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What’s happening at Sky Centre ?

1212211626 0The Newswheel (15 minute news wraps) is being presented by Sarah-Jane Mee from the Balcony tonight.

I saw a workman (a guy in a fluorescent jacket at least) moving boards from the back of the studio.

There are rumours on some TV based forums, suggesting that studio changes are coming to the Sky News Centre. Could they be coming very soon?

Or maybe this is the new presenting location for the newswheel. If so, I like it.

10PM EDIT: Steve Dixon is presenting from the main desk – all PC’s removed from behind the desk.


Updated: Friday 12 December 2008

  • Insider

    There is a rumour that the ‘elbow’ will be extended to allow it to be used more as a presenting area

  • If you watch now, They seem to be presenting for a ‘B’ studio where it’s mostly a green screen behind the large desk, presumably either a duplicate or the desk was moved out as well!