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Kay Burley and Stephen Dixon have posted some new images of Sky News’ new studio on social media.

They posted the images on Twitter with Kay saying: “Shhh: Sneak peek of our new @SkyNews studio. Don’t tell anyone.”

Stephen said: “Celebrating @SunriseIsabel birthday in the new studio…. she’s VERY young”

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  • Andy_from_Sligo

    Hate it already – looks like they are broadcasting from a cross between St. Pancras International and a shopping centre and a warehouse! – busy background with people walking up and down stairs distracts away from listening to the newsreaders – and that suspended balcony gives me vertigo when i see them go near the edge I think they are going to fall off!!

  • John caston

    I do not like new setting as it distracts from the news. To much going on in the back ground, with people walking, lifts going up and down etc. Waiting to see someone do something silly. Sorry what was the news headline?

    • Andy_from_Sligo

      I agree – people can, and do slip up and down stairs!

  • Clare Denton

    Bring back the old set please.
    The new set is dreadful. It looks cold and bland, Whoever came up with it needs sacking. Iv’e watched Sky news for years, Now i’m going to go to the bbc instead.