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Sky News has today announced that Sarah-Jane Mee is to become the new host of Sky News Sunrise, taking over from Eamonn Holmes. Jonathan Samuels, senior correspondent for Sky News, has been appointed Sarah-Jane’s co-host. They will be joined by sports presenter, Jacquie Beltrao and…

Sky News is set to sack some of their weather presenters. According to MediaGuardian, Francis Wilson, who has spent 17 years at Sky News, is understood to be leaving as part of a reorganisation that will likely see six weather presenters cut to two, and…

  • Jacqueline Hermon

    In my opinion as a regular Sky viewer Sam Worthington has very scary eyes and is unnerving, she always looks as if she’s plugged into a live electrical socket and definitely does not fit in. Paula Middlehurst is the complete opposite, very professional, speaks clearly and has ‘normal’ eyes, Hannah Tallett has creepy eyes, no warmth and is uncomfortable to watch, Jannat Jalill never smiles or looks welcoming, a very hard, scowling face, Kay Burley has no personality or warmth at all, Sarah Hewson and Lisa Knights are very pleasant but as for Sarah Jane Mee she is SO stuck-up and everything about her says she would rather be somewhere else, never smiles, no warmth. Where on earth do you find these people? The men are all ok but Chris Scudder needs glasses.

    • DE88

      Shame you don’t like Hannah – because if her Twitter account is anything to go by, she’s great fun when the cameras aren’t rolling:

  • TC

    Please can you tell me if Lukwesa Burak is still part of your team.

    • No. Lukwesa left Sky News a few months ago.. She’s now with Al Jazeera English.

    • Richard Corso

      She’s now with the BBC News team as of 13 Aug 2016

  • JF

    Who is the new presenter, that has been on overnight, over the last few days?

  • ZB

    What is the name of the female presenter who fronted a feature on The European referendum on Sky news at 11pm tonight – Mon 22nd Feb. We played it back several times but still could not make out her name!

  • Olla Mail

    The Africarribean lady presenter overnight since the last few weeks; what’s her name? God, she’s beautiful! I love her already

  • Robert Imgrat

    Sky News TV presenters on Sunday are so lame. Just like an old-fashioned movie. After 1pm it reached its painful apse. I’m not sorry.

  • Myostotis

    Sky news should use the slack period in August to send some of the male presenters for elocution lessons.J Thompson has a peculiar method of speaking; there is a Scot with a nigh on incomprehensible accent and if on Sunday Mark Longhurst said er/um 65 times in one session of ‘What the Papers say’. Come on, these are supposed to be professionals

  • Gerry Coe

    I agree Kay Burley comes over as a hard faced woman.I hate how she revels in distasters.Appears to love the excitement of natural disasters and death and distruction.I know you have to have an unemotional approach when reporting the news but she never genuinely shows compassion or a benevolent side to her.Perhaps she is too up her own arse to care about others.

  • Gerry Coe

    I am not very keen on Gillian Joseph either — always having a private joke with Stephen Dixon — very rude.I could say more about the lady but no doubt would be shown the “race card”.It is ridiculous that one dare not critisize a black person for fear of being labelled racist.About time this country looked after the interests of the indegenous people rather than pander to the ethnic minorities.Hopefully Brexit will not be so pc.

  • Gerry Coe

    My day for finding fault with presenters who wind me up.Take Ian King.Someone please teach him how to read from an autocue.It is so obvious he is reading and presenters are supposed to look natural.He stares into the camera his eyes totally dead.Really can we not find more proffessional people to report the news.I cannot believe that the behind the scenes screen monitors do not pick up on these idiocyncracies.These presenters are very highly paid — lets get some value for money

  • Gerry Coe

    Going back to Gillian Joseph and intelligent people like herself.Why dont they stay in their own African Countries and try to improve their own countries lot rather than just move to a country that can offer them a better life.The problems of African states will never ever be resolved all the time educated blacks turn their backs on their own countries.African countries have so much potential and only the educated few can make a difference, but no they just come to the UK for a better life.These same people complain about the history of the UK namely The British Empire but fail to understand that had the Empire not existed they would have had no right to emigrate to the UK in the first place.I suggest it is about time the Blacks stopped blaming the whites for all the wrongs in their lives and showed appreciation to their adopted country.You will notice when a black does well in our country they become arrogant and try to emulate the middleclass white.The blacks will always have a chip on the shoulder.This is borne by the Slave Trade to which many blacks were complicit.They never fought against the likes of Hawkins but a great many blacks proffited by selling their own” down the river”.This phrase relating to the buying and selling of slaves down the Mississippi, many of whom were blacks themselves.I just wonder how the blacks would have regarded us if their country was affluent and we wanted to emigrate there.They would have shouted Black Power.

    • Duncan

      What a ridiculous ignorant comment. Gillian was born in the UK. Her parents were born in the Caribbean – that is quite far away from Africa. Check yourself before you wreck yourself. Gillian you rock!

  • gail de scot

    Gillian Joseph– Hillary Clinton’s hometown in NY is Chappaqua, pronounced CHAP-A-KWA, with the emphasis on the “Chap”…not CHA-PAK-WA as I just heard it pronounced at roughly…11:05amEST

  • A jones

    We are really annoyed by the woman supposedly interviewing Michael Hrsseltine but talked over him the whole time. what make these women think they are so important? They should be stopped – or sacked

  • Laillb

    I’d like to say how wonderful it was to see Claudia and Gillian wear such bright and summery clothes today !! I generally do not watch Sky news because of a lady called Kay Burley. No disrespect intended but I find her very depressing. I find her face and eyes very sad and very thin, with her cheek bones at times sticking out so much so as if she is very ill. Due to her I do not watch Sky news. I am therefore a BBC news person. However today by chance I saw my mum watching sky news presented by two chic dressed ladies called Claudia and Gillian. For a moment I thought I was watching CNN, as mainly the American presenters are chic dressed and attractive. I was taken back on realizing I was watching Sky news !I’ll definitely be watching them again !

  • G Harrison

    week in review is not the same without Kevin and Andrew, don’t bother watching it now
    G Harrison

  • karen Broadhouse

    following the disturbing events in Manchester I wish to congratulate Martin Brunt for the information he has supplied. Thoughtful and informative I enjoy his input although please give him a break he looks really tired. If there is such a thing I really enjoy his input at such a difficult time

  • Barry Flounders

    Something strange going on with an aircraft in America, if you go onto and in the search box search for flight BOE004 and check its flight pattern, if you go into the filters on the r/h side you can filter out this aircraft to only see it and see it flight path