving? I think there were rumours about that when West and Westcountry merged last year, but I don’t recall seeing anything like that since…

  • An ITV West Viewer

    @We Jammin’

    It’s probably just a rumour but I read about it on the website.


    Also, I wonder where Vanessa is? Her picture has been put up on the Westcountry websites and she’s not presenting! lol. I hope it’s not a

  • k smith

    I cannot believe the stupid item I’ve just seen on your news programme at 6pm, do you really think encouraging children to place large pieces of wood across roads to act as speed bumps is sensible? What happens now when lots of children go out across Bristol and begin placing things into roads and causing accidents or getting themselves knocked over? You bunch of idiots, this child doesn’t need praising he needs a stern talking to about the dangers of placing items in the road by the police!

  • Sgt Bill Coe

    @k smith

    erm… you do realise this isnt an official website for the westcountry tonight dont you?
    you might be better off sending the message to

  • An ITV West Viewer

    @k smith

    How is that stupid? If ITV thought it was stupid, they wouldn’t have broadcast it!!

    and… how many children do you think watch the news? – You really think a child will be sitting down watching the programme and it’s reports and thinking “:O h

  • David – Padstow

    I’ve just returned with my wife from having spent two years working abroad and oh my we can’t believe what we’ve just seen, what have you done ITV to Westcountry Live ?

    The programme used to have

    1. Local News
    2. Good presenters (Richard Bath, Jemma Woodman)
    3. Personalities (Jeff Welch)
    4. Decent local sport coverage
    5. A nice warm feel to it.

    Your new ? programme has none if the above and I for one shall now be switching over to Spotlight.

    I can’t believe something that was so good is now so bad in such a relatively short space of time.

  • An ITV West Viewer

    @David – Padstow

    Every ITV Regional News programme has had to suffer! – London Tonight & Wales Tonight/Wales News remains the same programme for the same area though, but I’m sure they’d have suffered from cutbacks.

    1. Local News – You can get that

  • An ITV West Viewer

    Also… does anyone know if Claire Manning is going to return to presenting soon?

  • An ITV West Viewer

    …aw, I miss Lisa Aziz… :(

  • An ITV West Viewer

    Lisa & Jed should return…

  • HTV Fan

    K Smith is quite right. It was very irresponsible of them to put that report out without any caveats.

  • Marc

    Good to Vanessa back she must have been on holiday, im used to her and Ian now but miss Lisa and steve.

  • An ITV West Viewer


    I agree with you.

    Also… has anyone noticed… when you go to, if you click “TV Guide” and set it to the “West” region, when you click “The West Country Tonight”, a picture of Lisa Aziz & Steve Scott appears!

  • Marc

    I just checked that haha tiz funny

  • An ITV West Viewer

    …Also, if you do the same, but look at Saturday’s “The West Country Today”, when you click on it again, underneath the picture of Lisa Aziz & Steve Scott, it says “The West Today on”

  • An ITV West Viewer

    …Some legend at ITV must hate this merger… lol


  • Marc

    Lol its bout time the regions unmerged and give us our west back

  • Graham, Devon

    Isn’t it about time your reporrters stopped referring to this year as TWO THOUSAND AND TEN and next year as TWO THOUSAND AND ELEVEN – that seven syllables. It is surely time the great British public used TWENTY TEN and TWENTY ELEVEN which is crisper, shorter and, of course, correct. After all, was I born in ONE THOUSAND NINE HUNDRED AND FORTY-TWO? And when was the Battle of Hastings again – ONE THOUSAND AND SIXTY SIX?

  • Marc

    @ Graham all I got to say is how sad lmao

  • ITV West/Westcountry

    Hi guys,

    We have been reading this thread for a while now, and it’s great how much everything about the show matters to you.

    Just to let you know we now have a twitter account @itvwestcountry and a facebook page ‘ITV’s The West Country Tonight.’ (Make sure it’s got the ‘s’ at the end of ITV)

    If you fancy following us and letting us know what you think on there to, it would be welcomed.


  • ITV West/Westcountry

    Sorry guys, matters should read mean!

    Maybe I need a cup of tea!

  • An ITV West Viewer